Currently in a cave, An old man wearing robes and using a walking stick walk up to a stone podium and dusted it off. This old man then looked up and said,"Whoever is there, it would be best to reveal yourself to me while I am in a mood to conversate."

The old man then heard a condescending yet polite voice laughing as the shadows of the room moved around before they stood up and formed into a man that had grey skin, charcoal hair that was in a spiked yet slicked back fashion, red eyes with black slits in them, and that had jagged teeth. This man wore a black long coat and grey pants but was shirtless and barefoot.

"You're perceptive as ever. I'm impressed considering how old you are.",The charcoal haired man said as he approached the old man.

"Thanatos. I am surprised that you've decided to come here of all places. Considering it was here where you fell five hundred years ago.",The old man said. Thanatos rolled his eyes then said,"Don't remind me, took me that long to get to where I am now. Speaking of five hundred years ago however, where are those cursed Zokugers of yours? I assume they're dead now."

The old man stayed silent then Thanatos said,"I'll take that as a yes then. Seeing as they're gone, that means their disc are without masters and are probably in under your watch twenty four seven. Knowing you, that also means they are in this very chamber. Most likely right in my sight."

Thanatos's gaze went straight to the podium and he said,"Like there for instance."

The old man stepped in front of the podium then said,"You're not getting these disc so long as I draw breath."

"That can be arranged.",Thanatos said nonchalantly before snapping his fingers. The shadows around the old man began to take form into four creatures with pearl white eyes, jagged mouths that were also white and that had white lines on their biceps, waist, and ankles. The old man looked at the creatures with surprise and shock then he looked at Thanatos as the grey skinned man said,"Like my new trick? I call them Wisps, I know it's a bit ironic however I liked it alot."

The wisps then let out a noise similar to a cicada before they went towards the old man, who readying his walking stick. One of the wisps tried to hit the man with his claws, but he hit it with his stick before bashing another. The old man fought off the wisps then Thanatos sends a pillar of shadows into the old man's chest, causing him to crash through the stone podium. Thanatos looked at the destroyed podium and saw three different colored stone coins laying side by side on a cloth. The coin on the left was yellow with a black Y in the center, the coin on the right was blue with a black B in the center, and the center coin was red with a black R in the center.

"Ah there they are.",Thanatos said with a smirk before he walked up to the destroyed podium. Thanatos then reached for the three coins but they emitted a surge of energy that struck Thanatos's hand, causing him to step back. Thanatos gritted his teeth then regained his composure before saying,"I should've expected that they'd be under some form of protection. No matter, I have a way to get what I want."

The old man got to his feet before being pinned to the cave wall by shadows. Thanatos knelt down next to the three coins and began to chant in greek, which causes red, blue and yellow energy to emit from the coins and go into Thanatos' hand. The old man gasped then he used his staff to have a flash of bright light engulf the room, causing the shadows and Wisps to disappear while Thanatos shielded his eyes with his hand. The old man dropped to the ground and quickly ran over to the coins and snatched them all up.

The old man then whispered to the coins,"Go forth and find those worthy of your power."

This caused the coins to glow their respective color and fly out of the old man's hand and out of the cave. The old man sighed in relief before a spike made of shadows pierced his chest from behind. The old man looked back at Thanatos and tried to speak but couldn't before he died.

Thanatos growled then said,"Dammit, they're off to find masters. Once they do, I won't be able to use them for my plans.". He then looked at his hand and noticed that the energy he did get from the coins had begun to take shape until it turned into three stone coins that were noticeably different than the others. The red coin was in a jagged circular shape, was a darker shade of red, it also had a jagged black KR in the center. The blue coin was a jagged hexagon, a darker shade of blue, and had a jagged black KB in the center. The yellow coin was a jagged triangular shape, a darker shade of yellow, and had a jagged black KY in the center.

Thanatos raised an eyebrow then he picked up the red coin in his other hand and examined it while saying,"These are new. Maybe I don't need those other ones after all.". An evil grin crept onto Thanatos' face as he stared at the coins.

