Chapter 1

The New Horizon

The Earth.

Only planet in the solar system that houses life, of all kinds, plant, marine and terrestrial. But the one that stands out the most is human life.

Humanity is a race that has been present on the planet for thousands and thousands of years, and that has undergone a long process of evolution to its current state. From the beginning, humanity had to fight against nature to survive. But as time has progressed, the idea of survival changes, because humanity has spread throughout the world. Humans made families, families made communities, communities made nations. Although this sounds like a peaceful idea, the human has always had a rather dark nature.

The war.

The desire to conquer, to impose ideas or ideologies against other nations. Those ideas ended up taking humans to armed conflicts several times, which ended up shaping the current world, leaving the planet scarred forever. Although the current world is at "peace", thanks to the UN, that has not prevented extremist groups from seeking to harm nations and their citizens due to different ideologies.

To combat these threats, Rainbow Six was created in 1999. an elite international counterterrorist unit that falls under the direct supervision of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO. The unit was formed to combat terrorist actions worldwide in a more effective way by assembling a team of elite counterterrorist operatives from nations all over the world. Since its formation, Rainbow has prevented several terrorist plots since its activation but was deactivated in 2012. The unit was reactivated three years later under a new director, to combat the widespread terrorist attacks all over the world.

There was a time when only less than 100 people in Washington D.C. knew the existence of Rainbow, and it was considered "blacker than black", but nowadays it is a well-known unit. Although most of its operations are Top-Secret, there were a few operations known to the public. Rainbow is considered the best and most efficient anti-terrorist unit in the world, by governments, armys and even by some citizens of several countries.

Unfortunately, this time Rainbow will have to face a greater threat.

One that is not human.

One that is not of this world.

— l — l — l —

Central Park. New York city. USA.

Sunday, February 10, 2019.

05:40 AM. Local time.

Central Park was perhaps, along with Times Square, one of the best known places in the city. It is also the most visited park in the United States. It is a very popular place for tourists who visit the place as for citizens who enjoy the tranquility of the place.

During that morning, a couple was exercising, and that meant they were jogging in the southern part of the park.

Even though it was quite early and it was still dark, that couple had decided to go to the park early to do their routine every Sunday.

"Come on Josh, you're falling behind." Said a female voice.

"Yeah, yeah, just wait sec..." Said the man, who seemed a little tired.

Both, who were in their mid-20s, began to stop under a lamppost. The woman at that time offered a bottle of water to her boyfriend, to which he took it.

"Maybe you should quit smoking, don't you think?" Said the woman.

"Don't worry Kate, you know I'm not used to waking up so early."

The women just showed a smile. "C'mon, We are almost there, we just have to give another 3 laps to the whole other" She said.

The man soon finished drinking from that bottle of water. "Thanks, Kate." But his girlfriend did not say anything, she seemed to be seeing something. "Kate?"

"What is that...?" She said.

Soon she began to walk towards where the bushes and trees were, where the light of the streetlights did not arrive. Her boyfriend soon followed her. After crossing the bushes and trees, the couple found a clearing where there was only grass. Or at least that's the way it should be, because in the middle there was something quite strange.

In the middle there was a construction, it seemed of architecture that could look like the Roman or Greek, and it was white, as if it were marble. And its size seemed 16 yards. It looked like some kind of Gate, quite huge, but beyond its interior it was dark. In addition to that the entrance of this construction pointed to the north.

"Woah, you think it's for some kind of event?" Said the woman to his boyfriend.

"I think it looks cool. Hey, let me take a picture." Said the man, while taking out his smartphone.

"Hey take me one." The woman said as she approached the entrance of the structure.

Her boyfriend, smiling, started taking a couple of photos, both of his girlfriend and the structure.

But suddenly he stopped smiling.


"What is it?"

She asked, but she had no answer. She noticed that her boyfriend was looking behind her. So she turned the same to look. Then she began to see something in the dark. Something quite strange. It seemed to be... several eyes.

Several burning red eyes.

— l — l — l —

10 days later.

Wednesday, February 20. 2019.

05:17 AM.

"This morning, President John Ryan, together with the UN Security Council, has declared that for the following months, the United States military will keep the 'Gate' in custody. The President said that the last 10 days have been carried out investigations on the Gate, its origin and, and what is on the other side, but until now nothing has been revealed. However, the President announced that he would accept that the investigations would be under the protocols of the United Nations Security Council. Also, the President announced that RAINBOW specialists, from the Anti-terrorist Unit with soldiers from several countries in the world, will be present in Central Park, so experts from various countries can join the investigation in a joint effort under the direction of the UN."

