So I try to make a story of World Enemy Ainz who slayed a World Enemy Odin.

I choose Odin, as Ainz and Odin have many similarity.

-Both are King of a Group.

-Both are God of Death.

-Both are master of Magic

-Odin often disguise himself as human similar to Ainz trying to act as Momon.

Seeing all this I try to make Ainz as Odin, and thus he will be super unfairly OP, but his worrywart character will not change much.

I'm also making Ainz has a humanoid form instead of a skeleton, he could shift between the 2 forms, but he will mostly stay human.

I also decided to add several new thing, such as New Floor Guardian for 1st, 2nd, and 9th Floor, and Shaltear will only guard the Third Floor. Added the amount of World Item and etc.

By the way I also make change on Pandora Actor, I will make some reason to make him OP as well, making him competing the position of the strongest NPC along with Rubedo but below Ainz.

Anyway most people will most likely dislike this story of mine, so I didn't really hope many people to stay, but please don't write harsh comment my heart will break. However, comment on my Grammar are welcome as I'm trying to improve them.

Here is the detail of my Momonga.

Total Level:

100 + ?

Racial Levels:

Skeleton Mage (15)

Elder Lich (10)

Overlord (5)

World Enemy: Evil Deity (?)

Other (10)

Job Levels:

Necromancer (10)

Master of Death (10)

Eclipse (5)

World Disaster (5)

World Enemy: Asgardian Ruler (Odin's Slayer) (?)

Etc (30)

HP: Exceeded Limit

MP: Exceeded Limit

Physical Attack: Exceeded Limit

Physical Defense: Exceeded Limit

AGILITY: Exceeded Limit

Magical Strength: Exceeded Limit

Magical Defense: Exceeded Limit

Special Ability: Exceeded Limit

Added Race and Job description:

Evil Deity: Race I added for Ainz so he will have excuse of having human form, I like to give Ainz a human form in this story mainly because it is more interesting that way. As for his looks the person I have no exact image in my mind, but I want his hair white and pale skin with black eye that reflect no light. His face feature could be call as handsome but I want it to also seems spooky. He will be about 180 cm tall, and unexpectedly muscular. His clothing will not be the same as in canon. He wear a long sleeved black shirt paired with black pants covered by wizard black robe with a bit golden edges. (Good mental image will be Elias Ainsworth's Robes.)

Asgardian Ruler Upon defeating the Odin one of the World Enemy, and through the use of a certain World Item Ainz become a World Enemy. (WN reader know about the legendary Player that become World Enemy and become undefeated, (SPOILER: THIS PLAYER EXIST IN THIS STORY, BUT WHETHER OR NOT HE WILL APPEAR WILL DEPEND ON HOW THIS STORY GOES.)

I also added World Disaster mainly to increase Ainz attack level. Along with this new races and Job Class, Ainz will obtain several skills that unique to him it basically manifestation of Odin as a God though.

Few notable abilities I added Ainz as World Enemy & Extra spell:

-God Wisdom (Conditional): Manifestation of Odin as God of Wisdom. Upgraded version of 'Dark Wisdom' allow Ainz to ignore limit of number of spell and skill he could learn. Thus, as long as Ainz fulfill the condition he could learn any spell or skill he wanted to. However, for skill or spell he has not compatibility with he will need to sacrifice a corpse of someone that owned those spell and skill to obtain it. Also, if the spell or skill that has some requirement such as classes restrictions or race restrictions the power will be reduced. This could be bypassed through skill or spell such as 'Perfect Warrior' which allow Ainz to utilize warrior skill to their fullest extent. In New World: able to learn Martial Art and Wild Magic.

-Wrath of Asgard (Active): Manifestation Odin as God of War. Summon an Army of Valkyrie temporarily and done a multiple wide range attack. The attack will continue for 1 minutes or until Ainz decided to stop. In term of attack ranges it is the widest in the whole game.

-Voice of the God (Passive): Manifestation of Odin as God of Poet. Bringing the news of encouragement and despair to people. Able cast spell to debuff and buff freely to opponent, himself, or ally freely with absolutely no cost. It also automatically granted class in Commander type thus allow to use Commander class skill.

