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Chapter Four: Foreteller.

The new Thunder Legion makes it to the guild as the wind blows softly past them; as they went by homes and businesses, as well as townspeople. They have decided amongst themselves to let Lucy pick her first quest for the team. They watch her stand at the quest board debating on what she would like to do with the team. Laxus opens the guildhall doors when he finds Lucy he goes to stand next to her.

It shocks the Guild to see Lucy in her new hairstyle that shows her eyes. Her silver eyes make her stand out more. They whisper amongst themselves while Laxus is able to hear what is being said:

Elfman shouts, "That's a real man!"

Ever gives him a scowl, "She's a woman, not a man."

Wakaba's voice fills the silence that followed that outburst, "Wow, Lucy."

Macao follows his friend, "Looking good."

Levy walks up to Lucy before exclaiming, "You look so beautiful, Lu-chan!"

Gajeel walks up behind Laxus and whispers to him, "You caught a field of flowers." He gives his normal Gihihi following his joke but a truthful statement of the smell of Lucy.

From Gajeel's remark, Laxus rolls his eyes. He can't help but feel that one of his friends has been around Levy too much with her need to read romantic adventure stories. As they go unnoticed, Erza walks up to Lucy before asking, "Why do your eyes look like that?"

She answers, "It's a long story. I will tell you in due time. Possibly when there's free time." Lucy really doesn't know when she will tell her how her eyes changed. But she hopes she can tell one of her friends what has been going on in her life. Though things have changed she wishes she can be opened minded and talk with her friends about all the torment she's been through and get their advice on how to get through it all on the other side to show she's stronger and wiser at the end of the day.

Ezra nods, though while replying, "Okay, I know you're busy. Tell me when you're free."

When Erza finishes talking, Makarov jumps down from his second-story balcony that is outside his office. He walks up to his grandson while saying, "I have a great special quest for the thunder legion and for their new member." He points to Lucy as he continues, "That is you, my dear! It's my quest that I want you all to do."

"What's the quest master?" Lucy asks excitedly.

He replies enthusiastically, "The council requests for the help of the Thunder Legion. They say you guys will go to Mt. Hakobe. You all will have to face One Hundred Vulcans and six wyverns. You guys will accumulate five billion jewels if finished."

Lucy looks to Laxus for his answer, and he nods yes in agreement for taking the job. They all reply, "Okay! Then we will be on our way." She replies enthusiastically while Laxus give an appreciative grunt. Freed smiles, while Ever flips her hair, and Bickslows totems repeat "On our way!" over and over. Bickslow sticks his tongue out happily.

The Thunder Legion leaves just as fast as they got there. As the guildhall doors close again, Master walks over to Cana and asks, "Who do you think will be the next guild couple?"

She replies jokingly and half-drunk, "Laxus and Lucy." She burps and goes back to drinking her beer while she pulls out a card from the top of her cards. Something strange happens to it. Sparks of light fly out from the card as an image of Lucy and Laxus is shown. A picture of their wedding day. Lucy's ring for her engagement is a diamond set with two sapphires on either side is a closeup. (Song for this moment: Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts)

I set out on a narrow way many years ago.

Hoping I would find true love along the broken road.

But I got lost a time or two,

Wiped my brow and kept pushing through.

I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you.

Then the image goes straight too Lucy's dress. A blue laced sash is tied around her off white satin dress flowing straight to her feet. On the back is an interesting design of lace that holds the dress together; with tiny buttons where the lace begins and ends.

That every long lost dream led me to where you are.

Others who broke my heart, they were like Northern stars,

Pointing me on my way into your loving arms.

This much I know is true.

That God blessed the broken road,

That led me straight to you.

Yes, He did.

The close up moves to Lucy's face showing her hair tied up in a french twist. In the middle of the french twist is holding her veil in place. The vail flowed straight to her shoulder blades. On top of her head is a diamond and sapphire headband that is formed to be like a light crown. Given to her by the Spirit King himself to show her ranking as a pure-blood celestial mage.

