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January 2001

Thirty-two-year-old Tony Stark was starting to adapt to his hangovers and hazy recollections that originated from his wild nights at the mercy of booze and sex with women and men that he would never remember again. Those nights weren't meant to be relived within the genius's mind, because both parties got what they wanted: Tony managed to keep his status as a successful playboy and the strangers that he seduced got to consume one night with the prominent Tony Stark.

It was going to be the last night before the U.S.A entered a new century and Tony wanted to start it with a loud (and obnoxiously wealthy) party. This time—instead of flying to another country or attending a random celebrity's party he had been invited to—the industrialist had decided to throw a party in his own house something that Happy Hogan (his private bodyguard turned friend) frowned upon on.

He thought it was dangerous to let a crowd of strangers inside the billionaires, technologic-advanced mansion. Tony admonished his paranoia by reminding him that Jarvis was more than a natural-language user interface computer system that controlled his coffee machine every morning—the witty A. I was also in charge of the mansion's security.

The party happened, either Happys paranoid ass liked it or not.

And it went well, everyone had fun. Especially for the bodyguard himself, that after drinking a few beers got loose enough to start having fun.

Little did the two (and the A.I) knew that during the party, a breach of security had been compromised right under their noses.

His selective memory seemed to remind him of something that was deemed important.

An hour before the countdown, after tirelessly socializing and circling the many guests that had shown up, with always a glass of King of Whiskey, Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker on his hand—Tony finally found someone interesting to spend the rest of the night with while he nursed an Old Fashioned.

A certain pair of innocent, brown eyes looked around anxiously. She appeared to be young, but not enough for him to feel like a cradle snatcher. And she was pretty, and a breath of fresh air.

When Tony approached the blonde, he asked her as many questions about her life as he could—because he knew that women wanted someone to hear them. And after a good half-an-hour of idle chinwag, Tony managed to convince her to follow him to his suite.

He kept reminding his drunken mind that her name was Emma. Emma the college student. Emma was studying in California-Berkeley and was taking her bachelor's degree in Psychology. Emma was a virgin.

He got to take her virginity.

Tony almost didn't do it out of pity—and because his self-hatred screamed at him for thinking he could deflower a kind, young woman—but he rarely gets to have sex with someone he didn't have to worry about STDs. So, he stupidly didn't wear protection and Emma didn't seem to mind either.

In fact, if Tony remembers correctly, she seemed to have enjoyed her first time more than he did—and he was only fifteen years old when it happened.

When Tony woke up the next morning and the new century, Emma was gone. And he found himself being a little disappointed at that, she was so striking and interesting that he was going to offer to pay the rest of her tuition just for that amazing night.

Tony still remembered her name as he proceeded with his life, and that was a wonderment for the bachelor. He couldn't even recollect what he had for breakfast on the same day.

He tried to shake it off. After all, he would never see Emma again.

Five weeks later, the world was relieved that January finally reached its end. The New Years' excitement had dimmed and to hear a have a good year, sir from his employees would make Tony roll his eyes.

But he still showed up for work, because he had people counting on him.

Such as Obadiah Stane—Tony's mentor and old friend of the Stark family. Tony trusted the older man with his industry and in exchange it made the billionaire's life much easier.

And it got even better when he hired Virginia "Pepper" Potts just last year. Her presence in Tony's life made him feel happy to get out of bed just to hear her voice calling him out on his mistakes for his own good without fearing the consequences of her snarky tone. Their friendly bantering made Tony soar, and he was glad that she wasn't intimidated by who he was. Besides, Tony could feel that Pepper genuinely cared about his industry and health—she would remind him that eating cheeseburgers every day wasn't ideal, or even a proper lunch.

Tony was terrified of realizing why he was so eager to see her, to hear her praising him, or even give him an exasperated look—for now, he just wanted Pepper in his life, nothing else.

But, even when he thought about Pepper's bright blue eyes, Tony still found his mind drifting back to the brown ones from the party. And that made his stomach churn.

February 2001

Emma, the woman whose eyes wouldn't leave Tony's head, was currently in a state of anxiety and misery.

The year had started well enough for Emma, she got to lose her virginity to a famous and wanted bachelor that, as soon as he knew that she had zero experience in sex, made her night and was a gentle lover. He earned her respect for being so friendly as well, and attentive. Tony Stark turned out to be someone completely different, and in a good way.

