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Her alarm began to go off, and it took everything in her not to reach under her pillow, grab a knife, and throw it at the clock. As she rose and stared at the offending piece of electronics, she realized there were no knives under her pillow. She sighed, pushed her hair back, threw the covers off, padded over to the alarm clock, turned it off, and turned to look out the window of her room.

She should probably get an apartment, but she liked her room. She liked where she lived. She felt control here. She didn't need much, between her life of being on the run with her father, and her career in the CIA…well, kind of a career in the CIA. She groaned, headed to the bathroom to take care of business and take a shower.

As the water ran over her, she thought back to six months ago, and the government audit that changed her life. She had been shocked when Langston Graham was fired over his practices, and even more shocked at the settlement she was given over being illegally recruited to the CIA.

There she was, a Harvard grad, an ex-member of the CIA and the CAT Squad, and she found herself needing to find a real job. She answered an ad for the most boring, change of pace job she could think of…customer service of the Buy More Nerd Herd. While the "Herders" were excellent at what they did, their people skills were very lacking. She quickly became a star, and Buy More corporate offered her a raise and housing allowance to move to Burbank and help out there. Apparently since a member of the Nerd Herd had gone to college a few years ago, the place had gone to hell in a hand-basket

Sarah scrubbed her scalp deeply. She was used to having to have hot showers to wash blood and the filth of mission off of her. Now she just wanted to make sure Jeff hadn't gotten something in her hair. She didn't think he was smelling it or touching it, but he kept eyeing it and she wanted to be prepared.

She rolled her neck and felt the tight muscles resist and her neck pop. Apparently yesterday the greatest nerd herder ever had returned to the Buy More….and then he left. Rumor was he had driven back to Palo Alto to take care of some business. She was sure it wasn't that simple. While she was told some things by the "Herders" she wasn't in the inner circle, and even Morgan wouldn't tell her everything.

She snorted, Morgan Grimes. Who knew he would become a friend to her. He was odd, had a beard that he was ridiculously proud of, but he was genuine in who he was…which was odd. He promised her she would love Chuck. He kept wanting to say more, but grew frustrated, sighed, and wandered off, muttering something about, "Evil harpy demon-spawn." She had no idea what that was, or who, but it sounded bad.

She turned off the shower, toweled off, dressed in her Buy More uniform, which was much less tight than Anna's, and grabbed her things as she headed out the door. Chuck Bartowski. She was sure he was a great guy, but the Nerd Herders were easily impressed. She….not so much.


She was standing at the Nerd Herd desk as she heard the front door open. She looked up, and saw a tall man, dressed in Nerd Herd attire, and her heart lurched. He looked as though someone had shot his dog in front of him and forced him to eat it. She wanted to go over and hug him, and Sarah Walker didn't hug. She wanted to go over and wrap her arms around his and cheer him up. What the hell was wrong with her?

"Damn, it went worse than I thought," she heard Morgan say. She turned to look at him.

"What happened?" Sarah asked.

Morgan looked at Chuck and then to Sarah and then back to Chuck. "He went back to Stanford and found out his girlfriend had cheated on him with his roommate…the one that planted the tests under his bed."

"WHAT?" Sarah snapped. She felt anger, she seethed. She turned toward Chuck and studied him. "What the hell is wrong with people?"

"Sarah…have you got a thing for my buddy?" Sarah whipped around, her jaw open. "It's okay, it's me, you know I can keep a secret."

"Morgan…" Sarah began. She glanced back at Chuck. "Morgan, I don't…besides, I told you, no decent guy would ever want to date me."

"Yeah, it's hell dating Vicky Vale," Morgan replied, rolling his eyes. "I mean you're just about the funniest, wittiest, kindest person I know."

"Grimes," Tang said.

"Back off, Tang, I need his help," Sarah growled at Harry. Harry gulped. "Why don't you go buy Big Mike some donuts." Harry stood there, frozen. "Go on, shoo," she said, making a shooing motion with her hand. She shook her head and turned back to Morgan. "What was I saying?"

"You were saying how you and Chuck would be perfect for each other," Morgan told her. She gave him a flat look. "I'm gonna make myself scarce before I say something stupid, but be gentle with him."

"Morgan, there is no way anything is happening between us," Sarah told him. Morgan chuckled, turned, and walked off.

"Hey," she heard a voice behind her. She turned. "I hear you got stuck with the Nerds, I'm sorry."

"Eh," she said with a shrug and a smile. "I've had worse jobs." Chuck snorted. "No, really."

"Well, I'm Chuck," he said. He reached out his hand. "Chuck Bartowski."

"Sarah Walker," she said, reaching out and taking his hand in hers. Both of their eyes went wide at the low hum of electricity that seemed to hum between them.

"Don't freak out," Chuck muttered. Sarah raised an eyebrow. "Tang's behind you." Sarah turned, letting go of Chuck's hand and glared at Harry. Harry scampered off. She turned back to Chuck. "That was amazing," he breathed.

"Thanks," she chirped. "I take it we'll be working a lot together?"

"Yeah," Chuck groused. "Don't worry, I can be professional, unlike the rest of these…" he trailed off, looking over at Lester and Jeff. "Well, whatever those two are," he said, gesturing towards them.

"I'm sure we'll get along fine," Sarah said. Chuck smiled at her, and started to speak as a customer rushed up with a phone issue. He gave her a "what do you do" look and went to help the customer. "Just fine," she said, smiling to herself.

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