I think about the years I spent just passin' through.

I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you.

But you just smile and take my hand.

You've been there, you understand.

It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true.

Next to her is Laxus dressed in a dark indigo suit to show his likeness to a stormy night. The flickering lights of the card transform the card to the future:

Lucy is now pregnant again with another child while taking care of her fraternal twins, Yuri and Layla. Her baby bump is shown perfectly with the outfit that makes her like a mother. The music playing with the card is heard by the ones looking at the card.

Every long lost dream led me to where you are.

Others who broke my heart, they were like Northern stars.

Pointing me on my way into your loving arms.

This much I know is true,

That God blessed the broken road,

That led me straight to you.


And now I'm just a-rollin' home.

Into my lover's arms.

This much I know is true.

That God blessed the broken road,

That led me straight to you.

That God blessed the broken road,

That led me straight to you.

The flickering lights dim leaving master and Cana speechless. Not before long Cana comments, "Flickering Lights, their love story. Can't believe they have something as romantic as this."

Master tells her, "Don't say anything to anyone yet. 'Cause the future isn't set in stone. It changes every day." He wipes his eyes and walks up to his office leaving Cana to stare at her cards some more. Inside his closed office, he sits there in wonder over the song he heard that was playing over the future of that he and Cana just saw. He believes that only he could hear the song. Cana didn't show any signs of hearing it so he believes it's him being a Fairy Dragonslayer. He truly feels like something is wrong they young Celestial mage from just hearing the song alone.

The Thunder Legion takes a carriage ride to Mt. Hakobe. Laxus is laying his head in Lucy's lap while he is dealing with his motion sickness. Bickslow is talking amongst his babies and Freed is talking to Ever about the information he found of the area through research. They make it as far as they can go in the first part of the wooded area. The sun is beginning to set as the wildlife in the area that can be heard within a range of them. The set off to walk to where their mission begins. Even the animals around don't notice the predators. The team goes around to set up camp. Not one without a job to do.

Virgo suddenly appears before the group in a gold and silver light, scaring Bickslow on purpose. She helps Lucy set up her tent. She even sets up her bed, and all that she will need for the night when she will get ready. Virgo only wants to help make her night as comfortable as possible.

Lucy notices Evergreen is having a hard time setting up her tent. She then asks Virgo with concern, "If it's not too much trouble could you help Evergreen with setting up her tent too?"

"Right away princess." She goes off to help Lucy's friend. To also make her as comfortable for the night. All Virgo wants to do is show that she is a reliable spirit. Just like Lucy her past isn't all that great. She still hasn't talked to Lucy about all she's been through. She doesn't want to bring sadness to Lucy. Because Lucy loves her spirits. Hearing what Virgo has gone through would upset Lucy. She knows this. So she keeps it to herself as best as she can. Which makes her look stoic.

The reason Lucy didn't want Evergreen to lay with her wasn't of a selfish reason, it is because of her wounds on her back, but not only that. But because of her nightmares at night that haunts her day in and day out. She thrashes around the bed and her body breaks out in a sweat. Showing how terrible her nights are in the aftermath in the morning when her blankets are wet from the sweat she breaks out in. She silently prays that tonight will be a nightmare free night. So she doesn't wake up anyone from her ever-restless nights.

No one knows this but, the celestial dragon slayer Lynx has been haunting her dreams for a while now. She was injured worse on her kidney and spleen by this person. The one that she is scared to even talk to anyone about. Such torment she would never wish upon anyone and she is still suffering from the aftermath. Taking away her thoughts she watches Virgo make dinner for the group. Rice balls, with fish. A light dinner she has always been making for Lucy before she goes to sleep to help keep the nightmares away. It's bound to happen where she is able to sleep through the night, Virgo thinks to herself with much hope and positivity.

