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Dusk: Why do we have to do this? Can't you just snap your fingers and take care of it so we don't need to do this.

Rider: Yeah, Jauneforever is expecting you to do some of the work.

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Gendo: I will have vengeance.

Chapter 1: The Cards We Are Dealt – Reading Edition

"OK so I get RWBY and you get the Fate/Series characters." Dusk states as they walk to the portal room in for form of a living shadow not bothering with a human form till, they get the 'guests.'

"Fine but I really don't get why you refuse to go to the Type Moon verses." Rider said having taken the appearance of a black cat wanting to get the drop on them before Shirou can smell him.

"Because these teleporters have a small chance to make us S.I. instead of just sending us for pick up." Dusk states getting into the machine that serves as a door way in and out of the Author Corner verse.

"Wait how small?" Rider questions not really caring since it can't be that big of chance since the creator made them. Getting in and waiting for the count down to end.

"About 23.78% chance we become S.I. and a 23.08% chance of it causing amnesia if that does happen." Dusk states snickering at how he avoided being sent to the land of immoral mages that would love to 'study' them.

"What!?" Rider shouts as the machine turns on and sends them to their destinations.

Now for the sake of the story I will show you brief moments of how some of the characters were captured.

(Type Moon's Fate/Series Verse)

"Meow." A black cat said hanging form a tree in Landon.

"Oh, how did you get up there here let me," Shirou Emiya was cut off as the 'cat' stabbed him with a needle causing him to be knocked out.

"One down, three to go." The 'cat' stated in a light tone moving Shirou into his kidnap bag. Now to drug the left overs and wait for the rest. The bag twitches as if Shirou senses his kitchen and food will be corrupted. But that's impossible that should knock him out for at least another 5 hours.

(RWBY verse)

Dusk uses his shadow form to great capabilities. Sneaks into Beacon's food supply and starts adding his special knock out drug that will cause them all to pass out in a hour after eating. More than enough time- Wait Ozpin and the rest of the teachers never eat with the students in the show! And they are competent enough to check for poisons or drugs! Well that is a maybe considering how much goes under their nose but still how to get Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch.

"Fuck! Now what will I do?" Dusk says out loud having drugged the food and lunch will only be in an hour.

"Hey Cardin, did you hear something?" Dusk ducks into a shadow and 'looks' at a flock of idiots.

"Your just stressed since the Breech you need to relax a bit." Dove or at least I think he is Dove says, "Right Cardin?"

"Why do you three always go to me for answers! Can't you think for yourselves!" Dusk shouts out loud seeing the chance using Cardin's 'voice' darting towards his target's shadow.

"Cardin how could you be so mean to us! I though we had something special!" Rash or something said as I possessed their leader and they can off crying.

"But guy's I di-hmmhgu!" He tries to speak only for me to control him.

"Hello meat sack you are getting upgraded to kidnap sack." Dusk says through Cardin walking off to look for his target before time runs out. Summoning my dart gun with the knock out darts from hammer space I go off with my (un)willing host.

Note to self: Next time go in a physical form no matter how gross it is to have all that blood and organs sliding around. *Shivers*.

(Back to Author Corner World)

"Well that was easier than I thought it would be." Rider comments setting Shirou and his friends on a couch together. Having taken the form of a dark-haired young man wearing a black biker jacket with a red shirt and black jeans and books. Red eyes shining with cat ears on his head and a tail. Choosing this form because cats are awesome, but he needs hands to actually read the story.

"I know. You would think they have security system for the food lockers. Especially with Nora around. Though it did take great sacrifice to get the teachers." Dusk comments twisting his being into a humanoid form of a white hired young man with tan skin and golden eyes. Wearing a white t-shirt that says, "Unlimited Snark Works", blue jeans and red shoes. Finished putting RWBY, NRP, Ozpin, and Glynda into movie theater seats facing the front of the theater with the movie screen and next to the couches that Shirou, Rin, Saber, and Sakura are on.

"What kind of sacrifice?" Rider questions his counterpart dully.

"Cardin may never have kids and let's leave it at that." Dusk states happy he did not connect his control to the nerves to the meat sack. Who know that Glynda could be so vicious?

"Why that form?" Rider comments trying to ignore the slight sympathy he felt for the jackass.

"Simple if you can play Servant than I can play Alter Shirou." Dusk says. At Rider's looks, "Let's just wake them up." Pulls out a remote that says, 'Viewing Room Control Remote System' a pressing the 'wake up all' button.

"Whoa where are we?" Ruby asks, "Yang?"

"Ruby!" Yang shouts seeing her sister and runs to her.

"Nora!" Nora pops between the sisters as they were about to hug.

"Where is that delinquent Cardin! How dare he drug us!" A furious Glynda Goodwitch exclaims as Ozpin nurses a cup of cof-wait where did he get that?

"Wait Cardin kidnaped us!" Wiess shouts

"That bastard!" Yang shouts red eyed planning how to best remove his member.

"Language!" Ruby shouts not liking any cursing.

"Where did that cat go?" Shirou asks remembering trying to save a cat from a tree only for the cat to somehow knock him out.

"Shirou what did you do!" Rin shout angry just knowing that this was his fault.

"Rin you need to calm down." Saber said

"Where's Jaune!?" Pyrrha asks worried about where her team leader/crush is.

"Well this is going just great." Dusk deadpans as they still have not noticed they were not alone in this room.

"You used Cardin to kidnap them?" Rider asks confused.

"You had Cardin kidnap us!" Yang shouts having heard that. Cause the rest of the room to notice the Black Cat Faunus and The False Emiya.

"Archer!" Rin shouts at the site of him confused. Along with the others form the Fate/series.

"Close but no dice. I'm more of an Editor than an Archer." Dusk states deadpan.

"I think we got off on the wrong foot and we-"Rider is cut off.

"No. I'm not wasting any more time with your two's non-sense." Duskrider walks into the room taking the appearance of a college age young man with brown eyes with bags under his eyes, messy brown hair, and 5 o clock after shave while wearing a grey and red long-sleeved shirt, black jeans and slippers. Snaps his fingers making everyone collapse into their seats unable to speak or move. "While in this room I can control everything. Including if some one's aura works or not as well as fogging the mind, so you didn't even notice your weapons were gone. Or that your circuits were disabled for the time though Saber will have more than enough Mana in this room to survive." Looks at everyone checking to see his words and sees Ruby's panic at her 'baby' being missing and not even remembering she had a weapon till just now.

