Bold – action within speaking

'…' – thoughts

Bold/italics – change of scenery

Italics – flashback

Underline/Italics – if Serena, Mikey, and the turtles talk in Japanese

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"Well, this is it," said Donatello.

"I'm going to miss having a mini-counterpart," pouted Michelangelo.

"You would," said Raphael while Leonardo and Serena laughed.

It was the next day as Setsuna got the guests back to the correct time. There were tears because they were leaving Chibi-Usa, the Sailor Quartet, and the twins behind in the future. As they came back, the 2003 universe noticed that their guests weren't with them, but a note in Setsuna's handwriting explained that she made sure that EVERYONE were in their correct areas of living, such as the Senshi and other guests all landing at the Hikawa Shrine or the Daimyo, his son, Usagi, Gennosuke, Giogi, and Traximus arriving in the Battle Nexus arena. They have gotten more confirmation as Silver Sentry called Michelangelo on the Shell Cell to tell him that the Justice Force was back at Headquarters. For now, Michelangelo was eating breakfast with his siblings and father at the kitchen table while the 2012 universe regained all of their strength before departing. "It's been a few months that those counterparts of ours came here," said Serena.

"And helped us defeat foe after foe," said Leonardo.

"Speaking of foes," said Michelangelo, "Silver Sentry, Nobody, and Nano are going to stop by."

"What for, my son," asked Master Splinter.

"The foes that our universe has is still alive," said Michelangelo, "You know? The mutants?"

"Oh," said Raphael, "I fagot about 'em."

"Same here," said a sheepish Hotaru.

Leonardo and Donatello also nodded their heads while Serena took a bite out of her delicious meal. It wasn't long until they were joined by Leo, Mikey, Usa-chan, Donnie, Miwa, Shinigami, and Raph's girlfriend, Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa looked at the breakfast and stayed clear of the small fish that was on the plate. Shinigami, however, grabbed two small fishes and some eggs before joining around the kitchen. "What were you guys talking about," asked 2012-Usagi.

"Just reminiscing about our times together," said Michelangelo.

"Right," said a slow Donnie as he looked thoughtful, "Today's the day we go home."

"Really," asked Miwa.

"Yes," said Donatello, "Sterling, Cody, and my darker clone were very helpful. They determined that I created the Donatellium that would be used to take you all back home. It also didn't hurt that I had help from April, Taiki, and Leatherhead in designing the window that WILL take you home."

"Thank you for your hard work, Donatello," said Yoshi-sensei as he emerged from the guest room with Raph and 2012-Leatherhead.

"When can we go home," asked Raph.

"After you eat," said Master Splinter, "You need your strength before going through the portal."

"A wonderful idea," said Yoshi-sensei as he grabbed a plate and ate the small fish first.

"Ugh," said Slash as he saw what Yoshi-sensei and Shinigami were eating, "Can I NOT eat the fish?"

"That's what I said," said Raphael and Raph together.

It wasn't long that the 2012 universe were done eating, along with the 2003 universe. Both Leos and Donnies were nursing a cup of tea or coffee and drinking it slowly. When everyone was sitting around the living room, Mikey was wondering why they weren't going to wherever they would be going to get home. It was his counterpart, Michelangelo, who told the 2012 universe that they were waiting on Silver Sentry, Nobody, and Nano to come over. Before Leo asked why the three superheroes were coming, the doorbell sounded. Raphael and Michelangelo got up and opened the door to reveal… "Tigerclaw," growled Miwa.

"Karai," said Tigerclaw.

"Our enemies," asked Donnie.

"We can't exactly LEAVE these four mutants in OUR dimension," said a deadpanned Hotaru.

"Who knows what they would do to our dimension," said Donatello.

"And the fact that Setsuna would be onto you all for leaving these four behind here," pointed out Serena.