Not before long, the darkness of the night is chased away by the moon and stars. Lucy finishes her dinner after everyone else. She is staring at the night sky procrastinating to sleep. She reluctantly decides to turn in for the night. As well as, the others. Not before long Lucy falls into a terrible night. Like the many others, she has been having. It starts out just as dark and ominous as always. She's on the muddy ground as it is pouring down rain.

The nightmare flashes, the sense of fear, hopelessness, and coldness fills her well-being in the darkness away from her nightmare. The dream flickers back as her vision is filled with the hiker sandals of her assailant. She's shaking in terror. Outside of her dream, Lucy is tossing and turning in her sleeping bag. The night terror flickers forward showing the face of the man that tortured her for so long. His face is porcelain making him seem attractive, but really, he is far from it. His eyes hold pitch black, dark depths. Making him seem demon-like. The haunting stare he gives her has Lucy screaming.

Ever wakes up with a start from a nearby ear-shattering scream. She's in her green nightgown with light green ruffles on the side with her hair falling down her back showing how long her hair truly is that it reaches her waist. Quickly she goes to Lucy's tent to check up on her or to wake her up. But Lucy could not be woken up. Laxus is already in the tent to see what's wrong in his purple boxers and his hair disheveled. Ever leaves to go back to sleep when she finds Laxus next to her. She walks to her tent still half asleep.

Laxus pulls the blankets back seeing that Lucy is in a cold sweat. He pulls her into his arms and rubs her back while he whispers softly into her ear, "Everything is okay Lucy. I am here with you right now." He gets lost with his arms around her. He's always wanted to hold her like this. To be able to give her comfort and support. Something he knows when he's having trouble sleeping he wishes someone would hold him in such away. But he would never tell anyone such a thing.

Lucy's head is laying on his chest while she is still being tormented through her nightmare. It's as if she's underwater. but his voice cuts through the darkness and it echos in her dream state she hears Laxus' voice echo louder throughout her mind, "Lucy, I'm here for you. Everything is going to be okay." She can hear the confidence and love through that one sentence. But can everything be okay? Can it truly? She knows the reason why she's being tormented. In her sleep, she cries harder. Laxus smells the salt in the air. He pulls her closer to him and begins rubbing her back gently to calm her down.

The terror of the nightmare causes Lucy to be drenched in a cold sweat. It dampens her hair as her body is still tense. He can smell her fear, it permitted the air around them in the small tent. He is too scared to go to sleep now. He's extremely worried about her. Through the night Laxus continuously rubs her back to help get her relaxed. He loses time when he finally gets her to calm down. He slips into a deep sleep with her in his arms. Knowing that she's calm now helped him relaxed to and he's hoping that even his presence helped her too.

He wakes up before her as he continues to rub her back to make sure she's calm. He doesn't want to leave her when he knows that there could possibly be a relapse. He wants her to wake up refreshed and calm. In times like this, he knows his mom would do this for him when he had a bad dream. Lucy seems like the type that needs to be reassured in her sleep like he did when he was troubled too. Lucy remembers a time her mom would hold and rub her back simultaneously when she had bad dreams through the night. An action she misses most from her the most. She doesn't know why but her back is being rubbed in that gesture. She hugs the person who is holding her back and takes in their scent, cinnamon and maple fill her senses and she feels at home with just that smell. She slightly tenses up when she feels how big this hand actually is compared to her mom's. It's giant-like.

She whispers softly to Laxus, "You know if you were anyone else I would kick you for being in my sleeping bag?"

He chuckles softly to her, "I don't doubt that."

She opens her eyes and looks up at him, "I should get ready. My hair feels gritty and I know I must smell bad."

He nods but doesn't move from his spot. He's deep in thought. Remembering the night of her screams causes him to wonder what has his blondie been through. Will, she ever tell him what really had her terrified or will he be left in the dark?

She interrupts his brooding, "It's not appropriate for us to be like this. We really need to go soon for our quest."

He sighs and let's go of her before getting up. "If you need anything Blondie, just say my name and I will be there to help you if need be."

