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Chapter 9

The Next Step

Terra Nova.

It's the name that was officially given to the american FOB in the Special Region, which was still in the process of being converted into a complete permanent military base and command center for all operations carried out in Remnant. Despite the fact that the Special Region already had a name and was inhabited by other beings, the name became quite adequate.

However, this was not only limited for the United States of America.

The Chimeras were not the only threat to the interests of the United States of America and the United Nations, sooner or later the people of Remnant would discover that there are beings from another world in Vale, just as people on Earth would discover that there is a world similar to the Earth in the Special Region, so it was possible that terrorist groups, the Atlesian military, or even the Huntsman Academies could become a threat in the future to the interests of Earth. Because of this, the United Nations Security Council has been carrying out plans for more armies from Earth to enter the Special Region, as well as at least get more bases around Vale or even on another continent, although until now this plan has been limited only to permanent members of the Security Council. Even in the future, non-permanent members may be invited to attend the Special Region.

But for now the future is still uncertain.

— l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l —

Thursday, March 14, 2019.

A pair of F-35B Lightning II flew over the skies of the southeastern region of Remnant, to be more precise, they flew close to what was the northwest coast of the island known as Menagerie. Their main role in this operation was gathering intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, more than anything it was to observe the terrain and look for any place of importance on the coast of the island. The F 35s were flying over the skies of Menagerie, because of the distance no one could hear the aircraft, much less see them, just as no one in Vale was aware that beings from another world were in Remnant.

However, the F-35s did not appear to be regular combat aircraft, as they had golden-yellow details on both vertical stabilizer of the aircraft. What stood out the most was the logo, which was the head of an eagle. The aircrafts belonged to the High Altitude Warfare Xperimental Squadron, also known as H.A.W.X. Squadron.

"Just look at that, we are the first pilots to fly in another world's sky. Too bad Voodoo and Major Crenshaw didn't come with us." First Lieutenant James 'Talon' Miller. "At least we don't have to worry about being attacked with artillery, right, Dagger?."

"Enjoy it while you can, you don't know when a Chimera is goin' to appear and try to eat you." A female voice answered, she sounded calm but she was joking. The other pilot was Savannah 'Dagger' Riley. "Command wants as much information as possible about the Special Region, so we may have to do this quite often."

"Can't complain, not when I'm sitting all day." Answered Talon, with a small grin under his helmet.

The pilots continued flying over Menagerie as long as they could before having to return, due to the distance they had to return soon or they would run out of fuel. Fortunately that was only a minor problem.

— l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l —

08:49 AM. Local time.

Team Rainbow plus Amber were having a meeting about what the UN and the Security Council have considered about the Special Region. Since Team RAINBOW was now the investigation and exploration team of the Special Region, all the decisions were made by the UN, and Harry was the first to receive them. Although in fact RAINBOW still maintains some autonomy, this was demonstrated by having Amber in Terra Nova, Blake as a prisoner and by making contact with Ozpin, all this without requesting permission from the UN.

"Good morning team, I hope everyone had a good night." Said Harry as always he sounded calm. "As some of you may have already imagined, until now the United Nations Security Council has been holding talks about sending allied armies through the Gate."

No one said anything about it, some were surprised by the news, others not so much. They all kept quiet and let Harry continue talking.

"From what I've been informed, so far Russia and the United Kingdom have agreed to support the United States in Remnant, that means that Russian and British soldiers will arrive here. The three nations will work together to defend the interests of Earth in the Special Region, as well as what would be the inevitable meeting between the Kingdoms of Remnant and the UN." Harry explained to his team.

Some Operators seemed to agree with the idea, others took the news well in a way, especially the Russian and British Operators. But in a way it was something that was seen to come, the United States of America could not keep the Special Region for themselves, in addition to the fact that it was normal for the United States' allies to support this type of operations. The United Kingdom has long been an important military ally for the United States, while relations between Russia and America improved after the Russian War in 2008, in addition to later confirmed that among the dead in New York there was a Russian family on vacation, made up of father, a mother, a boy and a girl, both under 10 years old, it was obvious that Russia would not stand idly by.

The Chimeras, or Grimm, were a mysterious threat, not only to the United States. And right now, three of the world's most powerful nations were willing to collaborate to prevent something like that from happening again.

"That means Russia will join NATO? What about France and China?" The Recruit asked, quite curious about the whole thing.

"No, at least not that I know of, since for now it is only three countries. And about China and France, apparently they decided not to take any direct action, but they will surely give us their support." Harry explained to the New One.

Well, that leaves France and China out of the equation, at least temporarily, who knows. It was not the first time that something like this happened, back on 2001 following the September 11 attacks, during the United Nations Security Council deliberations, French Minister of Foreign Affairs Dominique de Villepin made it clear France would neither support nor participate in the invasion. Oh yeah, this caused the famous 'Freedom fries' thing. On the other hand there was China, which on the contrary did not have some kind of military alliance with the United States, which made things more complicated unlike Russia. But even so, both countries had agreed to support the operations carried out in the Special Region, even if not directly.