The 2012 universe groaned as they thought about the complications. If they arrive back at their lair, the four mutants would be able to come into their home and destroy it. But, if they left them here in their counterparts' universe, who knows what SETSUNA would do to them all! The 2012 universe nodded solemnly that they would be willing to bring them back to their dimension as long as the mutants were blindfolded so good that they couldn't see OUT of said blindfold. The 2003 universe laughed at their counterparts because they came up with the greatest way to get the mutants out of their dimension while NOT exposing their counterparts' lair. "If that is all," said Silver Sentry, "We must be going."

"See ya on patrol later," asked Michelangelo.

"Mike," said Nobody, 'Did you forget that you patrol with us on every leap year, along with every third Wednesday of every fourth month? Today is NOT even Wednesday."

"I thought YOU guys would have forgotten," said a sheepish Michelangelo.

"We cannot," said Nano, "Especially, when I am a robot made of Nanos and remember for everyone."

Everyone laughed as Serena patted Michelangelo on the back for comfort. She knew that Michelangelo LOVES being Turtle Titan and wanted to go back to his crime-fighting with the awesome superheroes. Mikey looked at his counterpart in awe though. He totally wished that he could fight crime with REAL live superheroes. But, in the end, he knew that he had to go back to his own dimension with his friends and Little Sister. No way was he going to leave Leo alone with his Lil Sis. Saying goodbye to the superheroes, everyone turned to see the four mutants who were still tied up. "Dawg, can't we like be let go," asked Bebop.

"Ya," said Rocksteady, "We helped you turtles out with information."

"Y-You double crossing idiots," yelled Tigerclaw as he glared at the two mutants.

"I told you we shouldn't have counted on those two after the whole Kraang and Shredder technodrome incident we saw on TV," said Fishface.

"Oh, be quiet," growled Tigerclaw.

"But, you STILL fought against us," said a thoughtful Mikey.

"Aw, come on dawg," whined Bebop.

The 2003 universe didn't know what to do since these four mutants WEREN'T their problem anymore. It was mostly the judgment of the 2012 universe to know what to do with the mutants. Yoshi-sensei just sat next to Master Splinter, not really giving advice to for this situation because his sons all knew that their judgment was mostly good ones, except those that consist of his youngest son being bait of all things. The Mutanimals and the 2012 turtles looked at each other before turning to the 2003 universe. "What do YOU suggest," asked Leo.

"Well, uh…," said Leonardo before turning to Donatello, "Don?"

"I can calibrate the dimensional portal to redirect the mutants to a different location instead of where you will land," said a thoughtful Donatello.

"In otha words," said Raphael, "Yous guys will end up in a different place."

"You speak Don," asked a blinking Raph.

"Stay wit Don here mostly fa mechanical purposes and ya learn a ting or two," said Raphael.

"Let's do that," said Leo, "Best plan yet."

Donatello nodded his head as he gestured for everyone to come into the huge lab. Raphael, Hotaru, and Leonardo were making sure the mutants were coming along too. Inside the lab, they could see a window-like machine at the right hand corner. Next to the machine, they could also see a control panel that looked eerily similar to the one that was in the future when the 2003 turtles were there. "THIS is the machine," asked Rockwell.

"Yes," said Donatello, "With our Leatherhead, Taiki, and April's combined help along with my calculated knowledge, I was able to recreate the same portal that Cody and Sterling had when they accidently brought us to the future."

"The main concern," said Michelangelo, "Is if Viral will appear. We don't want the dudes and dudettes to fight for THEIR lives like we did when we were going back home."

"Don't worry, Mike," said Donatello, "I remember that experience and quadruple checked just to make sure that OUR Viral was gone for good before letting ANYONE near this thing."

"Good," said Leonardo, "And great job on piping up about our other enemy that may be still alive, Mike."

"Aww shucks," said Michelangelo as Serena and Hotaru beamed up at him.

"Viral," asked Mondo Gecko.

"You don't need to know," said the 2003 turtles as they shivered when they were reminded about Viral.

