"All we can do now is hope everything will be explained." Blake says before someone hits play.

Soft music plays as a black screen eventually fades to show Lewa's backside.

Tahu 01: Its wonderful, isn't it?

Pans across all the toa mata's backsides minus Onua and Gali.

Tahu 01: Everything's just wonderful.

"Does Tahu mata have a but fetish or something?" Yang asks.

"Oh, Yang. Please don't EVER say anything like that." Weiss facepalms.

"Its a legitimate question." Yang defends.

Tahu 01: After years and years, we have an Onua set to complete our toa team!

Onua: Hang on. I'm trying to understand. You haven't had an Onua set for 8 years?

Kopaka: No. Our owner never bought one. Its always been us.

Onua: It's funny, I've seen some her sets walk around here...

Tahu 01: Better late than never. What exciting times! Not only are we getting the look at the next BIONICLE line soon, but we can share this experience as a full 6 toa team!

Gali: Ahem.

Tahu 01: Oh, Right. We can't forget about you, too. Um...

"Hopefully they can still be welcoming to her." Ruby says.

Gali: A little late. I'm already feeling forgotten.

"Or she's gonna be difficult and make that very hard." Weiss says.

Tahu 01: Yeah. We're just... unsure what to do. You see, we already have a Gali set, so-

Gali: So you're saying I'm not needed? Huh? Is that it? I don't matter?

Tahu 01: No! Of coarse not! We just have to have an emergency Mata meeting and-

Gali: An emergency Mata meeting? Without a toa mata? Don't worry. I know you don't care about me. Say it to my face. You'd just better guard yours.

"Yup. Difficult." Weiss confirms.

"You would know." Yang mutters to quiet for her to hear.


Everyone begins leaving.

Kopaka: You can come, Onua.

Gali: Oh, you serious?

"They could at least try including her. Neither side is in the right." Blake adds.

Onua: Don't worry, Gali. We'll meet up later.

Soon, Gali is left alone.

Gali: Promise?

Tahu (Stars) watches on as the scene unfolds.

"Oh yeah. I forgot Tahu was stuck watching memories." Ruby says.

"Perhaps thats how the story of Sockets is gonna be answered." Yang says. "That along other things."

Tahu: Two of them. Two Gali's. I was looking for one, when there were two all along. Maybe I asked for this. I was snooping where I shouldn't have been. But how was I supposed to know? It doesn't matter. I need to get out of this nightmare.

A terminal appears with the sound of the humming music. Tahu accesses it.

Tahu: This is surprisingly easy to navigate. A ha! The consciousness transport protocol. Yes! I can do this! If I'm stuck here in the hard drive, I need to go over to the RAM. Onua said the RAM automatically transports people back to their body right before he- I really hurt him, didn't I?

"Onua knows Tahu wasn't in control and didn't tell him to get lost, so theres still a way to patch things up." Ruby says.

"But he did tell Onua that after he told his story, he didn't want to ever talk to him again." Blake reminds her. "And Onua knows that was him."

Tahu: Ok, ok, can't focus on that right now. I gotta get out of here. Wait, what? A password? I don't know any password. Maybe I can guess it if I enter every possible combination.

Tahu writes A.

Incorrect password.

Tahu writes AA.

Incorrect password.

Tahu writes AAA.

Incorrect password.

Tahu writes AAAA

Incorrect password.

Tahu: Alright, that'll take too long. Crap. I really am stuck here.

"What! That was barely trying!" Weiss exclaims. "Who would put their password as just a single letter repeated up to four times!?"

"I hope that isn't similar to any of Tahu's passwords for... whatever he would have them for." Yang comments.

"I would have tried "Hail Denmark" first." Ruby says. "Or variations of that."

Tahu: This thing aloud me to skip through some of these memories. Perhaps I can continue doing that until I find a clue. And if I don't.

"An actually smart plan." Yang says.

"Maybe, but what are the chances of him finding the password in the memories?" Blake asks. "We don't know how long the memories will run, and if they're for awhile, it could take years for Tahu to find the password, and that assuming he does."

The scene shifts to show Sockets looking out a window. Tahu 01 joins her.

Tahu 01: A penny for your thoughts?

Sockets: A penny's too high. They aren't very riveting.

Tahu 01: I'm still interested.

Sockets: They're the same thoughts I've had for a while. You know what they are.