-Death Traveler (Passive): Manifestation of Odin as God of Death, as God that lead soul to realm of the death, he can return to realm of the living by himself. Mean he can revive himself one time with full HP and MP. Can be used once per 24 hours.

-Eye of Divinity (Active): Manifestation Odin as god of Divination. Freely analyze status of opponent, and see their owned item, skill, and magic. It is the highest caliber analyzing ability, nothing can fool it. At the same time served as Clairvoyance. In New World not only status can be seen but also seeing emotion, state, sickness, etc.

-Magic Absorption (Passive) Manifestation as God of Magic. As the name suggest absorb magic energy of a magic from opponent magic attack, curse, etc, then use it to recover own MP. The skill also cut down damage from magic by 50%.

-Supreme Ruler (Passive) Manifestation of Odin as God Sovereignity. As one of the ruler of Yggdrasil he owned of all item, and thus allow him to use all item regardless of Race and Class restrictions. He could even utilize Item that can only be used under specific condition.

-World Summon (Active): Manifestation of Odin as Allfather. As Ruler of Asgard summon the realm of Asgard to the World temporarily where Ainz will receive 100% Buff while other will have all status reduced by 10%. Can be used once a day.

-False Divine Aura (Passive) Evil Deity Skill. Allow him to use all Magic or Skill with requirement of Positive Karma Value or a Divine spell. The Skill grant user boost in usage positive Karma Value Spell as much as 500 Positive Karma value thus using them to the fullest extent of it's power. It also grand Protection against any Holy attack.

-Summon Original Sleipnir: Call a level 100 Sleipnir, the mount of Odin to the world and use it as ride.

-Perfect Unknown: Spell that allow one to change race in name only. The spell doesn't change appearance at all, and in Yggdrasil only useful to allow Heteromorphic to enter city with restriction, but combined with God of Wisdom Ainz able to use any Racial skill no problem. In return in this state he can't use Magic.

Notable Equipment:

Guild Weapon (On Par with World Item): One in original story

Numerous Divine Item: One in original story

Numerous World Item: More than 20s of it(more than original story.)

Twenty World Item: 5 of it

New: World Killer (World Item, Equivalent to World Savior): Not counted as part of the Twenty but could be used to counter World Savior.

New: Gungnir: Item Odin dropped Item with special effect to increase the ability of Magician despite it being close combat weapon. Furthermore, it granted absolute accuracy mean, mean any long ranged will not miss and hit opponent even if they try to dodge it.

New: Graupnir: Item that allow for Gacha free Gacha turn three time a day to get random cash Item.

New: Militray Uniform: The cloth that Ainz wear it is classified as Divine Item, and able to raise overall status by percentage, the higher the status the more it boost.

Chapter 1 - Prologue

Yggdrasil, DMMORPG that released on the mid-22nd Century.

At it release date the game immediately gather attention from all sort of Gamer.

Not only does it have unique type RPG setting, but the freedom of the Player also become it selling point.

One of it are the right for Player to gather and creating a Guild by using Dungeon or some city.

The Top among this Guild are the Trinity, that are originally built by three Guilt and famous for their ability.

Second is the World Searcher, they're basically Guild that are the best at gathering information in the game and also specialize in adventuring the game. They were famous for revealing many secrets of the game.

Third 2CH Alliance, The Guild with the highest member in the whole YGGDRASIL. If you include the thousands small Guild that gather under it's wing, then they have over three-thousands members.

And the Fourth is Ainz Ooal Gown a Guild with only 41 members, an all Heteromorphs Guild where all member are all part of society.

Unlike the other Top Guild that have over 100 members, despite the Low number this Guild managed to reach the Top 5 of the game. Obviously, this Guild easily gathered the attention of many Players.

It was a Guild that are famous for owning the most World Item as well as the Twenty, and the fact they built their base at Nazarick one of the most difficult dungeon in Yggdrasil was also another reason for them to be famous.

Many Player try to attack this Dungeon on attempt to beat the Dungeon and to rob Item from the Guild, but all attempt failed. Once a group made of 1500 Player+Mercenary NPC attempted this but it ended in failure, with all of them death by the Eight Floor.

In term of sheer popularity this Guild easily number one.

