The Zokugers just stared at both Erimosi and Dorakghostro then Kayla asked,"So Parker, what's the plan?"

Parker hesitated briefly then he said,"Brandon, how goes that mech you were making?"

"They're ready.",Brandon said.

"Good, call them here. We're going to fight that thing after we deal with Erimosi.",Parker said as he and the other Zokugers stood side by side (Parker in the center while Kayla, Brandon and April stood on his right side and Aria, Skotadi, Roxanne, stood on his left.).

Each Zokuger readied themself then Parker, Kayla, Aria, Brandon, April, and Roxanne shouted,"Zoku change." while putting their medals into their respective devices. Skotadi said at the same time,"Ánodos tou drákou!" as he changed.

"DESTROYER ZOKURED! MONSTROUS ZOKUBLUE! BLITZ ZOKUYELLOW! MI-MIRA-MIRACLE ZOKUGREEN! HYPER ZOKUDRIFT!",The changers announced as the Zokugers were turned into their upgraded forms while Skotadi and Roxanne changed into Zokudragon and Zokuwitch respectively. Zokured, Zokublue, Zokuyellow, Zokugreen, Zokudrift, Zokuwitch, and Zokudragon readied themselves then charged at Erimosi while letting out determined yells. Erimosi readied herself and smirked.

As the Zokugers neared Erimosi they were surrounded in their respective colored energy until Zokured punched towards Erimosi causing a blinding flash of light to engulf the screen that quickly goes away to reveal "Renegade Sentai Zokuger" in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Magenta, Crimson, and Navy colored energy.

Zokured threw a punch at Erimosi and she parried it while also dodging a punch from Zokugreen. Erimosi then kicked Zokugreen in the chest before evading a stab from Zokuyellow's Sting Raspier and punching the girl in the side. Zokublue shot at Erimosi six times with her Mamaxe Gun only for Erimosi to summon an energy shield to block them then throw a charging Zokudrift into her. Erimosi then blocked several attacks from Zokured and Zokuyellow before pushing both back with a pulse of energy. Erimosi then kicked Zokugreen in his side before punching Zokudrift in the face and tossing the duo into Zokublue.

Erimosi chuckled then she held in place by sickly green and black tendrils before she was punched in the face by Zokudragon, sending her back into Zokuwitch who jumped up and axe kicked her into the ground. Zokuwitch then summoned her war glaives and slashed at Erimosi many times, all of them being evaded until Zokuyellow flew in and slashed Erimosi in the back three times. Zokuyellow then blocked a punch from Erimosi, as Zokuwitch kicked Erimosi in the head. Erimosi stumbled then was punched in the face by both Zokuwitch and Zokuyellow.

Erimosi stumbled back then she was hit by Zokudrift at a breakneck speed while also being shot by many energy bursts which came from Zokugreen. Erimosi growled then she unleashed many energy bursts towards the two Zokugers, both being hit by them. She smirked but was quickly shot in the stomach by Zokublue before being punched across the face by Zokublue. Zokublue unleashed many powerful punches onto Erimosi before getting punched back.

Erimosi growled in anger then she narrowly dodged slashes from both Zokured and Zokudragon. Zokured spun around then delivered a powerful kick to Erimosi's face, causing her to stumble to the side. Zokured then thrust his claw weapons at Erimosi, with her dodging each of them, before she punched him in the chest. She then narrowly dodged a slash from Zokudragon's Dragocrasher before dodging another. Zokudragon kicked Erimosi in the stomach then blocked a punch from her then grabbing a kick. Erimosi gasped then she looked up just as Zokured came down and drop kicked her in the chest, with his attack covered in red, orange, and gold energy. Zokudragon then let go of Erimosi and he punched her in the chest, with his attack being covered in crimson, black, and violet energy.

Erimosi tumbled on the ground then she got to her feet and unleashed a wave of sky blue, dark blue, and light pink energy, sending the Zokugers back a few feet. Erimosi then grunted as she held her side before she said,"Dammit, hasn't been enough time for you to work on your own but I can't wait anymore."