Tahu 01: I don't bear a Suletu. All I have are educated guesses.

"Suletu?" Ruby questions.

"Probably a device, or more likely, a mask that gives the user the ability to read minds." Weiss says.

"Thats kinda disturbing on some levels." Yang comments. "Hopefully, no one on Remnant has that for a semblance."

Sockets: So guess.

Tahu 01:Well... I'd assume that you're thinking about yourself, and how your life is dissatisfactory, right?

Sockets: Mostly.

Tahu 01: C'mon Sockets, you're being too hard on yourself (Though the subtitles read "you're being hard on yourself.")

"The subtitles are wrong." Weiss says.

"Just a minor mistake. Its fine." Ruby assures.

Sockets: I'm not. Things haven't been going well for me and you know it. There's a piece to my puzzle missing, and so many events lately have been putting me down. I wish I could go back.

Tahu 01: You can't go back. You should be looking at positives in your life instead of wishing it was something you already lived.

Ruby looked downcast. She sometimes wished she could do that and re-experience all the happy moments she spent with her mother when she was still alive.

Sockets: This is always the conclusion you reach, as of its that easy. Do you know how tired I am? How the forseeable future hold nothing? Theres no escape but dreams of the past.

Tahu 01: I'm not saying-

Glitch marks appear around the two as a fast-forwarding sound effect is heard.

"Huh?" Everyone mutters, confused.

Pans over to Tahu with the remote.

"Oh." Everyone collectively sighs.

Tahu: This is super boring. when does the fight happen?

"There doesn't always have to be a fight. I like slow episodes that better delve into the characters like this one, so far." Blake says.

"But fights are cool. I get where he's coming from." Yang says.

Sockets: I'm tired of life! I want something better!

Tahu 01: It will get better!

Sockets: That requires time. I don't have that.

Tahu 01: Everyone has time. You can't believe-

More fast-forwarding.

Tahu: Come on, fight!

"I feel your pain Tahu." Yang softly says.

"We're barely into the episode." Weiss reminds her.

Tahu 01: Its never enough for you, huh? Its a good life here!

Sockets: Stop telling me things will improve! They won't! I want to go back to a time where I felt like I had a future. There is no future here.

Tahu 01: Things will work out!

Sockets: Not for me. I won't work out.

Tahu 01: Alright, I'm not going through this. I can't get past that thick mask shielding your brain.

Sockets: No wait, I didn't mean to-

Tahu 01 leaves.

Sockets: I didn't mean to make you leave.

Scene shift to Onua leaning outside an open door.

Onua: Then we played video games. Then we played outside a little bit, and we all took turns flying the drone. Then we snuggled.

"They snuggled? I didn't think they would do that." Yang says. "Not really a guy thing, especially with other dudes."

Gali: Wow. Sounds like you're having lots of fun with your new best friends.

Onua: I mean, they aren't my best friends. You're my best friend.

Gali: You got that right.

Onua: What are you doing in there anyway?

Gali brings out the box they came in.

Gali: Looking for this.

Onua: The box that we came in?

"She's probably searching for the return address or something." Weiss thinks.

Gali: Yup. I brought my work with me.

"Never mind." Weiss mutters.

"Work? I wonder what she does." Ruby eagerly says.

Onua: Oh, wow! I thought you'd have to start all over.

Gali lays down a bag of translucent bricks.

Gali: Nope. I grabbed what I could at the last second. All the building blocks are still here. The only issue is that I don't know a good secluded spot to continue.

Onua: Hey, there's an unfinished room upstairs. You could work on it there. Everyone stays out of it. They told me on the tour.

Every ones eyes widen.

"Does this mean Gali is the one that MADE Denmark!" Ruby exclaims.

"Maybe, but she just could have ended up supplying the parts that would end up as Denmark." Blake suggests.

"I would guess it was done unknowingly. I don't think she would be the type as to willingly supply those parts." Weiss says,

Gali: I wasn't invited on a tour. Actually, I wasn't invited to any of this.

Onua: Well, it was for toa Mata only.

Gali: I am a toa mata.

"I know they already have Sockets as their Gali, but they could at least treat this one with some respect. Especially considering different versions of the same character are running around the house." Yang states.

Onua: Wait, no, I mean, uh,

Gali: Its whatever. I'm going to the bonus room. Help me with this bag?

