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"Germany, you bastard!" Yelled America. "Fuckin' bastard!" Germany scoffed. "Bleaze! Vu're veak little shit." Germany said harshly. America's aura darkened. "I am not weak," America said, gritted his teeth in anger. "I am a hero!" Germany scoffed. "Really? Vu? A hero? Don't make me laugh! You are a weak country like Italy."

America's face darkened and felt his blood boiled in rage. "Don't. You. Dare. Ever. Compare. Me. To. Italy." He hissed. "You had sunk my boat that killed my people. You made me very angry Germany. I haven't been this angry since fifty two years ago, during the America civil war." America said darkly. Germany scoffed, like he care about that puny threat. "Bring it. Vu are going to lose anyway." Germany said arrogantly. America give a creepy smile that might haunt Germany forever. "Very well...I, America, declare war." The temperature decreases and America's light blue eyes changed into dark blue. America slowly leaving the room and America give his last evil laugher and then closed the door. Unknowingly to Germany this battle of war nearly cost his older brother's life, his kingdom has fallen into ruins and Prussia almost faded away.

— America's first battle during World War One —

"Alright boys!" America said with a evil grin on his face. "Let's kick german's ass." The soldiers cheered. Unknowingly to the soldiers they have no idea what's war is like to them, expect for America. However America only fought England for his independence, and his own no-good, his worst nightmare, evil self. He's basically a rookie for this war, but he is highly skilled in combat over the years since his independence from Britain.

— Linebreak —

France, England, and Russia is staying by America side. The sunrise through the smoky sky from gun powders. The drumroll started. America give a small nodded at his allies and they give a small nod back. America took a deep breath and he grabbed a gun from his gun holder and primed it. "For America!" America yelled in battle cry and started to run into the bloody battlefield. America pull the trigger of his gun and then shot.

— Some weeks later after America joined World War One —

America's out of bullet. "Shit!" He cursed loudly. "Do anybody have any more ammunition that I can borrow?!" But no one respond to him. America frowned and then slowly turned his back and his expression show full of terror. "Jesus Christ! What the hell is that?!" He yelled. There's a fog alike, but it's colorless, but then suddenly ranges from colorless pale yellow to dark brown. Slight garlic or horseradish type odor. It's almost look like mustard, but that's not the point, it coming towards to them. America stunned in realization. "Fuck! Goddammit Germany!" America yelled angrily and then quickly warned the soldiers that they have to run for it. "Soldiers! We have to retreat!" But it's was too late. The soldiers (the one who got caught in the mustard gas) give a torturous scream like they're dying. America cringed at the torturous scream from the countless soldiers. America only run. He felt like a coward. Not helping the soldiers. America give his one last glance at his dying soldiers who will never going to make it home. America closed his eyes. He vowed that he will avenge them by destroying Germany that he treasured the most. His older brother.

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