"Hello, I am Duskrider a name that beings like myself take. On the request of a being who's work acted to record a possible future for your world of Remnant." Catching the attention of Professor Ozpin as he resolves to pay close attention to what is going to happen here catching Glynda's eye and nodding they will play along for now. While the people form Earth caught on to Remnant must be the name of the world that they are form. "Now I have very little time, so I'll leave you to my servants and this book," makes a book labeled Deck of Heroes by Jauneforever, "Now to take my nap and get to work on that quiz." Snaps his fingers to let everyone move and talk once more and teleports away.

"Boss was pissed." Dusk states blankly as everyone taken here tries to process this.

Rider nods, "Makes sense he would rather not double the word count before we even start reading."

"Word count?" Ren questions catching on to that part.

"Servants?" Shirou questions trying to use his mage craft but unable to determine who they are form tracing. Rin checking as well but unable to tell.

"They do feel rather strong." Saber states with the others taking her word for it as she senses the energy, they give off is easily on par with her own. If not stronger and more vicious.

"Why is this person's name 'Jauneforever'?" asks Blake looking at the books title while Pyrrha frowns at this worried that Jaune has a stalker.

"It's a Penname like Boss' name." Dusk states making Blake nod remembering how various writers would use Pennames to avoid their private life form being interrupted, "Now we are going to all sit here and read this book otherwise we will never leave here again!"

"WHAT!?" Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Blake, Pyrrha, and Nora shouts while the others form their world remain quiet keeping an eye on how this is going to play out. The Type Moon Universe remains quite familiar with beings like this due to Zelrecth.

"Than let's read this and get out of here." Rin said used to this.

"Wait who are you people?" Ruby asks

"They are here to explain some elements of the universe as events happen." Dusk states. "You see thanks to events of this story it will not be limited to just Remnant and will have events and concepts crossover over between the two thanks to a certain magic user."

"Zelrecth." Rin states to which Dusk nods.

"Also, because they are some of the best characters in their universe. Shirou is so cool!" Rider says like the fanboy he is. Much to Shirou's embarrassment.

"Than why did you kidnap us?" Sakura asks.

"Oh, we did that for the entertainment value of it. And let's get started, I'll go first and then pass it along." Dusk starts the story as everyone tries to think of what is going on.

The screen behind him starts showing what is happening to give a visual perspective of events.

Chapter 1: The Cards We Are Dealt

(Note: If you did not read Jauneforever's work I recommend you do before reading for the reactions it is a great story.)

Jaune slammed his fist against a tree deep in the Emerald Forest; the bark breaking around his fist. Anger had long since overridden the despair and sorrow that he had felt since he had been called into Ozpin's office. It would have hurt less if he hadn't seen it coming. Ever since they had met Alister Kurokoko month ago his friends had slowly been shoving him aside.

"What!" Ruby shouts at the thought of pushing away her first friend at Beacon.

Pyrrha is stunned at this.

"I cannot see my students doing this." Ozpin states.

"This is only a possible future event are always changing in those depending on how big the changes are. Though this could also be your future after we return you home without any memory of these events." Dusk comments

"Remove our memories!" Weiss shouts not believing this non-sense.

"It depends on how the Boss and Jauneforever feel about how things play our here." Rider comments, "We are just his humble Servants." Playing up the Servant angle to make sure that those form the Fate Universe do not underestimate him and his brother. Though in truth while in this room they are closer to the Types than Servants, but they do not need to know that.

'I thought that they actually cared.' Jaune snorted at that. Things had been tense after he revealed his transcripts; only the fact Blake's past deeds was worse kept Weiss, Yang, or Blake herself from turning him in. Yet as the months passed, and he made a decent showing in the first two rounds of the Festival he thought they had forgiven him or at least accepted him; he wouldn't say he was close with the three of them, but they no longer excluded him on principle. Yet than Alister showed up.

Blake winces at this thinking of how she looked down upon Jaune for his lack of fighting skills, but he has gotten better and never discriminates anyone. Though he honestly is not a fighter.

"Yang?" Ruby questions if her sister did this on purpose thinking how strange she and the others had been acting lately.

"I just didn't want you getting in trouble if this was found out." Yang says wincing remembering how she tried to pull Ruby way from interacting with Jaune after finding out for a time. Only she started sneaking around her to hang out with Vomit Boy.

Weiss makes no comment still pissed about his false transcripts. Not looking at her team leader's eyes as she does not want to cause conflict between them over the dunce.

Alister was from Haven, apparently the numbers ended up with him being the odd one out. The Headmaster of Haven therefore arranged for him to transfer to Beacon to gain some new experiences to make up for his lack of teammates.

"That odd." Weiss states getting their attention as she tries not to feel bad about this having forgiven Jaune after he helped her with Neptune at the dance. "Students are required to have teams otherwise they cannot be apart of events like this."

"Things happen but, in most timelines, I wouldn't trust Lionheart to fix my ride much less to run a school." Rider states not a huge fan of the OC so far. But not bad mouthing another's creation since he is an OC himself.

Ozpin sips his coffee noticing how Rider is looking at him form the corner of his eye and nods understanding the message to check on his fellow Headmaster.

Jaune himself had welcomed the boy with open arms and so did the rest of the gang; Alister had taken to the group like a fish into water. The black-haired boy got along with everyone; everyone but the knight. Jaune didn't see it at first but two weeks into Alistair's stay and it became clear that the transfer student aimed to replace Jaune and he was successful.

"What!?" Nora and Pyrrha shout at the thought some one would try to replace their friend and leader/ love interest in the case of the later.

Ren pays attention not liking where this is going.

Yang growls at the thought of this hating it when people used to try to pull this shit back in Signal just because her dad was a teacher. It is a big reason why her friends form Signal and she have not spoken in a long time since they cut her out of their life after they failed to get into Beacon.