Erimosi flew up into Dorakghostro's chest and the giant monster roared before breaking out of the mountain and moving towards the city. The Zokugers ran towards where Dorakghostro broke out with Zokured saying,"Brandon, where are those things at?!"

Suddenly, five mechs appeared and Zokugreen said,"There they are."

The first of these mechs was an icy blue mammoth with tank treads on its feet and anti air missile pods on its shoulders. The second of these mechs was an electric yellow and black wasp crossed with a fighter jet. The third of these mechs was a green drake that had violet detailing that looked like the violet parts of zokugreen's miracle form. The fourth of these mechs was a fuschia colored starfighter that had the neck, body, and head of a wyvern dragon and also had teal fins and magenta colored eyes. The last and biggest of these mechs was A colossal red and black battleship that had the wings and thrusters of a starship.

"Whoa.",Zokured, Zokublue, and Zokuyellow said in awe.

"Most impressive.",Zokudragon said, being greatly astonished by the mechs.

"I only see five. What about Skotadi and me?",Zokuwitch asked.

"You guys get to pilot the Lamboshishi and Zoku-Oh. Who pilots which is up to you guys.",Zokugreen said. Zokuwitch looked at Zokudragon then said,"I call the lion lambo."

The Zokugers then got into their mechs and went towards Dorakghostro.

Dorakghostro was currently making its way towards the city but it stopped when it was shot in the back by the wasp jet and the wyvern starship, which then flew past it. Dorakghostro roared then fired energy bursts towards both mechs, both having to dodge them and shoot them down. Dorakghostro then managed to hit both with energy bursts but it was then shot once again the mammoth mech and the drake mech before the battleship mech rammed into it and sent it into a mountain. Dorakghostro roared then pushed the battleship back before firing a blast of energy onto the ground in front of the mechs that caused massive explosions to erupt from everywhere it hit.

In the cockpits of the mechs, the Zokugers grunted and did their best to stay up right as they were knocked around by the explosions around them. Zokured spun the wheel of his controls then said,"Brandon."

"I know, I know. You want us to combine. Yeesh, you guys could figure this out for yourselves.",Zokugreen said while flicking some switches. After mere moments, Zokugreen then said,"Okay now Parker, all you gotta do is hit the button in the center of your steering wheel and we all say the magic word."

Zokured pressed the button then he and the other four Zokugers said in unison,"Renegattai!"

All five mechs glowed their respective colors then began to shift. Dorakghostro saw this and moved to attack, but it was stopped by Zoku-Oh and Leon Kaiser appearing in front of it and holding it back.

"Keep it back my love.",Zokudragon said as he piloted Zoku-Oh and was struggling to hold Dorakghostro.

"Don't have to tell me twice.",Zokuwitch said as she struggled to keep Leon Kaiser holding Dorakghostro.

The mammoth mechs body extended out backwards then swung forward, combing the hindlegs to the front legs, before pushing upwards. This turned the mammoth mech into a waist and legs.

The wasp mech had its wings and stinger portion come off of it while it's legs folded into the body. This turned the wasp mech into a midsection, shield and wings.

The drake mech jumped up and its legs folded up while its tail detached from the body. The drake's wings folded over the top of the legs and its head and neck straight out while the head split at the jaw and folded back onto the neck; revealing a black hand. This turned the drake mech into a right arm.

The wyvern mech's neck and head did the exact same thing as the drake mechs while its wings folded together then upwards while colliding with the body. The wyvern's legs simply folded up into the body while the tail folded forward to where it was now straight up. This changed the wyvern mech into a left arm,

The battleship mech's stern extended from the bow, then split apart with both sections moving forward and combing with either side of the bow. The wings of the either side of the stern folded upwards and combined while the guns of bow transferred to be on top of the stern (Both sides having two guns on them.) The thrusters of the mech also folded down so they were directly under the stern portions. The quarterdeck of the battleship mech had the fron section of it come down and revealed a face that had a white V shaped visor and a red mouthplate. This changed the battleship mech into a head, chest, shoulders, and upper arms.

The five components then combined into a giant robot and the Zokugers were now in a single cockpit. The Zokugers, save for Zokugreen, looked around then Zokugreen said with pride and joy,"And its name is."

