not long after

Winston - i dont know how, but you did it, you actually defeated king

Ghost - well this was the first attack of many, and may i ask why were there so few wolves that could fight?

Winston - the pack was just recovering from some sickness, and Ghost how many did we loose?

Ghost -15 but the traps killed about 100 enemy wolves, our wolves killed about 5 each, me and Luna killed about 14 each, and then theres Liz who killed 43 enemy wolves and freddy the bear killed 10

Winston - 43? how is that even possible

Ghost- well have you ever tryed to swat a fly?

Winston- yeah so

Ghost- well she is like that, small and fast, the only diference is she fights back, now we should start preparing for the next attack, i have my most skilled fighters coming here to aid us in the next battle

Winston - how long untill they get here?

Ghost - they should get here in a few days, but i have someone special ariving soon, and Winston there is something i need to show the pack, its about me and Imp

Winston - ok i will signal a pack meeting for you, but who is this special person?

they begin to hear the sound of a cargo plane's engine geting closer and closer untill it is right above them, then a figure jumps out and pulls a parachute

Ghost - i thinks thats them

Winston - what? a human?

Ghost - thats part of the thing a i wanted to talk to the pack about