Ruby's eye glows briefly angry at that the though someone would try to replace her best friend. Only Ozpin and the hosts notice with the hosts turning a dial making the glow vanish.

'Forgot about those eyes of her. Need to make sure the anti-powers barrier works correctly around her.' Rider thinks to himself paying attention for any more alarms like this one.

Slowly but surely Jaune found himself shoved aside for Alister. WBY was easily foreseeable; Jaune had only made bad impressions on them and they never forgot the idiotic pick-up lines, the air-sickness, or his initial weakness. Alistair in comparison was a strong guy who was willing to pun with Yang, discuss business-related stuff that went over most people's head with Weiss, or talk about various ways to advocate for Faunus Rights with Blake. Jaune could understand those three, he could deal with it. It hurt but compared to the other four it was a minor sting.

Weiss, Yang and Blake try not to look at their leader who looks at them critically.

"This guy seems too good to be real." Rin states critical of this.

"Indeed, it seems unlikely that a person would have all of these traits together." Ozpin comments.

"From my own experience of teaching teenagers if someone it too good to be true than they likely are faking in some manner of have done research on their targets." Glynda states remembering how many relationships in Beacon started and ended due to people faking who they were to gain the attention of another.

Nora, practically a ninth sister after his blood-kin and Terra, moved Alister up to the title of second favorite guy after it was revealed he could make amazing pancakes and high-level explosives. His willingness to go along with her antics was just a cherry on top. The Valkyrie could then be found talking Alistair's ear of whenever Ren was busy, an honor that Jaune had once held with pride.

"Jaune…" Nora says shocked at how much she means to her fearless leader. She never had a brother before it was just her and Ren and Ren were Ren. She feels Ren's hand around hers and intertwines her fingers with his.

"Did this just say he has seven sisters?" Shirou questions

"Yep." Rider states, "According to what little Authors and Writers have seen of this multiverse the Arc family has some strong genes and is up there with Harem Kings like yourself Shirou."

"Harem Kings!?" Blake blurts out in shock remembering a certain book from her collection, 'The Dragon King and his Quest for Oppai' which unknown to her was based on Highschool DxD when a random human accidently was sent to Remnant when they tested out the portals. Good thing they made sure to install more safety features to prevent accidently teleportation like that again. And all with only a 19.63333% chance of summoning your alternative dimension counter part if you tried.

"I'm not a harem protagonist!" Shirou shouts in denial blushing as he remembers the threesome between him, Rin and Saber in the Church during the Grail War and their more recent activities. But they were not his harem they were his lovers sure but never harem.

"It's true these two are part of my harem." Rin states grinning cheekily groping both Shirou and Saber's asses.

"R-Rin!?" A flustered Saber exclaims and Shirou blushed while Sakura looks at them a bit wistfully.

'Did Duskrider remember to put their rooms together?' Dusk telepathically says to his fellow concept.

'And he removed all but one bed.' Rider grins mentally, 'My ship will sail!'

Dusk continuous as the RWBY verse people blush with Nora looking at Ren in thought, Glynda cleans her glasses, and Ozpin remembers his life as Ozma and that time their people thought they wanted a harem to 'spread their greatness' with. Salem was pissed and he tries to block out these bitter sweet moments.

Ren had been the member of the JNPR that took his transcripts the worst but Jaune had felt that a fight between them, aka Ren beating the crap out of him once, had solved their issues and that they had truly become brothers since then. Apparently, that was one-sided as Ren took to spending as much time as he could with Alistair to discuss aura manipulation and various herbal remedies. The two could be found meditating, something that Jaune tried and failed to truly get into.

"Why!?" Pyrrha and Ruby shout looking at the others with Dusk cutting off their reply.

Ren is stunned at how he abandoned his leader and brother. Sure, he was pissed that his leader would cheat to get into Beacon but he understood that sometimes people just do not have the resources to train and if he and Nora were not so lucky than he would have done the same thing.

Than finally he lost Ruby and Pyrrha, the two he was closest to gone.

This makes Pyrrha and Ruby freeze.

The temperature of the room plummets as the people form Type Moon verse look more and more wary of these people not trusting them to do something if this was how they treated a friend.

Ruby; the girl that was his first friend at Beacon. The girl that had stood by him at all times and helped him through so many rough patches and who he had helped nearly as many times, his fellow leader who had promised to stand by his side as they made their teams two of the greatest in Beacon's history. She stuck by him at first, spending more time with him than Alistair yet slowly that changed. More and more often she would be discussing weapons with Alistair, going over complex forging methods or possible upgrades for everyone else's weapons alongside their own. Jaune noted his was never brought up despite the numerous times Ruby had at one point begged to do something with Crocea Mors. And when Alistair made her apparently divine cookies Ruby was lost to him, despite her assurances they were still friends, that he was still her greatest 'guy-friend' Jaune knew they were empty words.

Ruby sits stunned at this-this person destroying her friendship with Jaune. And how much it hurts Jaune. All over some good cookies of all things!? She knows she has a sweet tooth, but she would never abandon a friend like that.

Ozpin looks surprised with a raised eyebrow questioning how loyal these students would be to the cause if they knew what he did and suspected of Jaune Arc. The boy was a born strategist and would make a good headmaster in the future for the war against Salem.

"That bitch." Rin comments making Ruby look hurt but silently agree.

"Don't call my sister a bitch!" Yang shouts at Rin read eyed.

Rin ignores her to keep watching losing more and more ability to believe these people are worth getting to know seeing this.

Pyrrha, his partner, his teacher, the first person to ever believe he had potential. She was the one to awaken his aura, to train him, to give him some actual confidence. Ever since the dance, ever since he got over his childish infatuation with Weiss, he had begun to fall for his partner.

Pyrrha winces at this as at one time this would have made her stand up and dance but here, she has a bad feeling about it.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Blake states having seen the foreshadowing.

He had even been deluded enough to believe Pyrrha had felt something more for him than mere comradery and familial bonds. Now such a thought made him scoff; Pyrrha had clearly just been keeping up appearances or some such thing. With every one of their friends that began to favor Alistair Pyrrha had begun to spend more time with the transfer student and less time with her partner.

