Title: Decker

Author: SpOOnyCube

Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia

Genre: Fantasy Superhero's

Relationship(s): Izu Midoria/?

Content Rating: M – Mature (18+)

Warnings: Re-Telling; No beta; Death? AU; References to Mature Subject Matter, Rape and Violence

Author Notes: So, I feel like I should say that this is very inaccurate as to what goes on in a hospital when you suspect you've been raped. It's probably completely off base. I now that. I didn't do any research on this or anything it's really just in the first and this chapter so I wasn't too worried about authenticity on this particular topic because it takes up literally a fraction of the story but impacts her so much.

Word Count: 2, 670 ~ 5, 310 words

Summary: Izu grew up quirkless, useless, despised, knowing that she would never be allowed to be a hero. But see, someone's keeping a secret, a secret kept from her since she was four years old. Izu Midoriya isn't quirkless and her father isn't overseas working. Izu's father is exactly where Izu put him when her quirk activated at the tender age of four, in a card, transformed into the powerful Flame Emporer hidden deep in Izu's quirk: Decker; the ability to turn people's souls (i.e., their undying will) into monster cards and spells that Izu can then summon and use.

And what if All Might hadn't been the one to find Izu after the fight with the sludge villain? What if instead of just screaming at her Kacchan did something a little bit more sinister and the next morning Aizawa found her teetering on the edge of a bridge willing to jump? How then would this story change?




Still, every nurse and doctor that passed him in his silent vigil gave him a smile and a nod, and one brave janitor gave him a coffee, bless the man's soul. He was still waiting when Midoriya Inko ran into the waiting room, a couple and a young boy with a nasty look right behind her…


"Izu! Izu! Where is my baby?" The greenette cried as she came running to the waiting room looking frantic, scared and like she was going to pass out at any second.

She was a plump woman with long green hair light her daughters, only darker and less unruly. Her round face was set in a look of worry and Aizawa thought she looked like she would burst into tears at any second.

"Inko Midoriya?" Aizawa called raising a hand.

"YES! Do you know where my little girl is?"

Taking the frantic woman's arm in hand Eraserhead nodded, "she's just behind the curtain Ma'am. They're completing some test right now.

"My name is Eraserhead; I'm the Pro-Hero that found your daughter. She was very hurt Ma'am, and she is still very scared."

"Oh, no! Not my baby!" Inko cried out, her hands clasping around her mouth as she sobbed uncontrollably in front of him.

"She asked me to keep watch and not let anyone but her mother in to see her," Aizawa told the three other people and watched as the little shit scoffed and rolled his eyes muttering under his breath about how much of an attention whore his Hero Girl was.

Aizawa didn't like it. Not one bit.

Smiling at the distraught mother he put up a finger as asked her to wait for a second as he poked his head in through the curtains with his eyes firmly closed.

"Hey, Hero Girl, do you want to see your mother now?"

"Is it just mama?" Izu asked quietly.

"She brought friends like you said she would, a couple and their son by the looks of it. But I'm only letting you, mom, in, like you asked," he told her firmly.

"Nurse Joy, are we done now?" Izu asked.

"Yup, all finished with the pictures and samples. The doctor will be in to finish with your wounds in a little bit ok. If the medication we gave you starts to wear off before he gets here just press the call button and I'll zip right over and top you up, ok sweetie?" The nurse smiled brightly as she clicked her case shut.

"Ok. You can let my mom in Mr. Aizawa, and you can come in too if you want."

Aizawa grinned and opened his eyes, Izu was all wrapped up and laying down on the bed now, an IV in her arm and bandages around her neck and head that he could see. Once more he flashed his pointer finger, indicating he wanted a second and popped back out of the curtains.

"You can go in Ms. Midoriya," he nodded to the curtain and lifted a corner for her as she practically flew in and started wailing… wasn't that fun, he sighed turning to the nurse as she packed up and smiled at him.

When Nurse Joy left the little cubical she took one look at the three other people and smiled at them.

"No worries now, little Izu is going to be just fine! Eraserhead-san!" She called grinning up at him and tugged on his shoulder.

"I'll call for an officer from the nurse's station," she said so quietly he could hardly hear her. This was his kind of woman he decided grinning down at her as he nodded.

"A good idea I should think. When do you think that Quirk Factor test will be done? She looked really excited to see the results. It was good work to distract her with that by the way."

"Oh, it was nothing. She just looked so scared; I figured it wouldn't do any harm for her to have one and it usually distracts people. Actually, that should be done right about now. I'll call down and see and bring it back right away!" Nurse Joy grinned back and bounced off taking her case of precious evidence with her.

