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Looking for ideas for a Zanpakutō for Harry, I've seen others use Muramasa, another where he had Benihime which really wouldn't work here, so suggestions? If I used Muramasa, I'd be basing it off other stories I've read. Do I give him an original one in which case I really need help with a name and abilities. If you suggest a known Zanpakutō then it can't be one currently in use, so one used by someone who is dead by the time this story is set.

Setting the Dementor attack earlier in the summer than is cannon.

No pairings really picked yet so suggestions welcome

Chapter 1

Kisuke wandered the streets, curious. He'd never been to England before and he hadn't planned on coming now. However, odd readings had led to the concern that Aizen might be attempting to create a base away from the areas they usually monitored. With Ichigo off training with Shinji and the others he had less on his hands than many others and so had agreed to come. Tessai could watch the kids, not just the two who lived with them, while he was gone. Yoruichi was keeping an eye on things in Soul Society, just to be safe. He had gotten many strange looks for his clothing and footwear, but it didn't bother him at all, he cared little about what others thought of him. To him this place was strange, the houses all looked identical! Street after street, it was more than a little creepy actually. It made him miss his shop, hopefully this would be a quick mission and then he could go home.

He walked passed a rather dilapidated park only to pause as he heard the sound of raised voices, teenaged males to be precise. He knew those tones, those of taunting and triumph. Sighing, he resettled his hat and entered the park, walking towards the noise to see a damaged swing set and a group of boys surrounding something or someone. Stretching out his senses he decided their prey was definitely a person and he moved closer to listen.

"Five against one, very brave."

"Well, you're one to talk. Moaning in your sleep every night? At least I'm not afraid of my pillow. "Don't kill Cedric."" A second voice spoke up and Kisuke frowned at the words.

"Who's Cedric, your boyfriend?"

"Shut up," the first voice, the boy in the middle, snapped.

"He's going to kill me, Mum." The second voice taunted. "Where is your mum?"

"Where is your mum, Potter?" a third boy sniggered.

"She dead?"

"Is she dead?"

"Is she a dead Pott...?"

He'd heard enough. Kisuke walked closer and allowed his cane to actually make a tapping noise as he walked towards them, seeing a boy at the back turn and spot him, eyes widening. He hissed at his compatriots and several more turned, sneering when they saw his strange, to them, clothing. "Good evening gentleman, what seems to be the trouble?" he asked cheerfully and then he got a look inside the circle. In the middle was another boy, bruises already blooming on his skin. "Ah…well, this won't do at all," he told them just as cheerfully even as he felt a flash of anger. It appeared he had been listening to Ichigo far too much, once he would have kept on walking as it was none of his business, now such a sight angered him. The smarter boys picked up on that, shifting nervously. "I suggest you run along home," he warned, and the group broke up as he let out a little spiritual power, even those humans without it should sense the danger and they did. All but one ran off, the boy who remained looked more like an overly large pig or small whale.

He watched the injured boy push back to his feet, adjusting damaged glasses, to eye him warily. "Get out of here Dudley," the boy snapped at the other who sneered.

"Shut up."

Green eyes rolled behind glasses. "Idiot," he muttered before looking back at Kisuke who smiled at them. of course that was when the temperature plummeted from a hot summers day to so cold their breath was fogging up. Kisuke stiffened and looked around, that was not natural.

"What's going on? What are you doing?" the large boy whirled on the smaller.

"I'm not doing anything," he snapped, looking around wildly and then green eyes went wide in fear. "We need to get out of here!" he grabbed the other boy and started pulling his arm. "Run Mister!"

Kisuke turned to see what the boy had and frowned, Hollows? No…not quite. Whatever they were, they were obviously the cause in the weather changing and the growing feeling of despair which he easily shrugged off. The two boys weren't as lucky, the large one falling to his knees and the other sweating, panting, but he was still on his feet, fumbling in his pocket for something.

Kisuke drew Benihime from his cane, eyeing the two things as they flew towards them. they wore tattered grey robes, their faces hooded, moving quite fast but not fast enough. Kisuke moved into Shunpo, meeting them in the air. Benihime swung twice and then he was landing in front of the boys as two shredded, empty robes fluttered to the ground. The sky cleared and the temperature began to rise.