However, all of this I now in the past, upon the decline of the popularity of the game many members of the Guild left it, and now on the last day of the game. There is only one member left waiting for this game to end.


"I'm sorry Momonga, but I already need to Log Out. Let's meet again shall we, maybe in RL or Yggdrasil II."

That was the last words of the slime like creature Herohero one of the few member who remained in the Guild in name only. After that the avatar of Herohero disappeared…

Thus, leaving the Momonga (Humanoid form) all alone in the room…

"…Meet again, huh?"

It was the only word that Momonga said in response to his friend words.

In reality meeting again is not impossible.

Afterall Momonga and Her-… no, all member of Ainz Ooal Gown knew each other in RL.

While all members are ridiculously busy this day that none of them could Login to the game this day, there are still possibilities to meet up.

"…But that's not it. I didn't simply want to meet up again…"

Momonga let those words escaped his mouth.

"What I want is for all member to gather in this place again even if it is for one last time. Isn't this place an important place that all of us spent so much effort to build? Why can they just abandon this place?"

For Momonga, Nazarick is one of the most important places for him.

As he has no family or any closes friends YGGDRASIL or specifically this Guild is the world for him, and his Guild member are people that he will even call family. Yet, none of them even bother to return here.

"… No, that's not it. They didn't give it up. They simply made choice between "reality" and "fantasy". Ah, it couldn't be helped, and there was no abandonment…"

He realized this full well that most of his Guild member are busy with their live and thus they decided to leave. However, despite all that deep in his heart he wished some of them to come here at least.

"…Eventhough I put so much effort in order to maintain this Guild…"

In order to maintain this Guild, Momonga has done many things.

Killing the owner of World Disaster Job, memorizing all sort of Arcane Magic using Dark Wisdom, improving his close combat and beating Level 100 Warrior Class using Perfect Warrior. He done it all so he could gain fame in the game so the Guild name will not fall. He even went and become a World Enemy so he could maintain the Guild, but as if all his effort doesn't matter no one ever returned.

Even Herohero that came just now basically only login for a few minutes, and barely talk anything with Momonga, though he did get a bit excited when Momonga showed his more humanoid form the talk only last a few minutes until it is changed into Herohero rattle over RL. In the end without even bothering to talk about how Momonga becoming World Enemy Herohero left the game.

While thinking like that he grabbed the Guild Weapon on his arm, Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown.

Having the Greek god Herme's caduceus as its motif, the staff was entwined by seven serpents. Each of the squirming serpents' mouths held a jewel of a different colour. Its grip had a transparent quality like crystal, and was emitting a bluish white light.

It was a weapon that were customized for Guild Master but because of it's importance Momonga never let himself to carry the staff around. However, today as today will be the last day of the game Momonga decided to carry it for the last time.

"Just seating around here will do no good, I should walk around the Guild one last time."

Thinking like that carrying the staff of Ainz Ooal Gown on his hand, Momonga begin to walk and leave the meeting room. It was the room with the highest chance to meet with his friends here, but he knew there will be nothing happened if he just stayed here.

"Oh, it's Pleaides and Sebas. Thank you for your hard work."

As he walked down the hall, he found the NPC who patrolled the hall and greeted them. Obviously there are no response as they are all only NPC.

They're the Pleiades and Sebas who are part of the last line of defense for the Guild at the 10th Floor.

That the true last line of defense for Nazarick are located at the 8th Floor where over half of the Guild budget goes to. The 9th-10th Floor Guardians and NPC were all only for the sake of buying time and reduce the number of intruders that actually manage to pass through the 8th Floor.

"…Now that you mention it despite being the Guild master, I barely ever give order to them. Well— Follow me…"

Giving out order to the NPC all of them reacted and start to follow him.

With that he began to walk around the guild.


The 1st Floor of Nazarick.

It's structure is gigantic Maze and make it difficult for intruder to found the stair to the next floor. However, as it is a mere first Floor the monster that appeared here are all weakling. It is mainly Skeleton and Elder Lich. For a level 100 players even without skill this mob can easily be wiped out. There are also trap that transfer people to the location of Area Guardian, but only dumbass will fall for it.

