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"Why didn't you two tell me about this earlier?! I would have helped you out!" Lory wailed after hearing Kanae and Yashiro's explanation on how they tricked Ren and Kyoko into boarding the wrong bus.

"No offense, but you have a bit of a habit of overdoing these kinds of things, President…" Yashiro tried to console him. As Lory whimpered like a little girl at not being included in their plans, Kanae's phone began to ring. Kanae knew who was calling her without looking at the number, and she hesitatingly pressed the phone to her ear.

"Moko-sannn, why did you do this to me?!" Kyoko wailed.

As Kanae began to argue with Kyoko on the phone about how this had been done for her own good, Yashiro felt a buzz in his own pocket and snapped his gloves on so that he could answer his phone. The screen flashed with a call from "Ren Tsuruga".

"Hello?" Yashiro answered.

"Yashiro-san, it's not very nice to trick others," The demon lord replied from the other end of the phone. Yashiro felt a shiver go down his spine at the venom in Ren's tone.

"This was the only way, Ren. You've been avoiding each other for months, and it was driving me crazy!" Yashiro defended himself.

"She needed time away from me, and I was giving it to her-"

"She's already had enough time! Ren, it's been months! You are going to sort out your relationship with Kyoko-chan this week! That's an order!"

"You're ordering me?"

"Don't forget that I have a tracker in your phone, Ren. If Kotonami-san's cousin calls her and tells her that you left your wife, I'll make sure the public knows your exact location," Yashiro smirked.

"Yashiro-san, you wouldn't-" Ren began to say again, but Yashiro had already pressed the end call button. Ren was met with a beeping tone and put down his phone, sighing heavily. He looked down at the Corn stone in his right hand, holding it up to the light streaming in from the window. He watched as the stone's sad blue color turned into a vibrant amber.

How could everything have gone so wrong so fast? Ren knew that he had needed to tell Kyoko his secret identity, and although he had expected her to be mad at him, he didn't think that she would be so angry at him that she would throw his present back at him like this. It was almost like saying she wanted nothing more to do with him, and Ren couldn't do anything about it. This was her choice, and he had to respect it. Since she had actively avoided him after their confrontation, Ren had followed suit. He had always hoped that one day she would finally start talking to him again, but he knew that he had ruined their relationship the moment he started keeping these secrets from her.

After finishing her own call with Kanae, Kyoko slowly made her way back to her seat in the front. She stopped in her tracks as she saw Ren holding up the stone he had given her as Corn, but a sudden braking of the bus brought her back to attention as she grabbed on the seat next to her to avoid being thrown forward. She muttered a few words of apology to the lady whose seat she had held onto before maneuvering back to her own seat and sitting down, buckling the seatbelt for good measure.

Kyoko looked at the Corn stone in Ren's hand and couldn't understand why he still had it with him. She had been determined earlier to avoid speaking with him unless necessary, but her curiosity got the better of her. "Why do you have that with you? I thought you would have thrown it away by now," Kyoko wondered. Ren turned to her in surprise, just now noticing her return. He immediately lowered the stone from the light, gripping it in his hand.

"When you dropped the stone down the stairs of LME that one day, I knew how important the stone was to you. I'm just holding onto the stone until you want it back," Ren replied.

"I don't want it. You can just throw it away," Kyoko responded, but her mouth tasted bitter with the words.


"Don't call me that!" Kyoko interrupted him with a frown.

"Why are you reacting this way to me just calling you by your name? Everyone else calls you by your given name, and I even called you by it when we were children. What's wrong with using it now?" Ren wondered.

"It's just different when Tsuruga-san says it compared to Corn…"

"We're the same person!"

"I don't want to talk about this right now," Kyoko scoffed.

"When will you be ready to talk about it, then?! There's a reason Kotonami-san and Yashiro-san resorted to tricking us onto a bus together! They've probably noticed that we haven't spoken for the past few months. I've been trying to give you some distance since I know how big of a surprise my identity was to you, but all I want is to have a chance to explain everything to you. Please listen to me and let me say the rest of the words I was going to say to you that day before you left my apartment-" Ren begged, but he was interrupted by Mari the tour guide standing up with a microphone in hand.

