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Cloud stared at the group of guys before him. His head still ached slightly, but he managed to ask the first thought that came to mind. "Where am I?"

The four that stood before him looked back and forth between each other, concerned and curious forming on their faces. They stared for a moment more before the one with the glasses cleared his throat.

"Do you mean to you do not recognize anything around here?"

Cloud took once glance around before shaking his head. He rubbed his head slightly. "No I don't. I don't even know how I got here."

"Well… um…" the raven-haired man said. "You kind of just fell out of nowhere into the water."

"Fell out of nowhere? How could I…." Cloud asked as he raised an eyebrow. He paused as he recalled the last thing he remembered. The image of the glowing pool of water came fresh back into his mind. "Did… the livestream bring me here? Where ever this is? Why though…?"

"I think before we go any further with this matter, we might as well cover the formalities," the one with glasses said. "It would make things a bit easier I feel."

"Ah yeah, my name is Cloud," Cloud replied as he slowly tried to stand up, though he swayed slightly as his body felt a bit out of it.

"Hey take it easy there," the larger man replied. "The impact of the water still must of dazed you a little."

"I'll be fine. Anyways, you guys are?"

The men gave one more curious glance between one another before the one with the blond hair spoke up. "You mean you don't recognize who he is?" he then pointed to the raven-haired man standing next to him.

Cloud stared at him for a moment, looking at him carefully. It was strange, but the guy gave him a strange sense of familiar. The dark black hair, and the deep blue eyes… it reminded him of Zack. Cloud tried to shake those thoughts of his head though as he focused back on the question he was asked.

"No? Should I?"

"You mean you seriously haven't heard of Noctis? The crown prince of Lucii? From Insomnia?" the blond asked, clearly the most surprised out of all of them.

"Prince? Lucii? Insomnia? Now I know I really am someplace else…" Cloud thought to himself. The gears in his head rotated more as he tried to put things together. Out of all the things that had happened to him in his life, this by far was the strangest.

But with a few more thoughts he thought he figured it out. Or at least had a good idea of what could have happened to him. "No I really don't. I don't quite understand it, but… I think I was transported or brought here somehow… from another world. Or maybe a dimension."

"Another world?" the one known as Noctis asked. "Is something like that even possible?"

"Well I suppose if it Astrals are involved then it could be rather plausible," the one with glasses replied as he placed a hand to his face, looking deep in thought. "My name is Ignis by the way."

"Oh yeah! I'm Prompto," the blond said.

"Gladiolus," the larger man replied simply.

"Nice to meet all of you," Cloud said quickly, before returning his focus to the main task on hand. "Now what was it that you said about Astrals?

"Astrals, you know like the gods?" Prompto replied.

"You think they could have brought me here?" Cloud asked before a new thought came to mind. "Maybe… maybe they were the ones affecting the Lifestream then."

"The Lifestream?" Noctis asked, raising an eyebrow slightly. "What's that?"

Now it was Cloud's turn to looked surprised. "There's no Lifestream here? Then how does the planet…. Never mind. This is all just a bit too complicated I think. I'm still trying to take all of this in…"

"Well then I think it would be best to continue this conversation indoors, it's started to get a bit dark out," Ignis said as he looked briefly at the setting sun. "

"You guys are just going to let me come with you guys? Without knowing what really happened to me or anything?"

"Well we can't just leave you out here, especially if you truly are not from this world. You'll just get lost," Gladiolus commented.

Cloud smiled slightly He still had no idea how he had gotten here or why, and it was true that he had nowhere to go or anything. While he was now lost in a strange new world, he was glad to have come across people who were nice and understanding. "Thank you.

They now sat around the small round table in the hotel where they were staying at. The four were still a bit confused about how Cloud had just showed up apparently from another world, but they weren't just going to leave him. They all figured if he showed up near them, it had to have been for some reason. Whatever it could be, it seemed that they were meant to meet Cloud.

