This work is inspired by The Written by Ben Galley, Youtube creator Jerry Freeman's video: RWBY, but BETTER, and an almost obsessive need to put forth whatever happens to be in my head (seriously, I have at least fifty plus incomplete stories on my computer). So without further ado, I hope this story does justice to what has been set forth.

Once there were Pale Kings three

Whose blighted touch went Sea to Sea

Once they thought they were forevermore

Until a Fool sent them to Eternal Shore

One brought Ruin, the Destructor

Also Vice, Dark Corruptor

Third is Bane the Conqueror

They set their sights across the Water

Listen hard and listen well

For you face foes most fell

Runeborn though you may be

Let not this power blind you to see

Stand valiant, with might true

Let not Pale Kings rule over you

Listen now and hark these words

Lest Darkness devour all that was

The souls of those who valiant fought

Fly free of body among the birds

The might of the Scions Three

Hatred for all who in the Light live free

First is Ruin, the destructive Rot

None now know what he sought

Bane the Conqueror sought Dominion

Seeking to destroy that which opposed him

Vice the Son of all Corruption

Few withstood insidious instruction

Harken now and hear this plea

If the Darkness does not flee

The might of The Written can only Stand

With the help of their Legacy Hand

Forth shall spring Fell Runeborn

Guiding the Children to safer Morn

Listen now and hear this Tale

As children weep and women wail

Men of mighty Valor Strong

Do battle through Nights too long

Lest all that was fall to Dismay

And all Hope wither away

In the face of Demons Grim

Who seek to slay on mere whim

Stand now men and be True

Lest in the Light you shall Rue

When all men gather to fight as One

Yet hid like Knave till the fight was done

(Excerpts taken from a book of prophisies found in the year 1243 Thurisaz by an Arkmage)