I've made a choice here, this will be the last one I'll write. So closing out the story will be shinobi who watches out for Kagura.


I dove my hand into the bag whilst trying not to look, I then felt something a little interesting, so I grabbed it and pulled it out to reveal...

...a pack of bubblegum. I looked at the crowd and wondered who would have this.

"Hmm, an interesting pick there." Haruka said. "You've got Naraku."

I then saw the orange-hooded girl herself emerge from the crowd with her hands in the pockets of her short jacket.

"Do you want this back?" I asked.

She shook her head. "Keep it."

"Okay, thanks."

"So, if you're both are ready, make your way inside the closet." Haruka said.

Naraku held her hand out. "Shall we go in?"

"Yeah, let's." I replied.

I took her hand and we walked inside before Hibari closed the closet door. Now Naraku was someone I didn't really know a lot. But from what I was able to gather, she sees herself as Kagura's guardian and protector. I asked her about it cause I was curious and she mentioned that it's true and Kagura is a little child. But when she would put some kind of candy in her mouth, she transforms into her true appearance as a very powerful shinobi and she is able to float.

"Are we playing the game?" Naraku asked.

"Well, that's if you want to." I answered. "I was just lost in thought."

"You're thinking back to when you heard about Kagura, aren't you?"

"Yeah, cause if you want to protect her as much as possible, why did you come to the party?"

"Because I was curious about you." She hummed. "I don't see you around often, but you're like a mystery to me and that makes me want to know more about you."

"I see, so is there something you like about me?"

Naraku put her hood down and smiled. "Yeah, you're a pretty good guy who wants to do the right thing."

"That's me alright." I nodded. "And now that I can see you with your hood down, I love the way you dress. You look like a cool and beautiful chick."

She blinked and then blushed. "You...really think I'm beautiful?"

"I do...I think it'd be cool if we got to know each other more by going on a date."

She gasped and then, she wrapped her arms around me "Out of all of the shinobis at this party, you wanna go on a date with me?"

I put my arms around her. "If you want us to."

"I'd like that." She nodded before closing her eyes. "So this is what love feels like..."

With her eyes closed, I chose to be sneaky and pecked her on the lips. Her eyes opened wide and I thought I played the card too soon. She then shoved me to the wall and grabbed my wrists before pressing her lips on mine. I guess she wanted a bit of payback for that surprise kiss. We soon embraced with our lips locked together.

"No matter what it is." I said after we pulled out of the kiss. "I'm always reminded that you girls are psychically strong."

"And you shouldn't forget that, no matter who you're with." She replied. "Except that you're mine now and I don't want that to change."

"Well if I'm yours, then you can be mine in return."

Naraku smiled as we hugged close before the closet door open, looks like the seven minutes were up.

"You seem to be having fun in there." Haruka smirked. "Do you want more time?"

"No it's fine." Naraku shook her head. "We're gonna take this elsewhere."

"Eh?!" I blinked.

"Good luck with her, Craig." Katsuragi called. "You'll need that energy for the festival soon."

"Take a left out of the room and two doors down, there's a spare bedroom." Leo suggested. "I'll make sure you get breakfast in the morning."

"Thank you, Leo, we'll use that for tonight." Naraku replied.

She grabbed my hand and we left the room. I could only look back at Haruka who shrugged before I was taken to a spare bedroom with Naraku.

"And here I thought we were gonna have a date." I said as I shoved onto the bed.

She stood near the bed with a smirk tone. "We will be, but I want you to shower me with love tonight!"

I gulped...guess I'm gonna be up all night for this one...oh well, I can't complain. This party was enjoyable and I hoped we get to have a party like that again soon.

And that is that, folks...THE END! I hope you folks enjoyed all of these separate scenarios. I'm not sure about writing another SK story, but we'll see. If you enjoyed the ones that had your favorite shinobi involved, then feel free to fave this story and follow me if you want future stories from me.