Other chapters probably won't come out this quick. But, whatever. Btw, this story as said before will be RobRae, but it will be more minor than some other fanfics. The reason for this is I don't want to go through a whole Robin and Starfire breakup scenario, and this fanfic will have more of a sad yet also happy ending. Let's just say the Titans won't end up in an ideal situation. But, it's not going to be so sad that EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER DIES, no, that won't happen.

Introverts and extroverts were two of the most different and complicated things on Earth. Both were words that defined who you were, how you spoke, how you felt, how you acted overall. They were two categories that separated humankind. Extroverts always wanted to be with you, were usually loud, slightly crazy, and an overwhelming amount of optimism seemed to flow from their bodies and affect all that was around them. On the contrary, introverts normally wanted to be alone, were as quiet as quiet could be, somewhat weird, and pessimistic. Extroverts hung out with extroverts, and introverts hung out with no one but themselves. It was the way life worked. Most of the time, at least. Raven couldn't say things were the same in her own life. She was an introvert in a group of mostly extroverts. The scenario made her feel at times alone, and wishing she was an extrovert herself.

However, there was one Titan who didn't quite fit in either of the two groups: Robin. He was a person who could not be controlled by Earth's stereotypes. He enjoyed hanging out with the other Titans, but other times the Boy Wonder would wish for nothing more than to be alone. He was not optimistic or pessimistic, he was realistic. It was like he was two different people. This was the biggest reason Raven found comfort in him despite her introverted personality. He was her best friend, but she wasn't sure he thought the same of her.

She fell down on her bed, shutting her eyes and entering into the blackness of her thoughts. It was all so… complex, unsolvable, that sort of thing. She had no comfort, because being alone brought her pain, and being with friends made her feel alone. She doubted the other Titans could survive in her scenario, much less enjoy it. From the day she was born she had been doomed, doomed to hurt, doomed to be hated, doomed to die at the age 16. But she was 17, so was she really cursed at all? The defeat of Trigon had given her temporary relief, but nothing lasted forever. If anyone other than her friends learned of her demon ancestry, if anyone discovered what she had done at the order of her father, she would be doomed once again. But this time she possibly wouldn't be doomed to die, but hated and imprisoned, and far from any hope or love.

Her friends would love her no matter what, that was true, but they had been acting quite strange in the past week. Especially Robin. Whenever she entered the living room the boys would shut off the television and everyone would quiet down. Every time a crime alert sounded the Boy Wonder would insist that she stay behind and guard the tower, even though Cyborg's technology made the task useless. Yes, something was going on among her friends, and she was determined to find out what.

Raven flickered her eyes over to the clock on her shelf. It read 5am, a time when hopefully none of the other Titans would be awake. She was quite a bit curious to uncover what her friends were hiding from her, to the point where she was willing to spy on them to learn the truth.

She walked down the halls to the living room, about to open the door when she heard a voice. It was like none of her teammates and had an authoritative tone to it, so she assumed whoever was inside was watching the news. She had been wrong to believe no one would be inside. She put her ear against the door and listened.

"-Good or evil? More on this subject when it's revealed."

Whoever was watching TV shut it off, let out a sigh, and muttered something like: "Stupid idiot maggot spawned psychopath. I'm going to-"

Raven leaped back as the door opened to reveal Robin. His eyes widened at the sight of her, shock covering his face. The two Titans stared at each other for a long time.

"How-how much did you hear?" Robin finally stammered. He seemed to notice the look of confusion on her face, as he immediately relaxed. "Do you want to get some breakfast?" He asked with an anxious smile.

"No," Raven growled with more anger than usual. "What I would like is for you guys to tell me what the heck you're hiding!" Robin looked taken aback by her sudden burst of anger, but before he could speak she continued. "You are my friends!" She cried, black colored magic flaming from her body. "You know I would try to tell you anything after the prophecy. Why can't you do the same? What did I do wrong?"

The Boy Wonder hesitated, then pulled something out of his belt. It was paper, covered in the marks of black ink and photos of people and events. It was a normal newspaper, which her teammate probably retrieved from Jump City during his early morning travels. There was nothing special about it. But for some reason Robin had given it to her.

Curious to discover what this had to do with her friends' secrecy, she turned over to the front page to read, but stopped cold. Her earlier interest was quickly replaced by a wave of shock so immediate that it almost hurt her lungs.

On the cover the photo of a person, the only picture that wasn't in shades of gray. Purples and blues seemed to glow from the page with a radiation that was nearly blinding. A frown she knew quite too well was curved in the person's mouth, eyes narrowed almost menacingly. The

picture clearly was edited, for Raven knew the person in question had no fangs, or horns, and liked not to wear an extra pair of eyes above her own. Other than that, the visage was unmistakable. She was staring at herself.

She drew in a sharp breath. Why was she, of all people, portrayed on a newspaper? Why would the artist/photographer, make her appear as a beast? The headline,written in bold, black letters, revealed it all.

What has Raven of the Teen Titans been hiding?

