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I'm not going to be marking this fic as complete. Honestly, there's a chance that I might do a Season 3, focusing on the confrontation with Salem. But such an arc has to be so epic, it can't be shortchanged or half-assed. So I won't make any promises I can't keep. Maybe you'll see the Godfist return, like his Master did… or maybe you won't. Either way, this was an honour and privilege.

Until such a day comes, however, this is the final chapter of The Godfist of Remnant. Thank you for all your support, and my best wishes to all of you in whatever it is you're all doing in life. Until we meet again, this is smilingsamurai.

Season 2 Chapter 10: The Life in Your Years.

Vale was… peaceful. It seems like too short a description, but it was apt. For a kingdom in a world constantly under threat from monsters looking to consume humanity, peace was hard to come by. Remnant hadn't had peace since, well, it had become Remnant.

That had started to change with the coming of the Three Brothers of Hokuto.

Raoh's iron fist had been a stark reminder that death made no distinction between humans and Faunus. The two peoples had come together, united by their fear of him. In doing so, they had found shelter and healing from Toki, who showed that likewise, love and kindness need not discriminate between races. And then, there had been Kenshiro, the tireless guardian of the innocent, always fighting to protect those who couldn't protect themselves.

These three had singlehandedly brought a semblance of order to the world, and Ozpin's council had capitalized on that to establish systems to protect humans and Faunus as best as they could.

Still, it had been a tenuous peace at best.

But now, after all these years, it was complete at last.

The boy who had inherited the legacy of the Three Brothers, as well as that of the Arc bloodline, had taken the work of his Master and his contemporaries… and brought it to the next level.

By obliterating an Ancient Grimm, he had shown the world that there was always hope.

There hadn't been a single casualty in Vale from the appearance of the dragon, which spoke volumes for how much impact he'd made.

Overnight, everything had changed.

Where everywhere had been caution and hardened hearts, there was now genuine hope that a better world could exist. The people had found at last a hero.

Kenshiro had done his work silently, never staying anywhere long. It had been necessary for his era. To be not the hero everyone could look up to, but the one who kept them alive.

Building on the work of his Master, Jaune could become that figure of hope. Instead of shutting his heart, he openly revealed himself. No longer would Hokuto Shin Ken exist only in the shadows. In this day and age, the strong needed to stand in the light, and proudly proclaim their faith in a better world, and fight for it in a way that would call others forth to join him.

Thus, Jaune's image was spread in all the kingdoms. All over the CCT Net, pictures and videos of him were circulating. The vast majority of them were from the match with Lily, and the subsequent defeat of the Elder Dragon. However, many were also from his time at Beacon, and even from before it, from people he had come across in his travels.

Overnight, he became a legend.

Thus, the morning following the climactic battle, a general mood of optimism pervaded the Dining Hall at Beacon. Students excitedly talked amongst themselves about what had happened, and about how it would affect their own lives going forward.

It wasn't any different at the table where RWBY and NPR sat together.

"So," said Yang, with some toast in her mouth. "How does it feel?"

"How does what feel?" Weiss asked, likewise taking a bite of some toast.

"To date an actual god?" Yang said, grinning. "I mean, phew. Talk about whole different league. Is he even human anymore?"

Before Weiss could say anything, a familiar voice answered.

"100 percent born and bred, and I plan to keep it that way!"

All eyes lit up to see that Jaune had arrived. Lily was with him as well. It was a rare occasion: Jaune was dressed not in his leather travelling clothes, but casuals: a pair of three-quarter pants and a black t shirt on which was drawn an image of a rather handsome demon, below which was the name "Sparda". And for the first time, Lily wasn't in her armour either: likewise wearing a pair of shorts, and a dark blue tank top. Her hair was messier than usual… but it suited her. It was as if the strain of many years had disappeared. Her eyes shone, and she looked, to put it mildly, extraordinarily beautiful.

People started to cheer, and soon, everyone joined in.

Jaune grinned awkwardly.

"Ah, come on. You're making me uncomfortable now."

"You kidding?" shouted Cardin. "You're a frigging hero now, dude. This is the payoff! Take the damn admiration, already!"

"I don't want anyone's admiration though," Jaune said loudly.

His words had grabbed everyone's attention, bringing some silence.

He cleared his throat and continued.

"I have a good thing going here. Being one of you. I don't want to ruin it, you know? There's no need to make a big deal out of what I did. Lives were saved."

He smiled and raised his fist.

