"I'll kill you Deku!"

A green haired boy merely held up a sign with a question mark, and a sad face.

A blonde-haired boy stopped his assault on a greenete, choosing to take a breath before he made his next move, already annoyed with this conversation.

"Deku, you have a quirk. And while not as awesome as mine I'll admit it's got potential. Yet your dumbass is wasting it on being a goddamn MIME!" Bakugou yelled.

The green mime switched his sign from a question mark to an angry face while dodging an explosion.

"Are you serious, you're wasting so much potential! And enough with the silence I've heard you talking before so speak!"

"No!" Izuku yelled teasingly.

No one at school cared to intervene as this was a common occurrence for the two. Every day the two would see each other, Bakugou would ask Midoriya if he was going to be a hero, then the other boy would shake his head, then mime a wall that Bakugou would run into right before he could get an explosion to the face and then a fist fight for a good ten minutes would go on until the two got hungry.

To be honest the teachers and other students aren't entirely sure if those kids are friends, or enemies. They wanna say Bakugou is a bully but after school the two are usually seen parting ways on amicable terms. It's really confusing for everyone.

Those watching turn to see Midoriya point to his outfit underneath his uniform and the black and white make up he has in his backpack, before throwing Bakugou across the yard with his telekinesis or as Izuku identifies it as his Mime quirk, which grants him the ability to construct whatever he can think of.

"That right there, you just tossed me like nothing and you wanna waste it on party tricks!" Bakugou seethed.

Everyone held their breath in anticipation to see what Midoriya would do next.

The bushy haired boy merely gasped and glared at the blonde, "How dare you! I haven't ventured out to parties yet and you know that! he yelled looking very insulted.

"Is anyone gonna stop them?" a girl asked.

"Do you wanna get caught in the middle of that?" another girl asked pointing to Midoriya pretending to toss a lasso onto Bakugou and tying him up, while the other boy writhes on the ground.

"I'm not getting trapped in a box again like last week" another boy says walking off.

"Izu-honey how was school?" a tall and skinny greenete asked from the kitchen.

Getting no response, the mother of one merely giggle, finding it adorable how dedicated her son is at being the number one mime in the world.

"I blame letting him watch all those prequirk videos of mimes, for this hobby." She laughed.

Walking into the dining room Inko Midoriya sees her son in a black and white striped outfit with similar colored face paint. Smiling fondly at her son Inko asks him if he needs any help with anything before, he goes out.

"Well, Izuku? Anything I can do to help you prepare for you performance this evening?" Inko says trying to hide back her laughter at the fact her 14-year-old son was going to go out a street perform.

Izuku looked back at his mom with a smile on his face, giving her a thumbs up indicating he was all set up and ready to go.

"Alright then but remember if you need anything don't hesitate to call or text whichever you prefer."

"If I'm in trouble I'll call. If it's anything else I'll text" Izuku says happily, not at all minding he was breaking his oath of silence to speak with his mom.

"Thank you Izuku. I know how much you hate speaking because it breaks that mime code, but really it lets me know you're safe" Inko said smiling.

"I know mom, but I'd break any code for you!" Izuku says grinning before his mother shoos him off.

"Too pure!" Inko gushes as her son leaves the apartment.

Izuku was at the shopping district in his mime outfit preparing for his show. Well he couldn't really call it a show since he just randomly performs and hopes people will stop what they're doing to watch him. He's yet to garner a full following but that might be because Mimes aren't that popular.

Izuku was busy getting himself out of a box when he saw a cute girl about to pass him by, she had orange hair and nice blue eyes, and while most people would think being a mime is all he cares about they would be dead wrong.

So Izuku doing the only thing he could think of to catch the girls attention decided to rope her in and bring her back to him…hopefully she didn't find that weird.

While he prepares his rope, he saw a small crowd begin to gather interested in seeing why a boy dressed up weird was messing with his hands. Izuku saw the girl was getting closer, but in his haste to unwrap the rope got everything knotted up at least he acted like he did.


Laughter rung around the crowd at seeing the mime panic at the invisible rope get messed up.

Itsuka Kendo wasn't sure why she was hanging around the shopping district when she wasn't in much of a shopping mood, but she figured taking a break from her martial arts practice was needed. Looking back now she regrets not being so vigilant.

As soon as Izuku heard the laughter around him he realized that his antics towards trying to get the girls attention was getting him noticed, which was perfect. Also perfect was the girl about to pass his crowd.

Izuku pointed to the crowd stopping their laughter making them look at who he was a pointing at. As everyone turned to see who he was pointing to they saw a girl about his age in a brown motorcycle jacket mindlessly walking about.