Her face paled and fear seemed to burn in her lungs. She had never, ever felt so terrified before, minus the end of the world scenario and the anniversary of her birth. Her eyes skimmed across the page as she read on, the intensity of the moment increasing with every second. Then the moment she feared arrived, the thing she prayed no one would ever discover. It was there, right in the text, the black ink seeming like the void of constant fear.

Raven, now revealed to be daughter of Trigon and half-demon, accused of having attempted to commit genocide at her father's will, and has been hiding it ever since. She will hopefully be punished accordingly.

Raven swallowed hard, dropping the page to the floor. Her hands were shaking as well as her legs, and she knew if she continued to stand she would fall over. Robin let her lean against his shoulder as she regained composure. She let out long, shuddering breaths which seemed to sting her throat. Why me? Her mind seemed to wail. Why me? Why me?

After a few minutes she let go of Robin and got to her feet, She stared at him and he stared back, worry etched across his face. "Why didn't you tell me?" She asked in a shaky whisper, eyes distant. The Boy Wonder looked down at his feet with guilt.

"I was worried how you would react," he breathed, twiddling his thumbs. "I care for you, Raven. I didn't want you to stress." He looked back up at her. "I forbade you from helping us with crimes because of the civilians. Whenever one of us goes out, people demand to see you taken down. To them you are a threat, just another psychopath like Slade or Brother Blood. Even the Government is fearing what you've done. New information is coming out everyday. It's not your fault, but I think you're in danger. I'm sure, I mean."

Raven blinked, the realization of her current ordeal still sinking in. Her friend was correct in every way. If normal people thought she was evil, if the Government thought she was evil, if everyone thought she was evil, they wouldn't just let her live a peaceful life with her friends. Even with her powers she could not defend against the wrath of all the people on Earth. Suddenly she understood how it felt to be an escaped criminal, a fugitive of the law, hated by everything you love. Was that how she was going to live the rest of her life? Alone and with nothing? Loathed by existence itself? With fear being the only remaining emotion?

As if reading her thoughts, Robin put a hand on her shoulder and said: "Don't worry. We won't let them take you. You're safe." She smiled weakly at him, even though their bond wouldn't let him be tricked by facial expressions. She could not hide her fear and wonder at the question of who revealed all this information on her. Other than her, only five people knew of her demonic ancestry and the prophecy: the Titans and Slade.

It had to be Slade. None of the Titans would betray her like this. They were her friends, and she owed them her life. But that stirred up another question: Why did Slade want people to hate her? Sure, she had not seen Slade in the past year and didn't know his intentions, but what she did know was that he abhorred her. Whenever he talked to her he spoke with malice, which he did not to the other Titans, even Robin. On her birthday he had taken pride in hurting her, laughing at her distress. Slade hated her, worse than all her friends, maybe even worse than anyone else. Her teammates had no idea of this loathing; in their minds the villain hated all of them equally. But she knew. As an empath she could feel his emotions. When Robin had betrayed him as an apprentice his insides had been splashing like a calm water. But on her birthday it had been like fire, which only intensified when he would burn off her clothes and leave her to watch in horror the vision of the world she would create. She had no clue as to why he despised her so much,only that he did.

"Raven?" Robin asked, knocking her out of her thoughts and back to reality. His brow was creased with worry, as it always was when it came to her. "Do you need to go back to bed?" He questioned quietly. "I know it's a lot to take in, and you're probably quite a bit shocked. I'm sorry."

She shook her head. "No," she replied. "Have you gone to see the sunset yet?" He stared back at her and grinned, a little surprised by her sudden request. "No," he said. "I haven't. Do you want to?" She nodded, and the two Titans left in silence.

They got up to the roof just in time to see the sun rise, casting it's warm glow across the vast, blue waters. She could hardly believe such a beautiful world could harbor such cruelty. But it did, with even more horror than she imagined. Earth had been temporary freedom from the chains of her fate, but that was ignoring the cries of murder, of sorrow, of pain, and of bloodshed. She had seen it all, experienced it all. The only thing that prevented her from returning to Azarath was her friends. They were like candles in the dark of night, illuminating the path to safety. She could never imagine navigating through the shadows with them gone, that was certain. More certain than her destiny, obviously.

"Do you want to get some coffee? There's a new cafe that opened up on Maine street, and I was wondering if you'd like to go." Raven looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "What about the whole 'now everybody hates and wants me arrested' thing?" She asked.

Robin chuckled, twiddling his thumbs casually. "The cafe is on the outskirts of town," he said. "I've already met the owner, and he doesn't believe you're a bad person. Besides if anybody tries to arrest you, they'd have to get through me!" He stood in a battle crouch jokingly, making her chuckle. Robin could be funny and make her laugh, unlike Beast Boy, who's jokes made her think of rotten fish being stuffed in her mouth by a walrus. Sometimes she resented Starfire, who seemed to always be at the Boy Wonder's side. She wanted his admiration instead.

The two Titans flew over the ocean water peacefully, watching the waves as they lapped underneath their feet. Raven carried her friend atop a black disk, going slowly enough as to not sicken him. They reached the shore when the sunset was over and the sun was fully visible, about 6:30. Not many people were awake at this time, and those that were had not noticed their arrival. That was good, knowing what the civilians thought of the demoness.

