Written by SSj Red Graffiti for Fiction King744

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I probably could have just continued this story but I don't have time to do it and I'd be more excited to read someone else's version since I don't know anything about the Seven deadly sins.

Ban kicks open the door, having interrupted Elsa from attacking who Ban thought to be a defenseless teenager dressed in weird clothing.

He observed the scene, noticing the half-devil barely standing on two legs as she seemed to be exhausted and was bruised after what appeared to be a one-sided fight. There was a tall senior citizen who has been injured on the back his spine and was bleeding out quickly.

Then there was the Bowel Hunter and her next prey cowering at between some tables that were knocked upside down.

Ban shook his head in disapproval while he observed the blood-lusted woman staring at him. "I'm honestly disappointed... Is this the stro~ng lady you were talking about?" Ban asked while rudely pointing a finger at a confused Elsa Granahiert.

Felt peeped from behind Ban to confirm his disappointment. "Yes! That's the Bowel Hunter!"

The half-elf was shocked to see the strange man again. "It's you again!"

'Again?' Thought the teenager. 'They've met before? I don't remember this guy in my previous lives.' Thought the strange teenager. He was becoming a little jealous with how strong the stranger was but he was relieved that Elsa diverted her attention to the stranger and not him. Maybe he won't be dieing again...

Elsa licked her lips at the new prey that had arrived. "~And who might you be?" She asked in a seductive voice.

Ban shrugged, "My name doesn't matter. You're that famous Bowel hunter everyone talks about?" He asked, trying to confirm his doubts.

She became flattered. "Oh~ Are you perhaps a fan of mine?" She asked while bringing out her blades.

Ban cracked his knuckles and his neck, meaning he intended to fight her. "You could say that. I've been meaning to meet you for a lo~ong time." He cooed at her. "Just knowing how brutal you can be, just turns me on~"

The teenager was shocked and disturbed what he said. 'Great, another psychopath!' He thought. The memory of being killed by Elsa only made it worse!

"I'm starting to like you~" Said Elsa before disappearing with the intention to disembowel Ban. Her movements were so fast, Ban only had enough time to stop her blade by using his right hand, but as a result, it penetrated through the palm of his hand yet it was enough to stop her from cutting him in half.

Elsa was surprised the stranger was crazy enough to stop her by using his own hand but what was even crazier was that he was smiling in delight and showed no signs of pain.

Elsa didn't like this.

She noticed he was reeling in a punch with his other hand and quickly backed away before he could deliver a heavy punch to her beautiful face. But she had to abandon one of her blades as a result.

The moment she was at a safe distance, Ban removed the blade and tossed it outside of the shed.

"What's the matter?" Asked Ban while licking his own bloody hand. "Aren't we gonna pa~arty?"

"You're an odd one, I'll admit that, but you'll be rendered useless if you bleed to death." Explained Elsa.

Ban simply shrugged at that. "I don't know about that." His hand already stopped bleeding and there was no remaining proof to show that Elsa had injured him. He gestured a handshake with his right hand to show he was fine. "I'm ready to da~ance when you are."

She was surprised to learn there was another person out there with similar characteristics to her. "So you're just like me." Said Elsa. "You're likely to sacrifice a limb if it means you'll survive. And since you have a healing factor, you can be careless at times."

Ban smirked meaning she had read him like a book. "That's correct!" He cheered. "I'm glad I got to meet you~," He said before disappearing and the next thing everyone knew, Elsa and the stranger were fighting at speed of light.

'Great, both of them would make good lovers.' Thought the teenager with his expertise on fanfictions.


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