When the crowd looked back, they saw Izuku on the ground performing CPR on himself. The crowd couldn't help but laugh at the boy's antics towards this random girl, when Izuku finally got up he put on binoculars, to search for the girl again hoping he hadn't missed his chance with her.

"What's the kid doing?" a random crowd watcher asked.

"I don't know but I think he's supposed to be looking out of binoculars or something like that?"

"This kid's a riot!"

When Izuku put his self-made binoculars down and threw back an imaginary fishing pole, or at least to everyone around him it was imaginary, he was illegally using his quirk, his face lit up when he sensed he caught something.

Izuku looked to everyone with a thumbs up, his grin causing smiles on everyone else's face. Then the boy began to reel back his fishing pole fighting back every once and awhile.

Kendo continued to walk around hoping something would catch her eye when she felt something pull at her jacket. Looking around she couldn't see the culprit which caused slight panic and anger. As she got pulled away to a crowd of people unwillingly her anger grew.

"Whoa this kid looks like he actually caught something?"

"Nah, I call bull, he's just doing that and then he's gonna act like he lost- "

"OH MY GOD IT'S THAT GIRL!" another crowd watcher yelled surprised by the boy's skill.

"Hey, let me go, what the hell!?" Itsuka yelled as she struggled to get out of an invisible grip.

The entire crowd watching Izuku finish reeling in the orange haired girl was baffled at this boy's skill.

"Who the hell are you and why can't I get free!?" Itsuka yelled.

Izuku ever the gentlemen gave the girl his card after letting her go, and with a bow revealed to her a flower.

"Ooh this guy is smooth."

"Izuku Midoriya, The Greatest Mime to Live" Kendo read aloud trying to hold back her laughter at the boy's card, her anger dissipating once she saw who had literally caught her attention.

"Are you being serious, you're a mime?"

Izuku smiled at the pretty girl nodding, pointing to his ensemble then pretending to be stuck behind a wall.

Well he sure is dedicated.

The girl looked at him with a small smile as he continued to perform other tricks, once he seemed to finally finish with getting himself out of a box, she walked up to him.

"So, can I ask why you wrangled me over here...literally?" she deadpanned.

Izuku smiled nodding vehemently.

Itsuka waited for his answer realizing she wasn't going to get one because he was a mime and watched as he acted it out.

Izuku knew if he was going to score a date with this girl, he had to be smooth, and so began Izuku the mime's hardest performance ever.

The crowd surrounding the two waited with baited breath for the boy to act.

"You think the mime's got a chance?"

"Nah, he can't even talk"

Little did they know.

Itsuka watched as the boy put a hand on her shoulder and quickly withdraw it as if he had been burned, confused she looked to the boy watching as he silently blew on it.

Why did he pretend to burn himself on me, I'm not…oh.

Kendo blushed lightly at the mime's advances.

The crowd oohing, at such a smooth act.

Izuku seeing that his actions were getting a reaction continued and quickly looked at the girl and began fanning himself, while pulling at his collar. He then pretended to pour himself a few drinks and gulp it down.

Kendo watched as the boy acted out drinking while getting hot being around her, her blush intensifying.

So obviously, he's thirsty.

The crowd clapping at the boy's skills to flirt while seemingly being silent.

Izuku smiled as he saw the girl in front of him begin to cover her face as he continued his actions, deciding to be blunter Izuku pulls out a sign with a giant heart on it and points to the girl.

"Excellently executed" a man said.

"Well done."

"Did not expect a mime to be so smooth."

"How the hell are you so smooth? You're a mime, you can't even talk!" Kendo yells.

Izuku merely grins before shooting finger guns at the girl. Then looking to the crowd who had begun to disperse collecting the tips they left for him.

"Wow, okay so I was just hit on by a mime and fell for it. What even is life now?" Kendo said going to walk off before realizing she can't move.

Slowly she realizes she's being pulled back by an invisible pull and as she turns her head, she sees Izuku pretending to pull a rope wiping his forehead as he pretended to struggle to do so...

"Okay, what now?" the girl asked, visibly exhausted.

Smiling at the girl Izuku pulls a card out of nowhere thrusting it in her face. Two words and a slew of digits were the only thing on it, but really that was all that was needed to cause the girl to blush heavily.

"You want me to call you? Would you even be able to talk to me?" Kendo asked.

Izuku frowned, before grinning again and nodding. Pointing to the girl he gave a thumbs up.

"So, if I called you, you'd answer?"

Again, Izuku shot finger guns.

"Alright then. I'll think about it" Kendo said before walking off, only to hit an invisible wall.

"What the fuck Midoriya!"

The mime at least had the decency to blush while shrugging, as if he forgot about the invisible wall that was there.

Don't ask why I did this, but I just thought about it. Also for those who were disappointed about my other story being nejire and izuku here's a itsukax izuku story