But then it came all crashing down in less than two weeks.

Joan, her roommate and best friend for almost four years had announced that she had dropped out of college and that she was leaving to go back home to San Francisco. It was all so sudden, and Joan insisted that Emma did nothing wrong—and that they still would remain friends—but seeing Joan change her life so suddenly and without even warning her in advance hurt Emma immensely.

Especially since Joan was the only friend that she truly trusted with the news that Emma discovered just three days after she left.

She was pregnant.

Currently glaring hatefully at her reflection in her bathroom mirror, Emma shouted profanities that self-deprecated the young woman and her choices in life.

Her long, straight blonde hair was tangled and mildly greasy from the depressive state of not caring about her well-being after sleepless nights of thinking about her future now that she had a fetus growing inside her body—some of the mascara that she managed to apply today was all smudged from the crying caused by a panic attack—making her brown eyes not so innocent-looking anymore.

She nearly punched the mirror while calling herself a whore. And reminiscing about her ex-best-friend only made the situation even more resentful.

Emma began settling the blame on Joan in a despairing effort to feel better. If only she hadn't convinced her to come along and sneak into Tony Starks New Years' party—if only Tony hadn't been so charming and suave.

If only she hadn't spread her legs and foolishly conceded him to sleep with her without protection.

Instead of getting an STD, she got a baby. Tony Starks baby, to be exact.

But Emma's accusing attitude dissipated when she started being reasonable about her condition. It wasn't Joan's responsibility that she was pregnant, she didn't force Emma to consume the night with Tony. It was the blonde that allowed Tony to entice her, she was the one that had been determined to finally lose her virginity and begin the year with a literal bang. To a famous billionaire, nonetheless.

Everything was ruined now, at least that's how Emma felt about the whole ordeal. She was twenty-one years old, her bachelor's degree in psychology was almost finished—and not she threw that all away because of a one-night stand that ended up giving an unwanted life within her body.

Emma, of course, thought about abortion right away. It was her life, her body—she could do whatever the hell she wanted with it.

But, she lost the nerve to actually do it. Because as the days passed by, her mind found distractions as she focused on her studies and thought about how to tell Tony fucking Stark that the baby being developed inside of her body was his. She wasn't stupid, Emma knew that the man probably had women claiming to be carrying his baby just to have the perks of having a billionaire paying for child support or just for the sake of having the fame of being Tony Starks baby mama.

Her stomach churned at the thought. But Emma still wanted him to know—she was a college student, still paying for her tuition with some help from her parents.

April 2001

Being three months into the pregnancy, Emma knew there was no going back now. Deciding to keep the baby almost severed the relationship with her parents when she finally found the bravery to announce it to them. When they questioned who the father was, Emma decided to tell them right away—they almost didn't believe her, but she insisted and even told them about sneaking inside his party with Joan.

The phone conversation ended when her mother called her a whore before promptly hanging up.

Three depressing weeks passed where Emma cried herself to sleep, focused on her studies to distract herself from the shitty situation she was going through, and basically forced herself to remain healthy for the sake of the baby.

Emma might not think this pregnancy was ideal, but she was raised to be responsible and she knew her baby wasn't to blame for her condition.

Fortunately, her mom called her and expressed how sorry she was about what she called her daughter and then talked about her own story of when she found out she was pregnant. Her dad felt the same way, albeit still a little disappointed, they were both accepting this time and they still loved her.

After the emotional phone call, Emma's demeanor shifted. She stopped thinking that her baby was ruining her life, read books about single mothers that still managed to juggle their life between parenting and working at the same time.

She was still going to be a clinical psychologist and move to New York City to work there. And even though her parents, that lived in San Francisco, showed concern over having their pregnant daughter living so far away, and in an infamous city, Emma managed to persuade them into accepting it.

The reason why she had gone to Malibu in the first place was that Joan's uncle and aunt lived there and they gladly welcomed them into their home for the holiday break. And just when Emma thought she was gonna have a relaxing break by the beach, Joan hears about Tony Stark's party and the rest is history.

She missed her now estranged best friend. Emma wasn't able to tell Joan about the pregnancy during the time they still swapped some e-mails because she could feel themselves growing distant. As the days passed, the communication between the two women began degrading until it ceased to exist completely—and now, Emma hasn't spoken to Joan in two months.

And knowing she was about to begin a new chapter of her life, Emma decided to cut ties with Joan and move on.