"Isn't that what Hunters do?"

He grinned and jumped up onto the bench next to him.

"There's a lot of problems if people start making a big deal out of me. You see… I've never had a normal life. There's a bunch of stuff I've never done. Go to a carnival… or a nightclub. Or heck, play a bunch more video games. And… hang out with real friends. Have a place where I can belong. I haven't had that stuff… until now."

"What about getting laid?" shouted Yang, earning a round of laughter. "Done that before?"

"It's on the list," Jaune replied smoothly, causing Weiss to go redder than an apple.

"Anyway," he continued. "The point is, nothing's changed. Except, a couple of Grimm are going to be moved from the 'unbeatable' section to the 'regular' section in the books."

His words brought forth a round of laughter and appreciative cheers.

"You're all right, Souther."

"Yeah, dude. Never change, man!"

"Not planning on it!" said Jaune. "Speaking of which: we're in the middle of a tournament, are we not? Who's feeling hyped for today?"

Massive cheers followed.

"What're you going to do with the prize money when you win?" shouted someone.

"Eh? It's not certain I'm going to win-" Jaune began, only for his voice to be drowned out by booing.

"False modesty ain't cool, man."

"Yeah. Badasses should be badass, 24x7."

Jaune raised his hands placatingly.

"All right, all right. The non-politically correct version then. I do think I have a good chance of winning. But here's the thing: consider this a little nugget of wisdom I'll give away for free. Not all battles are decided by strength. Sometimes, the results are unexpected."

"Is that your way of saying you're going to throw the match for your girlfriend?"

A chorus of booing followed, and Weiss glared at him, her expression promising pain if he even thought of doing something like that.

Jaune laughed loudly.

"Of course not! I can defeat Weiss all day, every day! I've got her moves downloaded. And here's the thing…"

He did an exaggerated fighting pose.


People cheered loudly.

Ruby leaned in closer to Weiss, who had a vein bulging on her temple.

"Uh… he's quite confident, isn't he?" she asked nervously.

"I'll kill him. I'll fucking kill him."

She rose to her feet.

"That's it, Souther! No more nice girl! You're going down!"

Her confident words likewise drew loud applause, most people digging the fact that she wasn't backing down one bit from the most brokenly overpowered individual to set foot in Beacon. Also, they loved the idea of the couple becoming finalists and having a friendly match to determine the winner.

It was a far cry from how the tournament normally was: with all the schools competing desperately for victory, and each warrior willing to do anything at all to prove themselves superior to all others.

No, this was different from the Vytal Festivals that had come before.

It was more relaxed.

There was a kind of goodwill to the whole thing.

It wasn't victory or defeat that mattered here. Just the fact that everyone got to get together and have a good time.

In so many ways, this year's tournament was achieving the true goal of the Vytal Festival: bringing people together, and fostering unity among the kingdoms.

Behind Jaune, Lily smiled.

You've done it. Become the man you always wanted to be. Changing the world is a lofty goal… but it starts with changing yourself… and boy did you succeed at that.

Speaking of which, there were some final things to be taken care of.

She leaned closer to her brother and spoke into his ear.

"That Cinder woman's still loose in Vale. Normally, I'd put her down, but… well, you've shown me that's not the only way. So we'll take this call together. What do we do?"

Jaune answered.

"Well, for starters, let's meet her. That's the first step either way, right?"

Lily nodded.

"There's one other thing," she said.

"What's that?"

"I gotta go see Ironwood. I've served for three years, and been on more missions than I can count. I think… I'm finally ready to come home, for good."

Jaune smiled.

"That'd be good. I wouldn't have to worry about you so much."

Lily laughed lightly, grinning at him.

"I don't know about that. Since you healed me, I've gotten a lot stronger."

Fair point, Jaune thought. Honestly, I'm not sure if I can beat her if we fight again.

But then again… we won't fight again, except by each other's side.

"Well, the sparring ring's always open", he said casually.

"When the time's right," said Lily. "For the moment, I've got to see about getting an honourable discharge, and catching up on a lifetime's worth of fun."

Later that same day.

Cinder Fall had hung around after Anarth's death. Not because she still intended to complete the mission, but because she was terrified to go back. Because she knew the moment she returned, she would have to face punishment from Salem.

Yet, she was also aware that staying was a risk.

Punishment from Jaune could be just as severe.

As she sat against the wall of the sealed off apartment she was hiding out in, she heard a voice from close by.

