AN: Marco Diaz is going to be a Weeb and there will be references to various Light novels both Chinese and Japanese also this fict was Inspired by Like Father Like Daughter by ADdude and his team however I'm brand new to the Star vs forces of evil and I'm a big Markapoo ship fan forgive my errors I'm a wee bit rusty

Thoughts/inner monologues



Chapter 1 The Beginning

It all started as a mundane day as Marco lay cozily in bed; however, he was about to get a rather rude awakening as he rolled on to his left beginning to awaken he yawned and was greeted with a laser beam to the eye. Courtesy of one of the laser puppies Star had summoned on her first day on earth. "Agh". He cried out startled, the puppy proceeded to lick his face. Not wanting to be woken up just yet Marco turned in the opposite direction now laying on his right where another Laser puppy happy greeted him with another headshot. Marco pulls his sheets over his head to escape the slobbery onslaught of puppy kisses, Unfortunately, it was all for naught because under the sheet waiting for him was the rest of the litter of laser pugs. Said laser pugs took aim at Marco's hindquarters and opened fire comedically sending him skyward. When he had landed the pint-sized terrors had gathered before him with their little heads tilted to the right. "Aaargh want from me?" Marco screamed in defeat. All at once the laser puppies presented their leashes signaling that it was walking time.

Marco now at the front door opening it and much to his displeasure it was torrentially downpouring outside. "Nope" he said before shutting the door quickly. "AHAH!". as an idea ran through his mind Marco rushed to Stars room. At this point in time Star was lazily trying to magic beam a levitating tennis ball, as Marco barged in "Uh... Star Whatcha doing? he asked she responded with "Nothing much". "Can I borrow your Dimensional scissors for a bit?" Marco asked "Yeah... sure...whatever" She nonchalantly said passing him the scissors.

Now in his room, Marco opens a portal to the local park which conveniently it wasn't storming "Come on puppies" Marco said in the baby voice all pet owners use on their pets. ushering them forward the yipping puppies gleefully hopped through the portal to wreak laser havoc upon the once peaceful dog park. "Wheew problem solved" Marco sighed while tying the puppies leashes to his bed's footboard. Looking at the crimson handled scissors which had an unknown jeweled pivot pin. "hmmm" Marco scratched his chin as a mischievous idea went through his mind.

Marco proceeds to abuse the scissors opening up multiple portals in his room. Now relaxing on his bed while sipping and finishing a fountain soda drink from a local fast food joint Marco opens a portal to the trash can which is literally a few feet from his bed to throw his drink out.

Little did he know how this prolonged exposure to portal/wormhole magical radiation was affecting him. All of a sudden a new portal opened itself in his room except this portal was a different color than the rest, This portal was a deep orangish red and had flames dancing around the perimeter. Soon after a milky white arm shot out of the portal snatching Marco by his signature red hoodie and dragging him through. Marco now found himself standing in a barren wasteland and Star's dimension scissors had vanished from his grasp.

"Where did you get these?" a voice rung indignantly out and Marco looks up to see a rather unhappy horned redhead in a frilly yellow and orange dress who had a flame dancing above her head perched slightly above the orange portal he was just dragged through. the lady jumps down from above the portal.

"Seriously, fleshwad. Talk."The redhead spat "Uh, well, I'm borrowing them from a friend who may or may not be Star Butterfly." hoping as if mentioning the young princess of Mewni's name would give him any leverage. "Wrong answer. I'm the forger of all dimensional scissors. Each pair is made specifically for the entity who earns them". the redhead said condescendingly.

the redheaded living candle holds the scissors up to the flame that burns over her head. As the scissor blades glow bright orange, the Redheaded living candle holds them up to Marco's face, and strange writing appears engraved on them. "Uh... you do know I can't read that" Marco responded and made quick attempt to swipe back the scissors, which resulted in his hand being slapped away. "That's me. That's my name. He-ka-poo. Hekapoo! You, humans, are lame times a thousand." She said with a snarky tone while rudely poking Marco in the forehead

"Look I don't care whose name is on them. I borrowed them from Star, and I'm returning them." Marco replied becoming irritated at Hekapoo's antics "And how ya gonna do that?" she responded mockingly "Well, I'll earn them like you sai.." Marco was cut off by Heckapoo falling over laughing "haha... that's rich" she said slapping her leg

"I'm serious! I'll have you know I have a red belt in karate." Marco yelled "Okay this should be amusing" Heckapoo said while wiping a tear from under her eye making her way over to Marco shrinking her flame to flicker "All ya gotta do is blow out this flame" She said pointing to it "Ha no problem" Marco said confidently then inhaled, but when he attempted to blow out the flame Hekapoo swiftly jumps back several feet from him. "What the!?" Marco runs up to Hekapoo, but she jumps away again."GRRRR" he growled.