It is guarded by a Floor Guardian called Spartacus, it is a zombie level 100 NPC, specifically his race name is Berserk Zombie. It is a customized NPC that specialized in physical attack and it also have high regenerative power making it pretty scary opponent to fight in close combat. However, as it is fight like a Berserker in pure combat it is losing the top Warrior classes Guardian despite his status, but if his regenerative ability is counted it is not losing to any of them. With height of almost 3 meters, gray skin and bulky muscle, this feature already made him pretty intimidating. The face itself is not bad but with evil smile and mad laugh it let out when it fought intruder it was only a source of fear. As for personality unexpectedly his background said that other than when he is in battle it is a kind giant, and have positive Karma Value 200 Good.

The 2nd Floor.

It is also a Maze where undead came out but in this floor is mainly Wraith or soul type mob.

The Floor Guardian here is a level 100 Soul Reaper that specialized in assassination, named Darkness. Completely different from the first floor that focus more on high damage, it is focus on agility and as a soul type it can pass through wall to escape from intruder or to do a sneak attack on them. Furthermore, it has several level in Magic Caster Class thus enable it to use Magic. It appearance is that of a man wearing black robe and skull mask, but behind that mask is a girl with beautiful face with lond blonde hair that look to be only in high school or even middle school. Her personality is that of an assassin that will done it's mission without fail. It's Karma value is Negative 50 in a way it is a Neutral.

The 3rd Floor.

Just like First and Second is specialized in undead, but it focused on Vampire.

The Floor Guardian here is the strongest among the Floor Guardian Shaltear Bloodfallen, a level 100 True Vampire NPC. A warrior that fight with skill, but also a cleric that able to self-heal. Among the Floor Guardian she is the most combat specialized, no one among the Floor Guardian can beat her in PvP. She is also owned a very beautiful feature of a cute young lady with long silver hair. However, completely opposite of her face she has a very terrible personality that loved torturing people, and also has many strange fetishes. Her Karma Value is Negative 450 Very Extremely Evil.

The 4th Floor

A cave like structure and the first floor that not filled with undead.

The Floor Guarded by Floor Guardian Gargantua a Golem Bonus NPC Ainz Ooal Gown got from GM for clearing the Dungeon in one go. It has the highest status among all the Floor Guardian, but as it has no intelligence compared to the rest of NPC it's attack pattern is simple and if given time a decent party would be able to defeat it. Nevertheless, it has destructive power that could destroy most Player in a go.

The 5th Floor

This floor is a wide area filled with numerous icebergs, and filled mainly with ice related mobs or insect like monsters.

The Floor Guardian here is Cocytus one of the top 3 Warrior NPC in the whole nazarick his race is Vermin Lord. A weapon Master that can use all kind of Weapons, and a body that could easily defended against most attack upgraded using data crystal. He has ability over ice and resistance against fire. He look like a giant insect that walk on 2 feet, and his skin look as if it made out of ice. His Personality is that of honorable Warrior that followed Bushido. His Karma Value Positive 50 Neutral.

The 6th Floor

The Floor is a jungle with a fake night sky with a height of 200 meter, in this Floor there are ridiculously strong monsters that was under command of one of the Floor Guardian in this Floor.

The Floor Guarded by Twin Floor Guardian Aura and Mare, a Dark Elf level 100 NPC. Aura Bella Fiora a female dark elf that is still young and made to wear a boy cloth by her creator, her personality is tomboyish and very positive. She is a Master Ranger and Tamer that specialized in guerilla combat. While her status itself one of the lowest in combat her ability in group fight above the rest of the Guardian. Her twin younger brother Mare Bello Fiore, a boy that wear a girl cloth and has a very shy personality and weak willed. Complete opposite of his sister easily one of the highest stat among Floor Guardian just below Shaltear and Gargantua. He specialized in support Magic and ability to control nature. Both have Karma Value Negative 100 Neutral Evil.

7th Floor

Floor filled with Magma completely opposite of Cocytus Floor, and it is filled with Fire Related mob and Devil.

The Floor that guarded by the level 100 Devil NPC Demiurges. While in term of status he is among the weaker side, the AI placed on Demiurge allow him to do many things and able to handle all sort of intruder. He is easily one of the smartest among the Guardian, and basically an all-rounder that can use many types of Magic and Skill. He looked almost human if you ignore his tail, fang like teeth, and his pointed ear that almost as long as an elf. His personality befitting his race is very devilish, he is cruel and sadistic, but different from Shaltear that focus on physical pain Demiuerge described to love to destroy a person hearts to pieces. His Karma level is Negative 500 Extremely Evil.