Harry's hands balled into fists as Dudley and his gang taunted him about Cedric and his parents. How dare they! He felt his magic, unused all summer, sizzling under his skin. He caught a glimpse of someone approaching and then Denis turned at the sound of tapping.

"An adult's coming," he hissed in warning and they all looked back, sneering at him and Harry had to admit he was dressed oddly.

A wizard? He tensed a little and then green eyes met grey before the man spoke, warning Dudley and his gang off. He felt something….magic? the other's ran off, leaving only Dudley behind and Harry got to his feet. "Get out of here Dudley," he snapped at Dudley who sneered.

"Shut up."

Green eyes rolled behind glasses. "Idiot," he muttered before looking back at the stranger who smiled at them. That was when the summer heatwave came to a very abrupt end, the sky turning black as their breath began to fog and Harry froze in terror for a split second. He saw the stranger stiffen and look around.

"What's going on? What are you doing?" Dudley demanded, reaching for him and Harry shifted back out of reach.

"I'm not doing anything," he snapped, looking around wildly and then green eyes went wide in fear as he spotted the two rapidly approaching forms. "We need to get out of here!" he grabbed Dudley and started pulling his arm. "Run Mister!" he yelled at the stranger, not wanting him to be Kissed after he had helped him. He scrambled for his wand, Statue or no Statue he couldn't let that happen to the man or his cousin. His jaw dropped as suddenly the man pulled a sword from his cane and vanished, seconds later he reappeared in front of them, his back to them, even as the unnatural weather cleared and Harry gasped as what was left of the Dementors floated to the ground. How…Who… the man sheathed his sword and turned to them and Dudley decided that was enough for him and fainted, despite not having seen the Dementors.

"Alright there?" the man asked before glancing down and seeing his wand which Harry didn't bother hiding since he had to be a wizard, right? Maybe a foreign one? His English did sound accented after all.

"Thanks," he forced out of a dry mouth and the man smiled, cheerful again. "How did you do that? Kill the Dementors?"


Dementors? An interesting name. this boy could obviously see the creatures, though a stick? He puzzled it over before remembering. "Ah! You would be a wizard then?" he asked, and the boy nodded, wary again. "Where are my manners, Kisuke Urahara at your service," he bowed politely, remembering to put his name in the correct order for the language.

"Harry Potter, Sir. Sleeping Beauty is my cousin, Dudley Dursley."

"A pleasure to meet you. Perhaps I should help you get him home?" he offered, curious to see what he could learn from the boy. He felt…strange to his senses. He had considerable Spiritual power, although he seemed unaware of it. Potter hesitated but then nodded so Kisuke simply hefted the other boy up and indicated for him to lead the way. To his surprise they soon crossed over a barrier of some kind, although it was weak. They then approached one of the houses but instead of opening the door the boy knocked and then stepped back. It soon opened to reveal a rather horse-like woman who sneered on seeing Potter before she saw the boy Kisuke was holding and her eyes went wide.

"DUDLEY! What have you done to my son!"

"Ah, it seems young Dudley overdid it in this horrible heat. Perhaps you should ensure he carries a water bottle on such days to remain hydrated," Kisuke offered kindly, stopping her in her tracks. "Perhaps some rest on a couch and plenty of fluids, if he still feels poorly in a few hours a call to the doctor may be in order." The boy was soon on the couch being coddled by his Mother and Kisuke glanced at Potter, nodding to the door and the boy nodded, slipping outside with him. They walked down the path in silence and Kisuke watched Potter relax as they got further from the house. "Your Aunt is rather loud," he commented, and Potter snorted.

"Yeah, try living with her and my Uncle's even worse," the boy told him and Kisuke saw the way he briefly rubbed his arm where he had spotted bruises. Once they were away from possible eavesdroppers the boy looked at him. "How did you kill the Dementors, it's meant to be impossible."

"And what is a Dementor Potter-san?"