May 2001

Emma found out she was having a girl two weeks after entering the fourth month of her pregnancy. She was thrilled, because even though she only cared about her baby's health—she was hoping for a girl.

Now that her baby had defined sex—it all got too real, especially when she now could notice the baby bump. And so were the other people in her dorm building, who began spreading false rumors about who the baby's dad was.

Emma amused herself by imagining how awed they'd be if they found out that was carrying Tony Starks child.

Speaking of which—Emma was finally setting her fears aside and began thinking about telling the industrialist. Not only he deserved to know, but she also knew she was entitled to receive some support from the man. She wasn't as wealthy as he was, and a baby was very expensive. Plus, she still had to pay for her tuition.

The worst-case scenario would be Tony Stark not believing her or even if he did, not caring enough to be part of the baby's life. Emma dearly hoped that wouldn't be the predicament—she knew his wealth would allow her daughter to have a good life.

She began preparing herself, researching about how to request a meeting with Tony, which proved to be difficult. She couldn't even reach Pepper Potts, his personal assistant.

But Emma wasn't giving up so easily, summer break was around the corner so she was going to have plenty of time.

June 2001

After graduating with outstanding grades and an expectant future, Emma couldn't believe that she was now five months pregnant. It was surreal each time shed feel her daughter's movements from inside her body—they felt like butterflies or flutters but it brought comfort for the college student to feel them.

Emma would return to begin her master's degree, still keen on not quitting school because of her pregnancy.

And now that she was officially on break, Emma could finally travel to Los Angeles to Stark Industries and hope that hed be there and he would want to see her.

She only could afford to stay in a motel for a week, so Emma hoped for the best.

Tony had awakened in the second week of June with a bad feeling churning around his stomach. Which was odd since he luckily found himself lying next to an undergarment male model that he had slept with the night before. And Tony, after leaving the sleeping model behind in the hotel room (which the billionaire paid for), actually had a nutritious and delicious breakfast, and was, to his bewilderment, hyped to do some work at Stark Industries.

But the anxious feeling never left his gut. Tony even lost the appetite to eat lunch because of it. Pepper scolded him lightly (and he loved every second of it), but she was easy on him since her boss was performing well during his work hours. She seemed to be in a good mood whenever he acted like a responsible adult, and he liked it when she was satisfied.

An hour before he was about to go home, Pepper knocked on his office door before waltzing inside with an exasperated look on her beautiful face. And it seems that his agitation took the form of a pair of familiar brown eyes that belonged to a young woman trailing behind his assistant.

Yeah, Tony recognized those eyes instantly.

The woman introduced herself as Emma Evans, and Pepper had harrumphed towards her boss when her blue eyes glanced at Emma's pregnant belly, silently telling him to be more considerate.

Tony offered Emma to sit down, which she gladly did. And Pepper kindly gave the woman a glass of water before they heard the reason why she was here.

And telling Tony Stark that the baby she was currently carrying was his came surprisingly easy for Emma to assert, even when Tony rolled his eyes at her—she didn't even blink at his brushing retort because of how confident she was about her announcement.

She didn't wilt when Pepper mentioned that after a quick warning of a paternity test those women never contacted him again.

That is when Tony began sweating. Emma didn't even look bothered.

That's when the young woman recalled the billionaire about them meeting at his New Years' party—and that they slept together. Emma wasn't also too shy to mention that he had taken her virginity and that he was aware she was one—that is the reason he didn't wear protection.

Tony cleverly evaded Pepper's murderous stare as he stared at Emma instead.

It was obvious the assistant didn't have any ill feelings towards Emma, after all, she was too young to understand the gravity of the situation. If this college student was indeed currently carrying Tony's baby, then Pepper could already feel the incoming migraine and stress about keeping the whole ordeal as a secret—at least for now.

Emma continued talking, telling them she wasn't there to threaten Tony to give her money for her silence, and the billionaire's patience run short—and nausea settling inside his stomach didn't help to keep his outburst down. He asked her, with an accusatory tone, that if she didn't want his money then why did she wait so long to tell him?

Emma, of course, was speechless. And so was Pepper, who knew Tony only raised his voice when he genuinely cared about the situation.

And then, the college student finally admitted to being scared. And her answer made Tony feel like a dipshit as Emma continued talking. She told them about her only friend leaving her before she found out about the pregnancy, she told them about almost losing her parents because of how shocked and disappointed they were, and she concluded her explanation by expressing how much she still wanted to finish her studies. Bills were piling up, her tuition was still being paid for and Emma felt guilty for letting her parents take care of that.