In the city of Seattle Washington, the three coins that exited the cave flew through the night sky until they all went their own ways. The blue coin flew for a bit until it went into a pawn shop and landed on a orange and grey backpack. A teenage caucasian girl with long brown hair that was dyed white/silver walked into the room while saying,"I'm gonna go home Dad, be safe please.". This girl had a toned yet curvy build and wore a white cardigan, blue jeans and white flats. This girl's name was Kayla.

Kayla reached for the backpack and noticed the blue coin, which caused her to gain a curious expression. She picked up the coin and said,"Where'd this come from?" while she examined it. Kayla shrugged then she put the coin in her pocket and walked out of the pawn shop, not noticing that the coin briefly glowed in her pocket.

The yellow coin flew through the night sky until it went into a prison and landed on the top bunk in front of a teenage asian girl face as she was sleeping. This girl had a slim build and long black hair. She wore a prison jumpsuit and white shoes. This girls name was Aria.

Aria awoke to see the yellow coin and she picked it up and looked it over while saying,"What's this?" before she put it under her pillow and went back to sleep, not noticing that the coin glowed briefly.

The red coin flew through the night sky until it went down into a park and landed on a bench. A teenage asian boy walked by the bench and saw the coin, gaining interest in it. This boy had short black hair that was messy and he had an average build. This boy wore a white shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. This boy's name is Parker.

Parker picked up the coin and examined while having an interested look on his face. He then said,"Cool." when he saw the coin glow briefly. Parker then put the coin into his pocket and walked away from the bench.

{Red Cold River by Breaking Benjamin}

(Days Reborn) Older versions of Parker, Kayla, and Aria sat with their backs to one another and looked at the camera as it focused on each one of them.

(Fight with folded hands) The three young adults looked at the coins in their hands then looked in front of them.

(Pain left below) Each of the three stood up with shocked expressions on their faces.

(The lifless live again) Three silhouettes appeared in front of the three young adults and each appeared to be looking at the young adult they were facing.

(Run! Run! Run!) Parker, Kayla, and Aria readied their coins as the silhouettes readied themselves.

(Red Cold River!) Parts of the silhouettes faces were then shown and it was revealed that they were monstrous.

(Run! Run! Run!) Parker, Kayla, and Aria looked up as shadows came from the sky and formed into Thanatos.

(Red Cold River!) Thanatos smirked evilly then darted towards the three along with the silhouettes.

(I can't feel anything at all) Zokured fought several wisps then he jumped over a rail and punched a wisp in the face. One of the silhouettes then tackled Zokured into a dumpster and tried to punch him.

(This life has left me cold and damned) Zokublue shot three wisps then one of the silhouettes kicked her in the face before she was kicked to the ground. Zokublue tumbled on the ground then aimed her gun at the silhouette that kicked her.

(I can't feel anything at all) Zokuyellow hit several wisps then the last of the silhouettes appeared in front of her. She threw several punches at the silhouette until it flipped her onto her back and pinned her to the ground.

(This love has led me to the end) Thanatos lunged at all three Zokugers as darkness trailed behind him. He then stopped when a person shrouded in light came into his view.

(Run!) Kayla is seen yelling into the sky before falling to her knees.

(Run!) Aria was sitting on a bed hugging her knees to her chest as she screamed.

(Run!) Parker was yelling while having both of his hands go through his hair.

(Red Cold River!) Zokured, Zokublue, and Zokuyellow appeared briefly while doing poses until they all charged towards the screen. The three Zokugers disappeared as a stylized stone title appeared in their place that read Renegade Sentai Zokuger.

5 years later

On a college campus, Aria walked onto the campus with her appearance changing in the past five years. She now was of a semi average, semi muscular build and she cut her hair short but it still had bangs that swayed to right side of her head. She also now wore a black muscle shirt under a black sweatshirt which was unzipped, grey jogging pants, and black running shoes.

Aria sighed then said,"Ok Aria, this is where you officially start your new life. In a community college that somehow accepted you even though you're an excon." as she held onto the straps of her backpack. She then walked into the college.

