Bold – action within speaking

'…' – thoughts

Bold/italics – change of scenery

Italics – flashback

Underline/Italics – if Serena, Mikey, and the turtles talk in Japanese

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"What… did… you… do," growled Pluto as she appeared before everyone could get their bearings.

"Puu," exclaimed Serena, Michelangelo, Mikey, and Usagi.

"It's not the same counterparts we've seen, Pluto," said Donatello.

"Be as that may, Donatello-sama," said Pluto, "These people SHOULDN'T be able to transport themselves into a different universe, let alone a parallel one from theirs."

"Donatello-sama," echoed the 2012 universe.

"Please stop calling me that," sighed Donatello, ignoring the various astonishment eyes.

"You and Leonardo-sama will have to get used to it," said Pluto.

"Leonardo-sama," echoed the 2012 universe again.

Again, their 2012 counterparts were ignored as the 2003 universe were discussing on what to do. Mikey from 2012 was looking from one turtle to the next before shifting himself to see his own brothers' faces. He saw that Leo's face was blushing madly, but also glaring at his younger brother, Donnie. He also saw that Donnie was in denial and was whispering that he loved April, not his little sister. Keeping his thoughts to himself, he turned back to the conversation that was right in front of him, eyeing his laughing counterpart in this universe. "Welcome to the club, bros," exclaimed a smiling Michelangelo.

"Gee, thanks," said a dead-panned Leonardo.

"Puu," said Serena, "Is there a way to send these counterparts back to their OWN universe?"

"There IS a way," said Pluto.

"Really," exclaimed the 2012 universe.

"Yes," said Pluto, "What we need is something similar to a time portal."

"Oh great," said Raphael, "Yous mean to tell us that we gotta go to the future to get our hands on that element again?"

"Future," echoed 2012 universe in astonishment and curiosity.

"No," said Pluto, "I mean that Donatello will JUST have to create it."

"Well, Cody DID tell us that I invented that element," said Donatello, "I guess today is the day."

"Invented," murmured Donnie as he looked at his counterpart in awe.

Pluto sighed as she looked at her princess's counterpart from the 2012 universe. She knew that whatever these counterparts learn will turn their heads upside down. However, it will always would make the other brothers be protective of little Mikey when THEY hear their story. Turning to the Master Splinter of their universe, Pluto asked if he could put up with his counterpart AND the added people. "It is not a problem," said Master Splinter as he looked at his counterpart, "Just as I have said to the other universe that dropped in on us, you all are welcome here always."

"We thank you," said Yoshi-sensei, "But I believe it will be confusing with those that have the same name. How will we address ourselves?"

"Well," said Michelangelo, "I can be called Mike or shudders my full name. I guess my bros can be called our full names while our counterparts can be called our nicknames. My Lil Sis can be Serena while theirs can be Usagi."

"Very astute, Michelangelo," said Master Splinter, "But what of us, counterpart?"

"My real name was Hamato Yoshi until an accident transformed me into a mutant rat," said Yoshi-sensei, "So we can just call me Yoshi-san or Yoshi-sensei until my sons and daughters and I get home."

"H-Hamato Yoshi," stuttered a shocked Master Splinter.

"Yes," said a confused Yoshi-sensei.

"Well, this is ONE difference," said a stunned Leonardo.

"How so," asked Leo.

"OUR Masta Splinter was Hamato Yoshi's pet rat before becomin' this mutant rat here," said Raphael.

"Say wha," exclaimed everyone.

Before Master Splinter could explain further, two people that looked eerily similar but older than their friends came in. Leonardo sighed at the huge headache when Serena smiled and greeted the two new people as April O'Neil and Casey Jones. He knew that two of the unknown people were April and Casey of THEIR counterparts' universe, so having THEIRS in their home was making him have a headache. Donatello was right there beside his oldest brother as he too felt the need to groan. But, he spied HIS counterpart staring in awe at their April and… was that drool? "T-These are YOUR April and Casey," stuttered Raph.

"Yeah," said a shrugging Raphael, "What of it?"

"So this is where Pluto went to," said April as she shook her head.

"Why ya here, Pluto," asked Casey, "Yous was helpin' Apes here with her store before ya disappeared."

"There seems to be a big problem," said Pluto as she gestured to the 2012 universe.

"I-Is that me," asked a gaping April.

"Guys," said Casey, "Seriously?! Did we NOT learn anythin' from the other counterparts?"

"Wasn't us," said the turtles.

"Every time somethin' happens," said Casey, "Is always has yous guys involved."

The turtles looked sheepish just as their counterparts did. Casey was right that something DOES always happens around them or around Serena. 2012 April and 2012 Casey looked at their counterparts in surprise. They weren't sure what to make of it because they weren't ready for their counterparts to just waltz into their friends' home unannounced. The 2012 people looked at each other and pointed at their Casey, "He did it," said everyone.

"Hey," said Casey, "That's messed up yo!"

"If you hadn't messed with the remote control," trailed off Donnie.

"Who would put a remote control right where the TV is," said 2012 Casey as he threw his arms up.

"The remote was RIGHT next to the orb, doofus," argued Donnie.

"And we were around the TV table in the lair," argued back 2012 Casey.

"Do they do this often," asked a sweat-dropping Serena.

"You have no idea," said an equally sweat-dropping Usagi.