"Jaune…" Pyrrha has tears in her eyes form this. Knowing she will have to do something when she gets back home to prevent this horrible future.

Everyone form the RWBY verse is stunned by this as they all know of the champion's crush on her and believed Jaune still did not know even after the dance.

On top of that Alistair began to flirt with Pyrrha, began to court the champion with what was eerily a more streamlined and polished version of the way Jaune attempted to win Weiss's affections. Jaune watched as Alistair constantly made Pyrrha's cheeks red, as he won the champions heart over.

"WHAT!?" Pyrrha shoots up shocked at what is happening.

"The man picks his targets well if anything else." Nods Rider knowing of various people who made Pyrrha their waifu.

When the two became a couple Jaune accepted it, realizing he lost his chance. It hurt, it hurt more than any other failure in his life ever had. True his partner had promised she'd still spend time with him, but it knew that was a lie even before the first time she cancelled a training session.

Pyrrha just sit their stunned. Not moving. Not blinking and not reacting even when Nora tries to get her attention having noticed she looked like she was not even breathing.

"She's alright just stunned." Rider comments before they could do anything knowing that in this room no one could die no matter how much they want to. Having set up this room to prevent any suicide in possible future uses of this room.

Everything led up to this morning when he found himself in Ozpin's office and listening to his team make an argument to replace him with Alistair. To his horror Ozpin's initial denial provided the knowledge that this wasn't the first time such a notion had been brought up, that this was the third time they had argued for Alistair to take his place.

"How could they!" Ruby shouts in shock that they would try to remove her best friend form the school. Everyone that knew Jaune was furious that this was happening. Saber looked applied at this behavior while Shirou felt sorry for the guy along with Rin and Sakura.

"Oh, shut up already." Dusk states making them turn towards him looking annoyed. "Just let me fucking read the story already. These events already happened. And similar events have happened so many times it is not even funny. It's just sad."

Ozpin makes note of this and resolves to keep an eye out for similar events and a better eye on his students if this is happening.

"Jaune simply has no aptitude for this lifestyle and will never make it as a Huntsman." Gone was the belief Pyrrha had once had in him; or perhaps it had never existed.

Pyrrha sits up and shouts, "That bitch!"

"Pyrrha!" A shouted Weiss exclaims never hearing the champion curse before.

"It's true!" Pyrrha turns with tears in her eyes, "How could she betray her friend like that? How could she crush his dreams like that? All over what some guy we haven't even meet yet!"

"She does have a point." Blake starts, "All this started happening when the new guy appeared."

"So, we break his legs!" Nora shouts standing up.

"Nora!" Ren starts. "We don't even know of who this guy is or why we are acting like this in the first place. We need more information first."

"I agree with Lie Ren." Glynda starts fixing her glasses, "We have no idea how events came to be like this, but we can use this chance to try and change them."

Rider and Dusk share a mental high five as the plan is going forward just as they thought it would. Now they can start stage three soon, bringing in even more people over time.

It touched Jaune that Ozpin stood up for him, that he defended the boy that had faked his way into the man's academy. He was just as shocked at Goodwitch's defense of him, the woman had made no secret of her dislike for him and he was surprised she wasn't on NPR's side. The fact the combat instructor said he had a great deal of potential filled him with warmth.

Glynda ignores the looks she is getting from the others especially Ozpin's smug grin.

In the end Jaune decided to save everyone the trouble and relinquished his position on JNPR once it's former members said they'd transfer to Haven to form a team with Alistair with team RWBY most likely following them. Ozpin had actually looked nervous at that and Jaune knew why. JNPR and RWBY were the first two first-year teams to make it to the finals of the Vytal Festival since team STRQ. On top of that each team contained members whose backgrounds and popularity could cause problems for Beacon if they all left.

"WHAT!?" Pyrrha shouts.

"Leave Beacon over some guy we don't even know!" Weiss exclaims, "That is ridiculous! This must be a sham." She stands up and starts walking to the doors in the back of the theater.

"Weiss where are you going?" Ruby asks

"Leaving!" Weiss having enough of this sham of a book. There was no way they would leave Beacon over just some guy. She ignores the faint doubt in her heart trying to open the doors only for Rider to clear his throat to show her the keys in his hands.

"Boss wants you to watch so he made it so that only I and Dusk had keys to enter and exit form this side while he carries the master key." Rider comments with his tail swaying as Weiss huffs returning to her seat.

Pyrrha Nikos, enough said.

Pyrrha winces remembering her fame.

Ren and Nora had become a rags to riches success story thanks to some vultures in the media digging up their pasts after their success in the Festival and discovering what happened to their hometown. Apparently they had provided a major inspiration to those that lacked the means to easily gain the training and equipment to enter a combat school.

Nora is surprised they are so popular while Ren is not all that shocked as people love a good story.

Weiss Schnee, also one who needed no further explanation.

Weiss just crosses her arms and huffs at this.

Blake Belladonna, while he wasn't the smartest or the most knowledgeable Jaune had actually recognized her last name as the leader of Menagerie thanks to knowing a former Fang member from his hometown that left once Ghira stepped down. Admittedly he didn't realize she was his daughter at first but it wasn't like he knew what the man looked like or if he even had a family. If she left it would be a powerful statement about Beacon's relationship with Faunus even if Blake didn't advertise her species.

Blake cannot help but wonder if Jaune of her world did meet her father before. And if that was why he never discriminated against faunus.

No, better he bow out than cost Ozpin seven amazingly talented students and give him a whole lot of PR problems. After relinquishing his position he gave Ozpin and Goodwitch his thanks and walked into Ozpin's elevator. Once the doors closed he collapsed down and cried at the turn of events; he had pulled himself together by the time he reached the ground and rushed over to the room that once belonged to JNPR and packed a rucksack of essentials. He jotted down a quick note to his family explaining what happened that he stuck in a mailbox on his way to his locker to get his armor and weapon.

"Why wasn't Ruby mentioned in this?" Rin asks critical as Ruby's eyes light up with thought that she did not betray her best guy friend.

"Spoilers." Dusk states.

"But wait does this mean-"Ruby starts only to get cut off by Dusk shouting, "SPOLIERS!"