The 8th Floor.

The floor is that of Wilderness, and it filled with Nazarick strongest NPC as a mean of last line of defense.

The Floor Guardian here is a Level 35 Angel NPC, Victim. Completely different from all Floor Guardian where they're all Level 100, Victim is only level 30 and thus easily the weakest of all the Floor Guardian. The main purpose of this Guardian is to cast a wide scale massive debuff or restrictions to intruder that will automatically casted after it died. After it was cast the true force of the 8th Floor made by many NPC that could easily compete with the Floor Guardian will come out and beat all intruder. This strategy has allowed Ainz Ooal Gown to repel over 1000 Players that arrived in this Floor, and has caused many Player to protest. Unlike the image of an Angel where it was believed to be beautiful creature, Vicitim looked to be a giant pink fetus with a Halo on it's head. It's has Postive 1 Karma Value Neutral.

The 9th Floor.

This floor contains Guild Members' and NPCs' rooms, this Floor do pop out monster as a mob, but it is trash mob that are only useful to buy times. As the Last line of Defense of Nazarick focused on the 8th Floor, this floor whole purpose is to buy times.

The Floor Guardians here is a Level 100 Homonculus a Gunner that are also meant to be the Head Maid of Nazarick named Maylene. With the exception of Victim, she has the lowest status among the Floor Guardian, but to make up for it she could do the longest ranged attack among all the NPC and along with Albedo she has some access to control the Security system of Nazarick although limited in her Floor. Her basic strategy is basically hit-run strategy, while hiding at behind building she would attack opponent at long range using her guns, and as the building part of the Dungeon it is nearly Impenetrable. She has level in caster class which allow her to use magic, but she specialized in summoning monster to be her shield. She looked to be in her late teen or early 20s, wearing a maid uniform that were meant for combat. She has a long red hair that length reached her waist, and she has a sharp eye that almost make it look like she is glaring eventhough she is not. Her personality is that of a cool-beauty, she is strict to herself and others, and she also has strong love for cute thing. Her Karma Level is 0 Neutral.

As for the Last Floor—

"I finally back here again."

After walking through his Guild Ainz finally returned to the 10th Floor of Nazarick.

The last floor of Nazarick, it was the last floor of this dungeon and place where Ainz as Guild Master should wait for the intruder that manage to reach this place.

While thinking of such thing he finally arrived at the at a massive, dome-shaped hall this hall will later link itself to the Throne room, and attached at the wall are special made 72 Golem with combat AI installed that when it all combined could easily defeated 3 parties of level 100 Players.

And at the end of the hall, he finally arrived at the Throne Room, and he opened the door to the room.


Even Momonga was in awe with the magnitude of the room. Although he already came here in the past after seeing it for a while he can't but be amazed by it's size.

At the end of this room is the Throne where Momonga were supposed to sit down, and next to it is the Overseer of Floor Guardian and the Floor Guardian of this Floor a Level 100 Succubus NPC specialized in defending, her name is —


She is the NPC with the greatest defense among all the Floor Guardian and in battle she could serve as Momonga Tank. She is clothed in a pure white dress, with the face of a goddess. In contrast to her dress, she had a lustrous jet-black hair flowing down to her waist. On her waist grow a pair of black wing that somehow let out luxurious beauty. She is an NPC made by his friends Tabula Smaragdina, where he put all his effort to create a perfect Gap Moe character or something like that. As for her personalityshe has something call identity disorder. On one side she has angelic attitude that depicted the image of ideal women a side that she will show to those she considered ally. She has the perfect ability to do all sort of household chores and can be very kind as well. As Albedo were mean to be an Angel of highest order originally this side of her is the real personality she has. However, as she is also a Succubus and Demon, she also has another side that will only be shown to those she considered enemy (mainly those who are threat to Nazarick). To those she considered enemy she only she them as trash that has no worth whatsoever, and she would to torture and make them suffer for the rest of their lives. As for people she considered not ally or enemy she will not care about the too much, and she doesn't want to get involved with those people. According to Tabula-san this is the ultimate Gap-Moe, but well frankly speaking no one else agree with that opinion. Her Karma value is Negative 500 Extremely Evil.