She summons Virgo and Cancer. The tent is filled with bright gold and silver light. Virgo asks, "Punishment Princess?" The sound of Cancers scissors snipping the air at his arrival before asking, "Yes Ebi?" Are both asked simultaneously.

"Virgo, I need new clothes, if it's not a bother, can you get me some?"

"Right away Princess." She disappears.

Lucy asks Cancer, "Could you help my hair not look so oily? I don't want the night to be remembered." She runs her hands through the ends of her hair nervously.

"As you wish, Ebi. But let's wait for Virgo to get back."

Virgo is back with an indigo vest, with silver wristbands that reach her elbows. With an indigo skirt that is lightly covered with sparkles as if to show the night sky accompanied by a silver belt to match the wristbands. Finally, a pair of silver thigh-high boots to help complete the ensemble.

Lucy takes off her clothes when Virgo replies, "Don't worry about the tank top Princess. It revitalizes its self on its own. While slowly healing the worst of your wounds. Put the clothes on over it. The power of the celestial world strengthens its power."

When Lucy is finally dressed Cancer shampoos and conditions Lucy's hair. He rinses her locks. He blow-dries her hair and gives her a blow out so it's easier to style her hair. Her fringe lays perfectly on her face. He fixes the rest of her hair back so he can give her a waterfall french braid; starting from her left ear, going straight across to her right ear. When he finishes the braid, he ties it off with a hair tie. Finally placing a silver ribbon that is dyed on the other end with indigo to match her outfit perfectly.

Virgo leaves out of the tent with rice balls for everyone on the team to give everyone a break. After they all eat they pick up their things. Cancer has long since been gone for his stay in the celestial world.

They start the quest by going up the mountain of Mt. Hakobe in a long way. An hour and thirty minutes pass by before they make it to the snowy part. The wind is brisk and frigid causing both Ever and Lucy to complain softly amongst themself about how cold their legs truly are. To have another one amongst themselves to love fashion over comfortability gives them both a sense of comradery.

Ever and Freed don't see the vulcan. In Lucy's quick thinking she summons Gemini and their star dress, "Gate of the Twins key, Star Dress!"

The main colors of the transformation are blues and yellows. Her vest changed to with a high collar, and an upside-down kite shape cleavage window is shown. On either side of her collarbones is hanging tassels. Finished off with a plated belt that sits on her waist. Lucy is also wearing odd colored thigh-high boots. The full outfit is finished off with a kokoshnik.

Gemi and Mini transform into Lucy. Each placing their hands into the other. The bond of Spirit and Keyholder. When Lucy begins to cast the spell of Urano Metria.

"Survey the Heavens, Open the heavens...

"All the stars, far and wide...

"Show me thy appearance...

"With such Shine...

"Oh, tetrabiblos...

"I am the ruler of the stars...

"Aspect become complete..." The planets and stars that are summoned from the strength of her magical power, surround Lucy and all of the one hundred Vulcan showing the rest of the thunder legion how strong Lucy really is.

"Open the malevolent gate...

"Oh, 88 stars of the heavens.


"Urano Metria!"

The spell hits every single Vulcan killing them while leaving a creator in the mountain showing the proof of her power.

"Are all of you okay? I did miss you guys with that spelled right?" She asks frantically.

They all look to her with shocked faces while Bickslow replies, "Remind me not to get on your bad side Cosplayer." His babies repeat, "Bad side, Bad side, Bad side!"

She nods as she transforms back to her normal attire. She sends Gemini back to the spirit world.

Freed and Ever reply in unison, "Thank you for saving us, Lucy. You were great."

Laxus begins walking. He is leading the way to where they need to go. Another hour of walking before Lucy asks, "Can we take a break? The spell took a lot out of me."

They all sit on their bags getting comfortable drinking and catching a breather. Not before long Laxus asks curiously, "Blondie, what all can you do?"