Onua: I can do that.

Gali picks up the bag as the toa Nuva watch.

Tahu Nuva: You can go on a tour with us Gali.

Gali: No.

"...well, at least some people are trying to be respectful around here." Ruby says.

Scene shift to Tahu, Kopaka, and Pohatu looking at something. Onua comes into frame.

Onua: Hey guys. Who's up for some fun today? Watch a movie together? Perhaps Mask of Light or something?

Tahu 01: They can't do this. They can't. Not after all these years.

"Bionicle's first cancellation." Blake says.

"And unlike the second, it came without warning. Thats gotta suck." Yang comments.

Kopaka: They can, and they very clearly just did.

Onua: Guys? Whats up?

Pohatu motions Onua over. The screen then shows the text revealing Bionicle's first cancellation.

Onua: Oh... oh no.

Tahu 01: This isn't fair. This isn't ok. We were doing well, right? I thought Bara Magna was the start of something new. This makes no sense.

Kopaka: We'll figure this out together.

Tahu 01: No, we're being put in boxes. That's what this means. Boxes for all of us.

"Hope he doesn't have claustrophobia." Yang quips.

"I imagine being but in boxes would be uncomfortable whether you are claustrophobic or not." Weiss responds.

Kopaka: You don't know that. You need to calm down.

Tahu 01: You're right. I need a plan. I need some way to save everyone. Or at least ourselves.

Tahu: What a cry baby. Talk to me after you've gone through BIONICLE's cancellation twice.

"I would have thought he would have more sympathy." Weiss says.

"C'mon Weiss. This is Tahu we're talking about." Yang reminds her.

A mysterious figure appears behind Sockets. When she looks behind herself, it isn't there. Scene shift to Gali and Sockets walking in the hall until they eventually cross each other.

"Anyone see who that was?" Ruby asks. Everyone but Blake shakes their head.

'How does this fit? How was the Afraid in that... plain of existence, I'll say. Unless he was just projecting himself from Sockets vision or something to that degree. Essentially making her hallucinate.' Blake thinks.

Gali: Yo, Sockets.

Sockets: Hey. What do you need?

Gali: Have you seen anything strange lately?

Sockets: Strange? What constitutes as strange?

Gali: Well... I don't actually know. But I want to tell you that if you do, I want you to come and talk to me.

Blakes eyes narrow. 'She knows. That means SHE was the one who created Denmark.'

Sockets: So we're comfortable enough to talk to each other about these things?

Gali: I thought so.

Sockets: Ok. Friends let each other in, you know? We're... friends, right?

Gali: Its not like we weren't.

Sockets: Well that's good. I'm always up for new friends. I'm glad I can call you one.

"At least Sockets is respectful towards her." Weiss says.

"Yeah. I was thinking they would have some sort of rivalry going. Thats usually what happens with similar looking or acting characters. I truly did not expect this." Yang adds.

Gali: Yup. So come to me if there's anything suspicious.

Sockets: Actually...

Gali: What is it?

Sockets: ...never mind. Talk to you later?

Gali: Sounds good to me.

Fade to later. Onua is in front of a door.

Gali: Onua is that you?

Onua: Its me.

Gali: Come on in.

Onua comes in and approaches Gali.

Onua: You've been busy.

Gali: Incredibly.

Onua: Is it going well?

Gali: You wouldn't believe the progress I've made. Or how many translucent pieces this kid has. Its like they're just attracted to shiny pretty plastic.

"Don't need to tell me." Yang mutters, looking towards Ruby. She smiles at remembering when she also used to collect toys with translucent pieces.

Gali: Onua, this is amazing. Its going to change everything. Research into how we're alive. I don't know if anyone's doing this. It feels like I'm the only one that cares. But.

"So this version of Gali is essentially a scientist. Interesting. I also would not have thought of that when we were first introduced to her." Weiss says.

"But we also didn't think she would be the one to build Denmark." Ruby says. "Shows we really won't know wats coming with this show. Makes it so exciting."

Onua: But?

Gali: This is powerful. Too powerful. I don't know what this kind of stuff can do if it's in the wrong hands. I feel like if I took an ethics course, this is what they'd warn against. In fact, I may have already done something wrong...

"When studying the unknown, there will always be some kind of danger." Weiss says. "Gali isn't wrong, though she is right to be cautious."