Everyone looked on just as Donatello turned on the machine and got it running. A swirl of blue instead of Kraang pink popped up on the portal before swirling to create an image. Said image then came up as the Channel 6 news building. The 2012 turtles looked at each other because they remembered the FIRST time they saw the building while fighting alongside with another set of counterparts. Smirking, Raph, Slash, Miwa, and Mona Lisa grabbed the four mutants and pushed them into the portal. "Ah," shouted the four mutants as they disappeared to only reappear in front of the Channel 6 building.

"Raph," shouted Leo, "That was uncalled for!"

"Oh can it, Fearless," said Raph, "WE had the right to know if the portal worked or not."

"But, pushing the mutants into the portal," countered Leo.

"Leo," said Shinigami, "At least, we know that the portal works."

"So, chill, big brother," said Mikey.

"Fine," said Leo as he crossed his arms.

"Um… Is this the correct place that you all want to go to," asked Donatello who was trying not to wince at the tension.

The 2012 universe looked up and into the portal. There, the portal had a different image instead of the Channel 6 building. This image made tears come into the 2012 universe. They thought they would be stuck here forever, but with the help of their counterparts, they were finally able to get home. The image was that of their abandon subway station lair, the pit to be exact. Smiling and making sure they had Ice Cream Kitty and Chompy with them, the 2012 universe turned to their counterparts that WERE there. Usagi and Serena hugged each other before they separated as the Master Splinters bowed in respect to one another. The 2012 turtles and the 2003 turtles smiled just as the 2012 universe stepped into the portal and wound up at their lair. "So long, counterparts," said Leonardo.

"Shall I dismantle the machine," asked Donatello.

"Nah," said Michelangelo, "Who knows if other counterparts come back here!"

"Don't jinx us knucklehead," said Raphael.

"So, when are you three going on your honeymoon," teased Hotaru.

"Uh…," said the married couple as they blushed just thinking about WHAT entails as a honeymoon for them.

"Ugh," groaned Raphael and Michelangelo with a disgust face as Master Splinter and Hotaru laughed.

- With The 2012 Universe –

"We're back home," said Leo who sighed happily.

"Dibs on the TV," shouted Mikey as Ice Cream Kitty meowed in her bowl.

"No you don't," said Raph as he ran to grab the remote from Mikey.

The 2012 universe laughed as they saw Mikey and Raph being actually playful. Leo and Donnie looked at each other and smiled before rushing in and trying to grab the remote control from them. Serena, since she and the others ARE back in their dimension, laughed along with the rest of the Mutanimals. She also heard a chuckle from Master Splinter's mouth as the four brothers wrestled to get the remote. "Now, this is what I call home," said Serena happily as she surprised all of them by grabbing the remote and turning onto a cartoon show called Xiaolin Showdown.

"Sweet," said Mikey as he settled next to his Li Sis, "One of our favorite shows is on!"

"Come on," said Leo who settled on the other side of Serena, "Let's watch before heading out to patrol. We haven't done that in a very long while."

"Maybe you should think about your marriage," teased Karai.

"K-Karai," yelped Leo with a flush on his cheeks.

"Not our fault that you and Sere here BOTH caught what is symbolled to be the next wedding," teased Karai.

As Mikey growled at Leo and pulled Serena closer to him, the rest laughed as they all settled down at the pit and watched the cartoon show. Though face flushed, Serena looked around and smiled. 'I am home,' thought Serena as she settled to cheer the character Raimundo on in the show, making Leo jealous and the others laugh at his expense.


AN: And finished! 8D Wah~! Thank you all for on this ride about the 2003 and the 2012 universes meeting each other, with references to my other two stories. This is the last installment of the Reincarnated Soul series! \(^v^)/ And, yes! I placed Xiaolin Showdown reference as to what they are watching. ㅋㅋ Just something happy and extra~! Maybe I'll come up with another story? Hm… But! My other part-time job is starting soon again (I work at a school part-time), so… maybe not? ㅠㅠ Ah… We'll just have to see, ne? (^v~) じゃね~!