She looks to all of them, "I can open a gate for all of my keys except for one. I once was able to open a gate for the spirit king but that came with a price. I can do a star dress, for all of my keys. Even the silver keys. Moon dress is a form of absorption to protect me in battle, and Synchronous Rotation. The keys I have are Horologium, Lyra, Crux, Pyxus, Plue, Aquarius, Cancer, Torus, Virgo, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Scorpio, Aries, and Capricorn. The newer keys I have are Leo minor, and Phoenix. Leo minor is brothers to Leo which he can do light magic. As for Phoenix he can do healing, and combat with flames hotter than Natsu's."

Freed then makes an observation, "You seem to be the most powerful celestial mage."

"I wouldn't say that. I was born as a celestial mage. So there are more secrets about myself I don't even know yet. Anyways we should get going to get the quest done."

She stands and waits for the rest. They begin walking again. Lucy is right behind Laxus.

Thirty minutes pass by as they all see a cave where they are meant to be. The dark ominous cave gives Lucy a bad feeling, like something bad, is going to happen. They make it to the entrance of the cave when Lucy decides to summon Leo Minor. All because she felt a colder and darker wind from just stepping into the entrance of the cave. Silver and gold light surrounds the entrance of the cave when a small child dressed in a black hoodie, black khaki pants, and black combat boots. His hair is the same orange as Loki's making a smaller version. On his face is a black mask with an animal face. A cute bear's face. Luke told Lucy his name when he first was summoned by her he didn't want to be confused to be his older brother.

Luke looks up to Lucy, "Anything I can do for you, princess Lucy?" The shy tone from the boy reminds Lucy of Aries. Making her wonder if he has been around her a lot.

"Luke, if you don't mind. Can you light our path?"

"Certainly." His hands start to glow lighting the way for the Thunder Legion. Laxus leads the way by his sense of smell.

Ten minutes in the cave the direction of where they are going causes it to split off in different directions causing a 'fork in the road.' Laxus sniffs the air pulling him forward in the left direction. Not before long, a loud roar is heard in the cave that sends Luke flying back; injuring him. Bright light surrounds Luke making him go back to the celestial world. "I hope he made it home alright," Lucy replies silently.

The cave becomes dark but they can still see where they need to hit each wyvern. Laxus instantly defeats the one that is attacking him.

Bickslow's formation with his babies killed his. Lucy summons Torus, and Leo's star dress. She followed with the quickness of defeating her own with the others. Ever and Freed weren't able to defeat theirs. Freed and Lucy helped restrict Ever's so she can do Fairy Machine Gun: Leprechaun.

They follow the same steps to kill the final baby wyverns. The sixth and final wyvern did a roar that sends Bickslow, Freed, and Ever back. A giant magic circle above their head affects the gravity for all of them.

Somehow it gets darker in the cave as if to be in complete darkness. As if sudden blindness was affecting all of them including Lucy.

"Phases of the Moon, Moon Dress!" Lucy then transforms into her moon dress. Which is luminescent in the dark. Her outfit changed to a long-sleeved Satin robe that flows to the floor. Making her the angel of the night. On her sleeves are sapphires that sparkle like the stars. Showing her ranking as a celestial mage. Pure-blood, full and simple. Her eyes flash silver finding the wyvern. It is attracted to Lucy and sends an attack wave, upon wave at her. It has no effect on her because her moon dress is absorbing the impact. Simultaneously the wyvern and Lucy send an attack at one another. Her eye magic kills the wyvern while Lucy is being thrown to the opposite side of the cave. Her momentum doesn't stop there she goes completely through the wall of the cave.

Light from outside fills the cave slightly blinding the rest of the Thunder Legion. Laxus rushes to Lucy when he smells the metallic scent of blood. As he makes it to her, he sees the petite Lucy in a puddle of her own blood. He covers her with his favorite fur-lined jacket. Somehow he knows the wounds on her body weren't caused by the Wyverns or the Vulcans.

Gruffly he shouts for Bickslow, "Bix, check the soul of her most harmful memories of how she got this hurt."