Onua: Ah, its no big deal. Its not like you'll go full mad scientist bent on world domination. Its a study. Something philanthropic, not evil. You've got a good head on your shoulders.

Gali: Yeah. I don't know if I'll ever get as far as I want, anyway. With all the strides, I'm stuck. The breakthrough I'm due for seems to be fighting back. Like the system is pushing me away.

Onua: I'm sure you'll figure it out. You're the smartest person I know, possibly ever.

Gali: Thanks. Well, now I need more pieces.

Gali reaches up to a box and spills its contents. Pieces lie on the floor, chief among them, a midak blaster.

Onua: You going to clean this up?

Gali: Nah.

"Heh." Ruby and Yang laugh at their old childhood habits.

Weiss and Blake eye roll at the fact they still keep up these habits.

Scene shift to Tahu 01 walking by himself in a dark hallway. He see's Sockets shadow in another room with light.

Sockets, I understand that a lot... being afraid. I think I'm afraid all the time.

Scene shifts to show Sockets in a dark room with a single light source ahead of her.

Sockets: Since the beginning, since always. I've learned a few tricks though. Whenever I get too upset, or I don't know what to do,

Shows Sockets is looking at a snow globe of sorts.

Sockets: I imagine myself in the woods, or a forest. Surrounded by trees, a faint wind blowing. Leaves dancing, birds calling. When I stop and put myself in a state of mind where all is calm, I find I can pull myself together, just for a little bit. Then, when I can, I sing to myself. Something like this tune.

Music box version of Lazy River plays.

"Its the music from the trailer." Weiss realizes.

Sockets: Lazy River... have you heard this one? It helps me clear my head. You know... when we're gone, and forgotten, tunes like this will still live on. I like to think I'm like music, too. But its beginning to fade. Do you think I can do it? Do you think I can bring back what used to be?

"There does seem to be that magical quality in music." Ruby agrees.

A shadow is seen on the wall.

'Thats The Afraid!' Blake realizes. 'Did he model that world in the RAM after Sockets happy place?'

Sockets: A life worth living?

Tahu 01: Sockets? Is everything alright in here?

Sockets: Yes, everything is fine. I was just speaking with my new friend.

Tahu 01: Friend? What friend?

Sockets: My...

There is an empty space across from Sockets.

"Yup. She's losing her mind." Yang quips.

"She's hallucinating. Its something strange, so she may take it to Gali." Ruby says.

"But Gali said that as if she KNEW something strange would happen to her." Weiss brings up. "This is likely the result of her doing using the Denmark machine. But why? And for what purpose?"

Sockets: ...friend. They were... they were here.

Tahu 01: Sockets, I know you're going through a lot these days. We all are. But its ok, I'm going to fix it.

Sockets: I guess I'm just a little lonely.

Tahu 01: That's fine. You have us. You have me. (Except subtitles say "That's ok.")

"Another subtitle mistake." Weiss points out.

"And just like the last one, its minor." Yang shoots back.

Sockets: Thank you.

Tahu watches on.

Tahu: Okay, I get it now. (Except subtitles say "Oh ok, I get it now") Everyone here is insane.

Cut back to Onua with a cat.

Ruby awes at the sight of the adorable feline.

Sockets: Onua, hey!

Sockets is shown to be watching them from below.

Sockets: Have you seen Gali?

Onua: She's up in the unfinished room.

Sockets: Thanks.

Onua: Maybe they'll become friends.

Gali: Sorry I haven't been out much, Onua. Files keep appearing that I haven't made, and by God I can't figure out why. Maybe you can-

Gali finally turns around to find she is not talking to who she thought she was.

Gali: Sockets. Are you, uh, Whats up?

Sockets: You consider me a friend, and asked me to tell you if something is wrong. I've been hallucinating.

Gali: Hallucinating?

Gali takes a device (axel with a stud at the end) and uses it on Sockets like a Tricorder.

"I would think she aim it at he head rather than the torso." Yang jokes. "But what do I know about toy anatomy."

Gali: Incredible. I expected different results.

Sockets: What does that mean?

Gali: Okay, I'm going clean. I've been... testing on you a little bit.

"Without consent! Wasn't she worried about ethics awhile ago!" Weiss exclaims.

"Things can only devolve from here." Blake agrees.

Sockets: Go on.

Gali: I'm making something big. Bigger than all of us. I needed a subject.

