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Saruman had finally done it. After many days of digging through the depths of his own tower, he had finally done it. After many tests, after many rituals and dark arts that have been invested into for countless hours, he had done it. The perfect soldier for his army was finally complete. A crossbreed of both goblin and man, he had created an excellent specimen of ultimate destruction. More were sure to come, but this was the very first soldier that had been spawned from the vile vats bellow him. And it was magnificent. Or that was how he saw it at least. Standing just as tall as him, maybe even taller, and had the strength of ten orcs combined, this was to be his ideal trooper in the wars to come.

Though as a start, it has the mind of an infant. Due to it just being spawn roughly a few days ago. With not a single comprehension to its is where he comes in. With the knowledge that he has gain over a thousand years of living, he can help guide this creature to the vision that he has foreseen along with his master. Thus giving it motivation, and the reason why he and it are standing within his chambers.

"Do you know how the orc first came to be?" he asked it, in a soft yet firm voice. "They were elves once. Taken by the dark power. Tortured, and mutilated. A ruined...and terrible form of life."

Those words pierced through the beast's heart. To hear such words filled his soul with agony. To be called this wretched being, this horrible life form, was to be the pinnacle of disaster. Something that would make it consider itself to be worthless. With no real use in life.

"And now-," Saruman continued. A faint pause was heard in his voice. As if something good was going to be said next. "Perfected. My fighting Uruk-hai."

Now the soldier was filled with pride. A chance to become worth something. Or at least enough for it to feel that it had a purpose. A cause that it would find use for itself. And be fulfilled at the end of its days when the time of battle comes. And it sure will come.

"Whom do you serve?" Saruman asked rhetorically.

"Saruman!" the Uruk-Hai proclaimed.

That word would sting through the mind of every singe Uruk that would be made from then on. Within the next few minutes, the Caverns of Isengard would be filled with the roars of countless orcs. Who would be seen arming themselves with broad swords and heavy armor. Along with the paintings of the White Hand that they would cover their faces and chest plates with. Over the past few days, several more of the Uruk Hai were bred.

A whole legion to be exact. Each Uruk was cold and hardened. Tempered by savagery, and war, and dedicated to one goal. To do the work of their lord Saurman, and conquer the world of men. There was not as much of them to launch a full scale war, but enough to at least capture an outpost or four. Maybe an entire fortress if he wanted to. And there was more to was making sure of it. And this was just the beginning of his rising army that he had promised Sauron. Soon he will build one so big and so vast, that it will rival the armies of Mordor. Though he would find himself on the same side of the board of his lord. But war will have to wait.

For now, he had something else for his new patch of warriors. He had them all assembled within a part of the caverns that fit the entire party within. Each one of them were eager, vicious, and ready to await their first orders. The White Wizard stood firm. Looking down upon his minions and inspecting if all of them were present. For which they were. The task he had for them was something that they would find worth exciting.

"Hunt them down," he spoke out, referring to the Fellowship that was about to pass through the realm of men should they leave Lothlorien. "Do not stop until they are found! You do not know pain, you do not know fear. You shall taste man-flesh!"

The Uruk-Hai before them then raised their weapons and bellowed with their approval of their lord's request. Yes, the Fellowship must be stopped. For Sauron's plans of conquest to prevail, this pitiful Fellowship that his friend Gandalf had created must be brought to heal. They are but too much trouble for him to simply be ignored. But that was not also the case. One of them, a hobbit that Gandalf had passed the Ring of Power onto still wields its power. The weapon of his master still lies within the hands of this half-ling. It must be retrieved. At least in his care.

He turned over to the Uruk-Hai he nicknamed Lurtz. The strongest among all of his soldiers, and the one whom he had talked to in his chambers. Considering how much loyalty this Uruk had proven to him, he trusted him enough to give him command over his forces. After all, they needed someone strong enough to keep them all from turning on each other.

"One of the half-lings carries something of great value," he told his commander in private. This was considered to be a private task. One that was extremely important. "Bring them to me alive, and unspoiled."

The Uruk Commander gave him a disappointed growl. Not really showing the love for taking prisoners. But held his tongue enough to hear his master out as he finished his final command.

"Kill the others."

And with that Lurtz turned away and went off the carry out his master's commands. Yet before he could join his brothers, he was stopped by the White Wizard's voice.

"Oh, and one more thing," he implied.

The orc then turned back to hear what else Saurman had to say. Which might be very important if it was urgent.