Bickslows Point of View:

I do what is asked of me from my best friend. Cosplayer has never worried anyone more than Laxus that I know of. He doesn't put his jacket just on anyone. "Soul search." My eyes flash before glowing green. I'm deep in her soul's memories. Deeper than I've ever gone before on anyone.

I see her memories as if it's a movie playing like a silent movie. I feel her pain already. It's deep-rooted as if this memory still troubles her to this day. The death of her mother at the age of six. On July 7th, the year x777, This one death causes her to be closer to her mother's spirits. At the time it was more to Aquarius. Causing this spirit to take on the role of mother more than her other spirits.

A new memory flashes in her soul. Her 7th birthday didn't go so well. Her father forgets it and calls her a nuisance, making her run from the office. She clings to Aquarius even more as well as the workers on the estate to help raise her 'cause of the neglect she was receiving from her father. The people from the estate help gave her the love she was always searching for.

Her next decision was a hard one being at the age of 16. The pain of leaving behind a special family from the workers of the estate hit her hard. This decision was during the time her father arranged for her to marry. finalizing her decision to run away. During that year she meets Natsu and Happy but didn't know their names or that they were from the fairy tail guild at the time. Her almost rape, and almost being sold in a sex trade happened by a despicable man at the time. A man named Bora portraying to be Natsu from fairy tail. This causes me to huff with annoyance. When Lucy gets saved by Natsu. She too shows her strength by using Aquarius to throw the boat to the Beach of Hargeon. From there started her adventures with Natsu and Happy.

Her happiness of getting to know everyone from the guild made her even happier welcoming the day. Though these memories are stronger than the other memories. I saw briefly from one that stood out though. She's on a bench reading Sorcerer's Weekly. She looks up and sees two guys laughing and fooling around. Making her wish she had friends like that.

This memory shocks me. Not in a bad way. In a happy way, because, technically she met Laxus and me before Natsu and Happy. 'Great to know Cosplayer.'

Then the strong memories from Phantom Lord show up. Making her hate her father more. But the surprising part to me is she lets go of that hate and in that place forms sadness and guilt, as well as a sense of longing.

She has forgiven Juvia and Gajeel of their involvement of the element four. The surprising part to me though is she had no ill feelings about Fantasia. I can sense that strength and resolve of her forgiveness towards us. As if we are family.

Her memories move on to moving in a flash of her forgiving everyone who has ever done her wrong.

By the time of the Tartarus war she lost Aquarius, the disbandment of the guild and the loss of team Natsu made her feel great guilt to herself. Like losing the people she cared about made her even more depressed but also at that moment also wanting to try to find everyone again. She kept her eye on us, My team, and the guild. Making sure we all are okay. Her memories continue on. The team is back together. But she still has the fear of losing her team again.

By the Alvarez war, Lucy made sure not to let her feelings get to her from the past during battle. Lucy's strength was the reason Mavis saved the guild. Calling Lucy the 'Light of the Guild,' passing on a new torch.

For the One hundred year quest, she was on with team Natsu. Lucy finds Leo Minor, Phoenix, and Aquarius they were laying by a big tree. It was a trap from the celestial dragon slayer causing her attack and torture with the two daggers. That celestial dragon had on him. The two daggers started to glow really big with gold and silver, as the magic spiral around them. The dark memory begins with her being stabbed on her back in two spots that are the worst and while there are minor gashes up and down leading to each stabbed wound. Then he was getting ready to kill her with a final blow when her eyes awaken. She loses consciousness the same time her attacker died. When her eyes awakened for the first time. When she wakes up again her eye-burning she realizes her eye has killed someone. She felt despair for killing someone and immense pain and guilt. She asks Virgo to hide her wounds from team Natsu. This memory has me crying for Cosplayer.

