Me: *Magically appears* Biana... the world wants to know... DIANA OR BAM?! *Magically disappears*

Biana: Everyone wants me to chose... don't they understand INDECISION!

Sophie: Yeah I know what you mean... *glances at Fitz and Keefe*

Keefe: I'm going to stay out of this drama and watch it with my girlfriend! *puts arm around Sophie and grabs popcorn*

Sophie: Correction, I knew what you mean... TEAM FOSTER-KEEFE!

Dex: Yeah I guess I understand indecision but in the end you will see that you should be with...

Tam: *shoves Dex aside* ME!

Biana: Tam, be nice.

Dex: Yeah, Bangs Boy!

Biana: Dex, be nice.

Tam: Yeah, Techno Nerd!

Biana: BOYS! STOP!

Tam and Dex: *bow* Whatever you want ma'am.

Biana: Ew. That was weird. Don't do that.

Tam and Dex: *bow* Whatever you want ma'am.

Biana: Sophie. Linh. Marella.

Sophie: Oh no...

Biana: Oh yes! GIRLS NIGHT!

Keefe: Fine, you do that! Fitz. Dex. Tam...BOYS NIGHT!

Dex: What do we do at "boys night"

Keefe: Do our hair!

Fitz: Spy on the girls!

Dex and Tam: No no no no no. We must respect Biana's privacy.


Dex and Tam: And Sophie's, and Linh's, and Marella's, of course...

Sophie, Linh and Marella: Yeah, I thought so...

Later, at Girl's night...

Sophie: So... what form of torture are we doing first? Hair, or makeup?

Biana: Neither!

Sophie: W-W-What?

Biana: Instead, we're doing...

Ha! You thought I'd tell you! No way! You'll have to wait for the next chapter!