The next scene showed as a video recorded in a smartphone, and showed how several policemen, including several SWAT agents and National Guard personnel, were fighting in the streets surrounding Central Park against several dark-looking creatures, with black fur, and with white plates that looked like bones. Some had a slight canine aspect, like that of a wolf, but they were bigger, stronger and more sinister, besides that the complexion was more different from that of a canine. It was also shown how several M113 APCs (Armored Personnel Carrier) gave support to kill those creatures.

Another scene showed how people were evacuated by the NYPD and the National Guard while screams and gunshots were heard. It also showed another creature that maintained certain similarities with the wolves, only that it was huge and winged, it looked like some kind of crow, a giant one. The video showed how four of these were killed easily by two AH-Z1 Viper.

The video also showed how those creatures began to disappear when they died, as if smoke came out of their bodies.

"So far, the total death toll is 163 people, including 15 policemen. And although the calm has returned to New York and the army has taken control of a small part of Central Park, several protests have arisen in Washington D.C. from people demanding that the Gate should be destroyed, to avoid future incidents. In other news, the Organization of American States agreed a meeting in Santiago, Chile to discuss the current situation in Bolivia."

"Hard to believe, huh?"

The guy who was watching the news on his Smartphone turned around when he heard that.

"A moment you are resting with your family, with friends or someone else, and when you least realize hell breaks loose." Said the man, who wore simple clothes, had a beard and wore glasses, in addition to his hair was short but had it well combed.

"It's hard to believe, yeah... I mean, this kind of stuff usually happens in fiction stories and that kinda stuff, but dark creatures that came out of a Gate that appeared out of nowhere? The world is becoming a place even more weirder." He answered. His tone of voice could be heard calmly, as well as his expression.

The man in glasses released a short, dry laugh. "Actually I thought you would be more nervous. Rainbow recruits don't usually leave Hereford one day after finishing their trainin'."

The young soldier, who turned out to be a new member of Rainbow, let out a small dry laugh. "Yeah, but Rainbow Operators are also not assigned to missions to investigate evil creatures from another world, though."

"We are approaching the LZ." Said the pilot of the helicopter in which both were traveling, which was a Black Hawk.

The new Rainbow Operator looked down as the chopper approached and descended to what was now a military base in the southern part of Central Park. The rest of the park could still be used by civilians, but there was a strong military presence, which started from the southern part of the park and ended in the 65th Street Transverse, which the street was complete closed, now it was only used by the US army. It could also be seen several watchtowers, in which there was a Sniper in each tower.

Among what could be seen, such as small buildings that looked like offices, barracks, heliports, and military vehicles parked, there was also a large dome, where, what was quickly called the 'Gate' stood out.

Slowly the Black Hawk began to descend, and the man with glasses went out of the helicopter first, but he was quickly greeted by a redhead woman, who wore an FBI uniform.

"Harry." Said that red-haired woman, calling that man by his name. "Or should I say Six? Welcome to the Big Apple."

The man, named Harishva Pandey, or 'Harry', previously the psychological and military culture advisor of Aurelia Arnot - the previous Six - and now Deputy Director of Rainbow Six, let out a small friendly smile. "Eliza, good to see you again."

"Likewise Harry." Said with a small smile the woman named Eliza, A.K.A. Ash, Rainbow Operator of the FBI SWAT. Although that smile disappeared quickly to see the person who came behind him.

He was young, his hair was black and had fair skin. His uniform was of the military type, completely black (to give you an idea about the uniform look "military in all black" in Google and first image would be, without the helmet of course) and he carried in his right hand a black HK416 rifle, with a grip under the barrel, a green laser sight at the side of the barrel and an EOTech holographic sight with magnifier.

"Who is he?" Ash asked.

"Oh right, he is the new Recruit, he finished the training yesterday." Answered Harry. "He will also participate in the Operation."

"I see... it's fine, I'll show him how things are done around here." Ash answered. She was not going to complain because the young man but if Harry chose him for this mission she would be silent. Besides, it was not the first time that she works with rookies.

"Thanks ma'am, I'll follow your instructions, my name is-"

"First, don't call me 'ma'am', I'm not the damned President, besides, nobody here is polite." She stated.

The New One just nodded to what she said.

"And what about others? We have to start the meeting." Said Harry to Ash.

"Right this way." She said. Soon the three of them began to walk until they reached one of the buildings inside the Central Park military base.

Soon they entered the construction and they went to one of the rooms, when opening the door, there were several people inside. Rainbow operators. The New One could see that there were 19 people in total. They were members of Rainbow who came from Russia, Germany, France, the United States and the United Kingdom. They were sitting on folding chairs, while in the front there seemed to be a projector.

The New Operator took a seat in the back, but that did not prevent some Operators from keeping an eye on him. While others greeted Harry, to which amble and friendly responded.