"GRAND ZOKU CZAR!","The giant robot announced as Grand Zoku Czar readied itself to fight. Zoku-Oh and Leon Kaiser were then batted away from Dorakghostro as it charged at Grand Zoku Czar. Grand Zoku Czar readied itself and charged at Dorakghostro, with both punching one another once close. The shockwave of the punches caused a small earthquake to be felt throughout the city and it even rattled a mountain.

Grand Zoku Czar blocked several punches from Dorakghostro then it punched the stone warrior four times before getting punched in the face and kneed in the gut. Dorakghostro was then uppercutted by Grand Zoku Czar before being dropkicked into the side of a mountain. Grand Zoku Czar quickly got to its feet and was swiftly bull rushed by Dorakghostro, who then began to relentlessly punch it.

Dorakghostro was about to smash the head of Grand Zoku Czar but it was shot away by Zoku-oh. Zoku-oh unleashed a barrage of shots onto Dorakghostro, causing the beast to roar in pain while attempting to block the shots. Dorakghostro then fired an energy blast that hit Zoku-oh in the chest, causing the robot to fly back. Leon Kaiser charged at Dorakghostro and slashed it in the side before slashing its chest and stabbing it in the side. Dorakghostro grunted then punched Leon Kaiser in the chest five times before picking it up and throwing it aside. Leon Kaiser crash landed and Zokuwitch screamed as she tried to keep her balance.

"ROXANNE!",Zokudragon shouted with worry before he had an enraged look come onto his face. Zoku-oh charged at Dorakghostro, firing many energy blasts at it, before punching it twice before getting kneed in the stomach then punched across the head. Zoku-oh stumbled then it tried to shoot Dorakghostro but it was blasted away by the rock clad monster and crashed into a small field. Zokudragon strained to keep himself balanced as Zoku-oh crash landed.

Dorakghostro chuckled then began making its way to the city before it was bull rushed by Grand Zoku Czar through a mountain. Dorakghostro hit Grand Zoku Czar in the back several times before it was able to grab the robot then throw it away from it. Grand Zoku Czar smashed into a mountain then crashed into the ground. Grand Zoku Czar immediately got up and dodged a punch from Dorakghostro before punching it in the jaw then in the gut.

Dorakghostro stumbled back then was slashed across the chest by Leon Kaiser twice before getting shot several times by Zoku-Oh.

"Why is it like everything we do is doing nothing?!",Zokublue shouted as she helped control Grand Zoku Czar.

"Well it is made of stone.",Zokudrift said.

Zokudragon heard this and an image of the crystalline heart came to his mind then he said,"No! It's not completely stone. It has a crystal heart directly in the center of it's chest."

"It does? How do you know?",Zokuyellow asked.

"Because before Dorakghostro became active, I noticed it. If we destroy that, it will die.",Zokudragon with confidence.

"If that's the case, then let's destroy that heart.",Zokured said with determination as he and the other Zokugers readied themselves.

"Skotadi and I can go first to weaken it.",Zokuwitch said.

Zoku-Oh and Leon Kaiser charged towards Dorakghostro, the beast roaring and charged at them. Zoku-Oh blasted Dorakghostro many times attempting to stop it, until it was close, grabbed the beast by it's right arm and held it in place. Leon Kaiser grabbed Dorakghostro by its left arm then stabbed its sword into Dorakghostro's foot pinning it.

Grand Zoku Czar was now charging at Dorakghostro with red, blue, yellow, green, and magenta energy surging and engulfing its fist. Dorakghostro attempted to break free but Zoku-Oh and Leon Kaiser held it in place. Once close, Grand Zoku Czar reared its fist back then punched a hole through Dorakghostro's chest, destroying the crystalline heart as the giant robot announced,"GRAND RENEGADE BREAK!"

Dorakghostro let out one last roar before breaking apart into rubble that fell to the earth. The three robots relaxed themselves then Zokugreen asked,"Is it over?"

"Not quite. I still sense my sister.",Zokudragon said.