"There are better places to hide. But I suppose you're afraid to go into the wilds. With all that negativity, you'd be eaten before you could go far."

She raised her head to see a figure standing in the shadows, in that very room.

She caught a flash of gold hair, and blue eyes.

Immediately, she started to rise, but her movements were halted as he muscles abruptly froze her, holding in place like a statue.

"We're going to talk. And you're going to answer a few questions. That sound okay to you?"

He asked the last part to someone else, and a second figure also emerged from the darkness. This one too was blonde and blue eyed. But she was feminine.

"Yeah. It does."

Cinder stared at both of them in horror.

Jaune and Lily Arc… they had found her.

It was all over.

"That unusual power you have… it isn't yours, is it?" Lily asked. "Where did you get that?"

Cinder clenched her teeth, afraid of what would happen if she didn't answer, and unwilling to bend her pride enough to do so.

Noting her silence, Jaune decided to intervene.

"A lot of lives could have been lost because of you. Take responsibility and admit your actions."

When Cinder remained silent, Lily tried again.

"All right. I see how it is. Want to see a cool magic trick?" she asked Jaune.


Turning to Cinder, she spoke.

"Who do you serve?"

Cinder went pale.

If she lied, or remained silent, Salem might take it as an act of defiance.

Knowing she had been checkmated, she answered.

"Salem," she said simply.

Jaune's expression darkened.

"I see. I was holding back so far. Guess there's no reason to do so anymore."

Cinder scoffed. Now that she had been pushed this far, she wasn't about to roll over and die without resisting.

"You're too soft to torture anything out of me," she said, smirking.

Dead silence followed for a moment after her taunt, then Lily shook her head.

"You fucked up," she said quietly.

Jaune looked Cinder in the eye.

"It's true. I can't torture anyone. But I don't need to. I know enough now. Servant of Salem, so you're definitely an enemy who was involved in bringing a dragon here. And you're after the secret under Ozpin's tower. Time to find out what that secret is."

Jaune reached out with his senses, and felt the power within Cinder, noting it wasn't just Aura.

There was something else there.


And, he could feel traces of someone else in that power. It yearned to return to them. This power… had been taken by force.

"I see," said Jaune. "Time to set it free then. You took this from someone. I'm giving it back to them."

Cinder's eyes widened. Had he found out about the Fall Maiden's power? But the only way to remove that from her was to kill her. Did that mean this was the end for her?

Jaune spoke again.

"You have two choices. You can continue to live, but never hurt anyone again. I can make sure of that. But it would change what you are. If such a life is unacceptable to you… then I also offer death."

The false Maiden had no words to reply.

Jaune was not cruel, but he wasn't compromising either. In so many ways, he was merciful, but unyielding.

There would be manipulating her way out of this.

And she could not accept a life of weakness.

"You'll have to kill me," she said.

Jaune closed his eyes and nodded.

"I see."

Moving forward, he tapped her temple lightly with his index and middle fingers.

He turned around and started to leave.

Cinder, who felt nothing, raised her eyebrows.

"Is this supposed to be a joke? Are you going to hand me over to Ozpin? Because I'd rather die-"

Jaune turned to look at her.

In that instant, she saw no joy in his eyes. No sadistic pleasure at her expense.

Only sorrow.

"Omae wa… mou shindeiru."

You are already dead.


Cinder's eyes widened, and she felt a gentle drowsiness start to overtake her.

As she started to fade, she looked at Jaune.

I see. You made it painless.

If only… I had met someone like you earlier. Then maybe… things could have been different.

Her life drifted away, and her soul left her body, which collapsed, until Jaune caught it.

Lily stared at him.

"What technique was that?"

"It's from the Fist of Gentleness. Not sure how I learnt it. It came to me suddenly. Somehow, I already knew it."

The Successor acknowledged by all three of the Brothers had received their gifts.

A flame started to gather around Cinder's body, growing, until it broke through the window, and flew away… to return towards its acknowledged partner, Amber.

The Arc siblings had done their work here.

Ironwood's room, Beacon Academy

"Request for an honourable discharge?"

He read out from the letter he had been given, and raised his eyebrows.

"What is this?"

"Exactly what it says," replied Lily.

"What is this all of a sudden? Weren't you a mad dog of war?"

"Not anymore. I have things to live for now. So I'm taking it back. My life."

"And what if I refuse permission?"

"I wasn't asking."

Ironwood leaned back. As ever, Lily could be hard to deal with when she wanted.

