I bring you my first SK story and it's been long overdue as well since I've become a fan of the shinobis (Team Gessen FTW!). This story was inspired by another seven minutes story that's on my Wattpad profile. There will also be a few possible OOC moments since a male OC will be involved and I'm aware of the yuri shippers, but please try to go easy on me, since there ARE fans out there who might like this kind of story. Anyways, let's begin! :)

The Last Guest

One early winter evening as the cold wind blew, I found it hard to walk up the ice cold steps. For I was given an invitation by one of the shinobis named Leo who owned a big mansion around here. I wasn't a complete stranger either, cause in the past few months, I was introduced to all of the academies and their teams. It all started when I was selected to be a transfer student as part of an education experiment between the shinobi academies and my old school. Something to do with spreading the culture and life lessons, it kinda flew over my head.

"Phew! I made it to the last step." I sighed as I climbed the final step. "Now it's just a short walk on this path and I'll be right at the mansion."

When I saw how big it was, I took a moment to reflect on how all of this had changed my life. I pulled down the hood covering my face to reveal my green eyes and my short black hair, I wasn't too bad with my body appearance, just a normal above average guy with some muscle, but not too obvious, I had a good height too. At one point, I thought I was going to be towering over all of the shinobis, but when I learnt their heights, that didn't turn out to be case.

I am Craig Avalon and what would happen tonight would be a night I would never forget.

"Well, here I am..." I took a deep breath. "...here goes nothing."

I pushed the bell near the door and it played a normal ding, I was half-expecting some kind of catchy k-pop to play, but I guess not.

The door then opened and I saw the said shinobi who looked at me with a casual smile.

"Good evening, Craig, I'm glad you could make it." Leo greeted. "You're the last one to arrive at the party."

"Oh, does that mean I'm late?" I responded. "I could've sworn that this was the time to show up."

"It's alright, some of the other shinobi just happened to turn up earlier than planned." Leo stood aside. "Come on in, you'll find the coat hanger stand over there."

I nodded and walked inside before removing my winter coat. I walked over to the coat hanger stand and hanged it up there.

"Well either way, thanks for inviting me." I said to Leo. "I would've been studying alone in my accommodation back at Homura's hideout."

"You're very welcome, Craig." She replied. "Besides, how could I possibly not invite you, it wouldn't be right for you to miss out."

"Yeah, a fair point. So where's the party at?"

"In the main lounge, everyone else is there."

I nodded and followed Leo past the entrance hall and to the left where another shinobi was standing watch, she had silver twin-tailed hair.

"Ginrei, our final guest has arrived." Leo said. "We can begin the first game soon."

"As you wish, madam." Ginrei bowed. "This way, Craig."

She opened the door and Leo and I walked in, although I couldn't help but catch a glance of Ginrei glaring at me a little, did I do something wrong?

The doors were then closed and in my view was the party I was expecting. There they all were, all of the shinobis I had gotten to know for the past few months.

"Don't worry about anything serious tonight, Craig." Leo said. "We're all here to have a good time. So feel free to relax with all of us until we're ready to start our first game."

"Alright, I can do that." I replied, smiling at her.

Leo walked off whilst I made my presence known to some of the other girls.

"Girls, Craig-kun is here!" Hibari said happily before she rushed over and leaped towards me.

"Ooof!" Typical Hibari, she always leaps into my arms everytime she sees me. "One of these days, you're gonna end up pinning me to the floor."

"Oh-ho, is that how you like it?" Katsuragi asked, winking. "Shall I pin you to the floor instead?"

I frowned at her. "Really, Katsu? That's the first thing that came into your perverted mind?"

"Don't tease him, Katsu." Asuka said. "Welcome to the party, Craig."

"Yes, we're glad that you made it on time." Ikaruga added.

Yagyu was silent, but she nodded at me with a faint smile.

"Hey hey, our current resident is here!" Homura greeted as she came up to me. "What's up, C?!"

"Right back at you, Homu." I gave her a high five before talking with the other Crimson girls which featured a fist bump with Hikage.

I then went around the big room and mingled with the Gessen team which had to be interrupted when Minori tried to feed me a pancake she saved earlier. I then caught up with the Hebijo team, the highlight of that moment was when Murasaki smiled at me despite holding on to her Bebeby doll. Lastly, I got to talk with the Mikagura sisters. Even Ayame, Soji, Naraku and Ryoki were present at the party too. So many girls and only one of me, I wasn't sure whether to consider myself lucky or unlucky.

As the party continued on, I spotted Haruka with a large bag and going around the other girls, they were each putting something into the bag, but I couldn't quite tell what the items were. My thought was interrupted when I felt my shoulder being touched, I turned to my left to see one other shinobi I nearly forgot about.

"So you made it, Craig." Rin said.

"Miss Suzune." I replied. "What brings you to the party?"

"Well, I was ready to start next week's paperwork assignment for Hebijo academy. However, both the old and new Hebijo teams insisted that I attended."

"But won't that mean that the papers will be piled up the next day?"

Rin adjusted her glasses. "Craig, a word of advice for you. Never underestimate a shinobi's abilities and what they can achieve."

"Okay, I think I can understand that."

Suddenly, there was a clinking noise at a nearby large table, Leo had used a teaspoon on a wine glass.

"If I may have everyone's attention." She announced. "The time has come to start our first party game."

"And I'll be the one hosting it." Haruka added as she placed a completely filled up bag on the table. "For our first game, we're going to be playing Seven Minutes In Heaven."

"Seven minutes? What's that all about?" I responded.

"I'm glad you asked, Craig. The aim is for one person to dip their hand into this bag and pick out an object. Each one will be related to any of the girls that are present in the party. Then, those two people must spend seven minutes in that closet which will be watched over by Hibari."

I then realized something, Haruka didn't come up to me and asking for an object from me...what's she up to?

"I may be dreading the answer for Hibari's sake, but who will be going first?" Yagyu asked.

"Oh that's easy." Haruka then smirked at me. "Why don't we have Craig here go first?"

I blinked and pointed at myself. "Huh? You want me to start?"

"Well of course, you're our man of the hour."

"Man of the hour? Well, I suppose it can be harmless, but I'm gonna be wary since you're involved."

She giggled. "Fufufu, there's no need for that. Now go on, find an object inside the bag and be sure to grab it hard."

"Hah! Boob joke!" Katsuragi called from the crowd.

"Childish..." Kafuru remarked.

"So once I pick something out and one of the girls is chosen, what do we have to do in the closet?" I asked.

"You have to stay in there for seven minutes, do whatever you feel like, anything goes." Haruka teased. "Why, you could even kiss her?"

"Say whaaaaaaaat?!"

"Or could you be afraid of the dark, phuhuhu?"

Well, it seemed that I didn't have much of a choice.

"Alright, alright...I'm not gonna wuss out. I'll play this game..."

"Atta boy! And no peeking, gotta keep it as a surprise for everyone." Haruka said.

I walked over to the table and got ready to dip my hand into the bag, I could only wonder what kind of item I would find...

One other thing I forgot to mention, each of the following chapters will be separate scenarios from each other.

Next time! Craig dips his hand into the bag before revealing an item that relates to one of the shinobis. ;)