Hey guys this well be for the updates.

I'm not going to try and Adopt someone else's work. So that means im not going to adopt anyone's work now. If I do witch I hope not I we'll decide. I don't want to copy or steal someone's work. It's like stealing a candy from a baby. Jk I won't steal a candy from a baby. I am just saying to let all of you now.

My updating stories might not be every week or so. I we'll try writing once a week or so it's just right now Isn't the best time for me.

If you want to adopt a story if I'm not going to work on it anymore you have to ask me. You just can't take it and use it with out my permission. If I do give you permission you can adopt it just give me credit.

Last thing is my Scarlet Potter series. I'm trying to come up with a idea for chapter 7. I don't know when I'm going to update it. I hope I can get out chapter 7 soon.

By guys and I hope you understand

- Sheeta Amine 12