"Sorry. It's one of the limits placed on us. We cannot give spoilers without approval from the Boss who gets it in part from the writer who recorded this world." Rider starts

"And who the fuck would read a book that they know the ending to?" Dusk states not mentioning he only read up to chapter 3 so far.

Oum, just as he was finally repairing things with his family. It wasn't that they were bad people, he knew they had always loved him and he them, but most of them didn't have the most flexible mindset. His sister Saphron was a perfect example, when she came out as being homosexual their parents didn't take too kindly to it as they held the typical view that most people not living in the main areas of the kingdom take.

Saber remembers this mindset form her era well and how people of different sexualities and fates were mistreated by the masses. While she did what she could there was only so much even a king could do even in the face of such behaviors.

Ozpin remembers a time like this as well and tries to not remember just how many people were hurt and killed over this. He remembers over the years how he had his sexuality changed over time due to the various reincarnations and past lives he had lived. One thing he learned was that Love was simply that Love.

If it doesn't produce children a relationship is wrong. The concept was based on the high mortality rate that could befall these areas and it had been around for generations and with each generation its meaning had become more focused. Where once it meant that all relationships that didn't produce children improvements in science had led to the view now focusing solely on homosexual relationships. Such an idea held no water in the more populated areas but in areas with low to medium populations it was sadly common. In the end Saphron had eloped with her girlfriend Terra Cotta and moved to Argus leading to everyone else going there to work things out. It had taken time and effort, but his parents had come around and welcomed Terra into the family.

"That is ridiculous!" Shirou shouts enraged getting looks of surprise form his lovers (and future one) seeing how he usually is not this fired up unless it is saving people, "Love is loving other people and that is alright no matter who it is. As long as they are consenting adults it is all alright." Finding this ridiculous remembering some memories of a political war over sexuality in Archer's future that he remembered from seeing their linked reality marbles and how Rin remembers this briefly.

"It's people." Rider shrugs with indifference. "They hate and they are cruel and rather petty. Not happy simply living their own life but desire to influence others no matter how pointless it all truly is." He catches their attention. "I have never understood why people would hate others over such petty reasons. Best guess he has is people being pressured into reproducing more children after various events that kill off a lot of people such as floods, wildfires, complications at births, war and others from when the world did not have a massive overpopulation problem."

"True. If we could just learn to accept one another than so much loss could have been avoided." Dusk states. "Than again it would be too boring of a place for us to pay attention to if that ever happened." Grinning at the face faults the others have.

This also applied to their belief he couldn't become a Huntsman and the steps they had taken to ensure he never did. They purged their house of all but the most generalized information of the trade and any mention of aura, they threatened the local library to keep similar materials away from him, the local blacksmith was told to never produce armor or weapons for him, anyone that could teach him anything of fighting was kept an arm's length away from him. The only reason they went along with his fake transcript's idea was because they expected him to be turned away or fail miserably.

"That is harsh." Shirou states thinking of how his own dream would turn out form the looks he got from Archer. He can't help but wonder if this was like his own future's self-road to ruins.

Meanwhile the members of Teams RWBY and NPR are planning on getting to know their own Jaune's family after this is over.

"Ozpin is the Arc family like this?" Glynda questions wondering if she needs to pay them a visit to smack some sense into their heads.

Ozpin shrugs not knowing for sure. Making notes to investigate his student's families more after they get home. If they keep their memories.

Yet after the Vytal festival they called him up; true they attributed most of his team's success to the other three, which he agreed with, but they told him how proud they were of him. His father had promised to teach him a few tricks when he came back for a break, even if he said that it was so he would be of more use to his team. Now any progress made on enhancing their opinion of him would take a good hundred steps back.

Weiss winces remembering her own family and what it is like to have pressures like this. As well as the roll she played in destroying a good person's future. Resolving to be nicer to Jaune when they got back home.

As he was putting on his armor and strapping on his sword Ozpin had sent him a message saying that he was more than welcome to stay but understood why he wouldn't want to do that; therefore he would check with the other Headmasters to see if there was an open slot for him and would message him once he had something. Once more the Headmaster's belief in him touched Jaune and this time he let out a few tears at this. A second message from Goodwitch both praised him for his rapid improvement and admonished him for even coming to Beacon so unprepared before giving him the backhanded praise of 'succeeding where most everyone would fail' made it rather hard to dry his eyes. While it was kind of his teachers to look for another team for him to join Jaune doubted it would work out; once word got out his team and their sister team had blacklisted him no-one would touch him. His dream was unobtainable now, this had been a desperate last hope at reaching it and it was all for naught.

This brings Ruby to tears seeing her friend like this. Looking at the screen she sees how little hope he has.

Pyrrha is not any better seeing her crush like this and knowing in another world she was the cause of this.

Shirou bows his head in silence wondering if without his dream of being a hero he would have survived his father's passing.

And that realization led him to the heart of the Emerald Forest. If his dream was dead, if he was going to leave in disgrace than he was going to prove even if just to himself that he had reached a level where he belonged at Beacon. It wasn't perfect but his self-made test was the best he could come up with on short-notice. He was going to redo the Initiation in a sense, there would be no relic this time merely getting to the ruins were the chess pieces once sat and making it back to Beacon in one piece. Was it a bit in his favor after going through it once, yes it was but this time it was just him rather than a group of seven and one anchor. Going to the cliff and dropping his rucksack there he hopped on a launch pad and was flung into the Emerald Forest.

"Go fearless leader you can do it!" Nora shouts in support of her friend wanting to see him succeed in this. Ignoring the pit from this possible future resolving never to throw away her friends.

"He's not an anchor." Ruby mutters not liking how little confidence her friend has while the rest of her team tries to be supportive of him but knowing this will not end well. After initiation they were more surprised that Jaune survived without a scratch but put that down as his partner being Pyrrha Nikos after seeing her in action.

Landing was interesting this time, taking a straightforward approach Jaune just put his shield in front of him and rammed through everything, letting the shield and his aura take the damage. Once he hit the ground the Grimm were upon him, his emotions drawing them in despite his efforts to control them.