Robin lead her through the city, keeping to the shadows of the alleyways to not be seen. The air smelt of rotten food and alcohol, probably the remnants of late night gang wanderings. The walk was not long; only a few streets from their starting point. The two stepped out of the alleyway, but did not continue. Raven paused, looking at Robin. His masked eyes were fixed on something with shock. Her eyes turned to where he was staring so she could see it too. She knew where it was even before because of the shouts and screams.

It was a two story building made of bricks and covered in vines, giving it a nice, urban look. She would have loved to go there and check it out if it were not for the mob of people crowding the entryway. One man, twenty years old if she guessed correctly, smashed the window with a baseball bat, glass flying in all directions. A police car sat nearby, the police quietly watching outside, doing nothing. Doing nothing!

Two people pulled a middle aged man out of the building, bleeding from his head and faltering as he walked. His hands were tied by rope behind his back, preventing his escape. The two people brought the man to the police, who were both leaning against the side of their car carelessly.

"This man has committed treason!" One of the people, a woman, yelled. "He should be put to death for his crimes!" One of the police finally stood up straight and looked at the woman haughtily. "What did he do?" He asked, blinking. "He's defenseless at the moment, it would be wrong to kill him."

This sparked an uproar among the crowd, their screams growing louder by the second. "What did he do?!" The woman screeched. "What did he do?! I'll tell you what he did!" She pointed an accusing finger at the man in question, who was staring at her in terror. "This man has openly stated he supported the demon!" Raven stepped back, her head spinning with the revelation. "To support that beast would be to support genocide!" The woman continued. "Don't tell me you believe all of us deserve to fall to her wrath. So kill him! Show the world that you truly care. And then you idiots can finally start taking down the cursed girl!"

The policeman let out a sigh. "We will arrest him," he said, a few people in the crowd starting to yell insults. "Killing him now could be considered murder. But whatever happens, he will be punished." The two policeman lifted the accused man into their car and drove away, leaving the mob to themselves.

Raven shuddered, her terror ever growing and ever churning within like a torrent. If mere citizens would wreak such cruelty on a man who only said he supported her, what would they do to her if she was in their grasp? Images flashed in her head, visions of her bound by chains and screaming as she was burned alive in front of a ravenous crowd. She shook her head, trying to shake it all away. What had she done to make it come to this? True, she had destroyed the world, but she had also saved it! She had righted her own wrong, and now people wanted her to pay for that? What had this world become?

"Come on," Raven whispered, pulling herself out of her terror. "Let's go somewhere more pleasant."

Nighttime at the cafe.

Fred paced in circles around the now closed cafe, holding his pistol in his hand just for extra measure. Strange things happened at night, terrible things that would rip your guts out if you weren't careful. As a member of the police he was trained to defend against a world filled with supernatural beings and metahumans, but never once in his life had he imagined trying to take down a demon.

He sighed, listening to the whistle of the wind around him. He was still shocked that a Teen Titan could hold enough evil within herself to be willing to end the existence of all mortal life. Magic users could not be trusted, that was what his parents always told him. That was why he joined the police: The tales of unspeakable evil that magicians had done. His parents were now dead because of a mysterious black cloaked metahuman, killed only a week ago. He knew it was Raven, he was sure of it. Who else would want to kill such frail people.


Fred whirled around, his eyes widening in absolute terror. He pointed his pistol in the direction of the sound, prepared to kill if it was truly necessary. His reaction earned a chuckle from the anonymous figure, in a voice that was obviously female, though could have been a trick of magic.

The person in question stepped out of the shadows almost gracefully, their pitch black cloak shining in the blue moonlight. He could not see their face, for their hood covered it in complete darkness. In their gloved hand was a knife, dripping with red blood that oozed onto the earth. The figure seemed to smile underneath their hood as they moved forward with an elegant air of confidence, making no mistake in their steps.

Fred screamed, dropping his gun to the ground; he was too terrified to imagine using it against this creature of the night. He stepped back, trying to increase the space in between him and the shadowy figure.

Without warning his foe leaped at him and pulled him to the ground. His head smashed against the stone and he winced, knowing the wound would bruise. He kicked and landed his foot on the enemy's slim stomach, who fell back in alarm. Unfortunately for Fred, the kick barely seemed to harm the cloaked figure as in moments they were back on his body, holding him down carefully.

"Y-you're Raven, aren't you?" Fred whispered weakly, his voice shaky as he stared up at the demonic essence that was the cloaked figure. The same person laughed at his remark in the same feminine voice as before. "No," whoever it was snarled, before plunging the knife into his chest. He let out a few gurgling noises, before he went limp as his murderer's feet.

"I can be much, much worse".

OOOOOHHH! Is Slade the one revealing info on Raven (If you read the prologue, you know he is. If you haven't, well, SPOILER ALERT BUDDIES!) Are the citizens going to do anything horrible to our favorite empath? Is the government going to get involved? What are the Titans going to do about their current ordeal? Read on to find out!

Oh, and poor Fred… =(