A few minutes later, Aria was looking at her schedule, which was printed out for her, and she said,"Okay, where is this class?"

Aria then went up to some people and tried to ask for their help but they brushed her off. She frowned then looked at her schedule once more with sadness until she heard a commotion and she turned around to see someone easily vault over the railing of some stairs and roll over to her. This person stood up and it was revealed to be Parker, who's appearance had also changed significantly in five years. Parker was now taller, his hair was now short with bangs that swayed to the left and was dyed red , he was also now very muscular. Parker now wore a red pullover hoodie over a grey and black baseball t shirt, black jeans, and black and white sneakers.

Aria had a surprised expression on her face as she said,"What the hell are you doing?!"

"Running from an angry teacher, as usual. Are you new here, I don't remember ever seeing you.",Parker said while catching his breath.

"This is my first day actually. Aria Daniels.",Aria said while extended her hand to Parker. Parker shook Aria's hand while saying,"Parker Xiao." with a smile.

"So mind explaining why you jumped from the balcony?",Aria questioned while pointing to the balcony. Parker looked at the balcony then back at Aria before saying,"Oh that happens pretty regularly. A teacher gets mad at me, I run away before they can throw something at me."

Aria nodded with a shocked expression on her face then she said,"Anyway, could you maybe tell me where this class is? I've tried to ask everyone else but,"

"Everyone's been ignoring you and going about their business?",Parker said, finishing Aria's sentence. Aria nodded then opened her mouth to speak, only for Parker to say,"Before you ask, I knew what you were gonna ask because you're not the first one to ask it."

"Oh.",Aria said.

"You are however the prettiest.",Parker said with a warm smile. Aria smiled and blushed while rubbing the back of her neck. Parker smiled then he looked at Aria's schedule and said,"Oh I'm on my way to this class too. Just follow me."

Aria nodded then she and Parker began walking together. Unbeknown to the two, their were two figures standing on the roof of one of the buildings staring at them as they walked together. The figures appearances were shrouded by the shadow casted from the building.

Two hours later, Aria and Parker had finished their classes for the day and had went to a mall together. Parker nodded then said,"So, what are some hobbies of yours?"

"Eh, drawing, exercising, a few other things I'm blanking out on.",Aria said with a nervous smile. "What are some of your hobbies?"

"Programming, editing, exercise, and parkour.",Parker freely admitted.

"You do parkour?",Aria asked with intrigue.

"Yeah. I'm pretty good at if I do say so.",Parker said with a smile. Aria nodded and said,"That's so cool."

"I guess it is.",Parker said with a confident smile. Parker then smiled and said,"I also collect coins. Like this one I got a few years ago." as he pulled out the red stone coin from his pocket. Aria's eyes widened then she said,"Hey, that's like mine." as she pulled out her yellow stone coin. Parker gained a look of intrigue then he put the coins next to each other and said,"Huh, they're identical. Save for the color anyway."

"Um excuse me.",Parker and Aria heard coming from behind them. They turned around and were introduced to Kayla whose appearance had changed slightly. Kayla's hair was now at shoulder length and was dyed silver and she now had tattoos on her right arm and left shoulder. Kayla now wore a black shoulderless crop top, green cargo pants and black boots.

"Yes?",Parker questioned.

" I was walking by and couldn't help but notice the coins in your hands were similar to mine.",Kayla said as she revealed her blue stone. Parker and Aria's eyes widened and they looked at their coins before Aria said,"Weird how all three of us have these things."

The three coins then began to glow their respective colors before the light dissipated and coins were now metallic and looked more like medals. The three young adults now how had silver devices strapped to their wrist that had slots at the front and a see through portion on top. (Author's note: Think about a mix between the time force rangers morphers and the hurricangers morphers.)

Parker, Aria, and Kayla stepped back with Kayla saying,"They changed. Weird."

"Become the light, fight back the dark! Become... Zokuger!"

"Who said that?",Aria questioned as she, Parker, and Kayla looked around.