"Oh no." Ruby states remembering how Grimm would go to Jaune in waves due to his depression in this future. Wondering where the heck she was to help support her friend!

Pyrrha grips her seat leaning forward watching and hoping Jaune will be alright.

"Ms. Rose have a little fate in Mr. Arc." Ozpin starts sipping his coffee. "While he is not the strongest huntsman in training, he is still one able to keep up with his classmates after months of training and having worked hard to do so."

"Indeed, while he could use improvement he is improving." Glynda explains critically.

For once Jaune was grateful for the Grimm, cutting them down was therapeutic. All the anger and hate that had boiled below his other emotions, that had built up for months as he was systematically purged from his friends' lives, he could finally just let it go and release it at something. Grimm after Grimm came at him, mostly Ursa, Beowolfs, and Boarbatusk, and they all died. Yes, Jaune didn't come out unscathed but he took only minor injuries that healed soon after. Once he buried his sword in the skull of the last soulless monster his fist slammed into a tree.

"Impressive." Saber states, "While there is room for improvement, he is showing good skills with the little training he has." Remembering the various knights of her time and how each of them were once students including herself.

"True he did a lot of hard work to reach that point." Shirou comments knowing from his Reality Marble just how much training it takes to improve if he started with no training a year ago.

Pyrrha feels proud of his ability as well as disappointed in how little she had in helping him in this world.

"Yeah go Jaune!" Ruby stands up in her seat.

"Sit down Ruby!" Weiss shouts not wanting to be hit by her swinging limbs.

"Sorry Weiss." Ruby calms down. "Go Jaune." She says a little less loud.

Taking deep breaths, relying on the few meditation techniques that he had picked up from his brief foray into mediation with Ren he managed to calm himself down. Yes, he had taken care of those Grimm just fine, but they were grunts; no need to call some Alphas down upon him. Finding the old ruins was easier than he thought it would be after he stumbled upon the trail of broken trees that the Deathstalker from Initiation had left. Following the trail of destruction brought him to the ruins; more Grimm fell to his blade on the way. Jaune smiled to himself as he managed to continue to kill them without taking major injury but when he saw the ruins he frowned. In his mind it was too easy; the path created by the Deathstalker had made this test worthless.

"We need to fix that." Ozpin comments as Glynda makes note of it.

The ruins that held the chess pieces still stood, Jaune had honestly thought the Deathstalker had destroyed them as it chased them. Jaune decided to take a closer look, bitter sweet though it may be this was still a place that he treasured.

The members of team RWBY and NPR smile remembering how they all meet there and fought as a team. It was how they became a family even if this was more bitter seeing one of their own alone.

"Huh? What are these?" Eight cards lay on the one of the pillars of the ruins; each one depicting a different figure. There was a sword-wielding knight, a spearman, an archer, a chariot-driver, what appeared to be an assassin holding two knives, a mage, a humanoid beast, and the last bore the image of a decrepit figure chained in a manner similar to the design of a straight-jacket. "Was Ozpin holding another test out here soon?" Jaune thought aloud before shrugging and pocketing the cards, he'd give them to Ozpin and ask him.

"What are those?" Nora asks curious about the art work.

"They feel like Servants." Saber says feeling the energy from the screen. And one feeling more familiar than the others.

"No way." Shirou comments.

"What do you mean Servants?" Blake questions

"They mean beings like Saber here." Dusk comments, "Explain for them please." Dusk sits back with a bottle of water while they explain. What even concepts get thirsty at times.

"And don't worry about it they are not from your world so the Moonlight World will never know." Rider comments, "Since we are going to erase their memories and all I mean." Accidently letting it slip that this was an alternative world and not the most likely future of their world but happy to see they did not notice.

"Well where should we start?" Shirou wonders to which Rin shakes her head and starts assuming lecture pose # 4.

"In our experience Servants is a term used for Heroic Spirits summoned to act as familiars for a Master, a Magus. Heroic spirits are beings who ascended to the Throne of Heroes for their actions and was taken out of the cycle of reincarnation." This catches the RWBY verse attention wondering just who would be on the grail, "They are not always good people and there is a wide variety of anti-heros in the Throne. Saber is a Servant and Heroic Spirit though she does not like others knowing her true name as most legends tend to include weaknesses of the Servants." Saber nods at this as the others give her a look. Including Ozpin who wonders if Ozma would end up on the Throne due to his legend and wonders if this could break his shackles after Salem is defeated.

"This requires a massive amount of power and without help I would not be able to support Saber on my own." Rin states grabbing their attention, "The only reason why we were able to summon a Servant in the first place was due to the Grail. A magical artifact that helped summon the Servants for the Grail War in which Servant and Masters in teams of 7 each with a different class were paired together till only one was left." This brings a shiver to the others. "Among these classes are Saber, Lancer, Archer, Caster, Rider, Assassin, and Berserker."

"You summoned people to fight to the death." Blake hissed not liking the implications.

"Just how could a killer be a hero much less assassin?" Weiss questions with narrow eyes remembering the various assassinations that targeted her family and their company.

"In a sense yes but since master's were usually the better target it is actually rather common for the Master to be killed to remove the Servant. More so since Servants are at a minimum about 10 times more powerful than the human master." Rin continues not like the bow haired girl's tone. "And one person's is often another's villain. Some of the greatest heroes and villains were killed by assassins. Though generally their legend is relatively unknown, and their power is weaker than others with greater fame."

"And the grail usually picks those with either a dream or desire as long as they have the energy required to do the initial summoning." Shirou states, "I had no desire for the Grail and ended up summoning Saber when I was almost killed by Lancer. I only chose to remain in the war to prevent innocent casualties and that was the main reason me and Rin teamed up." Ozpin raises an eyebrow wondering what could make such a seemingly normal boy willing to risk almost certain death for the sounds of this to help other.

"That is not the only thing as a Servant is not a Servant without a Noble Phantasm usually having something to do with their legend and class." Rin jesters to Saber, "Saber class servants tend to have a sword but most Noble Phantasm are not simple, and many are powerful with multiple Noble Phantasm. The Lancer of our war had a lance that would always seek the heart and impale it reversing the laws of causality to achieve this." This makes many pales especially Ozpin remembering when magic users used to enchant their weapons to preform feats that were considered impossible by many.