He was grateful for the man stepping in with his Aunt, not that he thought it would last, not once Dudley woke up and blamed him. Still it was nice to have an adult stand up for him for once. His opinion of his Aunt was amusing too. He knew his watchdogs would be mad at him for leaving the wards with a stranger, but he didn't feel like a threat. Harry was a pretty good judge of character when he listened to his instincts, it was when he ignored them that he trusted the wrong person. He glanced at the man, Kisuke Urahara, definitely a foreign name. "How did you kill the Dementors, it's meant to be impossible."

"And what is a Dementor Potter-san?"

Potter-san? Never mind, was he serious? "Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them... Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you. If it can, the Dementor will feed on you long enough to reduce you to something like itself... soulless and evil. You will be left with nothing but the worst experiences of your life. They can also consume a person's soul, leaving their victims in a permanent vegetative state, and thus are often referred to as "soul-sucking fiends", rendering a person an 'empty-shell'," Harry quoted Lupin's description on the creatures practically verbatim, he'd memorised it given their effect on him. They were back at the park, so he sat on one of the few remaining benches, watching the strange foreign wizard.


He listened to the boys explanation of what the creatures had been. They sounded very similar to Hollow's, although having more effect on people around them if they could suck out happy emotions and memories without eating the soul. "I see. Then how do you defend yourself?"

"There's a spell, the Patronus Charm, but it's very hard to master," Potter shrugged. "If you hadn't been there I would have used it, even if it broke the law."

"It is against the law to protect yourself?" If they had such creatures surely the law would take self-defence into account?

"I'm under age, was in public where anyone could have seen, and the Ministry's been ripping my reputation apart all summer…I probably would have ended up in front of the Wizengamot." That didn't sound at all bitter.


Harry had no doubt he'd be dragged up on charges and his wand snapped. Those in power either didn't want to know the truth or already knew and were glad the monster was back. Not one person had attempted to stop Fudge from his attacks on Harry and Dumbledore or even question him on what had happened.

He'd been in contact with both Sirius, Remus and the goblins during Fourth year, thanks to Dobby. He'd learnt far more than Dumbledore would have allowed, then again he'd always been good at that. He'd spent his whole life hiding his intellect, first because of the Dursley's and then because Hermione had to be the best and Ron didn't want him to be better than him. Once he'd received his Father's cloak he'd spent many nights in the library, hidden under it, reading things he couldn't during the day. He wasn't the naïve, trusting boy he let them think he was, he never would have survived the Dursley's if he was.

"How can you not know…unless you're not a Wizard?" he felt the warmth of his wand from where it now rested in his hand, hidden by the too long sleeves of his cousins cast offs, his magic humming, begging to be used. If he had to, he would defend himself, but there was something about this strange man that felt safe.


Kisuke watched the young wizard, seeing his fingers curl slightly, holding something…ah, his wand, of course. This boy intrigued him, there was something strange about him. He'd run into a few wizards after a century of exile, but none felt like this boy. Not one of them had felt so powerful and yet…there it was, the power was unstable in a way he hadn't seen before. He tensed slightly in alarm as he felt it…a parasitic, evil, presence borrowed into the teen's. That would need to be dealt with. "I have lodgings nearby, perhaps this is a conversation better had there," he offered, adjusting his hat and almost laughing at the suspicious look on Potters face. "I assure you; I have no intent to harm you."


Harry considered his options, there was no way Aunt Petunia would let him back in the house tonight. Not unless his guard insisted on it and he'd kept careful watch on those who watched him. Tonight was the drunk, and he was pretty sure the idiot had abandoned his post hours ago. Remus was the only other guard he was safe to act around, as long as Harry was safe then the werewolf would let him do as he pleased, if he left then Moony simply followed at his shoulder, guarding him on the move. The most difficult was Moody due to his stupid eye. Remus had given him a list and schedule for all of the guards and had told him they all belonged to the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's version of the Death Eater's, although lacking the tattoo. He didn't trust them or Dumbledore, although he didn't count Sirius or Remus in that. Both men had failed him a lot in his life, but at the end of third year they had sworn never again, made an oath in blood and magic, and he believed it. Now here was a stranger who wielded power he'd never imagined, had saved him, yes…he would go with him. Harry nodded and the man grinned cheerily, leading him away from his prison.