"As we come closer to our destination, I want to draw your attention to a few interesting buildings on your right side."

Kyoko silently thanked the gods for their impeccable timing as she turned completely away from Ren and focused on Mari's explanations about the old Japanese buildings around the bus. She would not let Ren have that conversation with her because she knew that there was a chance he would tell her that Guam was all a lie and break her heart beyond repair. She had tried to force the box in her chest closed again these past few months, but to no avail. Ren had unlocked her box, blown the locks off, and melted the locks away completely. Love had burst forth from Kyoko Mogami's heart, and there was no way for her to reverse it.

Kyoko didn't want to go down this path of thought again with Ren right next to her. She tried to shut out the thoughts from her brain and forget who she was sitting next to in order to listen to Mari's explanations about the ancient buildings that the bus was passing. If Kanae was forcing her on a vacation with Ren, then she could at least milk the tour out for all it was worth. It helped that Kyoko had never really traveled around Japan before, so she was very intrigued by Mari's discussion about Japanese history and the sights around them.

"Now, I'll let you all take a break from hearing me speak. This is a time for you to spend with your significant other, so I won't bother you all again until we reach our first romantic destination," Mari smiled and sat down. Kyoko's eyes widened in fear. If Mari was done talking, then that would mean she would be forced to listen to-

"Kyoko-san," Ren said, tapping her shoulder, but she leaned away from him to tap Mari on the shoulder.

"Kotonami-san, I'm really fascinated by the old Japanese architecture style that you were explaining. How did you learn all about it?" Kyoko asked with a pleasant smile, ignoring Ren completely. She heard Ren's NG sigh from behind her, but she didn't care as long as she could avoid having that conversation with him. Mari smiled back at Kyoko and launched into a conversation about Japanese architecture with her which Kyoko elongated as much as possible to avoid speaking to Ren. After telling Kyoko about the origin of tatami mats, Mari looked over Kyoko's shoulder to see Ren frowning.

"Hey, Kyoko-san, I think I should let you speak to your husband for a while. He seems like he's been waiting patiently to speak with you," Mari patted her on the shoulder, nodding her head towards Ren. Kyoko didn't turn, knowing that when she did, she would be forced to speak with Ren.

"But Kotonami-san, I've spoken to him plenty already. I really enjoy speaking to you."

"Please call me Mari, Kyoko-san," Mari smiled. Kyoko found herself smiling back, pleased that she had been able to keep the conversation afloat. Maybe this vacation wouldn't be so bad after all. As long as she kept talking to Mari, she could ignore the man behind her!

"Mari-san, could you tell me about our next destination?"

"Did you not read the itinerary when you booked the trip?"

"No?" Kyoko tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"Well then, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. You'll see when we get there," Mari winked before putting on headphones, effectively ending her conversation with Kyoko.

Kyoko knew she was trapped now, and she slowly turned towards Ren and was immediately hit with one of his gentlemen smiles. She cringed in fear of the anger that she knew hid behind that smile.

"It's not very polite to try to ignore me when I so kindly asked for you to listen to my explanation," Ren smiled brightly.

"And I told you that I'm not interested in hearing it," Kyoko sassed back.

"I'm going to have this conversation with you sometime on this trip. Yashiro-san was right. I've been trying to respect your wishes for the past few months and give you some time to cool down, but I'm not infinitely patient. We've had a misunderstanding, and all I want to do is fix it so that we can go back to being on speaking terms again," Ren said seriously. Kyoko slumped in her seat, knowing that he was right. It was inevitable to have this conversation at some point. If she could just get it over with, maybe she could finally move on from him, and he would stop bothering her and let her enjoy her vacation in peace. Kyoko hauled extra walls around her heart for protection from the blow that Ren's words would cause, although she knew that they wouldn't actually protect her at all.

"Fine. We'll have this conversation anyways, right? Might as well get it over with," Kyoko sighed defeatedly. Ren's gentleman smile immediately dissipated, and his face went back to its usual countenance. However, they were interrupted once again by Mari standing up. Kyoko realized she must have taken up more time than she initially thought by speaking with Mari about Japanese architecture. She sighed in relief, glad that she had a bit more time to prepare herself for this conversation.