Still, he had no reason to hold her back anymore. She had served more active hours than anyone else during a three year period, and no one could question her contributions. Even more so considering the condition in which she had performed those duties.

Now that she was healed, perhaps it was time for her to live.

Besides, she had a point.

He wasn't capable of forcing her to stay.

"Penny's going to miss you," he said.

"She's always free to visit, and I intend to keep dropping by to see her."

Her words brought a smile onto Ironwood's face.

"Then I suppose that will be all. Farewell, Berserker."

"Goodbye, General."

And so, time drew nearer to the finals of the Vytal Festival.

As expected, Jaune was one of the two who would be fighting.

Unexpectedly, for a tournament that had the likes of Pyrrha Nikos, Yang Xiao Long and Ruby Rose, the other finalist was Weiss.

Before the match, she was approached by her teammates.

"You sure about this?"

Weiss had had many difficult matches to get this far, in contrast to Jaune, who had breezed through all of his own.

She nodded.

"I can do this."

They were worried her optimism would take a shock, but were also happy their friend wasn't giving up.

Finally, with the calls of the announcer, the two stood in the arena, facing each other.

"No hard feelings, Weiss. But I'm not going to lose today."


Weiss nodded.

"Did you know, I've been working on my Semblance? Specifically, Summoning."

"I see. Did you master it?"

"I did. You would not believe what I am able to Summon. But you're about to see."

For Weiss, whose Semblance allowed her to call forth constructs of powerful foes she had faced, there shouldn't be anything she could bring that would be a threat to Jaune.

However, that wasn't the only way her power worked.

Having come to Beacon, she had been humbled. She had learned. She had fought. She had changed. In all this time, she had forged bonds with people. And… she had come to trust someone. That someone had become a figure of undying hope in her, the one rock she could always count on.

With her strong emotions and bonds with that person, the being she Summoned was…

A spectral, blue-white figure… Jaune Souther.

The spectral Jaune examined one of his own arms, curling and uncurling his fingers.

There was not a jaw that had not dropped, apart from Weiss' own.

The Huntress smiled.

"You are unbeatable, right? I should inform you, this Summons perfectly matches all your abilities. In a strange way, it is you. And you know, you're a lot stronger when you fight by me, not against me."

Jaune, who had still not managed to collect his jaw off the floor, could only stare.

Far above, Raoh shook his head.

"This welp… as expected, he still has much to learn."

Toki laughed.

"Well, he has time."

Kenshiro nodded.

"This will be a good experience for him. Besides. Isn't that where he wants to be? Right by her side."

Down below, the fight began.

A full fifteen minutes later, both Jaunes were still standing, but it was the real one who was breathing slightly harder.

The Summon had taken damage too, parts of him cracked, but it was clear the battle had been demanding for both of them.

Jaune looked at his perfect copy. Well, almost perfect.

He's my match when it comes to physical ability. He's also close to my level in fighting skill, at least in terms of base techniques. Weiss wasn't kidding. He's very close to being the real deal. But close isn't enough.

Searching within himself, he found the power of yet another of the Three Brothers.

Taking a stance unfamiliar to his friends, with both hands raised in front of him, he spoke.

"If you come at me with strength… I'll crush you with even greater strength."

Heaven's Command Charge: A technique that fires a devastating beam of energy towards the opponent.

As the beam collided with its target, the Summoned Jaune was wiped out. However, this was all according to Weiss' plan.

In his tired state, Jaune's use of the Tensho Honretsu meant he needed at least a second to recover.

Weiss knew this, and had been circling around, since Jaune's attention was focused entirely on the Summon, and not on her.

Thus, by the time he was destroyed, she was behind him.

Using her Glyphs, she summoned walls of ice that surrounded him on three sides, cornering him against Weiss.

Jaune turned to face her.

"That's not going to help."

"What about this, then?"

Yet another Summon came forth.

And this time, it was…

"Me?" said Ruby from the stands, awestruck.

"What the…"

Jaune was taken by surprise, but managed to block the high speed scythe blow from the Ruby Summon, which also seemed capable of using an imitation of her Semblance.

"Two can play at this game!"

He struck out with a short arm uppercut, lightning flashing around his fist.


As the Electric Wind God Fist struck, the Ruby Summon's form was blown apart… only to reform into another figure.

The trademark click of shotgun gauntlets was heard, as the Yang Summon fired at Jaune.

In his shock, he was unable to react and block, and the shots landed.