"There is someone else among the company that you will face," he explained. "A boy, and a beast. The boy carries knowledge that can be very valuable to us. And the beast wields a power that we do not fully understand. Both are extremely dangerous. If we are to win this war, we must make sure that they do not interfere. Capturing them is your top priority. But if they refuse to comply, than dispose of them. And bring their corpses back to me. This is my command to you personally. Failure is not an option!"

"Yes, my lord," Lurtz replied before leaving his master to his duties.

Once his commander was out of his sight, Saurman looked around the Caverns of Isengard. Watching his war party depart from Isengard and into the wilderness to carry on with his orders. Indeed, these newcomers have become a huge issue that had to be dealt with effective immediately. Yet in spite of that concept, the former wizard felt confident that his warriors will do their job, and bring about his plans to bring a new order to Middle Earth. Still, he felt so surprise of the boy's work so far.

Word had gotten to him by his ravens about how he and his beast were able to best all of the nine Nazgul. Which has never been done by any man, elf, or dwarf that has ever lived in this world since the end of the Second Age. Not even he, the greatest of all of the wizards, could pull off such a thing. And it did not stop there, word had also reached him about how they both survived the Mines of Moria. To the Balrog that he thought would end him and his existence. No one has ever don that before. Perhaps Gandalf's sacrifice had to deal with it, but that does not change the fact that they are still alive. And yet, he couldn't help but feel impressed.

Any lesser man would've given up this quest ages ago. Yet this pair of do-gooder vigilantes have managed to make it every step of the way. It was just pitiful that they still had a farther journey ahead of them. And much more pitiful that they had to die at the hands of his followers. But should they live, than they will be the instrument of the next step to his master's plans. Which were being worked on as of this moment.

"So, you think you can challenge the might of my lord Sauron, Persecutor," he spoke to himself softly. "Well, let us see if you can stand against the power of the dark side."


As Galadriel had told Hiccup the moment he had woke up, the time that the Fellowship to continue their quest had come. And it has only been a few days since they arrived. They were scheduled to leave at dawn, at the first sign of light. But not by the road. Instead, the Galadhrim were generous enough to provided the Fellowship with three boats to travel south down the Great River of the Anduin. These boats were a much quicker means for the Fellowship to travel on, as well as put enough distance between any enemy forces that could be pursuing them.

The Galadrim had also provided the company the necessary supplies they they needed for the journey ahead. Including an elvish Way-Bread that they call 'Lembas'. Which he heard was a special type of bread that can fill the stomach of a grown man. And was a convenient way for them to keep traveling without getting hungry all of a sudden. In which Pippin took four before he had even gotten up. Typical for a hobbit such as him. But on top of all that, the elves had also intended to give them all a few parting gifts before they left. A few small tokens of luck that would help guide them through the quest that was ahead. The first gifts that they have received were sets of elven cloaks wrapped around their necks. Which were said to shield them from threatening eyes.

Before they all could depart, Celeborn urgently spoke to the boy, as well as Aragorn in private. And from what he could tell, it was really important. And it was. For he had advised them of great caution. Beyond their borders, Mordor orcs were patrolling the eastern banks of the Anduin. In which would make it impossible for them to travel to Mordor on that path.

And to make matters worse, the western bank was not as safe as the east. For a sizeable company of a new orc breed, rumored to be the fighting 'Uruk-hai' that Sauruman had been secretly breeding had been seen while bearing the White Hand of Isengard. If they were to leave the safety of the elves, they would have to face the risk of being spotted by orc forces from all directions. That was when Hiccup volunteered to take the precaution of scouting for enemies as the company would travel through the river.

He mentioned to both the ranger and the elf that it would be easier for them to travel with someone warning them if they were to fall into the lion's den. In which they both agreed to. Because if they were to complete their journey down the Anduin, they would have to without being shot at by enemy archers that would be waiting for them at the river's edges.

Now in their boats, the Fellowship commenced paddling southwards. Though both the lad and beast stood behind for last minute preparations. Before the departure, Galadriel had given each member of the Fellowship a number of gifts separately. It was a sign of privacy of the duo could recall. For which Hiccup respected, knowing that some of the gifts that the elves had given them were already useful tools. In their own ways of course. But before Hiccup and Toothless could receive theirs

Though Toothless hung back from that. Since he saw that there was no need from him to wear a cloak given to his size. As time passed, each one of them had received separate gifts. Ones that included an elven rope given to Sam, and a small bottle given to Frodo, that would lighten up even the darkest of caves. But for both duo in general, they were given gifts privately. By the Lady Galadriel herself. For Hiccup, his gift was something pretty simple. A silver bow, with the mark of the great elven kingdom Eregion. Crafted by one of the greatest Elven smiths who have ever lived.