"Well well well, what do we have here?",Thanatos said as he walked up to the three young adults, appearing from the shadows. Parker, Kayla, and Aria faced Thanatos with Parker saying,"Who are you?"

"I am Thanatos and I originally wanted those discs you three possess. However seeing as how they're now activated and bonded to you, I must now have you all killed.",Thanatos said while snapping his fingers. A platoon of wisps appeared, surrounding the young adults.

"What the hell is going on?!",Aria asked in fear.

"Don't know but we need to fight these things if we wanna get out of here.",Kayla said. Parker nodded then he looked at the device to see the slot that could fit his medal inside it. He then shrugged before putting the medal into the device causing it to announce in a excited yet serious voice,"RABBIT DISC ACTIVATE!"

This caused a rabbit made of red and black energy to jump out of the device before it jumped onto Parker, forming a suit. This suit was mainly red with a black belt being around his waist and the belt having a silver buckle that was shaped like a rabbit's head and black on the sides of the torso. The boots and gloves were red with black hems. There was a black cape, that went down to Parkers lower back, around Parker's neck and it extended into a black hood that was over Parker's helmet, which was completely red with a black visor that were in the form of angular segmented eyes.

"ZOKURED READY!",The device announced as Parker, now called Zokured, looked himself over with awe. Zokured looked at his hands then he charged into the platoon and punched several wisps before kicking a few. Aria and Kayla had surprised expressions then they followed what Parker did causing their devices to announce,"ELEPHANT DISC, ANT DISC ACTIVATE!"

A blue energy elephant and a giant yellow ant came out of the devices then turned into Aria and Kayla's suits. Kayla's suit was similar to Parker's except it was blue, the visor was in the form of segmented square shaped eyes, the buckle was in the shape of a elephant head, and instead of a hooded muffler there was a black bandana on top of the helmet. Aria's suit was similar to both Parker's and Kayla's however her's was yellow, had a ant head for the buckle of the belt, the muffler had a portion hanging down to her hip, she had horn like appendages coming off on either side of the helmet (think of the things on the side of Baymax's helmet in Big Hero Six), and a visor that was in the form of segmented circular bug eyes.

"ZOKUBLUE, ZOKUYELLOW READY!",the devices announced as Kayla and Aria, now called Zokublue and Zokuyellow respectively, began fighting wisps.

Zokured punched a few wisps then he kicked two before getting punched back. He then quickly recovered and backflipped, hitting a wisp in the chin, before he kicked another. Zokured then used his parkour prowess to fight several more wisps while ascending to the second floor of the mall.

Zokublue kicked three wisps then flipped one over. She jumped over a bench and picked up a vase and threw it at a wisp before then punched several more. Zokublue then blocked a punched then countered it before sweeping a wisps legs out from under it and axe kicking it.

Zokuyellow punched many wisps in their faces while she ran through the crowd. She then picked up a wisp and spun it around by its leg, knocking many wisp down before she threw it into the crowd. Zokuyellow congratulated herself before accidentally hitting the device on her wrist causing it to announce,"DIJON DUSTER!"

This made a pair a dark yellow knuckle dusters to appear on Zokuyellow's gloves and she looked at them and said,"Whoa, cool." with excitement. Zokuyellow then ran through several wisps punching all of them, and causing each of them to disintegrate into shadows. She spin kicked a wisp before pressing her device again causing it to announce,"YEOWLING YELLOW FINISH!"

Zokuyellow then punched the ground, sending waves of yellow energy into wisps, destroying them all.

Zokublue noticed Zokuyellow's fight then said,"Huh, wonder if I have something like that." before she pressed the device on her wrist causing it to announce,"PRUSSIAN PISTOL!"

A prussian blue beretta m9 appeared in Zokublue's hand and she said,"Sweet, just like my old one." before shooting a few wisps with blue energy burst. Zokublue shot several wisps then she jumped over a beauty supply stall and pressed the device on her wrist causing it to announce,"BOISTEROUS BLUE FINISH!"

Zokublue then spun her pistol on her finger before stopping it and firing a barrage of surging blue energy burst towards a crowd of wisps, causing them to be destroyed.