Sockets: Subject?

Gali: Right now, in this current state, my machine can only inspect trans pieces. The ones in our head. But I wanted to see what else it could do. It turns out its so much more substantial than previously thought. It can see what people are thinking, or control them, see old memories.

Sockets: Old memories...

Gali: But now I'm stuck. Something isn't letting me in. Or... someone.

Sockets: Here. Here. Let me try. I want to try.

Sockets accesses the computer,

Gali: What? You've been granted admin access. Not mod access, like I've been stuck on. How did you...?

Sockets: It needed the magic touch. We have a lot to talk about, Gali.

"So, is Sockets just good with computers?" Yang questions.

"Probably, but how would she get the password to admin access?" Blake questions. "More importantly, since Gali created the machine, why can't SHE access it?"

"Maybe since The Afraid is the machine, it locked her out?" Ruby suggests. "And Sockets can get in because he told her how to get in?"

Gali: No hard feelings with the testing?

Sockets: None. In fact, this may be what I've wanted.

"How can Sockets use Denmark to "bring back the past"?" Blake wonders aloud. "She could live in the hard drive, but that wouldn't be the same thing. Besides, she was already there and wanted out."

Scene shift to a meeting with the toa Mata sans Gali. Tahu watches from atop the Thornatus which is also in the room.

Tahu 01: I know you've all been waiting on what we're going to do with BIONICLE's cancellation. Well, here it is: we're escaping.

Pohatu: Wait, huh?

Lewa: Escaping?

Kopaka: I don't understand.

Tahu 01: There's a lot of woods by our house. We can live there! Now we'll be free and can't be put in boxes that are taped shut forever or worse, end up in a landfill.

"Some kid could just walk along and claim them for himself." Yang points to a flaw in the plan.

Kopaka: I'll have to think about it.

Onua: This makes no sense. We were happy here not long ago.

"I can't imagine waking up one day with everything normal and then waking up the next to find things have changed... things are gone." Ruby sighs.

Tahu 01: We'll be happier out there. We can still come back for supplies! It's not like we're gone forever, just enough so that we won't get put away until we get recycled or something. Look, I made a map. Using this we can get back to the house for whatever reason.

Sockets: No... no I can't do it. I won't do it. You can't force me to be trapped like this.

Tahu 01: This is whats best for all of us.

Sockets: I won't!

Sockets flees.

"I understand her reaction. Its all changing too fast." Yang says.

"She's likely to do something... rash." Weiss comments.

Onua: I thought we were going to snuggle.

Tahu looks at the map Tahu 01 made.

Tahu: This seems important.

"Apparently not important enough to fully see." Yang sighs.

Scene shift to the unfinished room. Sockets bursts in.

Gali: What?

Sockets: More tests. We're doing more tests.

Gali: Sockets, this is new technology. It may effect everyone differently, and I can't just-

Sockets: I demand it. I want to be part of this.

Gali: Well, there are a few things we could try.

"Yep. Only one way for this to go now." Weiss sighs.

"Badly." Ruby cringes.

Scene shift to Gali sitting with Onua.

Gali: I've been working too hard. Thank you for convincing me to get out of that room for awhile.

Onua: Where are you at with it right now?

Gali: The computer has bugs but they're being ironed out. The emitter is broken again but that can be fixed. I'm getting closer and closer to...

Onua: To?

Gali: Honestly? I don't know anymore.

Onua: Well, I wanted to tell you something. I may be going away.

Gali: What are you talking about.

Onua: You haven't heard Tahu's plan?

Gali: No.

"More fuel to the fire that is drama." Yang says.

Scene shift to Tahu 01, Lewa, Kopaka, and Pohatu all grouped up together. Sockets storms up to them.

Gali: Who gives you the right? Who gives you the right?

Tahu 01: What do you mean?

Gali: You are not going through with your stupid plan.

Tahu 01: Stupid is a harsh word. I'm going to save us.

Gali: Save us? No, you're only saving yourselves. You're obviously running from your problem instead of dealing with it.

"I never thought of it that way. They are running from the problem." Blake sighs. 'I would know.'

"And worse, they're leaving everyone to their fate." Ruby adds. "I know nothing bad happens to anyone, but they didn't."

Tahu 01: It sounds like you don't understand our situation.