Then, in the heat of the moment, Emma bravely demanded Tony to pay for child support if he didn't want to be part of their daughter's life.

Suddenly knowing the baby's gender was like a slap across Tony's cheek. It was all he could think about while Pepper, who noticed how agitated the pregnant woman was becoming, soothingly asked her to calm down.

And as Emma began breathing regularly, the assistant then snapped at her boss for him to get a grasp of the situation, warning him that this was his responsibility and that if the young woman was indeed pregnant with his child she expected Tony to act on with it—he made his bed and now he had to lie on it!

Tony suddenly began giggling.

He startled the two women as he did—the billionaire himself had no idea why he began laughing so hard because he didn't find the whole ordeal entertaining.

The last thing that he wanted, at least for now, was to become a father. Just the idea of him being responsible for a baby's life made the industrialist shudder, to him the kid was better off raised by a pack of wild wolves.

He believed Emma, though.

Looking at her eyes, Tony could see the undeniable reality that she was not deceiving them (however, he had to admit that one of the reasons he couldn't stop chuckling was because of how quick Pepper was ready to protect and defend this younger woman. Christ, they just met).

Women could be fascinating, and now he just learned that he was going to be the father of a baby girl. That soon would become a teenager, who would soon realize how much of a terrible father Tony was. The billionaire could already feel the many doors being slammed in his face, the yelling about not wanting to see him ever again. The sleazy guys his daughter would possibly date just to get his attention.

That led the man to stop his delirious simpering.

Not on my watch.

He promptly apologized for his erratic behavior, he didn't mean it in an insulting way. Then, without hesitation, he told Emma that he wanted to be part of their daughter's life. But he couldn't help to add a quip when he informed Emma not to take it personally when he said he didn't want to have a steady relationship with her—or anyone, for that manner.

Emma was witty and promptly retorted that she had no intention of marrying him—because Tony wasn't really her type.

After some lightly chuckling from Pepper and an amused smirk from Tony, the tension around the three people dispersed.

Tony then told Pepper to cancel any meetings he had for the rest of the remaining day. And then, he invited Emma to come with him back to his mansion in Malibu for them to converse more calmly and comfortably.

That's when Happy Hogan met Emma Evans for the first time. When the personal driver was told to drive around the building and wait for his boss in one of the back doors, he didn't know what to think. Maybe Tony did something eccentric that was going to bring attention from the media—but then he saw his boss walking out of the building with a young woman by his side, a pregnant young woman, nonetheless.

He wasn't informed of the situation yet, but Tony respected Happy's intelligence so he expected him to realize what was happening without having to spell it out. And so he did. Happy had a hunch this would occur after countless nights and mornings of driving Tony's "dates" in and out of his mansion.

Tony Stark wasn't perfect. With so many men, but especially women he was bound to make a mistake.

With a pregnant woman inside the car, it was safe to say that Happy has never driven so carefully in his entire life—and as Emma politely began talking to him, they both decided that they liked each other.

Half a day passed when Tony finally suggested a paternity test after the birth. And once again, Emma didn't seem bothered by it and accepted his terms without hesitation. It was clear that, at this point, Tony understood that she was telling the truth.

The two ended up idly talking for the rest of the day, and Tony got to meet the mother of his possible daughter—and this time he wasn't being attentive just to sleep with her, he genuinely cared.

Emma Evans was going to turn twenty-two years old in September, she was born in San Francisco and was studying to become a clinical psychologist at the University of California-Berkeley—which was only a fifty-minute drive by car and thirty-five minutes by train from her house.

Tony mentally noted that Emma probably liked being near her home.

But then Emma confused him by telling him about her future plans. Emma wanted to move to New York City and get a job there after she finished her studies. Her ambition earned his respect.

But then he started thinking, from San Francisco to Malibu was a six-hour drive. He was concerned about it but Emma brushed that off by easily stating she was fine with driving for that long. Tony, however, refused to believe in that, and seeing how tired Emma currently looked was the living evidence that he was right in not accepting having her pregnant self drive six hours.

Emma told him she was staying at a motel and he shut the idea of her returning to it right away, offering his best guest room to the young woman instantly. Emma didn't want to accept it so easily, but she had to admit that perhaps, a mattress from Tony Starks mansion would be better than the one in the cheap motel—her back was still a little sore from sleeping in it.

