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"Are you okay?" Sarah asked. The teenager that was sitting in her office looked up at her and nodded. "Want to talk about it?"

"I don't think anyone is ever going to love me," Jane told her, sobbing. "I mean, I know, I'm in high school but, no one thinks I'm worth it."

"I thought that once, but I was wrong," Sarah told the junior. "And you have your whole life ahead of you."

"Miss Sarah, I know that's supposed to be comforting, but it's really not," Jane told her. Sarah grinned and chuckled. "I mean, everyone knows you and Chuck are the greatest. You run this center together, you work so hard at helping all the kids in the neighborhood. I get it, you have no way of understanding of what I'm going through."

"Oh, I don't?" Sarah asked. "Chuck," she called, seeing him walk past. Chuck stuck his head in the door. "Do you mind telling Jane here how we first met?"

"You mean the actual first time?" Chuck asked, amusement covering his features. Sarah nodded. "Scoot over, Jane," Chuck said. Chuck sat on the couch beside Jane. "So, I was waiting for the vice-principal-"

"You were in trouble?" Jane asked.

"Oh, God, no," Sarah told her, smirking. "Chuck?"

"Then why was he waiting for the vice-principal?" Jane asked.

"I was waiting to ask if it was okay if I missed class the next day so I could run sound and lights for the big presentation in the auditorium," Chuck said, still proud of himself all these years later.

"Nerd," Jane muttered.

"And proud of it," Chuck told her. Jane laughed.

"So Sarah was going to help you with the sound?" Jane asked. Chuck began to laugh.

"No," Sarah answered. "I was there because I had stabbed someone with a screwdriver." Jane's eyes went wide. "Chuck looked the exact same way, and then he said, 'We come from very different worlds.'"

"I guess you do understand me then," Jane told Sarah. Sarah nodded. "But…how'd you two end up together?"

"We were friends," Chuck began.

"He was in love with me and mooned over me for the rest of high school," Sarah said. "He was too scared to ask me out, and I went away."

"When she told me she was going away, I figured three to five years in a maximum security prison," Chuck told Jane.

"What happened?" Jane asked, totally invested now.

"I went away to college," Sarah told Jane. "At Harvard," she groused.

"What? They took you in after stabbing someone?" Jane asked.

"And she beat another guy up," Chuck added. Jane looked at Chuck, stunned. "Can I tell you something, she scared me to death, but…there was something about her, and I thought she needed a friend."

"But how did she get into Harvard?" Jane asked.

"I asked my mom to write a letter for Sarah," Chuck said softly. "She didn't know that I knew she wanted to go to Harvard."

"That is so sweet," Jane said to Chuck.

"See," Chuck said to Sarah. Jane turned and saw the look on Sarah's face. "Other people…normal people, think it's sweet what I did."

"I told you, I had problems with guys…men…just guys, after what dad did to me," Sarah told him. Jane looked concern. "He tried to use me in his cons," Sarah explained. "I wanted to get away from California, I wanted a fresh start, and yet, here was this…nerd, that helped me get into college and I couldn't figure out his angle."

"I just wanted her to be happy," Chuck said, shrugging. "I thought life wasn't fair to her, and she deserved a shot."

"I think she's still mad at you," Jane pointed out.

"Nah, not mad, just, slightly irritated," Chuck replied. "She's irritated she went and fell in love with me."

"He's right," Sarah said with a shrug. "We're from different worlds, and I thought we would never work, but..apparently we do."

"There was one night, we were sitting on the roof of my car, looking at the stars, and I turned to her, looked into her eyes, and just blurted out, 'I could get lost in your eyes,'" Chuck told Jane.

"That's beautiful," Jane said. She looked at Sarah who was shaking her head. "Oh my God, what did you say to him?"

"I told him, 'You could get lost walking a straight line,'" Sarah said with a grin. Jane shook her head. "I'm a lot, I know it, and he has to love me, why else would he do all he does for me?"

"So what happened in college?" Jane asked.

"We went our separate ways," Chuck began.

"He text me constantly," Sarah said, rolling her eyes. Chuck tilted his head in her direction, grinning. "Finnne," she huffed. "I text him back."

"So, when did you two figure it out?" Jane asked. Chuck turned to Sarah, smirking.

"She came back to LA, and apparently she had found someone to teach her how to dress in something that wasn't goth," Chuck began.

"She was into goth!?" Jane said in disbelief.

"Again, I was rebelling against….well…everything," Sarah pointed out.

"Have you really stopped though?" Chuck asked her. She shook her head at him and then stuck her tongue out at him.

"You love him," Jane told Sarah.

"I mean, I do, but do we have to make a big deal about it?" Sarah asked. Jane looked hurt, but Chuck laughed.

"I don't understand you two," Jane told them.

"Maybe this will help," Chuck said. "So she came back, and we went to a party and started talking and hanging out. We were sitting there and a guy was heading toward Sarah-"

"Wait, I'm telling this," Sarah said. She rolled her eyes, took a deep breath, and began. "I told him do something so that the guy coming toward us wouldn't bother us and I ended up stabbing him with a screwdriver."

"She's a bit violent," Jane muttered.

"Eh, just towards those that don't respect her boundaries," Chuck said with a shrug.

"What happened?"

"Well, Chuck, being adverse to PDA kissed me on the cheek," Sarah told Jane. Jane glanced at Chuck. "He did," she insisted.

"Fine, what did you do?" Jane asked.

"She said, and I quote, 'What was that?' I answered, 'A kiss.'" Chuck was grinning now. "She said, 'Disgusting….do it again.'"

"She's sending out a lot of mixed messages," Jane said.

"So then the guy walks away," Chuck continued. "She grabs my head, and pulls me in for a real kiss."

"Way to go, Sarah!" Jane told her.

"That was when I asked her why she had stabbed the guy with the screwdriver all those years ago," Chuck told Jane. "She told me, he had tried to kiss her." Jane burst out laughing.

"So that was it?"

"Eh," Sarah said with a shrug.

"No," Chuck told her. "She thought we came from completely separate worlds and I deserved better."

"So you saw other people?" Jane asked, worried.

"Spoiler alert, we're together, we're fine, but no, she didn't want to see anyone else, but she spent every date telling me I should find someone else, and then kissed me like her life depended on it," Chuck explained.

"I'm complex," Sarah said, shrugging. "So we told you all of this, to tell you, there probably is someone out there, the question is, have you noticed him?"

"Got it," Jane said.

"Well, I hate to be that guy, but we need to go," Chuck said to Sarah, standing.

"Right," Sarah said. "I have to go to a wedding," she explained to Jane.

"Sarah…it's our wedding," Chuck said, exasperation in his voice.

"I know, I know, but they can't start it without us," Sarah pointed out.

"She really loves you," Jane told Chuck.

"I know," Chuck replied, grinning at both of them. "Coming?" he asked Sarah extending his arm.

"You sure, you can do better," Sarah told him with a wink, coming over to take his arm.

"Positive," Chuck told her.

"It's your funeral," she muttered as they headed out the door.

"No, it's literally our wedding," Chuck countered.

"Tomato, funeral," Sarah answered.

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