Bold – action within speaking

'…' – thoughts

Bold/italics – change of scenery

Italics – flashback

Underline/Italics – if Serena, Mikey, and the turtles talk in Japanese

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"It's MY day to pick the show, Mikey," shouted Raphael.

"No way," said Michelangelo as he ran away from Raphael.

"Yes way," growled Raphael as he ran to tackle Michelangelo.

Serena looked up from her magazine to shake her head. She can't believe that her two older brothers were at it again. On the couch, Leonardo and Donatello were sitting on either side of her, shaking their heads in exasperation. Hotaru, on the other hand, was giggling at the antics as she sat on a comfy chair that was next to the sofa. Placing her head on Leo's shoulder, Serena looked down to see the engagement ring that Leonardo and Donatello proposed with. Now, that was a memory to remember.

- Flashback –

"What the shell," growled Raphael.

"Lil Sis," shouted Michelangelo as he looked at Serena and Hotaru getting people to safety WHILE flinging their magic attacks at this huge golf ball.

"Lil Sis," echoed four different turtles.

"Long story," said Leonardo, "But WE have to get back and help them!"

"Especially, our girlfriend," growled Donatello as he saw Serena getting hurt a bit.

"Girlfriend," echoed the same four different turtles.

The others didn't really explain to their turtle counterparts as they really wanted to just jump into the portal. Their counterparts looked at each other and introduced them all to two of their equipment. Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael looked at each other before looking at the two weird looking vehicles. Why did they decide to investigate that mutant turtle story again without backup? Oh yeah… it was THEM that got on the news and was exposing them. The four split up with their counterparts in the two vehicles and quickly went into the portal that will take them back into their own universe. On the other side, April was transformed into Sailor Earth and trying to ground the huge golf ball. Serena and Hotaru already got the people out with the help of the military just as a van came crashing in the background where Casey stood. Turning around, Casey saw the turtles and their counterparts in a weird looking van. "Cowabunga," chorused the turtles' counterparts.

"Why did Casey have to see us in this van," said a dead-panned Raphael.

"Let's just go to the girls so that we can defeat Shredder once and for all," said Leonardo.

"I just hope Mike is alright up there," said Donatello worriedly.

"Big Brother," cried out Serena as she saw Michelangelo crash land on the ground.

"YOU are going to explain this," said Donatello as he ran towards Michelangelo.

"Why me," murmured Leonardo, but Raphael heard it.

"Yous the Fearless Leader," said Raphael, "Besides, she's YOUR girlfriend."

"THAT'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND," cried out Leonardo's counterpart.

Leonardo didn't say anything as the battle progressed. Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo watched in horror though as their universe was being sucked away. However, what made them truly want to kill Shredder was that Hotaru, April, Casey, AND Serena disappeared as they went into the original universe of the TMNT, the Prime Universe. There, the turtles quickly got a plan together with the ORIGINAL mutant turtles and defeated Shredder. "I'd say Turtle Prime is healing up nicely," said Donatello's counterpart.

"It seems that the dimensional damage was temporary," said Donatello, "So long as Turtle Prime survives. Hopefully means…"

"Our world is healing too," questioned Leonardo.

"I know a fun way to find out," said Donatello's counterpart.

"Lil Sis," said a relief Michelangelo as he saw their world returning and everyone was back.

"I thought that was Leonardo's girlfriend," commented Leonardo's counterpart.

"She's MY girlfriend, too," said a pouting Donatello as he crossed his arms.

"Really," questioned the counterparts.

"It looks like she's mad about something," pointed out Raphael's counterpart.

Everyone cringed as they teleported back to their own universe. April and Casey were there just as Serena rounded on her two boyfriends and her big brother. She complained that she got killed AGAIN, and this time by Shredder of all people. But, before she could continue, Leonardo and Donatello calmed her down by kneeling down on one knee in front of their friends. Michelangelo was gaping at his two older brothers and his Lil Sis just as Hotaru and April squealed. "U-Uh… It's not how we were GOING to propose, but…" trailed off Leonardo.

"But seeing you get destroyed by Shredder, we realized that we could NEVER live without you in our lives," said a nervous Donatello.

"So… w-would you, Serenity Usagi Tsukino," started Leonardo.

"…Take us to be your h-husbands to be," finished Donatello.

Serena looked at both of them and nodded slowly. She was STILL comprehending that her TWO boyfriends just proposed to her right in front of EVERYONE. Hotaru squealed more as she hugged her princess and friend in happiness. April and Casey smiled to each other, remembering their own moment where Casey proposed, but the ring was a magical ring and everything had to be fixed. Raphael smirked as the turtles' counterparts were teasing the three. It was Michelangelo that exploded. "Wait a minute," said Michelangelo, "Where's the ring?!"

"Still in the beta phase," said Donatello.

"You are MAKING her a ring," questioned Hotaru.

"Yes," said Leonardo as he wrapped his arms around Serena's waist.

- End Flashback –

"Lil Sis," said Michelangelo, "What are you thinking about?"

"When Leo and Don proposed to me," said a blushing Serena.

"I actually do not WANT to remember most of that," said Leonardo, "It was a headache with those counterparts of ours."

"We SHOULD invite them to the wedding," said Serena.

"They are going to bring a bunch of craziness with them," pointed out Donatello, "You really want that on our wedding day?"

Serena looked sheepish just as Raphael vetoed for them NOT to invite the counterparts. It was bad enough that when their universe was fixed, the counterparts didn't even KNOW a 'Serena' in THEIR universe. Pluto also came by, but it was to congratulate everyone on a job well done, especially with a universe that DIDN'T really have Senshi protecting Japan. In the end, Pluto made a portal for the counterparts to walk through and told them with a stern, glaring face that she better not see them corresponding with other universes unless they had explicit permission. "Remember Pluto's face," piped up Hotaru.