"So, who is the black-haired girl," asked April.

"This is Karai," said Mikey as he grinned, "She's our older sister!"

"Karai," echoed the 2003 universe.

"Yeah," said the now shrugging Raph, "What of it? You don't have a Karai in this universe?"

Everyone in the 2003 universe looked at each other. They didn't know what to say in this situation since the last time they saw Karai was when she was with that scientist guy. They would have turned to Pluto, but in the corner of their eyes, they saw Pluto rubbing her head in all of this confusion. Pluto really didn't want any of them to see other universes and for a good reason because sometimes, the universe doesn't even have most of the people they came to cherish as their family and friends. Pluto was also scared on what the others will be learning later on too. "Y-You don't have a Karai," asked Usagi.

"We do," said Leonardo as his face turned emotionless while Serena gave his hand a comfort squeeze.

"So, where is she," asked their Karai, "Where is my counterpart?"

"Last time we saw Karai," said Michelangelo, "She went off with one of her scientists and rule the Foot Clan in hiding."

"No," growled Raphael, "The last time we saw Karai, except for Mike here, was when she ambushed us with Foot soldiers during the time we were going head to head with that Prince Endymion guy."

"Oh yeah," said Donatello, "But we also realized he was working with Shredhead in the Silver Millennium too."

"Say wha," echoed the 2012 universe.

"If it will make you feel better," said Miwa, "You may use my birth name… Miwa."

"Miwa," piped up Hotaru from her seat, "How did you get that name?"

"My father, Hamato Yoshi, named me," said Miwa.

The 2003 universe looked at her and at Hamato Yoshi in shock. That was a huge difference as Donatello pointed out to them. Yet, it wasn't that long that Pluto was FINALLY able to stand up and open a portal. She bid everyone goodbye because she didn't want to deal with the headaches of counterparts. Waving at her princess, prince, and future kings of her universe, she glared hard at the counterparts before disappearing. "That's Pluto-mama for ya," said Hotaru.

"I never SEEN Pluto glare at us before," said Mikey.

"It wasn't your fault," said Usagi, "So don't worry about it."

"Do we want to know what you two are talking about," asked Michelangelo lowly to his counterpart.

"Maybe we'll exchange stories later," said Serena lowly to her counterpart, too.

"We would like that," chorused the two as they smiled at their counterparts.

"Come on," said Leonardo, "We'll show you to the guest rooms."

Looking at each other questioningly, the 2012 universe followed Leonardo, Serena, and Michelangelo as they showed them to the guest rooms. The group looked around their surroundings as they were led to the backyard. Gasping in surprise, they were not ready to see the backyard to be like one of those from the feudal eras in Japan. They even spotted a koi pond as the group trekked on. Stopping at one of the doors, Leonardo opened it to reveal a normal guest room with beds. "The girls can stay in this one," said Leonardo.

"Wow," said April, "This looks expensive."

"We've lived here for a few years now," explained Michelangelo.

"Sometimes, our Aunt Nehelenia comes over for a bit of a vacation," said Serena.

"Oh," said Usagi, "I hope OUR auntie isn't worried about us too."

"Anyways," said Leonardo, "Our turtle counterparts can stay in the guest room across from this one while your Casey and Yoshi-sensei stay in the one next to our counterparts."

"Leon," said April as she popped her head out to the backyard, "Casey and I are going to our rooms and we'll discuss about inventing that element that Don told us about!"

"Thanks," called out Leonardo.

"W-Where are OUR counterparts sleeping," asked a dreaded April.

"In their room in the house," said Michelangelo.

"They have their own rooms," asked Casey.

The three nodded, not telling them that the two were probably sleeping in the same room now ever since they got engaged a while back. The couple still weren't planning their wedding things just yet, unlike Serena was. Leonardo smiled as he remembered that Serena tried to con April into a double wedding with hers. Leo looked at his counterpart and was wondering why he was smiling, but he could guess that he was thinking about his bride-to-be. Now, that was a shock to find out that you are marrying your sweetheart with your little brother as another husband, too. He did wonder how Mikey was taking all of this. "We'll let you settle in," said Serena.

"I guess since there are more mouths to feed," said Michelangelo, "Leo! Come with me grocery shopping!"

"No way," said Leonardo as he walked towards the doors to the house, "I'm not shopping with you again."

"Why not," whined Michelangelo as he followed his oldest brother.

"YOU," said Leonardo as he pointed at his littlest brother, "Pranked me while we went shopping, remember?"

"Dude," said Michelangelo as he smirked at the memory, "You really need to train your reflexes again."

"Grr," growled Leonardo as Serena giggled and waved goodbye to the 2012 universe.

Leo and Mikey looked at each other in bewilderment. Mikey loved pranking his brothers, but to hear that his counterpart did the same WHILE humans could have seen them? The others looked stupefied too as they tried to wrap their heads around what they heard from the small conversation from Leo and Mikey's counterpart. Seeing them disappear into the house, the 2012 universe looked at each other. "Did Mikey's counterpart just say grocery shopping," questioned Miwa.

"B-But it's daylight," exclaimed Donnie, "How are they going out?"

"Let's ask them later, my sons," said Yoshi-sensei, "Right now, let us all relax in the guest rooms and wrap our heads around the fact that we are not home."

"Yes, father/sensei/Master Splinter," said various voices.

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