Author's note:

So, it's occurred to me that some people might be thinking that I've tailored each of these cards for the planned plot lines I've started writing. This makes me laugh, because I'm really not that smart.

Each card was decided on and described and set down in stone before I ever started writing the fic. I've added cards sure, but the one's I've added are ones I've thought would be cool to get from places like The USJ incident or the fight with Stein. I plan out how to get cards not how to use them.

So, like Izu I'm figuring out how to use them as we go.

As of this moment I've got the cards figured out all the way up to the Sport's Festival. As in I've figured out what cards she gets and what they are and do… everything else is kind of just going to have to be figured out as I write. Yay.

Anyways, I just felt like clarifying that for people who were wondering.

Back to the fic!

Also, also, I've been writing serious work lately so my writing might have changed some… it's honestly just that I've been writing more in the last couple of months than usual so it's going to feel a little bit different than the first set of chapters.




Looking up at the official Aizawa couldn't help but smirk at the look of awe he saw on his face. Eraserhead knew just the feeling; like he had seen the birth of something extraordinary. This is after all the story of how Oracle the Writer of Fate became the world's number one hero.

Everyone started rushing around, a stretcher was found for the boy and he was airlifted to the closest hospital. Aizawa took his student in his arms and ran to the medical unit within the building, shouting as he went for a medic.

Turns out she ended up suffering quirk exhaustion again. Yippee.

Beside her bedside table, was an envelope. In that envelop, her provisional license. The picture had been taken from the security footage and it was of her rising out of the rubble with the boy on her back and a smirk on her lips.


When she woke the first thing Izu saw was the shaggy head of her mentor sitting beside her bed. He was sleeping with his head pillowed on his elbows; his hair flopped over into his face as he snored quietly.

Izu smiled and yawned. She was still exhausted, and her everything ached like the last time she had summoned up One For All without the training. Quirk Exhaustion she figured, again. She would need to eat an extra helping of dinner to gain back the calories she more than likely burnt all to hell with her last stunt in the exam.

Blinking she looked around. Sitting on her bedside table was a white envelope with her name on it. Right, the exam… she wondered if she had still passed.

Reaching out she took it and opened it, trying to not jostle Aizawa to much as she did.

Huh, she had passed with flying colors apparently. Izu grinned, she had a provisional license! She could do hero work with Eraserhead now instead of just following the man around. She looked down at the sleeping man at her knee and grinned.


She felt something flop onto her lap and looking down it was her provisional license ID. She picked it up and looked at it. It was amazingly not white like she thought it would be. No it was a Base color of teal, on it was her name: Izu Midoriya; her Hero name: Oracle; License number: 07735562; Affiliated School, under which the only name listed was Eraserhead's School of Hard Knocks with (Upcoming - UA High School Year 1, Class A) underneath it; and the date issued.

Next to all that information was her photo. At first she thought it was just the photo they had taken of her when she had first tried on her new hero gear the other day. But, as she twisted the card it changed. There was a photo of her transformed with One For All from the test. And as she turned it some more, there was her decked out with Mecha.

The photo was literally changing as she turned it.

"You'll need to take photos of each of your transformations for that later." Aizawa said. He was up and staring at her from where he lay half folded against the bed by her knee.

"Ok." Izu nodded. "How's the boy? Slipstream?" She asked.

"Hospital called the officials to keep them updated, the official in turn kept me updated because I told him that would be the first thing you asked." Aizawa smirked at her. "It turns out the kid needed to have the leg amputated. But the doctors are pretty sure you saved his life and his ability to walk, he had a broken neck when you moved him."

"Shit," Izu hissed. "He's lucky I remembered to use the neck brace."

"You saved his life."

Izu shrugged sitting up. "I guess. I think it was just luck that I noticed his blip on the hud before I dismissed the card."

Aizawa nodded and sat up, "Welcome to hero work. It's 99% luck and 1% skill… if you're lucky. Sometimes that one percent is stupidity and then people end up dead." Izu stared at her teacher and couldn't help but wonder if that was why he was so hard on his students. Had he been on the opposite side of that 1%?




She trudged up the stairs and then down the long hall of the apartment building before stumbling into the living room and falling into the couch. She was beat. Seriously beat.

"Honey? How was school today?" Her mother called from the kitchen where Izu could smell miso soup bubbling away.

She groaned into the couch pillows and forced herself up and into the kitchen.

"Aizawa gave me a pop quiz." Izu told her as she flopped down into a chair at the table and tossed her provisional license on top of it. Inko turned from the stove and picked it up before squealing like a little girl. Her mother rushed around the table and gave her the mother of all hugs.

"You passed?!"

"I did." Izu nodded. "Not that I knew what I was passing when I got there this morning."

"So," her mother said sitting down across from her. "What does this mean for your internship?"

Izu sighed, slumping down further into the chair. "It means I can act as a hero and use my quirk so long as it's to help keep myself others from danger or at the direction of my supervisory hero."

Her mother blinked at her and Izu sighed. "I'll be out there helping to catch villains now as opposed to following along and cleaning up the mess on the way by."

Her mother nodded and frowned. "I'm not sure I like that part."

"It's fine. I'll be with Mr. Aizawa, he won't let anything happen to be if he can help it," Izu told her. "And I think the next five or so months will be devoted to taking down a gang with Ingenium, so he'll be watching my back to. I won't be alone."

Inko nodded and got back up to finish the soup, "if you say so. Just come home."

That night, Izu didn't sleep well. She tossed and she turned remembering her mother's face when she had asked her to come home. It was a look that screamed haunted and sad at the same time, but still her mom was willing to live with her choice of careers, even when that career had led to her father's death.

As she fell asleep that night Izu promised herself, that for her mother, she would always try to make it home. No matter what.




The next couple of days while she recovered from the exam were nice, so long as she ignored the taunting and the wide eyed looks she got from the staff. The first day back her homeroom teacher had pulled her aside and asked if it was true that she had passed the provisional licensing exam. Izu had huffed and showed him her new ID card and then turned back to sit at her desk so as it limit more conversation; talking to the teacher about hero stuff was the last thing she wanted after years of being ignored by the man.

Aizawa had apparently called the principal to keep the man updated as to her progress. She figured it was so he could come take her out of class for hero work and not have the man question it at every turn.

And sure enough come Friday afternoon, waiting at the school gate was Eraserhead and at his side, Ingenium. They were causing quiet the stir. Each was in their hero custumes, waiting against the front gate for her.

"Oracle!" Ingenium called with a wave.

"Ingenium," Izu nodded, coming to a stop beside each of them.

"Passed the Provisionals I hear!"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, and your just in time to really step in and help us with the big case!" He said with a laugh.

All around them students were watching and talking amongst themselves. They were talking about the two heroes, and about her. Izu could hear her hero name being passed around from student to student. Oracle this and oracle that.

Eraserhead sighed, "That is never going to be changed again, sorry Hero-girl. Looks like you're stuck with Oracle now."

Izu smiled up at him, "I think I'm cool with that. But, I didn't bring my hero gear with me today."

"That's fine," Eraserhead said holding up a bag. "Your mother sent this to me this morning when I called to tell her that I'd be keeping you late again tonight."

Izu blinked and took the bag. In it was her new hero costume. The one she had warn for the provisional test. Awesome.

"Ready to look for some Yakuza?" Eraserhead asked.

"You know it!" She grinned.

To Be Continued…