"So what was it you mentioned before? About the Lifestream and the planet?" Ignis asked, deciding to start with a simple enough question to learn more about Cloud's world.

"It's a bit hard to explain, but it's basically a type of energy that is connected to all life on Gaia," Cloud replied.

"Gaia? Is that the name of the planet then?" Gladiolus asked.

Cloud nodded. "Yeah. I guess by that then, there is a different name here?"

"Eos," Noctis replied. "But now what makes you think it you coming here had to do with the Lifestream?"

"There is this area in an old church, a pool of water that is deeply connected to the Lifestream. I went to visit it today as it is a memorial for… some friends of mine… When I got there it was glowing and looked strange. I tried to look at it, but somehow I was pulled down into it and blacked out. Next thing I knew I was here."

"Hmm I wonder if there is any connection or reasoning that could have brought you here. Surely it couldn't have just happened for no reason," Ignis said as he stood up and began to pace around the room. "Now I may just be grasping at straws here, but how about where you are from?"

"I live in a city called Midgar. It's a pretty big place… though I grew up in Nibelheim."

All four guys blinked for a moment. Not quite sure they heard him right. Cloud on the other hand was confused as to why all of them stared at him with wide eyes. Maybe what he said did bring forth something that could hold a connection?

"Wh-What is it?" Cloud asked.

"What was that you said? The place you grew up in?" Noctis asked.

"Nibelheim," Cloud repeated. "It's a small mountain village... Not a whole lot of interest there besides the old manor and the broken down Mako Reactor," Cloud tried to explain the best he could, but he figured in the end they still wouldn't understand most of what he was trying to say. That is unless there was some strange connection that they had yet to uncover.

"Well that is quite the coincidence, because there is a nation here called Niflheim. But…" Prompto said as he paused slightly. "I don't think you ended up here cause your hometown has a similar name towards a military empire."

Cloud sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. He thought about asking about the place called Niflheim, but from their reactions he could already tell that they were probably not on best terms with the nation. "Hm the best guess I can have though is that the Lifestream brought me here for a reason. Maybe… I don't know what it is obviously… maybe it's to help you guys out with something?"

"As of right now I don't see much in the way of us needing help," Gladiolus explained. "Right now we are just waiting for the night so we can take a ship to Altissia."

Cloud was about to ask why exactly they heading there, but Ignis was the one to continue the rest of the story. "We're heading there because Noctis is going to marry Lady Lunafreya so a peace treaty can be created between Insomnia and Niflheim."

Cloud didn't really need to hear anymore as he started to put the pieces together based on what they had said about Niflheim and how they talked about that place. It seemed they were not really on best terms, but this was their one chance to make things better. But that still left the reason why he was there. But he thought he would at least ask anyways to try and see where he could get with it.

"I don't suppose then you would need any extra help getting there?"

"No not really," Noctis replied.

"But there still has to be some reason why you are here then," Ignis added in. "It just doesn't seem plausible for you to end up here for no rhyme or reason. There must be something…"

The five of them then sat there in silence as they all tried to think it over. The longer they thought though, the harder it was to come up with any good answer. It was just a regular thing for people from other dimensions to fall out of the sky. It was just so bizarre and out of nowhere that none of them really knew what to make of it.

Finally Prompto sighed as he leaned back in his chair. "Why don't we just sleep on it and figure it out in the morning?"

"That sounds like a good idea," Noctis said as he yawned slightly.

"I'll ask to see if they can give us access to the other guest room upstairs," Ignis said before leaving the room.

Cloud almost wanted to tell him that they didn't have to do that for him, but he kept his mouth closed as he realized there wasn't much else he could do. With being in a strange other world, why would he choose to go out on his own and get lost? If he was truly brought here to help these guys… in whatever what that could be… then he wasn't going to turn down their generosity. Though the thoughts as to why he was there never left his mind for the entire rest of the night.

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