Marco chases Hekapoo across the wasteland, but she runs faster than he can keep up. She runs so far out of his view that she ends up behind him, and she smacks the back of his head, leaving a small burn. "That's one! Ha-ha!" Hekapoo shouted "Hey!" Marco yelled in frustration. Hekapoo dashes out of Marco's view and appears behind him again, smacking the back of his head a second time. "That's two," she said laughing "Ow" he yelled wising up to her tactic Marco stops and runs in the opposite direction, causing him and Hekapoo run straight toward each other. As Marco approaches, Hekapoo opens a portal to another space. Unable to stop in time, Marco falls into the portal.

"Aaah!" he screamed as he slides on the ground toward the edge of a cliff and hangs over the edge by a tree root. Hekapoo follows him through the portal and stands over him. "Buh Bye," she said mockingly. Marco quickly thinking pretends to fall disappearing under the cliff ledge, Hekapoo leans over the edge Marco springs from his position blowing out her flame "HAH" he shouted triumphantly Hekapoo vanishes into thin air. "huh?" Marco questioned as he climbed up the cliff, Marco looks for Hekapoo but can't find her. An echo rung out "She didn't have the scissors! And you're gonna have to blow out a whole lot of flames to find them". Marco looks down a nearby hill and sees hundreds of Hekapoo duplicates. the original in the hoard of clones holds up the scissors " Ya looking for these, dum-dum?" "Fuuuuuck," he said indignantly as he made his way down to the hoard of clones. Tauntingly as Marco made his way through the clones he was greeted with four flaming smacks to the back of his head burning away a bit of his hair. "Damn it you're gonna burn a bald spot".

The real Hekapoo uses the scissors to open nine different-colored portals. She and her duplicates scatter through the portals in different directions until Marco is all alone. "I don't have time for this," He said irritated. An echo rang out"It may take days, months, even lifetimes." it giggled "and I don't think you have goods to do it". A portal back to his bedroom opens "Go back to your dirt rock little boy" the voice stated."I don't care how long it takes. I'm getting those scissors." Marco said with determination.

Marco hops through the nearest portal to his left and finds himself standing in a lush jungle "hmm... definitely alien" Marco said to himself as he assessed his surroundings noting how that majority of the flora were plants he'd never seen before. out of nowhere a Hekapoo clone appears from out of the foliage "Timeout flesh wad, the head honcho sent me to give you a message," the clone said keeping a distance between her and Marco "Since you have chosen to continue the trail and because I'm not a total bitch, and that you kicking the bucket would be like... super lame I'm giving you this" the clone said while rudely tossing a leaf bundle at Marco's feet. "later lame brain" the clone shouted flashing him peace as she swiftly disappeared into the jungle.

Marco now on his knees which became slightly dampened from jungles moisture he unfolded the bundle discovering that he had received survival kit, inside was a roll of gauze, a spotless nine inch serrated dive knife in a holster, and needle and thread. He scooped up his items and stuffed them in his sweater pocket and began to follow the direction the cloned went traversing through the thick foliage. thirty minutes later a now tired, beaten up, sweaty, and defeated looking Marco sat with his bacl on moss-covered tree trunk which was cool on his back. In the time he had been traversing the woods the Clones tracks had gone cold, he had a couple of cuts and bruises which is to be expected trekking through a jungle. Unfortunately for Marco, his rest was cut short as a deep grumble "UUUUURAA" erupted from the tree that Marco had been resting against came to life and its roots now emerging from the ground (picture trevenant from pokemon)

Marco quickly scrambles to his feet before attempting to book it but it was all in vain as he was struck by a thick branch by the living tree which sent him flying colliding with a trunk of a rather large tree knocking the wind out of him, Marco now lay slumped on the ground with his consciousness slipping. The living tree now made its way over toward Marco to attempt to finish the job when suddenly an egg-shaped pod of consisting of roots arose from the ground emanating a soothing aura that which made the living tree turn heel and go in a different direction now no longer hell-bent on killing Marco. who was in a lot of pain and consciousness was still slipping seen a silhouette of a girl who appeared to be roughly around his age emerge from the vine pod "...Star?" he questioned as he passed out.

The girl who emerged from the vine pod now made her way over to the now unconscious latino boy. She walked majestically almost as if she was dancing, and with a wave of her hand and few clicking noises. Two roots about the thickness of an arm grew out from beneath the girl's feet slithering like snakes as they made their way over to the unconscious boy when, they had reached him they separated with a distance of two feet between. Soon after the little vine tendrils began to sprout and grow between the roots interweaving themselves creating a mesh stretcher; which, scooped up Marco lifting him a couple of feet off the ground. The girl made her way over to the root/vine stretcher, she fluidly waved her hand in a gesture which someone would typically signal as follow me and made a few clicking noises causing the roots of the whicker stretcher to grow, slither and stretch as the girl began walking off deeper into the undergrowth the roots followed.

To Be Continued

:Okay everyone how'd I do? I'm a tad rusty and am I need of a beta reader/Editor that way I can deliver a high-quality story that my audience can picture it the way I'm picturing this story.