The blonde woman rolled her eyes at the boy beside him and walloped him over the back of the head, "Shut it you little shit! Izu-chan was seriously hurt if their giving her pain medication. Is she going to be alright hero-san?"

"She was seriously hurt and no I don't think she'll be ok for a long time, please wait here until she allows you to see her," Aizawa drawled in a deadpan tone as he turned and ducked back onto the little curtained off room.

Inko was sitting beside her daughter crying up a storm, blubbering as she petted Izu's long green hair. If he had to guess, he was of the opinion that the girl was taking the whole thing better than her mother, which was saying something considering he had had to pull the girl off the edge of a fucking bridge.

"How we doing Hero Girl?" He asked smiling down at her as she stared behind him at the three shadows on the curtain.

"Is he here?" Izu asked trembling.

"Ms. Midoriya, the boy out there is he Izu's godbrother?" Eraserhead asked quietly.

"Katsuki? Yes," Inko nodded wiping away the tears from her face. "Mitsuki was visiting when the hospital called saying Izu was here. She drove me over."

Aizawa nodded and patted Izu on the head with a stern look, "I need you to tell me who did this to you Izu."

The girl looked from her mother to the hero and back again, slowly starting to cry again, "do I have to?"

"You've given me enough information I can make an educated guess as to the identity of the person who has hurt you. But I think it will only help you if you do. It's time to look out for yourself now Hero-girl."

"Oh, Izu! Baby if you know who did this then you need to tell the hero so he can help you, sweetie!" Inko nodded.

Izu started really crying then, looking at her mother with one big watery eye and whispered, "it was Kacchan, Katsuki."

Aizawa nodded he had figured the little shit outside was the one who had hurt her as soon as he had started bitching about having to wait to see her in one breath and then calling her an attention whore in another.

"That's good. He's just outside and Nurse Joy has gone to call in an officer. I will wait outside and make sure he doesn't do a runner and I promise that I won't let him anywhere near you ok? I promise you he will be dealt with."

Izu nodded swallowing thickly as she cried, "his quirk, its Explosion be careful please."

"No problems," Aizawa winked, "my quirk is Erasure, and he doesn't stand a chance against me if he tries anything."

"Thank you."

"No problem Hero-girl, heroes look out for each other so you can bet I got your back," he said ducking back out from the curtains as he did.

"That nerd isn't a hero! She's just a quirkless Deku!" The boy, Katsuki yelled pointing at Aizawa.

"She saved your life, didn't she? That makes her a fucking hero, you little shit, so take a seat and shut your trap," Eraserhead snarled glaring at the boy.

"Yeah? Well, what would you know about it? Who the fuck are you anyways some talentless Hero no one knows anything about? Take a hike hobo, no one fucking cares what you think!" The little punk snarled his hand coming up and issuing a series of pops and sparks as his mother and father sighed beside him.

Eraserhead raised an eyebrow and scoffed, "Izu told me you were trying to get into UA next year. Best hold your tongue little boy, or I might just fix it so that everyone grading the entrance exam knows of your proclivity for public quirk usage, intimidation, and violence."

"Like some nobody like you can pull that off! I've aced the mock tests! I have the perfect origin! My quirk is so powerful that I'll outshine even All Might and become number one in no time!"

Aizawa laughed, "yeah? How are you going to accomplish that when the homeroom teacher for the premier hero course 1-A says you're a little shit not worth the trouble? Because I got to tell you something punk, from where I stand I don't want you in my class, and if I don't want you in my class there's no way Vlad King will take you in his."

The boy blinked at him with suddenly wide eyes, "what the fuck?"

"Yeah dip shit I teach at UA, I monitor the entrance exam and pluck out the cream of the crop for my class. All it takes is a little whisper and your infantile dream of heroism is smoke. So maybe do yourself a favour and shut the fuck up," Eraser snarled shaking his head and watching as Nurse Joy bounced back up with a bunch of papers.

"The quirk factor test is finished!" She sang as she danced passed the hero and into the little room with the Hero-girl laying prone in the bed.

Katsuki scoffed, "she's fucking quirkless, why would she need a damned quirk factor test."

"Because she never got one to begin with not that that is any of your business," Aizawa hissed glaring at the kid who was oblivious but his parents were starting to notice the pro-heroes avid interest in him.

Mitsuki swallowed and walked up to stand beside the intimidating man standing guard over her god-daughter, "was I Katsuki?" She asked, whispering.

Aizawa huffed, nodding never taking his eyes off the little punk, "he's not getting into UA, not with the type of rep sheet this incident will earn him. Make sure he doesn't move, or I'll have all three of you charged." Eraserhead snarled watching as two officers and a plainclothes detective walked up.

"She's in here," he said nodding to the curtain and walking in leaving the three blondes and one of the officers outside the curtains.

