"Now where in the hell are we...?!" The white-haired man shouted as he kicked at the ground. Ash-colored grass crumbled beneath his leather boot, sending it roiling away in the spectral winds of the underworld.

In the far distance, crimson lighting crowned black mountains against a purple sky. This was not the world of humans, but the underworld. Or at least, some part of it. The Qliphoth's roots had been squarely planted in hellish soil, even as its branches and trunk had managed to grow all the way into Red Grave City.

Crossing worlds had merely been a matter of following the trunk all the way down. But now, with the tree cut down to prevent any further incursion into the human realm, they lacked a means of returning.

Of course, they had both known this on the way down.

But that didn't mean he couldn't complain.

Turning to face his companion, clad in the darkest of garbs and carrying a long katana, he jabbed an accusing finger. "I thought you said you were familiar with the underworld! We've been walking in circles for days now!"

"I said nothing of the sort. My time in the underworld was a long haze—a waking nightmare under Mundus' dominion. I remember clearly little, almost nothing. Besides, this place is an interstice of planes, Dante. It could lead anywhere."

Scoffing and turning on the spot, sending his dark-red coat-tails fluttering with the motion, the Legendary Demon Hunter raised a hand to rub his brow. "Fat load of good you are, Verge. But yeah, that does seem like what happened the last time..."

"...Then you've been to the underworld before, little brother?" Vergil asked, crossing his arms as he ignored the petulance of his companion. "I would expect you to be more familiar with this place, then."

"Well... That time I sort of just, ended up, somewhere strange. Maybe if we can find that kid with the neck-spike, he could drop us off..."

The katana carrying brother raised a lone brow at that, pointedly saying nothing even as he shook his head.

"I knew we should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque," Dante complained again, though grinning at his joke.

"You mean the Qliphoth, and we did take a left. Though it should matter none."

"No, that's not what I meant, don't you watch any—Wait, you're pulling my leg. We watched that as kids before, I remember it!"

Vergil said nothing, but the silent smirk was all the confirmation Dante needed, to grin and shake his head.

"Well, whatever! We've got all the time in the world, so there's bound to be something if we just keep on walking! And just like last time, I've got a bike with me!"

"You intend to ride that over-sized bush-trimmer of yours?" Vergil sneered, distaste obvious for his brother's taste in toys. The triple-nunchucks had been one thing, but he distinctly remembered an electric guitar that shot swarms of bats even decades after the fact. And it seemed like Dante's taste in weaponry had only gotten more eclectic since, if the hat was anything to go by. Then again, Vergil did miss those gauntlets and boots he had acquired from that blind light demon on Temen ni Gru. Perhaps he should dare his brother to bet them on the result of another bout?

"Hell yeah I am!" Dante called out in response, whipping out the two halves of a motorbike with a flourish and slamming them together as he jumped on. Looking over his shoulder, he shouted as he revved the engine. "Get on, it'll be a roadtrip!"

Vergil crossed his arms, hanging his head as he sighed. But...

"...Fine. But we're taking a right this time."

Goddamn DMCV was great!

Got some minor complaints, sure. But loved it all the same, especially since the ending is a perfect lead in for ANY crossover you could imagine. They can just show up anywhere, if you want to have them. It's great!