"Guys, it's really good to see you all together here. I know there are more Rainbow Operators, but at the moment it will only be you." Said Harry, while he was using the laptop he brought to connect it to the projector.

Then, one of the Operators raised his hand, one of the russian Spetsnaz. He had a balaclava covering his face.

"Yes Alex?" Asked Harry.

"Who's the kid? Nobody said that this place would be a Kindergarten." Said the guy with a russian accent, named Alexsandr Senaviev, A.K.A. Tachanka.

Some let out a couple of short laughs, others just showed small smiles at the comment, others did not pay much attention. Meanwhile, the New One did not say anything, he just kept quiet.

"He is the recruit, he will be part of this Operation, just like you." Harry stated. "Don't worry, you'll have time to know him."

"And what is this Operation about?" Asked another one, called Marius 'Jäger' Streicher.

"Good question Marius. Mike, can you help me with the lights?" Said Harry to Mike 'Thatcher' Baker, so he turned off the lights.

"Okay guys... as you know, 10 days ago, on February 10, this thing appeared in Central Park. We don't know where it came from, who or what put it there or exactly where it leads." Harry explained while showing several images of the Door from various angles.

"What we do know is that these creatures live on the other side of the Gate." Then Harry showed several photos of the creatures that appeared and attacked durin' the Central Park Incident. Some looked like slightly anthropomorphic wolves and others looked like huge crows.

"We don't know exactly what those things are but they are designated as 'Chimeras', we don't know if there are other types of Chimeras, since in theory they are like crows and wolves, different species but their appearance is very similar. Fortunately they are susceptible to bullet damage, although they are quite resistant in those white plates that they have in their bodies, it is believed that it is a type of exo skeleton that helps them to avoid fatal damage. They are tough but not invincible."

"Also, drones have been sent to the other side of the Gate, which has been designated as the Special Region'. The other side seems to be similar to Earth, studies say it is an 'exact copy', and there seems to be no sign of radiation or any type of problem in the air."

Then, Harry began to show the photos taken by the drones, which were in black and white, and others in color.

"It seems that the other part of the Gate in the Special Region is in the middle of a forest, but there is nothing else around, and we still don't know how such a structure is in the middle of nowhere. And this is where Rainbow will act." Harry got up and stood in front of everyone. "Rainbow's mission will be to enter the other side of the Gate, along with the support of the US Army, establish a permanent base of operations in the Special Region, and investigate the Chimera and the rest of the Special Region."

Then someone else raised a hand to ask a question.

"Yes, Gustave?"

"We are supposed to be an Anti-Terrorist Unit, not an expedition group." Said Gustave 'Doc' Kateb.

"You are right, but Rainbow was selected because it is a Unit with worldwide jurisdiction. That's why the UN Security Council opted for Rainbow to be part of this Operation, to imply that this is not an Operation carried out by the United States. This is an official mission of the UN." Harry explained. It could be seen that it sounded a bit emotional and slightly inspiring, although he only explained facts.

"And what is the name of this Operation?" Asked the new Rainbow Operator.

"Operation: Darkest Night."

— l — l — l —

After that, nobody said anything, and the meeting ended quickly. The new Operator, who quickly earned the nickname of 'The New One', followed Ash, who with no problems introduced him to the rest of the FBI SWAT, GSG-9, GIGN, SAS and Spetsnaz, although no one asked for his real name or a nickname. In spite of that it seemed that he could get along with them, who knows.

Half an hour later after the team meeting, already being 06:00 a.m, Team Rainbow was armed and ready. Later they went to where the Gate was, in front of the structure there were several IAV Stryker, besides, there were several USMC soldiers, while others, who would go to the other side of the Gate, were from the 75th Ranger Regiment, who were entering in several M113 APCs.

The only thing that could be heard was the sound of the vehicles, the steps of the soldiers and the shouts of their superiors, telling them to move and prepare.

The New One entered one of the Stryker vehicles, which he shared with the Specialists of the FBI SWAT and Spetsnaz. And while he was sitting and waiting for the vehicle to move forward, he began to put on a balaclava.

One that had the figure of a skull painted in front.

Soon an alarm began to be heard, and the Marines began to prepare their rifles, and 50. Cal machine ghea, the vehicles also prepared their guns. And soon the doors that kept closed the dome that it sheltered the Gate began to open, and from inside the soldiers began to hear several grunts from the inside.

When the doors opened completely, within the darkness of the Gate several red burning, menacing eyes could be seen. The soldiers and the vehicles prepared to shoot. While on the radio it could be heard the first words that started the exploration of the Special Region, from Harry.

"Beginning Operation: Darkest Night."

End of Chapter 1


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