It went by the name of 'Orc's Bane.' For it alone had slain entire platoons of those inbred monster, from whoever used it.

"May this bow steady your aim," she stated with clarity and grace. "And guide you through the journey ahead."

Hiccup did not know what to say. He knew that his aim was pretty good, but he never thought that the elves would be this generous enough to give him a tool such as this. And his gratitude in return would be that of high honor.

"Thank you ma'am," he said simply.

As for the dragon himself, she had given him a pretty necklace with a small rune at the center of it. Though when she wrapped it around the Night Fury's neck, she had the rune facing the top of his head. In which the dragon did not know why. But at an instant, the Night Fury felt a rush of yellow energy through his body. It traveled from the tip of his head, to the top of his back, and down towards the end of his tail.

When he looked back, he saw that the eyes of the viking symbol on his red prosthetic tail were glowing yellow. At the same time, the rune on the top of his head too was glowing yellow. Out of curiosity Toothless looked back at the elf lady and tilted his head in questioning what to make of it.

"The Light of the Galadrim has served all those who wield it," she explained. "All who use its power will see and hear things that others cannot. Use it wisely."

"Wow," Hiccup stated in awe.

In spite of that, Galadriel did look into the dragon's eyes. The Night Fury still felt a bit uneasy, but was polite enough to look back at the elf lady.

'Farewell, King of Dragons," she said in his head. 'Your destiny still awaits."

Minutes later, the Fellowship made their departure from Lothlorien through the river. Though Hiccup and Toothless did not go with them. Instead they hung back to get one last glimpse of the place before heading off. They were at the edge of a ravine, watching as the now eight members row past the elves that were standing along the shoreline. The sound of singing voices were heard and Hiccup looked back to see Galadriel several yards from him.

The elf lady gave the young chief a nod before returning back into the woods. From there, Hiccup looked to his dragon. His eyes wandering, asking what they should do now. Hiccup did not answer. But the viking knew what they had to do. Both of them did. It would occur to them that their journey was far from over. The Fellowship needed them. And they needed the Fellowship if there was any chance for them to get back home.

With that being said, Hiccup geared up. Patching up Toothless's saddle and making sure that it tightened up for the long journey. Though as he made last minute preparations, he took a glance at his bow and examined it. Viewing the silver lining that ran across the edge. The beauty in such a weapon made Hiccup grateful should he ever use it on the battlefield.

Thought after a moment of admiring the weapon Hiccup put the bow on the perch of his saddle and mounted up. From there the dynamic duo made their way to the edge and leapt off. Ascending just above the river and downstream as they continued their journey to Mordor.

For three days the Fellowship moved through the river swiftly beyond the borders of Lothlorien. And so far everything seemed to be going smoothly for the group. Hiccup and Toothless had been scouting the water's edge for hours. Looking for any signs of trouble. They both observed the terrain and saw nothing but heavy forest. Occasionally they both would hear the cry of crows, but nothing that would cause any sort of danger to the group.

Halfway through the trip, Toothless couldn't stop thinking about the things he saw in Galadriel's Mirror. Let alone everything she had told him that night. About the huge role that he has in this ordeal, or that he was the descendant of something far more ancient than himself. He had seen it himself, though he still could not believe that he was capable of wielding such power. Was he really that valuable of an asset to her eyes? Or did she know something about him that he couldn't see himself.

No one else in the Fellowship knew of this, or the images that he Galadriel had shown him in the mirror. He also did not tell Hiccup any of this. Between him and Galadriel, it was their little secret. One that neither of them should say to anyone else. What was also a bit of a secret was Boromir's ironic betrayal. Or soom-to-be betrayal anyway. Galadriel had given the Night Fury a hint on who would try to take the ring from Frodo. Though there was no doubt that Hiccup knew as well. The viking with one leg had been watching Boromir since Moria to see if he would turn, but was pleased to see that he hasn't yet.

Either way the two of them kept their eyes on him, and anyone who would try to turn. That of which no one would virtually. There is no other person in the group who showed any signs of betrayal or attempts to take the ring. And if they knew everyone better, there was no one else who would dare try it. He just hoped that it would stay that way.