"Just what are these cards though some means of summoning Servants?" Weiss asks, "And if so, why are their eight rather than seven like you said there are."

"I have some idea, but I cannot be sure till we see more." Rin comments thinking about some of the worlds that she has seen as a student of the True Magic Kaleidoscope. The operations of infinite worlds showed both wonders and horrors enough to drive people mad leading to her blocking out parts of it.

It was the sound that alerted him, that made him leap to the side as a drill rammed into the stone pillar behind him and turned it into rubble. If he hadn't had moved, he would have been pinned, trapped as that weapon ate away at his armor and aura if it didn't break through them instantly. Jaune faced his attacker and fought the urge to rub his eyes.

"Who's that?" Nora asks

Standing before him was a humanoid figure that at first thought would make you believe it was a Grimm if not for the lack of bone armor or glowing red marks and eyes. No this was like liquid darkness had been poured into a mold shaped like a well-built man. What he had thought was a drill was in fact a sword, clearly one built to work like a drill but the way the figure held it showed it was without a doubt a sword.

The audience looks horrified by this mix of man and Grimm.

"Fergus mac Roich." Shirou states recognizing the weapon as one of the one most used by Archer. Even if it was not altered. "Servant Saber though corrupted by some means."

This makes many form Remnant pale remembering the talk they just had.

"Run Jaune!" Ruby shouts not wanting to see her friend die.

"He looks corrupted." Sakura states fearfully rubbing her arms remembering as Shirou leans over and grabs her hand. Looking at her Sempai's eyes she sees support in his golden eyes. Smiling at him and trying to block out the memories.

Jaune's quick deployment of his shield was what saved his life because the figure swung at him, its odd weapon spinning once more. Crocea Mor's shield, something that had never needed anything more than minor repairs at best in all the time he had used it, shattered on impact.

"JAUNE!" Ruby, Nora and Pyrrha shout in fear for him.

Pyrrha turns to the hosts, "Send me there!" Demanding to go help her friend.

"Me too!" Ruby states.

"NO!" Shouts out Dusk and Rider stopping others from joining in.

"It is forbidden by the laws of our people to send in people form a viewing room to the events themselves." Dusk states in a grim tone of voice sounding more like Archer EMIYA in a bad mood.

"We needed permission to even have you watch this timeline and lost of it that could be taken away at any moment." Rider goes on, "If permission is taken form us than we will be forced to send you all home without any memories for if the next person wants to show you something and to you these events will have never happened." This reluctantly makes Ruby and Pyrrha stand down.

"But can Jaune survive this?" Glynda questions.

"We need to have faith in the capabilities of our students. We cannot always be them to aid in their success." Ozpin states thinking 'Or help prevent their fallings.' Gripping his coffee wanting to believe they are not there to see the death of one of his favorite students.

"GAAAAHHH!" Jaune screamed as he was launched back, his arm broken from the force of the blow and a few chunks of his shield stuck in his arm. By the time he hit the ground his aura had closed his wounds and forced the chunks of metal out as well as making sure his arm was more fractured than broken. The knight didn't stay on the ground for long as his attacker was on him again, swinging its blade up and catching him with the tip. Jaune's armor gained a nasty gash and his chest was cut into as he was sent flying once more, when he hit the ground he hacked up blood with his cry of pain. Crocea Mor's blade lay embedded in the ground out of his reach.

Ruby looks faint as the destruction of the classic weapons that her friend is so proud of their history. And worried for her friend's life praying that she or some one arrives to help him.

Pyrrha breaks the armrest of her chair in her worry only for the damage to be undone with Dusk waves a finger and glares at her for damaging the chairs he helped install in place for this viewing room.

'So this is how it ends.' Jaune's head lolled to the side and took in his approaching killer as the creature flipped its weapon into a backwards grip.

"No no nononono! This can't be the ending!" Ruby shouts afraid she is going to watch her friend die.

"Spoilers." Dusk states

"Zip it jackass and keep reading." A red eyed Yang says not liking how he is acting.

"Why should I care? This is not even the first time a Jaune has almost died. Heck it is not even the first time one from a world that Author of this multiverse has seen die." Dusk states

"Just keep reading." Rider states not wanting to see the results of the punishment runes if Dusk pushes them enough as most of them look like they want to kill Dusk for his insensitive remark.

'No-one is even going to know how I died, people will probably think I jumped, and scavengers got the body.' His hands clenched into fists as he tried to rise, if he died here, if people thought he killed himself then that would just prove to them that Pyrrha was right, that he couldn't handle the life of a huntsman. The creature stood above him; the drill spinning so fast that you could see the air moving around it. It raised the weapon up, both hands on the handle to plunge the weapon down.

"JAUNE!" Ruby, Nora and Pyrrha shout as Blake looks away not wanting to see a decent man die.

"No way, I refuse to die like this." Forcing his aura to spread throughout his body forced his body to rise and slammed his shoulder into the being. The humanoid didn't even budge; one hand moved down to grip his arm and throw him to the side. Jaune skidded on his back for a few yards before shakily climbing back to his feet. "I'm not going to die, not until…" Jaune's eyes gained a dark glare and a light emanated from his pocket. "… not until I prove everyone wrong!" His parents, his sisters, NPR and RWBY, all of them. He wanted … no needed to prove them wrong.

"Go Jaune!" Nora shouts as the others start shouting support to the Jaune on screen.

"I just hope he has what it takes to get out of there." Glynda states knowing he is out matched.

'Oh yeah! Now that's what I like to hear; tell them all where to stick it! Show them all just how great you are!"

"Who's that?" Ren asked hoping they would help save his brother. The others shush him wanting to see what is going on though Pyrrha wonders who this girl is.

Jaune froze at the sound of that voice and then lunged to the side to avoid another blow. It was then he noticed the light coming from his pocket and pulled out the glowing card that depicted the knight. "Alright boy; let's call this a trial run. Show me what you can do with my power! Say the words and let's crush this guy!' Jaune looked at the card in shock before wincing in pain as two words were screamed in his mind.

