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Warning!: This story mentions death, torture, anxiety, and insomnia. If you are sensitive to this kind of story, please, I advise discretion.

Chapter Five: Fate's Destiny.

(Third Person: Lucy)

A single form of consciousness, one thought, one mind. All with no color or light to give it form. 'It's dark,' she thought. 'Not the darkness that makes you scared of the night.' She went on, 'But the darkness that gives promise of a new day.' Most people would be scared and beside themselves getting wrapped up in the loneliness. But for her, she welcomes it.

'Yes, the promise of tomorrow drives me to continue. Because the world is still beautiful.' She may have been tortured, and she may have killed somebody. But: 'This time I don't feel so guilty or ashamed and anxious over something I couldn't control.'

In the darkness, a spark of light brightens her form of who she is. Becoming lighter through and through. 'Is that what I needed to do? To let go of my guilt?' She asked herself.

Third-person: Bickslow.

The blue light of dawn casts a shadowy hue in the small room. His babies are asleep all around him while he was looking at the rest of his team.

Ever and Freed fell asleep crying long ago, at the foot of Lucy's bed. Those two seemed to be more like brother and sister than the rest of the members of the team. But, as for Laxus, he seemed to sleep with Cosplayer in his arms.

'I can't sleep.' He thought, 'What if I sleep and we lose her this time? The guilt alone would wreck me.' He looked to her this time. Her blonde hair shining on Laxus' shoulder.

He whispers aloud, "Why..." His throat gets lodged and trials of, 'Why didn't she tell anyone they tortured her? She's the light of guild, and she was suffering in silence. She didn't let anyone know. Are we too much of a burden for her not to ask us for help?' His thoughts edge on in that emotional turmoil for his Nakama.


The stillness of early dawn still was not welcomed by the morning song of birds. It's quiet. It's calm and peaceful, almost causing Bickslow to fall asleep. The loud banging at the door jars Bickslow awake completely.

The women of the fairy tail guild have a tendency to be scary when they disapprove of something. For Mira, she becomes unmanageable when someone breaks something behind the bar. For Erza, she has a killer intent when someone makes her drop her cake. For Lucy, it's when she finally has enough of Gray's and Natsu's shenanigans that she becomes scary Lucy. But for this moment it's Porlyusica who is angry.

She opens the door to see the culprit as team Natsu, "Go away. Don't you see you're disrupting the peace?!" She bellows at them with a dark aura surrounding her.

Erza replies, "Sorry ma'am we didn't mean to make you angry. We are just worried about Lucy-"

Natsu interrupts, "We want to say sorry to her. Can't you wake her?"

"For your information, I don't forcibly wake my patients. When they are fully healed and wake up normally that's how I let nature takes it course."

"When do you think she will wake up?" Gray asks, trying to get more information from the situation at hand.

"Come back again in two weeks when she's awake." Porlyusica then mumbles under her breath "I hate humans."

Happy then cries with his hands over his mouth. "Lushy!"

Porlyusica then takes her broom and swats at happy. "You're not going to wake her up that way!"

With Lucy still in his arms, Laxus lets out a menacing growl in a protective notion over Lucy. While he is still growling, "Can't you keep it down? It's too early for this."

It takes a few moments for team Natsu to leave before the thunder legion goes back to sleep. Laxus's holding on to her tighter while smelling her hair.

Upon seeing this Porlyusica comments, "You're going to break her while she is sleeping." She smiles softly at him.

Laxus then replies, "I don't know why her smell is keeping me sane right now. If I don't do this I would go after team Natsu."

She replies quietly, "What you're saying reminds me of a time that I highly recommend talking to your gramps about. It may very well help you with your urges."

Upon hearing this he goes on to say, "I don't want to leave her."