"Even so, that doesn't mean that our work will be easier from now on." Said Glaz, Spetsnaz Operator.

"That is true, we never know when we should act, remember that. "Harry mentioned to his team. "In addition to what I've said, we are still working on a plan to build a second base in this world."

"Already? We are not done with this one." That came from Blitz.

"What are our options?" Said Jack 'Pulse' Estrada, everyone was thinking the same thing.

"I'm not gonna lie, it's somewhat complicated. Fortunately the Gate is far from civilization, if we build another base it has to be isolated, besides that it would be good to cover more land for our forces. I've been thinking that we can build another base south of the Belkha Mountains, near the water." Harry kept his arms crossed, he seemed to want to say something, but he seemed to think about it a lot.

Harry soon turned to show everyone what was a blackboard with a large map of Remnant and its continents, in which there were several locations marked, in addition to small sheets with notes and ideas.

"Although there is also the idea of establishing a Base of Operations... here."

The RAINBOW Operators and Amber were surprised to seeing the place Harry was pointing his finger at. It was an island on the southeast of the map. That island was Menagerie. The Operators weren't exactly experts on the subject, but from what they had learned, Menagerie was full of faunus, and it seemed that humans never went there. Everyone was wondering what the hell Harry was planning.

"We may be from another world but we are still human." Said Emmanuelle 'Twitch' Pichon.

"True, but we have no intention of causing any problems. But we certainly can't just go there and wait for us to be welcomed with open arms." Harry said.

The only way they could get close to Menagerie was to ask Ozpin for help, clearly the man knew the world and important figures, maybe he knew someone in Menagerie, but Harry wanted to avoid contacting him as much as he could, the Headmaster did not seem to be someone naive, and certainly if Harry asks for help the Headmaster would know that something is happening.

"But so far we've made it clear that we have good reasons to fight, and the Headmaster will surely still think that we are some kind of mercenary group, but for now we will have to be careful, as I mentioned, this are just ideas." Harry stated, while the others agreed in silence. "All right, the next thing we'll discuss is..."

Harry and the Operators continued the meeting. The following were requests for equipment and resources the Operators might need, whether it be weapons, ammunition, equipment, or even items that could be considered more personal, such as books, etc. Since Amber is technically part of RAINBOW she was also in, so she, still curious about Earth, decided to request history and geography books about the world on the other side of the Gate.

For his part, the young Recruit could not help but request a list of weapons, mostly rifles, written on paper to the RAINBOW supply office. He was a weapons nut, and for being in RAINBOW he had the advantage of requesting almost any weapon in the world, so he was like a child writing a letter to Santa Claus.

— l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l —

Blake Belladonna was feeling pretty miserable right now. Due to her decisions she was now a prisoner, but didn't know who the prison belonged to. RAINBOW is an anti-terrorist unit, but she couldn't help but wonder under whose orders they were. Where does RAINBOW come from? Do they serve under any government?
Right now she was in a cell, but the truth was that it didn't seem like one, it had a bed, a pillow and a sheet, the truth was that she was quite comfortable. Until now she could not say anything about the food, since last night she had not eaten anything, and not because no one gave her anything, Amber herself went to ask her what she wanted to eat, but Blake didn't wanted anything, she was more focused in her thoughts, her thoughts and regrets.

During the morning Blake could hear quite a lot of noise, the soldiers were still making constructions, she could also hear the sounds of footsteps as if they were in some kind of training as if they were jogging, she also noticed the sound of gunshots, but also aircrafts, but she did not know what it was exactly, her cell doesn't have a window, in fact a few minutes ago she heard the sound of those aircrafts again, they surely had returned, but where did they go? She had no idea. Blake was in her bed, with nothing to do. But soon she heard the door open.

"Blake, you're awake?"

Blake could easily recognize that voice, it was Amber. Blake turned to see her, noticing that behind him was that Operator with the skull balaclava, holding a rifle. Although Blake soon looked at what Amber was holding, she had a mess tray, obviously with food in it. But the food didn't seem like something that would be given to any prisoner, the food smelled good, and it looked good, at least decent. It was an Omelette along with bacon, two bread toasts, a small fruit cup, and a glass of orange juice.

"You haven't eaten anything since yesterday, I'm sure you are hungry, I don't know what you like and we are not exactly a restaurant, but you will surely like it, eat it before it gets cold." Amber said calmly but kindly, with a smile on her face. She offered food in an open space on the bars. "If you need something else tell me."

Blake was quite surprised, though her expression did not entirely show it. The food didn't seem like something they give prisoners. Still she decided to accept the food, and took the mess tray. "So... could I get something to read? Anything would be fine."