After they had dinner together, with some dessert, Emma gave Tony a gift before she retrieved to her room. He didn't seem to understand what it was at first, so Emma amusedly explained that it was the baby's ultrasounds. From the first one to the most recent.

Tony could see the shape of the baby as she grew inside Emma's belly. And he couldn't help to give Emma a thankful smile for her gift.

He then waited until she left him alone to finally have a mild panic attack. And Jarvis, who had been quiet all this time, offered some comfort and advice followed with a congratulations notice.

As he watched the starry sky from his bedroom, Tony held the ultrasounds close to his chest and closed his eyes, listening to the ocean waves down below the cliff.

The bad feeling had vanished, but the anxiety remained.

How was he going to be a good father?

August 2001

Tony was now starting to take action on his plans for a nursery in his mansion. Even though it wasn't affirmed yet that he was the baby's father, he found himself trusting Emma enough to know that he was. Pepper seemed to have a feeling about Emma being honest as well—she even helped her boss pick clothes, coordinate the colors, and warn him to not buy too many toys, which Tony visibly ignored when he brought home an eight-foot-tall pink teddy bear holding a heart-shaped sign that said 'WELCOME HOME'.

That would never fit in a hospital room.

And speaking of which, Tony had already planned everything for the birth. He, of course, took himself to ask Emma first, since the young woman had temporarily moved in for the rest of the summer. Only after her approval, he managed to book a private hospital room and arrange a doctor that would keep the birth confidential—or else.

To make matters more solemn, Pepper and Tony had a debate about what would arise if the baby was truly his. How long did Tony and Emma want to wait until they had to tell the world? When this gets seized by the media, this baby would become the most prominent person in the world without even reaching her first birthday—so this was one of the situations where Tony became a real adult and took things earnestly.

The last thing Tony and Pepper wanted was to stress Emma. She was so big and far into the pregnancy, Tony was anxious about making her upset. This one time, Emma accidentally missed the last step while she was descending the staircase and almost fell—she managed to catch herself quickly but, at the same time, Tony had dived into the floor to try and catch her.

Emma almost peed herself when she laughed for half-an-hour.

The relationship between the two had improved throughout living together for the past months. They became friends, at least.

Happy, after being used to the idea that his boss was going to be a father, became giddy about having a baby around soon. And vowed to watch over the little one if Tony or Emma ever required him to. And when Tony finally announced it to Rhodey Rhodes, his best friend since the MIT years, the man was apprehensive at first but he was genuinely happy for his friend when Tony showed no regrets about it.

Tony didn't forget the one time Pepper told him how lucky he had been, to impregnate a girl like Emma. He could've landed a dramatic girl that was money-hungry and Tony thought that if that ever happened, he would fight for full custody over the baby, even if he had to use all of his money to win it. But he didn't need to worry, Emma was cool and kind.

But being seven months pregnant was tough, especially during August. California was hot and sunny almost all year round and Emma sought comfort inside the mansion, with the air conditioner spread all over the walls. Sometimes she would be irritable and snap over the smallest of things, but Tony never argued back, knowing this was her hormones talking.

On a warm night, Tony invited Emma's parents and welcomed them for dinner. Meeting Abigail and Arthur Evans was a rollercoaster for Tony, but he decidedly knew he liked them.

Arthur was a serious man with a brooding attitude that surely loved his daughter and wife more than anything. The two shook hands and Tony managed to hold down a small squeak at how much strength the man had used.

And Abigail was a very preoccupied woman that had fretting tendencies and showed a fierce protectiveness over Emma that impressed Tony. She was in awe with everyone too, not used to seeing luxury so close.

The Evans family had a strong bond, and that made Tony recall his relationship with his own parents, especially with his father–and it didn't sit well.

Abigail and Arthur ended up falling for Tony's charm, and they left on good terms with the billionaire that had seduced and impregnated their daughter.

September 2001

Everyone was on high alert about Emma.

She decided to continue her studies online and began her master's degree in psychology on a laptop that Tony had created just for her, it was high-tech and ran very smoothly, allowing her to catch up with her studies without any concern.

Her belly was also the size of one watermelon now and she liked using it as a cup holder and watch her daughter move it around.