A gasp of awe went up from the audience. Jaune's Aura had finally taken a hit.

Jaune glared, and thrust a single finger forward, destroying the Yang Summon by piercing her throat.

Only this time, it formed… two Blakes.

Tchh! The Clone Semblance!

The two cat Faunuses attacked at the same time, coming in with a series of punches and kicks.

While Jaune blocked the first few, very soon, the strain of fighting two people without being able to move around and maintain spacing soon got to him, and he took several hits.

Glaring, he raised both arms up, before bringing them down in a violent clawing motion.

Raging Storm!

A powerful surge of Ki exploded clawed the air all around him, demolishing the ice walls, and the Blake Summons.

However, Jaune had taken damage, while Weiss hadn't.

"Lot of cheap tricks today, princess," he said, grinning tightly.

"Hey, you don't see me complaining about your magic martial arts."

Jaune glared.

Tch…. I've restricted my power output for this fight… but it's not like I'm holding back! This isn't good. I have plenty of plenty of Aura left, but the fight ends once I take a certain amount of damage. Gotta finish her off before that happens.

"All right. Time to end this."

Jaune held his hands out to the side, as he concentrated his Aura to them, sharpening it… until them became keener than razors.

"Yeah, this should do."

He experimentally swung his right arm.

Nothing happened at first, then, the very arena floor they were standing on was cut in half.

Nanto Ho Oh Ken: Completed form. In this state, the wielder's Ki becomes so sharp, that ordinary attacks are converted to slashes capable of cutting through stone and metal.

He dashed right at Weiss.

However, she had seen it coming.

For Jaune, who was straightforward and honourable, there was no reason to use feints or tricks in a one-on-one fight. While he was at his best when fighting head-on, it also meant he could be predictable to someone who knew him.

Even so. Even if one saw the attack coming, there wasn't a blade on Remnant capable of blocking the invincible slash of the Nanto Emperor, used by the one who had taken the name of its legendary user, Souther.

However, Weiss had no intention of blocking or dodging it.

Instead, she called forth her final Summon… a spectral projection of herself.

Jaune's eyes widened.

What is she trying to do? Her direct combat abilities aren't as strong as Yang's or Pyrrha's. Why Summon herself at this point?

As he approached, the Weiss Summon rushed forward to meet him, surprising him.

Just as he prepared to cut her down, his mild surprise changed to absolute shock as she spread her arms wide, as if inviting his embrace.

What the…

In his shock, Jaune could do nothing as the spectral Weiss wrapped her arms around him, and brought her lips closer to his face.

A furious blush spread on his face.

What's going o-

With her lips right by his ear, the Summon whispered.

"Your guard is down."

So saying, the figure exploded in a flash of electricity, frying away the rest of Jaune's allotted Aura for the fight.

He stared, unable to find any words, as he let himself fall to one knee.

Far above, in the Heavens, all three of the Hokuto Brothers nodded in commiseration.

"The Yuria effect, huh?"

"It appears so."

"Well, one can't always win. Also, congratulations."

Down on Remnant, the announcer's voice rang out.

"And it's all over! This year's Vytal Festival Champion: Weiss Schnee! It appears even a Godfist can be defeated! Congratulations to both warriors on an amazing fight."

Jaune shook his head, still unable to believe what had just happened.

He looked up at Weiss as she approached, grinning smugly.

"That was a dirty win, and you know it!" he said, before she could even open her mouth.

"Aww… he's offended everyone doesn't rush right in. Weren't you the one who said we needed to think clearly and use our opponent's weaknesses against them?"


Weiss leaned in closer to him, bending over till their faces were almost level.

"You weren't actually expecting a kiss in the middle of a match were you?"

Jaune's eyes went wide and his face burned.

Please just let me kill myself and end the shame.

"Enough. If you'll excuse me, I must go commit seppuku."

Weiss laughed and teasingly reached out a hand to cup his cheek.

"That's a shame. Because you only needed to wait a little longer."

Before Jaune could say anything, she closed the remaining distance between them, and kissed him, her lips pressing his just long enough to taste her, but short enough that he was left wanting more.

"And also because there's plenty more where that came from. After all, we have the entire rest of our lives to go. That's a lot of time together."

Jaune's heart leapt in his chest. A wild hope bloomed in him. He wasn't sure, but if she was suggesting what he thought she was…

"What do you mean?"

"I love you, Jaune Souther. I needed the money… because I won't depend on my father anymore. After we graduate, we'll live together. You and I."