The Philadelphia Stories

This is a little something I've been messing with when I get stuck on other things...I offer it up to the guest reviewer requesting a US election Cordano update on 'House of Cards'...I'm not quite ready to go with it this may be short, but a very pragmatic Rocket says its better than nothing...

Robert, part one -

Night shifts are a bitch. I'm just going to put that right out there from the start, and if I was still a Department chief, hell would literally be freezing over before I'd even entertain the idea of doing one Ever Again; buuut I'm not a Department chief any more, nor, do I really want to be again. Well okay, maybe there was a moment or two, last night when I did; or was it the wee hours of the morning? Meh! Detail schmetails, who really cares?...Okay back to my point. Wait, what was my point again? Oh'll have to excuse me, night shifts are a bitch and befuddle me; my point is, I have to do night shifts 'cause I gave up the position and all the power that a Department Chief enjoys; namely the luxury of setting ones own hours. Why you ask? Well I'll tell you. I gave it all up for Elizabeth, the love of my life.

Anyhow I managed to get home in time for Lizzie to have just gotten up with Molly. So here I sit at the breakfast bar on a Sunday morning; and I'm a very happy man as I watch my beautiful wife feeding our equally beautiful daughter.

Molly says something, and I don't quite catch it but it sure as hell makes Lizzie laugh out loud. That's what made me look up from the coffee that I probably shouldn't be drinking, 'cause lets face it...I really should be going to bed and trying to get some actual sleep. But then, if I did that I wouldn't be sat here at exactly the right time to catch the beautiful smile that lights up her face as she rears her head back laughing. I swear, she could power a small sub-continent with that smile and its so contagious! No-one can resist smiling when my wife does. It's Just Not Possible.

Elizabeth was the first woman that floored me from the moment I ever laid eyes on her, and I mean floored; like knock-out punch floored. Not because of her stunning beauty, because that goes without saying, and hey, I'm not made of wood. Also, it would be too obvious, too cliché, and quite frankly undeserving...I'd be doing her an injustice, because she is so, so much more.

She's strong too. Physically, emotionally, mentally. On occasion she makes me see the error of my sometime ways and sometimes makes me swallow my pride, and sometimes, ssshhh, don't tell anyone...compromise.

Not because of her intelligence either, which she has in spades. Certainly enough to butt heads with me and hang me out to dry on occasion.

No for me, and please lets not forget, I am one of the worlds last known was her hands. Yep. Those feminine hands with long slender fingers? Yeah, I noticed them straight away. The way she wielded a scalpel, the way she cut, sliced, fixed, repaired, stitched. Beauty, intelligence, strength and skill. She was the whole package, right there and I wanted her so much. Now, I'm normally an eloquent guy, but Lizzie made me bungle words right from the start. That's how nervous she made me. See when you want something, someone, so much, its hard to keep your cool. When you finally pluck up the courage to ask her out, she just hears you trying to ask her out. I hear Ioveyouwillyouspendtherestofyourlifewithme. See? Eloquent.

Elizabeth was also the first woman who I truly believed was out of my league. I mean I'd had my fair share of trophy women, but that's a symbiotic thing right? Works both can't have one without the other. But Lizzie? She seemed and was untouchable...for a time, anyhow. See, I'm a very patient man, and she's not made of wood either y'know? No, it may have taken us a while to click, and to be fair I had to get shot first, but it was totally worth it.

I'd also say she was the first woman who truly enjoyed being with me and by that I mean all of me. She can tolerate me and my occasional moods, and apparently they can be legend. On that point we have to disagree. She knows me better than anyone I've ever known. She's seen me at my best and she's seen me at my worst, and she's still here. I love her and she loves me and I can take that to the bank any day of the week.

I'm a lucky guy. I just want to put that out there.