"Pluto was SO mad to see our universe get destroyed because our counterparts dimension hopped," said a chuckling Michelangelo.

"I couldn't believe the counterparts left so fast," chuckled Raphael.

"And I couldn't believe that you MADE a ring out of those crystals we found in our old lair, Don," said Michelangelo.

"Well," said Donatello, "Leonardo and I just couldn't go to a jewelry store, even with our watches. We are all unique in our own way that I wanted the ring to represent that."

"And I love it," said Serena as she kissed Donatello's cheek.

"Ugh," groaned Raphael, "PDA to a minimum, please."

- In TMNT 2012 Universe –

"Ugh," groaned Raph, "They are doing those kissy faces again."

"I think that it's sweet," said April.

"It's disgusting," groaned Raph.

It was a typical day in the turtle's lair. April and Casey were visiting since it was summer vacation for them. Master Splinter was happy though. His real daughter, Karai, was living with them in a separate room and was going to school with April and Casey. Even if he is a mutant rat, he was STILL a father. Mikey and Serena were also back from school because even though they are in New York City, they still had school records from Japan. Mikey FINALLY got to get a car of his own due to Pluto's interference. But now, everyone was hanging out and was groaning or giggling from the cute scene they stumbled upon in the pit. "Where's Donnie," asked Karai.

"He's playing around with the Kraang orb," said a nonchalant Raph.

"Big Sis," whined Mikey, "Can you get Lil Sis here and away from Leo?"

"He's Leo now," asked Karai.

"He became Leo and not older brother ever since I found him kissing Lil Sis," growled Mikey.

"You should have seen Mikey when he found Leo and Serena confessing to each other," giggled April.

"I never SEEN Leo run that fast either, yo," said Casey.

"Well," said Karai, "I'm glad that he's happy with Serena."

And it was true. When Karai found out about her father being Master Splinter, she came to realize that Leo was her little brother in all but blood. Karai mused as she also remembered meeting Serena for the first time after Mikey and Serena healed Karai from her mutated snake form. Don't get her wrong. She still has that mutant form, but now, she could control it. Coming back to the present, Karai was surprised to see Donnie rushing in and smiling. "I did it," exclaimed Donnie.

"Did what," asked April.

"Remember our counterparts that needed help with THEIR Shredder and Kraang," asked Donnie.

"Yeah," said Casey, "They looked so weird."

"Well," said Donnie, "Don't you remember the gun that my counterpart had in his hand to open up a portal between dimensions?"

"Yes," droned out Casey.

"I made my own with the Kraang orb," exclaimed Donnie.

"Seriously," asked Raph, "Don't you think that we SHOULDN'T do what our counterparts did?"

"I'm sure that it's safe," said Donnie, "Where's Leo?"

"Where else," said Raph, "With Serena in the pit."

"Leo made my Lil Sis love Space Heroes," whimpered Mikey, "And she never liked it before."

Casey pat Mikey on the back just as Leo, Serena, and Master Splinter gathered with everyone. Serena exclaimed that the episode Leo and she watched was amazing, making Mikey whimper more. Leo smiled at his girlfriend as he placed his arm around her shoulders while also asking Donnie what was up with the Kraang orb. Donnie repeated what he said because he knew that Leo wasn't paying attention the first time around due to Space Heroes. Master Splinter smiled as he praised Donnie on the orb. But, just after he praised Donnie, the orb started to emit purple lights. "Uh Donnie," said Serena, "Is it SUPPOSED to do that?"

"I didn't turn it on," said Donnie, "There's a remote control for it."

"And the remote is…," trailed off Karai.

"It was on the table, next to the orb," said Donnie.

"I can guess who could have pressed it," said Raph.

"Wasn't me," said Mikey quickly.

Serena frowned as she didn't see Mikey take anything. Mikey, for most of the conversation, was glaring at Leo. Mikey would ALWAYS glare at Leo because he's just that over-protective. So, if it wasn't Mikey… Everyone turned to see Casey holding onto a remote control as well as trying to change the channel on the TV screen. Leo sighed just as Donnie exclaimed that Casey had the control. He was glad he didn't place blame on his littlest brother, even though said brother always glared at him. Leo had to keep himself up on his toes because of all the pranking stuff Mikey was doing to test him. "You should brace yourselves," said Donnie.

"Donatello," said Master Splinter sternly.

"Casey activated the orb and changed the portal settings I had of our counterparts with a different universe," said Donnie.

"You just wanted to visit those counterparts of ours," said Karai just as a bright light erupted and died down to leave an EMPTY lair.

- In The 2003 Universe –

"What the shell," exclaimed everyone as they stared at a portal in their LIVING ROOM.

"Don't tell me," said Serena.

"Didn't our counterparts remembered Pluto," asked Donatello.

"I'm not so sure it's them this time, my sons, Serena, and Hotaru," said Master Splinter.

Everyone looked towards their Master Splinter to turn back to see a huge pile of turtles and humans. Groaning, one of them told them to get off of him. The red one, who they were sure was Raphael's counterpart, growled out a 'Casey' before threatening the first person. As the pile got out, the turtles saw their counterparts were smaller than them, but looked skilled. Serena gaped at HER counterpart just as Leonardo's counterpart stood in front of hers. "I have a counterpart," squealed Serena.

"Serena," exclaimed the others just as the pile looked to see THEIR counterparts.

"S-She's OLDER than me," exclaimed Serena's counterpart.

"And wearing an ENGAGEMENT ring," pointed out a black-haired girl.

"What," growled Michelangelo's counterpart.

"This is so going to get confusing," sighed Hotaru as she looked at the first meeting of 2012 and 2003 universes, "Pluto is SO not going to be happy about this."

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