"I guess a book would be fine." Amber mentioned. The truth was that Amber had access to some books that Harry brought, but those books almost entirely spoke of the Earth, cities, nations, etc, it wasn't novels about any particular story. But soon she turned to see the Recruit. "You said you were reading a book, right? How about you lend it to her for a while?"

The young Operator said nothing, yes, he was reading a book that he had brought since they arrived, but he didn't have that much time to read it. The truth was, he wouldn't bother lending it to Blake, it was no big deal. The Operator shrugged slightly, and soon left the place in search of that book, it's not like something was going to happen while he wasn't there for a few minutes. Right?

Blake calmly began to eat her food, and in fact it tasted good. True, it was not the best food in the world but it was not garbage either, but if she compared it to what she ate when she was with the White Fang then that breakfast tasted like glory. At the time there was only Amber and Blake in that room so Blake saw an opportunity to learn more about her situation.

"I'm supposed to be a prisoner, why give me this kind of food?" Blake asked, she was not complaining, but Blake was a prisoner and a faunus, this was not the treatment she expected.

"You are the only prisoner here Blake, and nobody else, there is nothing wrong with giving you the same thing we eat." Amber replied, quite calmly and with a small smile in her face. Amber wanted Blake to know that even though she is a prisoner she would not be mistreated. It was a humane treatment, as they called it on Earth. The terms 'humanitarian' or 'humane treatment' did not exist in Remnant.

"That means you'll let me go?" Blake asked, but she was not so hopeful about it.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not the right person to answer that." Amber answered. She did not want to give false hope to the cat faunus.

"I understand." It was all the cat faunus could say. In the end Blake understood that she would spend a long time there.

Blake was silent and continued eating, enjoying the hot food, something that was rare to enjoy sometimes, because she was in a terrorist group, cooking good food was the last thing they worried about. Soon the Operator with the skull balaclava returned, in his hand the book he had mentioned. The young Operator honestly didn't know if it was something a girl would be interested in, but he had nothing better to offer her.

"Here you go." Said the young man.

The book was titled 'The Domination', written by S.M. Stirling. On the cover was an eagle fighting with what appeared to be some kind of winged reptile, similar to a dragon. The Recruit thought that there was no problem if Blake read that book, since it was Alternate History and Science Fiction.

"What is the book about?" Asked Blake, while she accepted and took the book.

"It is Science Fiction and Fantasy, it's about an alternate world where faunus and aura do not exist, but instead there is a Kingdom whose sole purpose is to enslave the human race." The Recruit explained. Sure it was alternative Earth-based story, but at the end of the day it was fiction, but for a Remnan that was like a fantasy story, he was sure she would buy it.

"But if you are interested in any other book, tell me and I'll try to get it for you." Amber said. Sure, they couldn't get a specific book Blake wanted, but maybe she could find something based on the genres Blake liked and then order it from Harry. It was easier that way instead of going to Vale, since technically, the distance between New York and Terra Nova is just over half a kilometer.

"Thank you, Amber... And thank you, uh..." Blake replied, feeling truly grateful for Amber's kindness, and for the Recruit as well. Saying the second 'thank you' Blake also did it with the intention that the Operator would give her a name, his name. It wasn't because she would try something funny later, she was only curious.

"It's okay." The young man answered, not noticing that she wanted to know his name. It's not as if he was going to tell her anyway.

"I'll come see you later, goodbye." Said Amber, in a simple tone.

"Goodbye." Blake replied, without a specific expression on her face.

Blake just continued to eat her breakfast, while the Recruit and Amber left the place, and soon began to walk side by side.

"It looks like you want to insist on being her friend." The Recruit said casually.

"There is nothing wrong with being her friend, besides, we are not the bad guys, someday we have to let her out of that cell." Amber replied, still with that small smile on her face.

"And then what? We let her join RAINBOW and walk around the place?" While the Recruit was saying that he had begun to remove his balaclava.

"I don't know." Amber just shrugged. "But her heart is in the right place. Maybe she can join an Academy and become a Huntress."

"Well, I dunno who would want an ex-terrorist in an Academy, no matter how pretty she is. And yet she's still a prisoner, but at the end of the day is Harry's call." The Recruit said back.

As they walked, close to them there was a group of soldiers working out under the sun, in the grass, while the instructor yelled at them all kinds of things.

"Huh? And when did I say she was pretty?" Soon Amber had a grin on her face, so she decided to tease him a little. "Are you having second thoughts about the prisoner, Recruit?"

"Okay, fine. I think Blake is a pretty beautiful girl, but I can't say that in front of you." The Recruit wasn't going to deny that.

"Really? Why?"

" 'Cause I don't want you to be jealous. And don't call me 'Recruit'."

After saying that, the Recruit earned an elbow to the stomach, but Amber just smiled. "Better keep thinking about your codename instead of talking nonsense."

