For the record, Morgan Spencer did not like the first few years of her extended life.

She was scared for a lot of it.

She was alone for a lot more of it.

She missed her parents. She missed her annoying brothers and cousins and classmates. She missed having her parents act as parents, rather than Morgan take care of everything herself.

Except there were times when she stopped. She'd had enough of being scared. Of being alone. Of being unsure.

Lucky the universe had given her a way out.

It wasn't an easy thing, having superpowers. Morgan thought she was doing a good job.

Her powers allowed her to jump around the multiverse. The worlds you saw on TV were a playground to Morgan. She could stay there for years and years, with barely a blink of time passing back Home.

Morgan Spencer decided to go to the one world she had always known she'd be welcome in.

She had to go to the world where the main character was introduced in commercials by appearing in other movies. That was her whole life!

It would take some time to get ready. Despite her actual age, she had the mindset of a ten-year-old. Ten year olds were impatient little things.


She woke up in a body that was half the size of her original one.

She saw a deep Hawaiian tan instead of her normal tan skin. Her hair was a thicker black that fell in short, bunched up waves down her back. She was wearing a water blue version of Lilo's signature bright red dress.

She looked around where she had woken up. It was an old alleyway.

Morgan saw a box nearby. The box was on its side, the top facing outward. There were other dresses like the one she was wearing inside, as well as a grass hula outfit (homemade), sneakers (she was new to this body, but even she knew those shoes were two sizes too big), and dolls made out of twisted metal spoons. A rolled up sleeping back was stuffed in the back of the box, keeping it upright. One of the flaps had a stick tied on, to keep it up at night Morgan assumed.

Her backstory was that she apparently lived in this box.

Morgan mentally shrugged. She'd lived in houses up until now. Being homeless would be a cool adventure!

She crawled into her new home. The box smelled like mildew and rotten fruit. Morgan found some writing inside the box, written by an obviously young hand.

'Mahina's Box'

The 's' was done backwards. The 'i' had no dot. As for the 'm', it was somehow done cursive. Morgan was impressed. She couldn't write like that at all by age six. Or whatever age this body was.

The sun was going down. Morgan squinted over at the fading sun, seeing the colors that danced along the sky for sunset. The colors reminded her of a rainbow, except this rainbow covered the entirety of the sky itself, stretching on until the orange hues changed to yellow which changed to blue that became that purple of the night sky, with white stars scattered across them like a color all their own. She thought it was beautiful.

Morgan moved herself to sitting against the side of the box. It could barely support the weight of her, so she moved to lean against the wall beside her.

She watched the sky until the orange took away the red.

She waited for the yellow to take the orange.

For the blue to take the yellow.

For the blue to become purple.

Lastly, when the stars took over the purple.

Morgan let out a content sigh at the sight. She climbed down the alleyway which led into a forest. She had a better view of the stars from their, but not perfect.

There were always trees, when getting a better view.

Morgan climbed up one, taking pains to remember she had the body of a small child. They were fast and agile, but also short.

As she reached the top perch, she studied the stars. She looked for differences between this sky and the one from her Home. It looked like all the summer constellations were there, although three of the stars in Draco were dimmer.

Morgan reminded herself aliens existed in this world. Aliens. For every star she could see, millions of aliens surrounded it as it was their sun.

She wondered if maybe- just maybe- right now, a trial was being held for a little blue alien.

She wondered if Stitch even existed yet.

She wondered...

She wondered for so long, her eyes had become droopy.

Knowing how hard children could fall to sleep when it suited them, Morgan climbed down the tree.

Morgan went back to the tiny little box that she reasoned was her home now.

She couldn't say how she knew this place was home, that it had been for a while now, or that it had to stay her home for just awhile more.

She had to wait.

She wasn't sure if she was waiting for the movie to start, or waiting for Mahina's family.


It had been a week.

That didn't sound like a long time, usually. When you were a child alone on the street, it felt like a month.

Mahina had made a tiny little home for herself in that alleyway. Morgan could scarcely believe it. After some checking, her body was the age of five (at most, six). No five year old should have a box for a home. No child sure want this home, or feel saddened whenever she was too far away from it. Morgan did her best to ignore the impulse to stay in the alley, but even she had to give in when tired.

As for food, Morgan had to get creative.

She swore she'd pay Mrs Hasagawa for the fruit when she had the money. Morgan had taken from trash bins too, but she craved fresh fruit. Morgan supposed if needed she could scrounge up the island fruit, after checking that it wasn't deadly.

Morgan looked at her ill gotten gains from the day. The various pieces of half eaten food, a small pile of peaches from Mrs Hasagawa, and a bag of chips she'd snagged from a woman's grocery bag.

'For now, I'll have to steal things.' She told herself. 'Yeah...yeah this isn't forever...'

She looked up at the night sky. She'd always loved the night. Her new namesake was full in the sky, like a protector over her.

'As great as this box is...I'd like someone to find me now.'

But they didn't.

So she sat.





AN: Here it is! I hinted at this story in my Doctor Who series. Now it's finally being done!