Emma and Tony also came to terms with a name as they watched a cliché slasher movie during one summer thunderstorm. The final girl of that movie was named Primrose, and even though the film was filled with cheap jump scares and some lousy acting, this girl managed to shine and look badass as she destroyed the killer into pieces.

So, Emma decided to name her baby Primrose. And Tony liked it as well. However, he was nervous about the middle name suggestion.

Maria. To honor his late mother.

Emma was so touched when she saw how vulnerable he looked, she could never deny Tony that.

And so it was settled, their daughter's name would be Primrose Maria Evans-Stark.

Tony was so thankful that Emma allowed his mother's name to be included, and he was about to show his appreciation when Emma decided to shush him because the movie was reaching its final minutes.

When Emma turned twenty-two years old, Tony arranged a small gathering with her parents, Pepper, Rhodey, and Happy. They all brought Emma two gifts, one for her and the baby—and it kinda became a quick baby shower that Emma thought she wouldn't have. The young woman was so thankful for having so many people that cared about her—even Joan didn't cross her mind that day.

Obadiah Stane was not invited. Emma met the man once and told Tony he gave her bad vibes, and that he didn't stop staring at her with an odd glint in his eyes. Tony laughed it off, explaining that he probably thought she was a gold digger—but he didn't invite Obadiah anyway, respecting Emma's request.

Little did Tony know that Emma's hunch about Stane giving off bad vibes would return to punch him in the gut.

October 16th, 2001

At exactly nine o'clock in the evening, Emma's water broke.

Tonys reaction was to let his brain take control over his body as if he was on auto-pilot mode and grab the hospital bag that he and Emma packed two weeks ago. He almost wanted to carry Emma inside the car but she insisted she could walk—the contractions were still mild so she was well enough to feel any sharp pain.

Fortunately for him, Pepper had been in the mansion as well, concluding some extra work and staying for dinner at Emma's invitation. When the assistant got inside the car as the last person in the house, Happy drove gingerly at first on his way to the hospital, but when Emma started grimacing in pain and later crying, he sped up a little.

Everyone was nervous as Emma could feel the contractions getting most critical. Tony and Pepper both held each of the pregnant woman's hand for comfort and support.

It took them half-an-hour to reach the hospital, and as soon as Happy parked the car, Tony bolted out of it to go warn the nurses inside while Happy helped Pepper carry Emma out of the car.

She wailing woman was brought to her private room and the doctor that was delivering the baby told Tony to dress up quickly to witness the birth of his daughter, or was he going to wait outside?

Tony was never going to forget Dr. Stephens Strange snarky attitude towards him. It was like he didn't even want to be there, from what Tony could tell, this Dr. Strange wasn't an OB-GYN and he was only temporarily settled in California but he wasn't interested in this young doctor's life story—if he delivered his daughter without causing any damage then Tony would be thankful. So he could be as snarky as he desired.

Happy and Pepper didn't see Tony or Emma for the following five hours ever since they arrived at the hospital. Rhodey came one hour later, looking sweaty, still wearing his pajamas and with a clear concerned expression.

When Tony finally showed up again to grab a cup of coffee, his friends and co-workers jolted up from their sleepy state to bombard the man with many questions about Emmas and the baby's sake. It was almost 3 a.m so they were growing anxious.

Tony notified them that Emma was waiting to begin her pushing and when they all showed disappointment he added that Emma was also growing restless as well.

He then returned to Emma's side after his coffee break, and three hours later, he ran inside the waiting room with tears still fresh on his cheeks and eyes and he happily told them that Primrose was finally here—and that she was a healthy baby and small as all hell.

The paternity test was being made as the group spoke to each other, but none seem to care about the results anymore. Because even though Happy was just his private driver/bodyguard, Pepper was his P.A, and Rhodey was his best friend—they were all too fond and attached to Emma and the baby to let them go.

And when the test confirmed that Tony was surely the father, his instincts had already established that months ago.

He was holding his bundled daughter, which hilariously resembled a pink burrito as she slept soundly, and he couldn't believe that he made her. He was her daddy. And even though a bothersome voice in the back of his head echoed through his mind about how much of a terrible father he was going to be, Tony chose to ignore it for now as he relished the sight of his baby girl resting peacefully and secured in his arms.

Primrose Maria Evans-Stark, born on October seventeenth at six thirty-five in the morning, was the best thing that ever happened to Tony Stark after the tragic loss of his parents.

And he wasn't going to let anything happen to her.