Gali: I understand plenty. You're a coward. You're faced with a situation you've never dealt with before and you're scampering. I will not allow Onua to be part of this.

Onua: Gali, you don't have to-

Onua: He's my friend. You're going to take him away from me. I gave up so much to make sure he wasn't alone when he arrived here.

Pohatu: So you came voluntarily? How did you know she was coming, Kopaka?

Kopaka: The ebay messages showed that their previous owner somehow knew they wanted to be together.

Gali: This is an insult to all of the toys here, it's an insult to Onua, and its an insult to me, because... Despite how stupid this is, I would've liked to at least been considered to be part of it.

"I think its safe to say, she's in the right here. They're not only being insensitive to her, but everyone else." Weiss says. "Even more so for her since she's a toa Mata."

Tahu 01: Is this what this is really about?

Gali: I'm a toa Mata too. I deserve to be part of you guys.

The toa Nuva show up again.

Tahu Nuva: You can hang out with us Gali-

Gali: Walk away. The fact that you're ignoring me is just plain mean, and I'm... I'm... I'm done.

Gali leaves.

Onua: Gali, please come back.

Kopaka: I got this.

Kopaka follows her.

Gali sits alone as piano music plays. Kopaka walks up to her.

Kopaka you got a minute?

Gali: I don't care. Onua is not leaving.

Kopaka: Thats not why I'm here. I'm here because maybe it's you who should leave.

"Huh!?" Everyone exclaims.

Gali: Excuse me?

Kopaka: I'm not angry. I'm not against you. But I would strongly consider that you should be letting Onua make his own decisions.

Gali: I know Onua. He needs friends to help him.

Kopaka: He seems happy.

Gali: I can't leave him.

Kopaka: The issue here is that you're causing problems that wouldn't otherwise be here. What was home life back at your old place?

"Shit. I didn't think Kopaka would be this much of a dick in the past." Yang angrily grows.

"He is being rather insensitive, essentially telling her to get lost." Blake agrees.

Gali: I'd rather not talk about it.

Kopaka: Well, I thought I'd just give you the idea.

Gali: I'll... consider.

Onua bursts into the scene.

Onua: Gali, I won't leave if you don't want me to. I've made up my mind. I'm sticking by your side.

Gali: Onua, Kopaka said something that's starting to make sense.

Onua: Whats that?

The lights then flicker

Onua: The heck?

"Sockets is desperate! She's taking control of the machine!" Ruby exclaims.

Kopaka: Why has that been happening more lately?

Gali: Thats not right. Somethings going on with the machine without me. Who would... Oh crap.

Scene shift to Onua, Gali, Tahu 01, and Kopaka outside the door to the unfinished room.

Gali: Unlock this door, Sockets!

Tahu 01: Sockets! What's Sockets doing in there?

Kopaka: I'll get the key.

Onua: Gali, why is Sockets involved?

Gali: She's the one that wanted to do this! Despite... testing some things on her before hand.

Onua: I told you not to go full mad scientist!

Gali: Yeah, I might've crossed a line, haven't I?

Tahu 01: Gali, what have you done to my friend?

"Oh yeah, this'll create more tension with Gali too, considering she essentially used their friend as a guanine pig." Yang says.

The door opens, and there is Sockets at the computer.

Gali: What are you doing? You shouldn't be running anything without me! Who knows what it could do?!

Sockets: Thats where you're wrong, Gali. This machine and I have formed a bond.

Gali: A what?

Sockets: Your creation is what I've been looking for. Purpose. True, raw purpose.

Kopaka: You still haven't explained what you're doing.

Sockets: I'm replacing myself as the boot drive instead of the amalgamation.

Tahu 01: What does any of this mean?

"I'm confused too." Ruby scratches her head.

"I thought you would be knowledgeable in such things." Weiss brings up.

"With weapon systems, yeah. Not so much with computer stuff." Ruby explains.

Sockets: I'll have full control over the computer and create any instructions I desire. I can bring back the past. I can do it.

"But how? Denmark can affect trans pieces globally, but it can't change reality." Blake reminds.

Gali: You're insane. That'll kill you.

Sockets: You don't know that.

Gali: Yes. I do. The energy will overload your brain. Making yourself the initial startup drive will be too much to handle and will destroy you!

Sockets: Or make me the most powerful being in the house. I could hook myself up to the internet if I wanted to bounce my instructions off satellites, take over everything... but thats not what I want.