"As our driver pulls into our first destination, I hope you are all prepared for a bit of walking. We have arrived at Tokyo Daijingu! Some brief information before we get down: this Shinto shrine is the Tokyo branch of the famous Ise Jingu and was the first shrine to hold a public Shinto style wedding. It was built in 1880 and originally located in Hibiya until it relocated to Iidabashi in 1924 after the great Kanto Earthquake. It is a famous spot for single women and couples to come visit. After praying to the deities for success in your marriage, you may buy an omamori good luck charm or try omikuji fortune telling. We will be spending 30 minutes here, so return to the bus once you're done exploring the shrine, and we'll be on our way to lunch!" Mari exclaimed. Kyoko stood up to follow the tour guide off of the bus, and she could feel Ren at her back as she disembarked, but his disguise was still on so that he was unrecognizable. According to Kanae, it wasn't as if she could abandon him, but she would rather talk with Mari than let Ren have an opportunity to launch into that unwanted conversation again.

"Hey, Mari-san!" Kyoko smiled, running up to catch up with her.

"Oh, hi Kyoko-chan! I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time talking earlier. I have a tendency to ramble. You should spend some time with your husband! What about you two go try praying to the deities?" Mari encouraged her, pointing to the purification station of the shrine. A hand clapped onto Kyoko's shoulder, and she jumped.

"She's right. Let's go pray to the deities," Ren smiled brightly, annoyed from being ignored by Kyoko at every possible moment. Mari looked between the two, smiling encouragingly at Kyoko. Kyoko gave a small smile back and turned to Ren.

"Of course," Kyoko said through clenched teeth, letting Ren lead her to the purification station. The purification station was positioned under a small roof, and a dragon statue had a continuous water flow coming out of its mouth into the channel below. Six ladles were available for the use of the shrine's patrons, and Kyoko immediately set to work purifying her hands and mouth with the cup of water at the station. When she had finished, she turned to Ren who stood behind her, unmoving.

"Are you not going to purify yourself before entering the shrine?" Kyoko asked, trying to act like a wife to her "husband".

"I've never been to a Japanese shrine before, so I'm not quite sure how to," Ren replied sheepishly, covering his mouth to hide a slight blush. Kyoko was stunned. How had he never been to a Japanese shrine before? Was he a foreigner or something?

"Here, I'll teach you. Fill the ladle with water with your right hand and rinse your left hand," Kyoko demonstrated. "Then do the opposite."

Ren repeated her motions, then she poured the water into her left hand and pressed the water to her mouth. Finally, she rinsed her left hand and finished the purification, making sure that Ren had done the same. They placed the ladles back where they had found them, and Ren held out his hand for her.

Kyoko froze, unsure of what to do. Sure, they had held hands as the Heel siblings before, but never as themselves! The gesture just seemed too intimate! Before she could make a decision of whether to take his hand or not, Ren grabbed her hand in his own and dragged her up the steps towards the shrine so that they could pray in front of the deities. They walked under the purple curtains in front of the deity statues and stopped to face the statues. Kyoko clasped her hands together and gazed at the statues of the three resident deities, as did many of the single women around her.

This was a love shrine, so she should wish for something related to love, but how could she do that when she knew even her prayers to the gods would go unanswered? Ren already loved someone else. Although Kyoko knew that it was useless, she nevertheless made her wish and bowed. Once she was done, she turned to Ren and noticed that he was still making his wish. Kyoko wondered if he was thinking about the girl he loved. After a few more seconds, Ren bowed and turned to her.

"Now that we've prayed to the gods, do you want to go buy omamori together?" Ren asked with a genuine smile. Kyoko didn't get to reply before Ren grabbed her hand again, pulling her towards a stand selling omamori. She felt a tingle of warmth where he held her hand, but she scolded her heart for still having such a reaction to this man who clearly loved someone else. Kyoko let Ren look over the various omamori, but none seemed to catch his interest.

"You don't like any of the omamori?" Kyoko wondered.