Zokured vaulted over the counter of a store to kick a wisp in the face before he pressed the device on his wrist causing the device to announce,"CRIMSON CHAKRAM!"

A pair of red chakrams appeared in Zokured's hands and he looked at them before saying,"Chakrams? I've never used anything close to these but I can make it up as I go."

Zokured then began slashing wisps with his chakrams then he cartwheeled out of the way of a wisp's attack. He then threw his chakrams, cutting down many wisps before they returned to him. Zokured was then tackled down by many wisps that began to pile up on him. The wisps did the motions for laughing until they heard Zokured's device announce,"RECKLESS RED FINISH!"

The pile of wisps then exploded into shadows as a tornado made of red energy erupted from inside it. The tornado stopped and it was revealed that Zokured was the tornado and he stumbled around before shaking his head.

The three young adults regrouped and Zokuyellow said with excitement,"That was so awesome! Did you guys see me?!"

"Yeah. That was so cool how you were bashing all of those things with those knuckle dusters.",Zokublue said to Zokuyellow.

"Ah thank you. We never got your name by the way.",Zokuyellow said.

"Kayla. Kayla Clemens.",Zokublue introduced herself.

"Aria Daniels.",Zokuyellow said while shaking Zokublue's hand.

"Parker Xiao.",Zokured said. The three Zokugers then heard clapping and looked up towards the top of the second floor to see Thanatos standing there slowly clapping his hands. He then stopped and said,"Bravo you three. Not only did you learn how to transform but you managed to defeat a whole two platoons worth of wisps on your first try."

"Your plan to kill us failed guy. So why don't you just get out of here before you get the same treatment as your lackies.",Zokured said while he and the other two Zokugers stood in a line while looking up at him. Thanatos smirked and lightly chuckled before saying,"Oh don't get too over confident young one. Those were merely cannon fodder, not much of a challenge even for rookies such as you. These three will be however." and snapping his fingers.

The three Zokugers tilted their heads in confusion before looking in front of them as they heard footsteps coming closer. Out of a wall of shadows stepped three figures that, once they were in the light, made all three Zokugers gasp.

The first of the figures was a monstrous version of Zokuyellow. Her muffler had tears and rips in it and she appeared to have a bugs exoskeleton on her torso, forearms and hands, and her lower legs. She had claws at the end of each finger as well. The head of this monstrous Zokuyellow had two horns that curved upward on either side of her head and she had a jagged mouth along with giant black bug eyes.

The second of the figures was a monstrous version of Zokublue as well as a male version. His bandana covered the entirety of the top of his head and appeared to be torn off of something and had holes in it to reveal his black eyes that were angular in shape. His torso had thick hide on the torso, forearms, and lower legs while the parts not covered in hide were covered in rough skin. His fingers also ended in claws. He also had a jagged mouth.

The last of the figures was a monstrous version of Zokured. His hood and cape had holes and tears in them. Most of his torso save for his chest and abdomen was covered in tussled fur while the chest and abdomen was just leathery skin. His upper arms and thighs were also leathery skin while his forearms, lower legs, hands and feet were covered in fur. He also had claws at the ends on each of his fingers and toes. He also a jagged mouth and fierce black eyes.

The three monstrous Zokugers stood in front of each of their counterparts as Thanatos said,"Zokugers, I'd like you to meet your counterparts. Kaijinred, Kaijinblue, and Kaijinyellow."

The three kaijin readied themselves. The three Zokugers could only stare at their monstrous counterparts before Zokured said,"This can't be good."

To Be Continued…

Fictional Cast

Neru Chu as Parker Xiao/Zokured

Scarlett Johansson as Kayla Clemens/Zokublue

Julia Chow as Aria Daniels/Zokuyellow

Matthew McConaughey as Thanatos

Rick Gonzalez as Nathaniel Tombs/Kaijured

Cory Michael Smith as Cory Simmons/Kaijublue

Tala Ashe as Ekha Laghari/Kaijuyellow

Idris Elba as Old man