Her memories continue on though to Lucy being trained by Mavis on Tenrou Island. Mavis teaching her how to awaken her eye magic again with her moon dress. Somehow it causes the eye magic to become uncontrollable in the end. On the last day, she was there the first master tells Lucy how she is related to her and Porlyusica, and how she the first master is her great, great, great, great, grandmother, and Porlyusica is her Aunt. After being so long in her soul I feel Lucy's soul pushing me out causing me to scream and blackout.

Normal Point of View

Only ten minutes past before they hear Bickslow scream and blacking out. Before anyone can respond. A bright silver light appears before them. A man as tall as Laxus appears from the light. He's wearing a black shirt, khaki shorts, and combat boots. His red hair is spiked. "I'm here to help."

Upon seeing Bickslow's state on the ground he heals him completely. When he is awake again Nick replies to him, "You went too deep in her soul's memories. That's why you were forced out. Do your best to never do this again." He reprimands him.

Laxus then asks, "Can you heal her? You healed Bickslow."

Nick shakes his head, "I can't. The wounds are too deep for my power alone."

"Then who can heal her?"

"Porlyusica, but she wishes not to go there," Nick replies.

Laxus said "I will go against her wishes. To save her life."

Laxus picks Lucy up with her still wrapped in his fur-lined jacket. Lucy is in his arms princess style. He teleports to Porlyusica's hut.

Freed, Bickslow, and Ever surround Nick. Ever and Freed ask him, "Do you have a way to teleport us too?"

"Yes, miss Lucy already knows this. How many of you need to be teleported and how far?" He asks them.

"All of us, and back to the guild." Freed answers.

"I need to pull some magic from Lucy. But I think I will have enough for three teleports and one good healing if I save the right amount of magic." He has everyone gather around, and each person places their hands in the circle. With Nick's hand on top, he teleports them. They make it to the guild in one trip.

The group appears before Makarov in his office, he puts down his pen and stands on his desk when he asks, "Where's Laxus, and Lucy?"

"At Porlyusica's Lucy is injured." Freed supplies.

"Is the sky dragon slayer busy? I believe we are going to need her for help." Nicks's confidence has no room for self-doubt. At his question, no one realized another person was in the room with Makarov.

"I'm Wendy what do you need my help with?" She asks concerned.

Too quick to even think. Wendy and Makarov are grabbed by the rest of the Thunder Legion and Nick teleports them all to Porlyusica's.

Makarov is the first to notice Lucy in Laxus' arms, "What the heck happened?"

"I will tell you later, but you should ask Bix for the whole story." Laxus answers.

When Wendy sees Lucy covered in so much blood it causes her to cry out for the sister she always looked up too, "Lucy!"

Porlyusica shouts above the racket. "Bring her in Laxus. I need to see what's going on with the Light of the Guild."

The two go to a safe spot for patients in Porlyusica hut that she has reserved for patients. She finds her sheers and has Laxus take his jacket. She cuts away Lucy's top half of the outfit to help see what the problem is. Angry deep gashes are shown to her of Lucy's torture that has been struggling so long to be healed.

"What has this young woman been through?" Porlyusica asks.

With her orders, they enter the hut. "We all need to work together to save Lucy's life at the same time. Bickslow, when we are done here you will tell me what you saw in her soul. Do you hear me?"

He nods vigorously while saying, "Yes ma'am."

Bickslow does 'Soul enhancement' to help keep Lucy's soul alive, by using her happy memories. Finally, they get to the worst part where Laxus and Makarov need to use their power to keep her heart beating in the land of the living. For the first time in a long while, Lucy's back almost closes and heals completely leaving no scars. When Lucy started to coughing up blood. Porlyusica shouted they need to use more magic from all of them to heal her. Porlyusica asks Nick to assist Wendy. Makarov helps his grandson because he can sense his magic was getting low. He gave him some lightening magic while he was keeping her heart alive with his light magic. While Laxus was recharging he shocks her heart back in a rhythm.

Thanks for the help of all of them Lucy was completely healed. Porlyusica tells them, "She will be asleep for a couple of weeks. The worse is over."