"Then let's get down there and finish this.",Zokured said in an authoritative tone.

On the ground in the rubble of what was once Dorakghostro, Erimosi now had many bruises and cuts on her body, her hair was messy, and her jacket was now frayed a bit. She looked around and became angry whilst saying,"No, no! This shouldn't be happening. How are they winning?!"

Erimosi then coughed and she looked at her hand to see blood. She gained a frightened expression then said,"Blood? I'm bleeding? I shouldn't bleed. I make others bleed, I never bleed."

Erimosi then looked up as the Zokugers ran up to where she was. She looked at the seven Zokugers and scowled at them before saying in a rage filled tone,"Who. Just who in the fuck do you pissants think you are?! Ruining my plans and stopping the greatest destruction!"

The Zokugers stayed silent was they revealed their weapons then Zokured said,"You want to know who we are, well we'll tell you."

Erimosi let out a roar before she charged at the seven. The seven Zokugers charged at Erimosi. Zokured performed his Destroyer Red Rampage attack on Erimosi while shouting in a confident voice,"Zokured!"


Erimosi stumbled back then she had to evade some of the shots that came from Zokublue's mamaxe gun before Zokublue landed her Monstrous Blue Breaker punch to Erimosi's face, while Zokublue shouted,"Zokublue!"


Erimosi was sent flipping into the air and as she got herself upright, Zokuyellow flew by her, performing a multiple slash variant of her Blitzing Yellow Burst attack, while shouting,"Zokuyellow!"


Erimosi stopped herself from careening to the ground but she looked up as Zokugreen appeared above her with the four small green Chinese energy dragons around him from his Miraculous Green Grenade attack. Zokugreen unleashed a flurry of green and violet flames onto Erimosi while he shouted,"Zokugreen!"


Erimosi crashed into the ground and immediately stood up and fired a barrage of energy blasts in every direction. Zokudrift easily evaded all of these, then she landed her Hyper Magenta Haymaker attack on Erimosi while shouting,"Zokudrift!"


Erimosi stumbled then she was slashed several times by Zokuwitch, navy blue and sickly green energy surging on the blades of her war glaives, then she was kicked by the girl as Zokuwitch shouted,"Zokuwitch!"


Erimosi stumbled back and she let out a roar, causing many explosions around her. Zokudragon flew threw the explosions then used his Dragocrasher to slash Erimosi down the middle, crimson violet and black energy surging on his blade, while he shouted,"Zokudragon!"


Erimosi stumbled back and raised her hand to fire an energy blast but she found herself too weak to do anything. She turned around to the Zokugers, who had their backs to her and scowled before she fell on her front and let out a rage filled scream as she exploded.


The Zokugers then relaxed themselves and turned around while reverting to their civilian forms. The seven youths looked upon Erimosi, as she laid on the ground. Erimosi scowled at the seven and she lifted her hand only for it and to turn to dust. She saw this then she fell to the ground and turned to a pile of dust, leaving behind her clothes.

All of the Zokugers just stared at the dust pile then April asked,"Is she?"

"Yes, she's dead.",Skotadi said in a somewhat solemn tone as he turned his head. Kayla began to smile then she said,"Which means."

"That we won.",Parker said as he began to realize what just happened. All of the Zokugers then began to chuckle before they cheerfully said,"We won!" before they began celebrating.

One year later

At Kayla's home in her backyard, there were a few seats set up and Brandon stood next to Kayla, who had a royal blue tuxedo on. Brandon currently wore pastoral vestments and he said,"Kayla, calm down."

"Don't tell me to calm down Brandon. I'm getting married and I'm taking a huge step right now. What if I mess up the vows, can't put the ring on, or worse I'm a terrible wife.",Kayla said in a panicked tone. Parker put his hand on Kayla's shoulder then said,"Relax Kay, you'll be fine." in a reassuring tone. Parker currently wore a red button up shirt, black slacks, and black dress shoes.

"Yes, marriage is a beautiful point in life and it is only another journey to embark on. You shall be fine.",Skotadi said in a reassuring tone. Skotadi currently wore a crimson blazer over a black button up, black jeans and crimson dress shoes.