"For you, I can call him to come down here if you want. I also need Ever and Bickslow to do my to-do list on the way. I feel like I can't go out either. I want to keep my eye on my niece until she wakes up. It's bothering me why she didn't come to me sooner for this and to prevent it from getting worse. We are family, I could have helped! It also explains why I felt a strong magic pull to her when she and I first met. I want to know why she was afraid to ask for help." She walks to her lacrima communicator. She thinks of Makarov.

He picks up not too long after, "What did you need Poorly?"

"Could you come down here?" She asks.

"Did something happen to Lucy?" He asks in a panic.

"Cool your jets. This isn't about Lucy. Your grandson needs you right now. I figure you could help him while I have Bickslow and Evergreen run errands for me."

"I'm on my way." He ends the call before Porlyusica walks over to Ever. She takes note that Bickslow is still awake

"Bickslow wake up Evergreen." She demands in a raspy tone.

"Yes, ma'am." Bickslow replies before his babies wake up as he sends a request to them to wake up Evergreen. One lays by her head, another in front of her face. Another lays under her head, one crawls under her body, and the leader dances in front of her face. Then begins the five totem chorus of "I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, and this is how it goes."

She jolts awake and throws her fan at Bickslow head. It hits him square in the face, and he yelps, "Ah! Not my face woman!"

Groggy she asks, "Must you ask your totems to sing that incessant annoyance of a song?"

"Porlyusica asked me to wake you up." He replies rubbing the spot she hit him at with the palm of his hand.

"What does she want?" She asks extremely aggravated.

"For us to run errands for her." He smiles smugly.

"I swear if I have to see that smirk all day I will continue to hit you with my fan until it's wiped clean off your face." She mumbles in a provoked manner.

Ever rubs at her eyes as she gets up and walks over to Porlyusica who are holding a to-do list. Forgoing to the market, and the convenience store so she can do her everyday tasks. But she also needs everyday items as well. But her favorite shampoo is at the top of the list. The scent she loved most; orchids and mint.

Freed is still asleep at Lucy's feet when Porlyusica wakes him with a nudge. Freed rubs at his eyes when he asks, "Is she awake finally?"

"When you wake up Freed, you ask stupid questions." She sighs getting a bit aggravated with the three. She then continues, "Could you go to my garden and pick medicinal herbs for me? I need to keep an eye on my house just in case more people show up. You know the correct way to preserve medical herbs, don't you?" She asks suspiciously.

"Yes, I do ma'am. I will do anything to help Lucy." He replies, fully waking up.

"Good now that you all are fully awake. Please take the time you need. Don't show up 'til dinner. You may go now." She shoos them to the door as they do as she asks of them.

When she walks to the room with Lucy and Laxus. He is still holding on to her tightly. As if she will disappear if he lets go of her at any time.

"Let go of her child. She's not going anywhere, you do know she is safe here." She does her best to coax him calmly.

He shakes his head before there's a soft knock on the door. This time Porlyusica is okay with this kind of knock. The normal brats that always comes to her hut never know manners. Soft knocks are what she appreciates.

"Where's Lucy and Laxus?" Makarov asks.

"She's in the room with Laxus." She tells him kindly. He nods and walks to the two. He knows that look on Laxus face and what it stands for.

"Let her go, son. We need to talk anyway." He finally persuades Laxus to loosen his grip on her.

"I don't know gramps, but her scent is calming to me." When he finishes his statement Makarov sits on the bed in front of Laxus.

"For the next questions, I need you to answer honestly. Do you think you can do that for me?" Makarov asks.

"I guess so. What do you want to know?" He asks suspiciously of his grandfather.

"Well, first of the questions: Do you feel the urge to hurt anyone that hurts her?"

"Yes, gramps." He answers reluctantly.

"Do you feel her scent is the only thing keeping you calm and insanely check?"

"Yes, gramps." Laxus feels like he's a parrot repeating those two words.

"What does she smell like to you?" Makarov gives a new question that its answer isn't yes.

"It's lavender, lilac, and mint."

Master thought his mind was going to spin. 'She has a similar scent to Porlyusica. I never thought my grandson would be drawn to something so similar I like back then.'