"In fact, I think I already have it..."

Amber and the Recruit continued walking, as they continued talking and letting out a few laughs.

— l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l — l —

09:36 PM. Local time.

The day continued without any problem, while some did their duties and others rested. It was already night, the broken moon and the stars were visible for everyone on the planet. For those who inhabited the world it was something normal, but for those who came from another world it was still a chaotic and beautiful phenomenon.

Inside what was a mess hall still under construction Team RAINBOW seemed to be having a good time, not all Operators were at that time, since the others were resting or doing something else. At that time in the mess hall were Ash, Glaz, Thatcher, Tachanka, Twitch, Harry and the Recruit. At the moment the Recruit was the only one who was having dinner, the others had already finished their food, since he was the last one to arrive, so at the moment they were chatting.

At the time of talking, Twitch was talking about her Drone, and the Recruit being curious asked her more about it, to which she nicely replied.

"I built it myself with the latest parts from Skell Tech. It runs smooth and quiet, virtually undetectable." Twitch showed a proud smile when saying those words. "And it has a Taser that can take out anything up to seven and half meters. I can go almost anywhere and you'd never know I was there."

"Yeah, but it can't jump." Tachanka replied. That made the Recruit to crack up a smile, almost laughing.

Twitch only raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? What about you? You use a DP-27, you could at least return it to the museum."

Of course she and Tachanka were only joking with each other. Hearing the answer, Tachanka could only reply with a short laugh. But upon hearing what they were saying, the Recruit thought that he would also need something like that.

"Maybe I can get a Drone for myself." The Recruit remembered that Skell Tech had a tri-rotor UAV Drone, equipped with NVG and IR vision. Maybe he could add other things to it if he decided to get one.

"As long as it works and is useful." Thatcher mentioned.

"Hey I gotta ask, what's with you and Amber?" Asked Twitch, while raising an eyebrow and having a small smile on her face. "You seem to be spending a lot of time with her."

"It's just a coincidence." The young Operator said, waving his hand. "I also spend time with you guys... sometimes."

Tachanka put his hand on the Recruit's back and started patting him. "There is no shame in admitting that a lady is beautiful, but if you continue acting like this you'll surely not have a chance with her.

"C'mon, what are you? High school students?" The Recruit replied, looking away for a brief moment.

The other members of RAINBOW just let out a couple of laughs, they were teasing the Recruit a little bit but it was in good heart. Of course Amber was pretty, he didn't deny that, but he certainly didn't have any romantic feelings towards her, and he just thought that Amber was a good friend, although she also had that big sister attitude, or at least that's what he thought.

"Yeah, yeah, she's cute, but it's not what you think, okay?" The Recruit replied calmly, with an expression of exasperation. "But speaking of her, where is she? I haven't seen her in a while."

"He went to bring dinner to that Blake girl." Glaz answered the question.

"And will she be fine by herself? I mean, we don't know if Blake would try to escape." The young Operator said, clarifying the reason for the question before they began to misinterpret it.

"Don't worry, Blake won't try to escape. Even though she was with a terrorist group I can tell you for sure that she regrets what she has done, she won't try anything." Harry explained, with complete certainty in his words, while the others paid attention to him.

"Okay, if you say so." The Recruit answered. He didn't doubt Harry's thoughts, but the young Operator definitely preferred to be more careful, but at the end of the day it was Harry who knew how to evaluate people.

Before anyone else could say anything, everyone could see Amber walking towards them, but she seemed quite rushed, in her hand she had her scroll. It was enough to see her expression to know that something was wrong, she seemed worried, but also scared.

"Amber, what's the rush?" Asked Tachanka.

"Ozpin called, you must talk to him." Amber replied, as she handed the scroll to Harry.

Harry was surprised to hear that, so the Operators, soon he took the scroll and stood up, he soon left the mess hall, while the Operators were only left with doubts.

"What's going on Amber?" Ash asked.

"The White Fang took over a hotel in Vale and now they are holding hostages." Amber replied, which shocked the Operators. "Apparently a video was revealed in the news showing the terrible treatment that the faunus receive when working for the Schnee Dust Company."

"But as far as we've learned, the White Fang doesn't usually take prisoners, why now?" Asked Twitch, remembering what happened with the train a few days ago.

"The daughter and heiress of the owner of the company was staying at that hotel, her name is Weiss Schnee." Amber explained.

The Operators soon understood what Amber meant. The White Fang wanted revenge, but if that was the case that girl would already be dead. What do they want? What are their demands? They don't know, not right now at least, but one thing was clear. Harry was definitely going to accept the request to provide assistance. That means this would be RAINBOW's first hostage rescue operation.

Harry soon returned, his expression on his face was serious, and he only said one thing.

"We have work to do."

End of Chapter 8


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