"Wow. I didn't expect her to go full super villain so quickly." Ruby brings up.

Kopaka: Close in on her.

The four do so.

Sockets: Too late.

Sockets quickly hits a button and Denmark glows before blasting everyone away. Kopaka lands in the spilt parts box.

Sockets: I'll make everyone return to when it was just us, before anyone else came, the start of a life worth living again. This is how I fix it all.

Onua: I can't make it!

Tahu 01: She's out of control!

Gali: If we don't sever her connection, its over!

Kopaka spies the sky blaster among the parts. He takes aim with it.

Kopaka: Sorry old friend.

He fires, hitting Sockets in the mask and knocking her down. Sockets lands without her mask and her yellow trans piece fades to a greyish white.

"Huh?" Ruby says, confused.

"She's dead? How?" Yang questions. "Her brain didn't shatter."

"Maybe Denmark had something to do with it." Weiss brings up. "It could have simply transferred her consciousness into itself when Kopaka hit her.

Gali helps Onua up. Tahu 01 walks up to his fallen friend.

Tahu 01: All she wanted was purpose.

Kopaka: She had a twisted sense of purpose.

Tahu 01: You're processing this well.

Kopaka: Between you and me? I'm really not.

Everyone took in the possibility of Kopaka's situation. Having no choice but to kill a friend.

Gali: This is my fault. I take full responsibility. I understand if you're upset with me.

Tahu 01: I don't think I am. This wasn't entirely you. All parties were at fault here. She was going to take us down for the hatred of her own life.

"Woah. I honestly didn't expect this level of understanding." Yang comments.

Onua: Is there anything wrong with wanting a better life?

"No. So long as getting the better life won't hurt anyone else." Ruby mumbles.

Tahu 01: She didn't want a "better" life. She wanted to ignore her present and not learn from her past. Obsessing over an old memory isn't your cure. No matter how enticing.

Tahu 01 looks again to Sockets body.

Tahu 01: But perhaps I wasn't doing the right thing either.

Kopaka: Whatever you're doing here, Gali, its too dangerous.

Gali: It wasn't supposed to be dangerous.

Kopaka: I don't care what it was "supposed" to be. We need some way to make sure this never happens again.

Tahu 01: This needs to be buried. No one in the house can know about this.

Gali: That can be arranged. I can wipe our memory. This is all extremely experimental, but I think I can make it work. As long as we all consent to it. Everyone won't know Sockets existed, and Onua will simply think that I left. Nobody will know what really happened.

"And everything falls into place from here." Weiss says.

Kopaka: I consent. The others will as well once I speak to them.

Gali: Great, so I'll-

Onua: I object.

Gali: Huh?

Onua: What's with all of you and running away from the problem? You can't leave. You shouldn't forget. This isn't right. You can't... you can't...

"Onua's right. The only people who know of Denmark are in the room. It shouldn't be hard to keep a tight lid on its existence." Blake says.

"What about Sockets disappearance?" Weiss questions.

"It shouldn't be too hard to come up with a cover story." Blake answers.

With that, Onua storms out of the room. Gali eventually runs after him.

Onua sat alone as piano music played. Gali approaches.

Gali: You know, if I told you a week ago that this is where we'd end up, would you have believed me?

Onua: This isn't fair. I can't lose a friend. I can't.

Gali: You'll have other friends. You'll wake up with everyone in the house being by your side.

Onua: But not like you. You are my best friend. I'm not good with people who don't change the status quo. I'm btter with those who break the mold, who try to be different. No one here is like that. You are.

Gali: This isn't easy. I'm not making these decisions lightly. It seems that so long as you breath... it all can just get harder.

"That line again." Ruby breathes.

"Its just killing me. I want to know what its significance is." Blake says.

Gali is shown to holding the midak. After a beat, she knocks him over the head with it, knocking him out.

Gali: I'll make it back. Promise.

With that, she leaves, dropping the sky blaster as she walked.

Gali: Heres the plan. I'm leaving. Everyone gets wiped. Everyone will remember Onua in Sockets place. Anything else?

Tahu 01: I'm leaving as well. I'll go through with my plan, but it'll just be me. Everyone will simply remember that I decided to leave without anyone else. I need a new start.

"I guess thats understandable." Blake mutters.