By the time the sun began to fall, the Fellowship had come to stop on a small sandbar in the middle of a wider section of the Alduin River and set up camp for the night. While everyone else was asleep Hiccup stood guard brandishing his usual combat knife. He had taken the first watch as the group rested. Though as time passed, he heard a faint growling sound. When he looked over his shoulder, he saw Toothless growling at the water's edge.

"What is it Toothless?" he asked his dragon.

For like the hundredth time, the Night Fury did not answer him. Instead he looked beyond the river's edge. Snarling and baring his teeth as usual. When the young chief took a look for himself, he saw a wooden log just floating down the river and noticed a pair of hands holding onto it. As he took a closer look, he caught a glimpse of a familiar sight and instantly drew his guard.

"Gollum," he hissed. "That damned little nitwit again!"

"Yes," Aragorn commented as he came from behind, keeping a close eye on the creature. "He's been following us since Moria."

"You'd figure after everything we've been through," Hiccup stated, putting his combat knife away. "That thing would've been long gone."

"Indeed," Aragorn added. "I hoped we would lose him on the river, but he's too clever a waterman."

Hiccup looked to Toothless and saw the tensity in the Night Fury rise up again. This time though it was through the devotion to protect the group from their interloper. Which was kind of cute. If he could put aside the fire breathing arsenal that the dragon has installed in him. To ease the anxiety, Hiccup put a gentle hand on Toothless's shoulder.

"It's okay bud," he reassured. "I don't think he's gonna cause any trouble at this point."

At an instant Toothless eased his guarding position and glanced back at his rider. From there Hiccup motioned back to the camp and then watched the Night Fury take one last glance at the clever creature before heading on back. After that Hiccup resumed his duty of keeping a lookout. But the only difference was that Aragorn did not leave.

"How are you doing?" the ranger asked.

Hiccup turned back to Aragorn with curious eyes.

"Pardon me?" he questioned.

"With all of this?" Aragorn rephrased. "Gandalf, the quest, all of it. You and your companion have been silent these past few days."

It was a pretty hard question to answer. Most likely to the fact that it wasn't really that hard. Did he want any of this to happen? He didn't know. Would he rather be at home with his people and live the life that his father wanted him to live? Probably. But was he gonna give up now? Not in the slightest.

"Well..." the dragon rider thought. "I don't know...It would be much to get around my head to be frank. It's not every day you find out that you have some role to play in a quest to stop an evil dark lord from enslaving entire kingdoms using nothing but a magical ring. So much is going on and I barely have enough time to process it."

"I get the feeling," Aragorn emphasized. "When I learned that I was the heir to the throne of Gondor I did not know how to take it. Most young boys would want such a title. Such power. I never wanted that. I wasn't like most kids. Many of them knew exactly who they were, but me...I was still searching. And I still am. I never met my father, and my mother was driven mad by grief. So in the end, what does that make me?"

"Well, that makes two of us," Hiccup commented. "Guess it depends on how we're raised."

Aragorn gave Hiccup a smile before looking to the river. Watching the gleaming water stiffen in the glistening moonlight. By then everything had gone quite. A thought crossed in the ranger's mind. One that would probably break the mood, but nevertheless break the silence if he was careful about it.

"Do you ever think about them?" he asked.

The dragon rider looked back at the ranger for the second time, still wondering what to make of the question.


"Your parents," Aragorn rephrased yet again."Do you ever still think about them? What advice you would want them to give you?"

Unlike the first question this one was pretty easy for Hiccup.

"All the time," he answered. "Since my mother isn't currently in this world, and my father...Well, you already know about him. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one out here. Fighting bloody wars and trying the prevent the end of the world with nothing but my wits and will with a Night Fury as a bonus."

"And that's why we'll win," Aragorn praised. "I didn't think we would've gotten this far without your help."

"Yeah, but I think we can both agree that it takes more than a Night Fury to even have a chance against the foes we're gonna end up fighting. And I definitely have no doubt that they're gonna be bigger and meaner. And it's just..."

Hiccup took a long pause before continuing on.

"...I just wish that I wouldn't be the only one out here, ya know?"

Aragorn did not speak after that. Instead he put his hand on the viking's shoulder and looked him in the eyes.

"Well, we need you now," he commented. "More than ever."

"I know," Hiccup stated. "That's why I'm still here."

The two of them locked eyes before the Dunedain broke off.

"Come, get some rest. I'll take watch."

With that said Hiccup left his post to join the others and settle in for the night as Aragorn took over for him.

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