A light groan escapes the woman lying upon the bed. Her body begins to stir underneath the blankets that covered her. Dark eyes attempt to open and she has to fight against this weariness cast on her. Wasting her energy isn't the wisest thing, she knows, so she decides to take this slow. Breathe in, breathe out. Slowly, let her body allow for more than just small movements.

A dark and tall figure looms at her bedside. When she had finally started to regain consciousness, he had moved back into the shadows, not wanting to reveal himself just yet. He could only watch, wait for her eyes to flutter open, for the woman to gain a sense of her own surroundings.

"Where…am I?" The question comes out, weak, confused.

As she manages to sit up in bed, she begins to realize that this place is not her home. It's dark, it's cold, the air feels heavier. There's a foreboding feeling, something telling her that she shouldn't be here. And yet, that feeling disappears in an instant as the cold air makes her body shiver.

"You don't know where you are?" The hidden figure asks.

The woman's gaze turns to the source of sound. With eyes cast upon him, she shakes her head, brown hair swaying with her movements. The room is silent before he speaks up again.

"Do you remember what happened last?"

"I was…" The woman starts, attempting to stretch her form only to be stopped by a sudden and sharp pain shooting from her waist. Hands fly towards the source of pain on instinct. Fingers move over the cloth worn, feeling the bandages underneath. A frown forms from her lips. "I remember being chased by some creatures and…"

Nothing. There was nothing else to recall. She had run, as far as her legs could carry, not giving a second thought to where she would end up. She just had to get out of trouble- to find safety.

A light hum comes from the one in hiding. The darkness had concealed the worry on his features when she had moved. He had wanted to move towards her, but…getting close to her was difficult with who he was.

"You ran all the way to a place you shouldn't have," he spoke, hesitance in his voice.

"What do you mean? You never answered my first question."

He falls silent, unmoving. A breath is taken as he figures it's a secret that cannot be kept. And it would be easier to show and tell her.

The figure walks- floats towards the bed she remains on. As he leaves the safety of the shadows, he reveals his form. A darkened cape shielding his nearly formless body. All that is seen is a head of navy color with glowing sunset eyes and disembodied hands that rest by his side, concealed in white gloves.

"You've entered the realm of the Tribe of Darkness."

What was expected was the usual signs of disgust, repulsion, hatred. It was well known that they were dark beings and rumors had made them out to be worse- monsters to some. And to humans, he guessed that was what they were. Being with power who kept to themselves and kept all others away.

And yet, no screaming nor cowardice came. She remained just as she were, now with a glimmer of curiosity shining in her eyes.

"Thank you."

"Ah- Pardon?"

A surprise look crosses his face, caught off guard by the sudden thanks. A smile finally graces her features. She would have laughed at the sudden change in expression if she were in full health.

"Thank you, for helping me. I'm sure without your help that I would have my game might have been over."

"I…" For once, he finds himself lost at words. Everything that was expected to occur hadn't. This was something he'd never guess would happen to him. Meeting a human who shows no fear. "You're welcome. But, aren't you…" He dares to inch closer, enough so that she would have no trouble seeing him. There would be no darkness to shield him now. "Frightened?"

Her brows only furrow, head tilts. "Why would I be?"

"You know what I am. Your kind…they do not like mine."

"That doesn't matter. What maters is you saved me." The smile returns once more. "Tribe of Darkness or not, you helped me. And, it's only right to thank you in return."

"Ah…" Again, he lacks finding the right words. He'd been struck by her unusual and kind ones- what was he to say in return? Being unable to speak properly only made him wish to hide in the shadows again, but there was no point when she had already seen him.

Instead, he moves to her bedside, glowing hues cast upon her injury. A hand nears it, almost brushing against her own. It was strange being this close to a human- to her.

"I apologize if I sound hasty, but you need to recovery quickly. Others…might not take well to you being here. You may stay for a day at best, but I'll help you leave when the time is right."

"I understand."

She was in another world, one different from hers. Hurt and weakened, but that did not matter. One from this world had done the unthinkable, to help her. Even if this Tribe was given a terrible name, this one had a heart.

"May I have your name, sir?"

"Blumiere. And…yours?"