Walking upon a grassy plain, their figures are outlined by the setting sun. One human. One darkened. Hand in hand, the couple makes their way towards the darkened woods. There's a pause in the woman's steps. It doesn't go unnoticed, especially when his hand is held behind.

Timpani frees his hand, kneels down to gaze at what had captured her attention. A frown tugs at her lips as she carefully places her hands to cup a wilting flower. There's a frail fragrance of something akin to candy. It's sweet but weak coming from this fallen beauty.

"What is it, Timpani?" Blumiere asks. He hovers over her, shining gaze drifting to the blooms in her hand.

"It's sad to see it beginning to fade."

While the rest were beginning to bloom at this hour, this one had lost their petal. It was still trying to open to be able to gather the moonlight that was soon upon them.

"I haven't seen these before…" He mutters, letting himself lower down beside her. Flowers were rare in his homeland. Only a few managed to grow and strive in never-ending darkness. Ones that humans would deem as unnatural; like them they didn't need to live in sunlight.

"Night Phlox. That's what they are, I think." It was a guess. While not an expert on flowers, she knew those within the area. "These bloom only in the night, you know."

"Do they?"

A nod as she releases the fallen one, silently hoping that it would be able to survive a few more nights. She reaches out to take another, carefully plucking one and twirling it between her finger tips. She turns to Blumiere and tucks it into his hair.

The creature is still for a moment, as if frozen by the action. Only his gaze drifts to having the dainty flower resting on him. When he moves again, he repeats her actions. Plucking a blooming flower, holding it in his grasp, then placing it behind her ear.

"Now, we're matching."

A laugh escapes from her. When it comes to an end, a sigh follows as she looks back to the flowers. As she speaks, her gaze is lifted to meet with his. "I do wish we can find more moments like these. Sweet moments that are uninterrupted. Peaceful."

"I do as well," he breathes. "We'll get to it soon, won't we?"

"Of course, my dear."

A cool breeze drifts past them. She shivers and attempts to warm herself, hands clutching to arms. There's no need for it when she finds the lord was one step ahead of her. With his cape, he shields the girl from any cold air, all while wrapping her in this armless embrace.

"You should have told me you were getting cold."

"I knew you would have done this though." She lets herself rest against him. Head on his chest. Listening to the beating sound of the heart within his chest. It was here that she felt safest, happiest.

"We should keep moving…" His voice is quiet, not wanting to break the peace himself. But, time wasn't on their side. They both knew.

"We can stay like this for a while longer?" She pleads, hand clinging against his vest. "I wish to see the stars with you, Blumiere, please?"

It's a plea that he cannot ignore, especially when he was one who wished for the same.

"For tonight, yes." A pause as he lets his mouth pressing against her forehead. "We'll see the stars shine."

And perhaps when they do, he'll remember an old tradition. One that he'll share with her.