"…Eventhough Tabula made so much effort to make you it is a shame, that I never see you in action. Well in that aspect I guess Sebas here is also the same."

Saying that Momonga looked at the Butler behind him who lead the Pleaides.

Looked to be a butler in his Mid-50s with appearance that are no different from normal human, but in reality Sebas here is a Dragonoid that can shift into dragonoid form. Even in his humanoid form his combat power comparable to Albedo and Cocytus, but in his true form he could seriously go toe-to-toe with Shaltear. Frankly speaking Albedo more of an Administrator, and the true force of this Floor might as well be Sebas.

"—Hmm… standby!"

Commanding Sebas and Pleaides to stay begin to walk again, and this time seated on the Throne of Kings the World Item placed on this room. He then looked at Albedo who stand next to him.

"Now that I think about it, I barely know Albedo setting."

Tabula has put unnecessary amount of effort in making Albedo setting, but Momonga barely knew about it. Well Tabula himself did tell most of her setting but not all of it. A bit curious about it, Ainz opened a screen to see Albedo setting. What he sees after that is…

—Geeh Long!

Albedo setting is ridiculously long there are easily over few thousands words it basically no different a report he read through in his office. That said most of the setting is something his heard about previously, so he basically just speed-reading the whole thing. However, soon Momonga found something strange at the setting.

"Eh? What is this a blank?"

The last line of Albedo setting.

It was truly unexpected but Tabula left it at 'She is a …—'

"Now this is unusual… Why Tabula-san left this line blank?"

Consider the efforts he put to make the setting in Albedo, this is very unusual.

"I wonder what happened? Should I fill this blank?"

At the end of this game leaving Albedo who is among the top NPC of the Guild like this is too much of a shame. That said Momonga do wonder is it okay to add the setting of his friends NPC?

Though as the person is not here, and the game about to end Momonga seriously doubt it will matter that much.

"Let's see I never really good at making setting for NPC, I mean even Pandora Actor setting is basically just me trying to add all sort of my chuunibyou fantasy into him. Fumu, then what about this—"

The thing Momonga add at the last line of Albedo are.

'She is a pure maiden that believe in fated love.'

"Fufu, I must say this is a pretty Gap Moe, I mean she is a Succubus but she is actually just a pure hearted maiden."

Satisfy with his works Momonga sit down back at his throne.

"…Today, the guild would disappear."

Now that he had nothing else to do Momonga forced to remember of this fact again, and he become kind of sad.

The holographic clock read 23:57. The server was ending at 0:00.

The time is running out and Momonga is now can only wait for the game to end

'Tomorrow I'll have to get up at 4am. I need to go to sleep immediately after the server shutdown, so that it won't affect my work tomorrow.'

Thinking like that he waited for the time to become 0




Momonga shut his eyes, in order to prepare for it all to disappear




The time finally become 0, and Momonga finally—

1, 2, 3…

"...Huh? What's going on?"

Eventhough the game time finally turned 0, Momonga still not logged out.

'Is the GM, delaying the shutdown? It is possible I should try to check it, where is my inter— eh? What?'

In order to confirm the reason of the delayed shutdown Momonga try to click the button of his interface controller but then he realized that it is not there.

—This caused Momonga to panic, after all without the button he can't even do any command here.

He then try to make attempt to make call through messages, contact the GM dierectly and even try to logged out but none of it work—


Momonga let out a shout in panic as he could not understand what happened.

However, as if to surpress that feeling he suddenly covered by light and he for some reason calmed down.

"W-What? What is—"

"Is everything alright Momonga-sama?"

While talking to himself a voice suddenly called out to him, and then he noticed that the voice came from Albedo who is looking at his direction while looking concerned.

'Wait? What? Why Albedo suddenly able to talk, not just that why is she able to change expression like this? If I look carefully, isn't Sebas and Pleiades also looking here?'

One moment he thought the game he loved so much is over, but now suddenly he can't logged out or call the GM. On top of all this the NPC start to act strange.