"Isn't the threat of being put in boxes still real? Or is that just this Tahu's theory and everyone was running along with it cause... fuck it?" Yang asks.

Gali: Can do.

Tahu 01: But you are destroying this machine.

Kopaka: It ends here, Gali.

Gali: Wait wait wait, are you being serious? I can't destroy it. I'd never destroy this.

Tahu 01: You can continue your work. Just not here.

Gali: Fine. Once you two dispose of the software, I'll dispose of the components. The password for mod access is- Wait a second. You're already logged in. Look.

Tahu 01: I am?

Gali: It says you're in. How...?

There is a shot of Sockets mask.

Gali: Its Sockets. She's the password.

Tahu 01: That makes no sense.

Gali: Actually it does. Friends let each other in.

Meanwhile, Tahu watches the unconscious Onua.

Tahu: I didn't know. I didn't know, okay? You've lost so much, and nobody had any idea. Your old home. Your friend Gali. And then you lost me. I wish I could have chosen my final words to you better. I didn't mean them. I'm trapped here forever, and I don't... I don't know how I can live with what I said.

"I never would have thought Onua's story was this tragic." Weiss says

Cue emotional music.

Tahu: I wish I can see you one last time, because I would tell you how sorry I am. Sorry for pushing away one of my closest friends. You were one of the few people who would even talk to me when I first came here, and I threw it all away. I should've just been your friend when you needed me. The stupid toys and Gali sent me over the edge. I'm starting to wonder if I'm even deserving of friendship, because I seem to do such a poor job with it. You're a good friend, Onua. I'm the bad one. I just... wish... I could tell you.

Tahu collapses onto his knees.

Tahu: Oh God. What have I done? What have I done?

"He truly realizes it." Ruby softly says. Everyone was on the edge of crying.

Scene shift to the other room as the music picks up.

Kopaka: Hand me the mask. I need it over here for my console. (Except subtitles have "or" instead of "for")

Tahu 01: Fine. Gali, what's the password that'll let me do stuff?

Gali: weaslystreet. One word, no cals.

Kopaka: Whats Wesley Street?

Tahu: Its the street Onua and I grew up on.

"Thats strangely sweet." Yang comments.

Back with Tahu, a console pops up. Tahu enters the password to begin the transfer as the music gets more synth stye.

"Thats a nice touch with the music." Weiss comments,

Tahu: I'll make it back. Promise.

With that, Tahu disappears. The music goes back to just piano as it fades out of Onua's body.

"Well, I think it goes without saying that that was quite the roller coaster." Yang says.

"Wait! Tahu said he was leaving the house." Ruby brings up.

"Yes?" Weiss responds, not knowing where she was going with this.

"What if he was out when the situation started! The new Tahu could find him and get his help!" Ruby theorizes.

"Huh, I never thought of that." Blake hums.

Music starts up again.

"Huh? I thought it was over?" Ruby questions.

Evo: He's not following us, right? You made sure of it?

Surge: Don't worry, we're good.

Evo: How could they do that to us? Be so cold, uninviting...

"Oh! They must have just arrived here." Weiss says.

"This is probably how they found Denmark." Yang says.

"But wasn't it destroyed?" Ruby questions.

"They probably found pieces of it and figured it out from there." Blake suggests.

Surge: And the plunger. Can't forget the plunger. Let me hit the light.

"Everyone giggles a little at the reminder.

With that, Sockets lamp came on.

Evo: Its madness! Can't anyone understand we mean no harm? I was so excited. That didn't last long.

Surge: They'll adjust. I'm sure as time goes on, they- Wait, what the heck is that?

Evo: Shine it closer.

They shine the lamp over to reveal a piece of paper with the words "Continue my work here" on it.

'How could have Sockets written that?' Blake thinks. 'Or was it even her? It could have been Gali.'

Surge: Work? The heck does this mean? (Subtitles say "That" instead of "this") Someone's project?

"I don't know whats going on with all these subtitle errors. They didn't exist in previous instalments." Weiss brings up again.

Camera shows the head part of Denmark.

Evo: No, not someone's... Ours.

The episode ends.

"Yang, you're right in our thoughts on this episode." Weiss says.

"And now theres only one left in the whole series! Its making me nervous." Ruby says.

"Well, we'll accomplish nothing just wondering about it. Onward." Yang smiles.

"Yes. To the finale." Ruby plays the final epsiode.

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