"Not really. But I guess I don't really need another omamori when I have my omamori right next to me," Ren smiled at her, making her blush bright red before she remembered that it was probably his husband character saying these words to her, not Ren himself. Two could play at this game. Kyoko tried to think of all the couples she had seen in the past to perfect her "wife" character.

"Then I want to go over there and have our fortunes told," Kyoko smiled, grabbing Ren's hand on her own and leading him through the crowd to the boxes of fortunes. She reached into her bag and opened up her wallet to drop some coins in the boxes but found that Ren had already beaten her to it, paying for both of them. She grumbled softly about him not needing to do that for her as he grabbed a fortune out of the box for love fortunes and motioned for her to do the same. She watched as he unfolded the paper and read over its contents.

"I got greatest blessing," Ren smiled sheepishly, holding out the slip of paper for her to read. Kyoko felt her heart break, realizing that she was right in that even the gods backed Ren's affection for that high school girl. She sighed, taking a slip of paper out of the box as well since he had already paid for it. Her eyes widened as she opened the paper. It read greatest blessing. What were the gods doing to her? First, they wished Ren luck with wooing his high school girl, and now they wished her luck for snagging him? These gods were pretty hypocritical.

"You also got greatest blessing? That's great," Ren looked over her shoulder at her paper and smiled heavenly at her. Kyoko's heart began to beat quickly, and she cursed her heart for still having feelings for this man no matter how hard she tried to push the feelings back into that box. Her heart couldn't take much more of this false affection.

"I-I'm going to find a restroom. I'll meet you back on the bus," Kyoko told him before swiftly walking away to find a bathroom. She followed the signs around the shrine until she eventually came across the restroom. Kyoko approached the sink and splashed water onto her face, slapping herself for still having these worthless feelings.


Kyoko immediately straightened up to see Mari staring at her wide-eyed. "Ah, Mari-san!"

"Why were you doing that to yourself?" Mari wondered.

"Ah, I just thought there was a fly on my cheek," Kyoko lied.

"Oh. Where's your husband?" Mari asked.

"I told him to meet me back at the bus," Kyoko replied.

"Then would you like to walk back together?" Mari smiled. Kyoko was relieved that Mari had believed her lie and nodded her head, falling in step next to the tour guide.

"Did you and your husband enjoy the shrine?"

"We did," Kyoko responded with a smile, letting her "married" persona take over.

"That's good. This shrine really is special. When I was still single, I prayed to the gods here. I met my husband a few days later when he was part of my next tour group," Mari smiled fondly, although Kyoko could sense a hint of sadness in her voice. She was about to ask Mari more, but they had already arrived in front of the bus. Mari let Kyoko climb on first, and Kyoko reluctantly took her seat next to Ren. She looked over at him and gasped as she saw his emerald eyes.

"Y-Your eyes!" Kyoko couldn't help but exclaim.

"I took out my contacts before I came back so that I would be a bit more unrecognizable," Ren replied. Kyoko couldn't help but stare at his face, those emerald eyes making him even more devastatingly handsome than he was before. Kyoko didn't even notice when the bus started moving again since she was so distracted by the true color of Ren's eyes.

"I hope you all enjoyed Tokyo Daijingu! We're going to have about a half hour drive before we reach Shibuya where we will grab lunch. Afterwards, we will be having a long drive to Mt. Fuji, so make sure to pick up whatever you need to get yourselves through the long drive over at Shibuya district," Mari announced over the microphone. Kyoko's eyes sparkled with excitement. She had never been to Mt. Fuji before, but she had heard many stories of how beautiful Mt. Fuji and its surrounding five lakes were. The scenery there was absolutely breathtaking, and Kyoko wondered if she could go fairy-hunting while there. However, that thought about fairy-hunting quickly reminded Kyoko of the "fairy" next to her.

Kyoko knew that Ren was watching her, and she knew that if she didn't find a way to occupy herself right now, she would be forced to have that dreadful conversation with him. Kyoko hurriedly opened her handbag and took an MP3 player out, plugging in a pair of headphones. She put the headphones in her ears and closed her eyes, trying to fake taking a nap. For the next 30 minutes, Kyoko listened to some relaxing music, and Ren didn't even bother her once.

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