"So how's the paperwork looking?" He asked, smiling at the dumbfounded look on the girl in the bed as he and two others went to stand beside her.

"I, I have a 100% quirk factor," she whispered with a wide eye, "I have a quirk?"

"Huh," Aizawa reached down to look at the papers lying in the girl's lap, "looks like it Hero-girl. Congratulations."

He smiled at her stupid look of awe and disbelief. Her mother thought he noticed didn't look shocked at all. No, she looked scared.

"This is Detective Tsukauchi, he works for the police. And this is officer Night. They're here to take your statement and mine; will you tell them everything you told me?"

"I, will you promise he won't hurt me ever again?" Izu asked.

"I promise to do everything in my power to make it so he can't. But I need you to help me with that Hero-girl, you need to tell them everything so you back up my story with your own. I got your back Izu, do you have mine?" He asked.

"Yeah, all heroes help each other right?" She asked smiling up at him even as she trembled on the bed.

"Yeah," Aizawa nodded. "I'll write up my statement and report of the incident for you Tsukauchi, send it to you as soon as possible like always yes?"

"I'd appreciate that Eraserhead, thank you," the detective nodded. "Well, I'm detective Tsukauchi, hello little miss."

"Hello," she whispered.

"I hear you just learned you have a quirk! That's exciting isn't it?!"

She smiled up at him and handed over her quirk factor test sheets, "yeah, it says right there that my quirk factor is 100%! Though I don't know what it is, or what it does."

"That's still really exciting thought!" He smiled at her handing back the papers.

She hummed nodding, "yeah! I'm looking forward to figuring it out!"

"As well you should!" the detective laughed, "but before you get lost trying to figure out your new quirk, will you tell me what happened?"

Sniffling she nodded, "yeah. It all started yesterday with that slime villain that All Might was chasing. Before leaving school, Katsuki cornered me in the classroom and told me to take a swan dive off the school roof and hope I got a quirk on my next life."

Beside her, her mother sobbed in horror. Inko couldn't believe that someone let alone little Katsuki had said that to her little girl.

"I didn't of course. That would be stupid. But on my way home I got caught by the slime villain. He nearly killed me before All Might showed up and saved me. In any case, long story short I ended up asking All Might if I could be a hero. He told me I would never be a hero without a quirk and in the end, the slime villain got free and took Kacchan hostage.

No one was doing anything! The heroes were just watching him drown to death! So I ran in, I got the slime villain to let his face go so he could breathe and I tried to dig him out. All Might saved us, of course, and I got lectured for trying to help my god-brother while he was praised for his awesome quirk.

I left while All Might was pandering to the press and thought that would be the end of that. But Kacchan, he followed me. At first, I thought he was just going to yell at me you know. Like he usually did, but he punched me and tossed me into a back alley three blocks away from our apartment building…"

Izu went on to describe his attack on her. The detective could only describe it as vicious in its villainous intent to break the girl before him. Her mother was sitting beside her staring at her daughter in horror and not a little bit of guilt all the while he stood there taking notes and with her agreement a recording and felt only horror for the little girl.

Because not one word she had spoken was a lie.

The boy waiting behind the curtains was the boy who had hurt her so badly she was going to kill herself if it hadn't been for Eraserhead, she would have succeeded.

"Thank you for your time Miss. Midoriya, I promise you that the full force of the law will be brought down on that young man, he will not do this to anyone else."

"Huh," she huffed, "I honestly don't think he would do it to anyone else. I'm the only useless Deku he knows that isn't even worth living after all."

"Miss. Midoriya, I can't take that chance and neither can he," Tsukauchi said nodding towards a pissed off looking Eraserhead.

Izu nodded, she was tired. The story had taken more out of her than dealing with the nurse and doctor had. But at the same time, she was hopeful. Hopeful Katsuki would be forever out of her life after this.

"My poor baby!" Inko wailed, "this is all my fault."

"Mom, how could it be your fault?" Izu asked, "you didn't tell him to hurt me, did you?"

"No, but I might as well have been the one to make it so he could." Inko sobbed, "I knew you had a quirk, I've always known you've had a quirk even since you were a little girl!"

Izu, Aizawa and Tsukauchi looked at her with big eyes.

"What?" Izu asked, "but I've never used it."

"No sweetie you used to use it all the time. Do you remember your old playing cards back when you were four? They were the pretty black playing cards with the rainbow butterflies on the back?"

"Yeah," Izu nodded, "I lost them a long time ago."

"No sweetie," Inko shook her head, "they were your quirk: Decker. The ability to turn souls into playing cards that you can summon and use, I told you that you were quirkless after you turned your father into a card."

To Be Continued…