"Easy for you to say, you're already married and you only had us at your wedding. I have my family and Ash's here as well as her friends.",Kayla said to Skotadi, still incredibly nervous.

"You make a fair point, however I still believe that you will be fine.",Skotadi said with a smile. Kayla groaned then she saw Aria, Roxanne, and April come up to them wearing matching dresses that were primarily blue with highlights of their designated colors, Aria is yellow Roxanne is sickly green and April is magenta. April's hair was also now dyed purple but faded slightly.

April went up to Brandon and kissed him before looking at April and saying,"Kay, calm down. You'll do great, also you're going through with this whether you want to or not because you got me in a dress and I want to knock myself out."

"You look pretty though.",Aria said.

"Maybe, but I hate wearing dresses. Their so… dressy.",April said while looking at her dress. Brandon chuckled then said,"You look fine babe plus at least you're not in these things."

"It still surprises me that you're a justice of the peace.",Roxanne said while raising an eyebrow.

"I am several things that I haven't told you guys.",Brandon said with a smug smirk. Kayla nodded then she said,"Oh my god everything is starting."

A few minutes later, Ashley, who was wearing a navy blue wedding dress, was standing in front of Kayla with her bridesmaids behind her. Her bridesmaids being Sarah, Tara, Kat, Madison, and Shiore who all wore matching dresses that were mainly navy blue with different colored accents.

(Author's note: Wanna know who those people are. Go read Kamen rider Xtreme on my friend Guncannon109's page.)

Brandon recited the necessary words then Kayla and Ashley said their vows and exchanged rings before Brandon said,"By the power vested in me, you may now kiss your bride."

Kayla and Ashley then kissed lovingly, with Kayla picking Ashley up by her waist. Everyone applauded the two as they walked down the aisle.

An hour later, the reception was being held at a country club with Ashley and Kayla smiling at their friends and families as they mingled. Parker and Skotadi were talking with Carter, April was talking with Alex, Roxanne was getting to know Tara, Cole, and Kat, and Brandon was speaking to Shiore while both were looking at blueprints.

The three original Zokugers then broke away from the reception and sat together looking up at the night sky together. Aria snuggled into Parker's embrace while Kayla smiled then said,"Can't believe it's been a year since we defeated Erimosi."

"Yeah, it's unreal. To think that a year ago, all three of us met each other and became heroes.",Aria said while wrapping her arms around Parker's abdomen. Parker smiled then he said,"It is a bit to take in. However, I wouldn't have had it any other way."

"Same here.",Aria said with a smile.

"I second that.",Kayla said while smirking. The trio then took out their medals and Parker said,"No matter what we do or where we go, we'll always be the Zokugers and the best of friends."

"Now Parker, you know we aren't friends. We're family.",Kayla said.

"Yeah, my mistake.",Parker chuckled.

"Of course it is. Now since my special day is winding down, can I get a date on A) when you two plan to get hitched and B) when I can expect to become Auntie Kay.",Kayla said while turning to Parker and Aria. Parker and Aria looked at one another then at Kayla while saying in unison,"Till we've graduated."

"Ah what?! I'll be close to thirty by then and I need to be spry in order to teach them some of my tricks.",Kayla said.

"Uh no, when we have our kids they are not learning any tricks from either of you till they're at least twelve.",Aria said with some authority.

"Why not?",Parker and Kayla asked.

"Because Kay, you'll probably teach them to shoot people and break bones while Parker, you're gonna teach them parkour. I can't handle my babies going through that stuff at such young ages.",Aria said. Parker smiled then he kissed Aria on her forehead before saying,"I love you."

"Love you you too.",Aria said.

"Hey, it's my day to be cute with my girl. You two save yours for tomorrow.",Kayla joked. The trio laughed together then they looked at April as she came up to them and said with some excitement,"Guys, Skotadi just challenged Carter to a duel."

"Oh I've got to see this.",Kayla said with excitement.

"Oh boy, let's go watch this destruction.",Parker said. The four then went back to the reception area just as Skotadi revealed his Dragocrasher and Carter revealed his Ryubuster.

The End.