Inspired from RWBY and JNPR watch the Blood Gulch chronicles... which was inspired by RWBY and JNPR watch the show.

Team RWBY was hanging out in their dorm. Their was usually nothing to do Friday evening and today was no diffrent. The team however, tries to keep themselves entertained though. Ruby reads a weapons magazine, Weiss decided to reorganize some things, Blake was reading one of her books while Yang was playing on her scroll.

"Whos is this?" Weiss asks, showing them an unmarked cardboard box.

"It isn't mine." Yang states.

"Or mine." Blake adds.

"I guess it's just yours Weiss." Ruby states, indicating it wasn't hers.

"Thats absurd. I never pack anything in cardboard boxes." Weiss states.

"Why not, check whats in it?" Yang suggest, not looking away from her scroll. Weiss complys and the first thing she find inside is a note. She reads aloud.

"Dear, who ever recives this. You have been randomly selected to recive these dvds. These dvds come from another univeres and may offer some insite to what its like there. (Or you'll just be confusing ) additionally you can keep these dvds as they just tell a great story. Thats all their is to say, have fun!" The room is silent for a few minutes.

"Woah." Is all Ruby can say.

"You don't actually belive this is from another universe. Its probably just a prank of some kind." Weiss suggests.

"Pretty strange prank considering they are giving us free stuff." Yang says pulling out three dvds. One is labeled 1 and 2, another is labeled 3, while the last is labeled shorts.

"We can watch it to find out if the note is accurate." Blake suggests.

"Great idea! Looks like we have a movie night team RWBY!" Ruby exclaims. Everyone is in agreeance in the fact there is nothing to do, and to find out if this is really just a prank.

Ruby loads the first dvd into their tv and the screen lights up with a selection menu. The menu was just two black squares labeled 1 and the other labeled 2 The squeakquel (though this was greyed out).

"It's probably a comedy." Yang suggests, judging from the 2nds tittle. With that Ruby hits play on the first box and the video begins playing.