Navigating his own home had become a challenge. In order to find a route that allowed them to be unseen had proved more difficult than he originally thought. But, they were lucky. The darkness had shielded them from any wandering glowing eyes, keeping them hidden as they furthered away from his home.

Once they had taken a step into the surrounding forest, Blumiere let out a held breath. Fear of being caught had seeped into his mind and now it was all at ease. No one ventured into the forest that connected the tribe to the outside world. At least, no one but them.

"Are you sure you're alright? Your movements are unsteady…" Blumiere asked, a concerned look on his face.

"I'm doing fine," Timpani replied. As to show she was, the girl stood perfectly straight and took a few steps ahead, ignoring the pain in her body. "I'll manage."

His lips pursed upon seeing her on her own. She could stand and move, act as though she were in full health, but he knew she wasn't. The walk here with her had proved it; she had used him for support more than once.

As much as he wanted her to stay until in good health, his father had grown suspicious. Asking questions, wanting to know why he was not allowed into one room in his own home, eyeing his son as he tried to smuggle items across the castle. She needed to go. He couldn't allow a worse fate to fall upon her.

"I apologize," he breathes out. "Of all the magic we are capable of…healing is one that does not run strong in our blood."

"You did your best and what you did was healing enough. I take it that you haven't had to deal with human injures before, have you?"

"No…you would be my first patient." There's a smile they share, if only for a moment. The man shakes his head as his face falls. "Anyway, you must go before others catch sight of you. I can't go any further, but you should be safe."

Timpani gives a slight nod, staring at the one who had helped her. Her turn was slow, a quiet step taken forward. She is careful in her movements, almost graceful if she didn't have to worry about this ache. When she comes to a stop only after a couple of steps, she turns on her heels, fully facing him once more.

"May I ask to return sometime?"

"You cannot-"

"I want to see you again."

It was a statement, loud and clear, resolve strong in her tone. The look in her eyes matched. It was clear that a 'no' would not suffice for her.

Her words stun him, as they had been doing since she woke. Of all the things he could have ever expected, she had done none of them. Even now, she continued to say new alluring things.

"I…" He gulps.

He shouldn't. Grambi forbid him even having helped her- a human. The thought of it should be cast out of his mind before it even dares to seep in. He can hear the voice of his father, his ill and sickening words of how pure they are while others were tainted. Yet, that voice fades, begins to be pushed aside by another- his own, perhaps? One that is telling him to speak, to be selfish, to do what he truly wants, for once.

"We can meet here. It's too risky for you to return to my home."

The girl had been released from her unmoving state. The patience for his answer had been well worth the wait. Lips tug upward as she steps back towards the creature. She stops right before him and swears that she can feel that wispy tail of his pass over her feet.

"Promise me. Promise me that we'll see each other again- soon, Blumiere."

It sounds like a demand, but one he can happily oblige to. That jagged mouth of his turns upward.

She was an interesting girl.

"I promise you, Timpani, we will."

And he was a man of his word.