Bickslow finally tells Porlyusica why Lucy was hurt so badly. "Basically she was tortured by the end of the One Hundred Year Quest. To save herself, she killed her attacker when her eye magic first awakened. She hid her injuries to her team the best she could from them. I suspect they felt they knew something was off but brushed it off. Her wounds never healed. During this mission we were on she protected us right before she was flown back and her wounds opened further."

Laxus hears while snuggling the sleeping Lucy, trying to use her scent to stay calm. Ever and Freed are in the corner crying for a friend they gained first after Fantasia. After telling this to Porlyusica, Bickslow goes on.

He tells her, "She's also related to you and Mavis. You're her aunt. I forget what great but the first master is her ancestor her great-something-grandma."

Upon hearing this Porlyusica replies, "I always felt she was related to me, I just didn't know how."

"Now that everything calmed down. I think I am going to go to the guild for a beer."

When Makarov makes it to the door Porlyusica grumbles loudly, "Don't forget to chew out this young girl's old team. Even her injuries wouldn't go unnoticed by that flame-head. Her magic hasn't been strong lately. Her magic depletes quickly. But thanks to everyone here she has nothing to worry about now."

"That's great to hear." Makarov steps out into the mid-day making his way back to the guild silently. The many thoughts of the stressful day cause him to be deep in thought. 'If she would have died. The depression of the guild would have been long and hard.'

He makes it to the city of Magnolia. When he replies aloud to himself, "Even now Laxus has taken a liking to her. I don't want Laxus to miss out on his future the way I did in the past with Porlyusica."

He makes it to the guild and storms angrily inside causing the guild to become quiet. His voice booms at team Natsu, "Would you take notice when someone on your team is seriously injured?"

Nervously Natsu asks, "Are you talking about the One Hundred Year Quest? I thought it was only a scratch for Lucy."

"So you smelt blood and did nothing?" Makarov asks trying to get to the bottom of this. He sighs and continues, "It wasn't a scratch. She was seriously injured. You almost lost the Light of the Guild today because of that notion."

Cana replies over the quiet guild. "If I smelt blood I would have rushed to find help."

Gajeel asks bewildered, "You almost killed Bunny?"

Levy's book before her is long forgotten as her facial expression holds a look of bewilderment.

Lisanna walks over to Natsu, "If you smelt blood on me. You would have rushed me to a doctor. Lucy is everyone's friend. Even mine. Without her, this guild would be washed in darkness. The same way it happened when I was presumed dead."

Silence edges on in the guild when the strongest woman of the guild begins crying from both eyes. "I deserve penance for not knowing."

Gray begins to brood, "I should have known. Why did I not know?"

Both Erza and Gray smack Natsu on either side of his head, "You should have told us you smelt blood."

All three of them ask, "Is she alive?"

"She's alive. She just needed a bit more help with the healing process. According to Porlyusica, she will be sleeping for a couple of weeks."

"That's a man!" The shout by Elfman begins the normal chatter and cheers from certain groups in the guild.

"Mira it's time for a celebration get me beer would yah," Makarov shouts excitedly.

"Right away master," Mira replies happily.

When he sits on the bar with the pint in hand. Cana sits next to him. As everyone watches team Natsu leaves the guildhall.

Happy's loud shout of, "Aye sir," signals their departure. When Natsu asked if he was ready to find Lucy.

Back to Cana, she shuffles her cards before drawing a new card out. The card sparks with flickering lights again. This time a new future is shown. One with Lucy between Laxus, and Bickslow. Cana misinterprets this as the two as candidates of Lucy's love interest.

"Hey, this time it's Bickslow meant for Lucy." Suddenly a brighter light is formed placing a red X' over Bickslows face and underneath is written 'Brother.'

"Weird. That's never happened before." Cana whispers shocked.

Makarov then replies, "Quit trying to force Bickslow with Lucy." He's laughing loudly before continuing on, "You know the cards were right the first time around." His laughter fills the guildhall.