During a time when he was seventeen or eighteen, he met a pinkette who joined the guild for the first time. She was fifteen, already adept in her medicinal prowess. She was recruited for a team he was always thinking about with his other friends at the time.

But what Makarov remembers most about Porlyusica was the way she smelled; orchids and mint. He always fought his dragon urges when it came to Porlyusica because he didn't want to be like the other dragon slayers, but it did make him pass on his mate.

Finally, he clues Laxus in, "I believe Lucy is your mate. Every slayer has a mate. Just like their dragon counterparts. Your dragon even lives within you in your subconscious."

"How is that even possible?" Laxus asks confused.

Then he informs him, "Every dragon slayer has one that is destined to them. Because their magic is lost magic. It is best not to defy who your dragon chose for you. It will only hurt the person you are meant for. Trust me I know the latter all too well. Do you understand what I told you, son?"

"Yes, I understand gramps. She is my person I am supposed to be with. How do you understand what I am going through though?"

"Because son, It was about your age that I went through what you're going through."

"You're a dragon slayer to gramps?" Laxus asks bewildered.

"Yes, I am a third-generation dragon slayer." He answers calmly.

"What type of dragon slayer gramps." He asks excitedly.

"My Dragon's name was, Haku, he was white and gold. I'm a fairy dragon slayer. The reason I know so well not to defy fate is that I defied mine. Anyways I need to go back to the guild. Watch over Lucy for me." Makarov waves to him.

"Okay, gramps." He smiles softly to him as gramps gets ready for his departure.

Porlyusica Smiles to him before closing the doors behind him. The sun is just beginning to rise over the trees in the woods where she lives. Casting a pink and orange light for Makarov's departure.

Soon time slipped by, Lucy is still stuck in her light consciousness. As if her mind is healing slower than her back did. Her back may have healed first. But her mind? That's a whole other story that even Lucy can recognize.

"It's two weeks lady. Let me see Lucy now." Natsu yells trying to get past Ever and Porlyusica. The two-week marker past and Ever is worried about Lucy. It's a bright day. Even though there are shadows that are casting on Porlyusica's hut everyone can take in the hope that Lucy will wake up today. One by one the members of Team Natsu apologize to Lucy who is still sleeping.

The day moved forward with no change to Lucy and everyone's fear permeated in the small room. Nighttime was too slow for the Thunder Legion. But what Lucy remembered before waking up was that she met Laxus and Bickslow first.

She found a Sorcerer's Weekly carelessly tossed on the streets of Hargeon, "Another man's trash. Is another man's treasure." She replies happily. She found a bench in a park to read the magazine. Time slipped away as she laughed and talked to herself. As the sense of loneliness crept up on her. She stopped reading when she heard loud baby talk of, "Sparky, Sparky, Sparky!" All being shouted by little small totems. Then she saw a bolt of lightning shock a tall man in a knights outfit.

A gruff, raspy tone replies, "If you and your totems call me that again a lightning bolt isn't what you will face."

The friendly demeanor of the two brings a twinge to her heart. Wishing she made friends like those two. Slowly from memory, Lucy wakes up.

But her eyes are completely different. Around her pupils is a ring of gold flowering out between the spaces that weren't gold. It was silver in the outer part of the iris. A spark of light formed only on Laxus. But when she turned to look at Ever, freed and Bickslow, the light went away. They don't see the light.

Porlyusica welcomes her to the world again by asking why she didn't show up sooner.

"Because I didn't want to seem weak." She replies timidly.

"Nonsense child, you're far from weak." She interjected with conviction in her voice.

Lucy continues, "-and I felt I deserved the wounds I got and they served as a reminder how precious life really is."

"Everything that happened to you was not your fault," Porlyusica replies with more conviction in her voice.

Laxus hugs Lucy before laying his head on her shoulder, a soft whisper fills her senses, "I'm glad you're okay Blondie."