HEY GUYS! I know I didn't finish the Aftermath (And Probably never will), but there was a lot of problems with that story so I'm starting a new one! I've planned this one out more, so hopefully it will be better! This is RobRae, btw. If you don't like that please don't read because then this won't be worth your you REALLY want to, of course! In the prologue I will be using the pronoun 'they' because I don't want you to know the character's gender, for extra secrecy.

The figure paced in circles, their face shrouded by a cloak that was black as night. A smile was spread across their visage as they remembered what had happened just a week prior. It was all glorious memories: flashes of orange fire everywhere, the screams of random civilians as their bodies went of in flames. The figure (or The Shadow, as they liked to call themself) had watched the beauty from atop a tower, smirking haughtily. They would treasure that memory for an eternity.

Footsteps approached, the clanking of metal against stone revealing the arrival of a newly found friend. Slade emerged from the shadows, eyeing the cloaked figure up and down. He looked suspicious, but then again, he always did. That was how he had looked on their first meeting, too.

"Welcome back, Slade," The Shadow chuckled. "I assume you are confirming our deal?" The villain nodded slowly, looking them over carefully.

"Yes," he growled. "You will help me retrieve the girl and make her suffer, and I will allow you to use her for the ceremony. But I don't fully trust you, not yet at least. I need to know who you are so we may become allies."

He gestured to their hood, and on command the mysterious figure did as told. They grinned as the psychopath stepped back in alarm, his eye widening. "I'm not who you think I am," The Shadow whispered before Slade could leave. "It will all be explained later. You just have to trust me for the time being. Agreed?"

They held out a hand, Slade hesitantly taking it in his own and shaking it. The masked villain then pulled out several sheets of paper and handed it to his temporary teammate, letting them look the pages over.

"These are files on the demoness," The Shadow realized, reading the pages. "I assume you stole them from the Titans tower?" Slade nodded. "I have been devising my plan for a while now," he said sounding pleased. "Ever since Trigon had been defeated, and I escaped the Titans before they could imprison me. The plan is simple. We start by breaking the bond between Raven and her is what these are for." He pointed to the files in The Shadow's hands. "Currently few people know about our 'little friend's ancestry. That is about to change."

The Shadow let out a laugh. "Certainly my kind of plan, that is," they replied. "Fear and mistrust are the best starting points." They paused.

"And that is where I come in."

Very short, but I wanted a quick prologue to tell you what's going on and put in some mystery. Who is The Shadow? Why do they and Slade want Raven. What ceremony? Read on to find out more!