"What the hell, let's try it. Install Saber!" Red Light emanated from the card, a gasp escaped Jaune as he felt a foreign energy flood his body. Visions flooded into his mind of a young girl desperately seeking her father's love; soaking herself in blood to prove her strength in her quest for approval. He saw her father deny her, saw her lead a bloody revolution, saw her father run her through with a lance. The creature charged him with that sword, a howl escaping it. Jaune reached out on instinct, his hands closing around a hilt materializing in the air. A name formed on the tip of his tongue.

"Mordred, LETS GO!"

"Mordred!" Saber shouts in shock at her child being summoned even like this.

"That's so cool!" Ruby says wondering just how that worked.

"Wait I thought Servants were summoned as Familiars." Weiss states trying to poke a hole in this.

"Usually they are but not always. keep watching to find out more." Rider states getting tired of Weiss' attitude and feeling they will need to nip this in the bud sooner rather than later.

! #%$!$ %$!

From his seat Kischur Zeltretch Schweinrog watched as his chosen entertainment called upon the power of a class card. The centuries old vampire smirked at the sight, truly the boy was going to be interesting.

"Vampire? This is getting ridiculous!" Weiss says having enough of this.

"Weiss!" Ruby shouts

"No enough! This makes no sense. Alternative universe, being force to read a book, and now vampires."

"Just be quiet a let me read already and get your answers." Dusk stated annoyed at yet another person interrupting his reading.

Class Cards, such a wonderful yet terrifying invention. To allow one to claim the power of a heroic spirit was something to behold; it was why he confiscated as many as he could in every dimension that they popped up. One mishap could have a corrupted version of the spirt running amok just like the one that attacked the young Arc or they could possess a being and make them rampage. Sadly during his last raid, for lack of a better word, he had made to take them himself. That version of the Ainsworth family fought back and during the struggle the box holding the cards broke right as he made to leave the dimension.

"So, this is his fault!" Ruby shouts

"It's Zeltretch." Rin starts, "this is a Wednesday for him."

"And to be fair it is not totally his fault." Rider states, "The only events he had a direct impact on were the cards themselves not your actions." Making Ruby wince remembering how her counter part abandoned her friend.

Now those cards were scattered across this dimension, one of the Remnant timelines where two beings of divine power formed before the other gods could and stopped all the others from forming. On top of that True Magic ran wild for a time in this world before becoming scarce when the Brothers had their tantrum. Now only scattered pieces remained and any magic wielder was little more than a novice level magus, the majority only capable of bending the elements to their will.

"That's not logical though." Weiss trying to make sense of this all.

"I took control of Cardin's body and used him to knock you out long enough so that you would be in place for when we woke you up at the same time. How does this make any less sense?" Dusk asks

"None of this makes sense though!" Weiss shouts having a break down as all round her thing are not making sense.

Worlds such as these were abandoned by the "World"; no Counter-Guardian would ever set foot on it to help them, the inhabitants were left to whatever calamity befell them. That was why he chose to help this world once the cards fell into them.

Zeltretch may have cast aside his humanity long ago but he still had his moral as loose as they could be. He caused the problem so he would help fix it, even if he did so in such a way he would be sure to be entertained.

"Entertainment!" Blake hisses at the thought that how events that are happening are just entertainment to this vampire.

"Oh, I could tell you stories about how most people he encounters are driven insane." Rin states, "I am his apprentice after all." This gives her looks form the others.

The obvious way to fight Class Cards was to use Class Cards, well that or a Kaleidostick but Jaune Arc, despite probably being willing to go along with transforming into a magical girl, had enough self-esteem problems without a magical wand insulting him.

"Magical Girl?" Nora asks when an image of Jaune in a pink dress with a wand flying around appears on screen. With his wand mocking him. "Never mind!"

'I feel your pain.' Rin thinking remembering that dam Magical Girl outfit from one of her lessons. *Shivers* so many tentacles.

Oh yes Zeltretch had already chosen Jaune Arc as the one to recover the cards after watching how impressive so many of his other selves were. Be they villain, psychopath, hero, ruler, or revolutionary Jaune Arcs had a tendency to leave a mark upon their world.

"Jaune? Seriously." Weiss states

"Stop interrupting the explanation!" Dusk shouts sick and tired of her attitude considering setting up the punishment.

"Dusk! Calm down." Rider states, "Here have a ramen cup of noodles." Rider takes the book form his counter part as Dusk starts slurping his noodles much to Shirou's cringe considering that this may not be one of his counterparts or possible futures after all. He really hopes so seeing Dusk start to add hot sauce to the cup of noodles. Rider than takes over the reading.

True the journey would be difficult, and every third timeline saw Jaune dying during it but it was better than if he didn't intervene.

"Third timeline…" Ren mutters at this thought.

If he didn't given the boy the Cards he would have died at this moment and even without cards if he did nothing Jaune Arc would not see the vast improvements he had made thanks to his extreme self-deprecation and low opinion of himself. At some point down the line he would kill himself; the time and method changed: hanging himself in a motel before returning home, walking off into Grimm-infested territory after returning home and fighting till he dies, or even just killing himself right there at the ruins but in the end it was inevitable that Jaune would die by his own hand.

Tears appear in Nora's eyes as she hugs Ren as she cries as the image of a swinging body appears on the screen.

Ruby breaks down and cries and when Yang tries to comfort her scoots away hurting her sister not trusting her as much now after seeing this. Not sure how to feel about her team and what was going on and even herself.

Pyrrha is blaming the her of this world and promising herself that this will never happen.

WBY are trying to not think about how they drove a person to suicide multiple times over across the universe with Weiss denying that this is anything more than a twisted nightmare.

Glynda is horrified at the thought of one of her students taking their lives while Ozpin shivers remembering some of his more suicidal times from when he lost hope. Resolving to fix this so that this will never happen even if he must train Jaune himself in secret.

'Yes, Jaune Arc is much better off as my helper/entertainment.' So Zeltretch had made his own set of class cards, ones that provided Jaune Arc a variety of skills that his tactical mind could make use of. These Cards were special however, normally when a Class Card was created the Heroic Sprit inside was stripped of their reason and ego in order to prevent them from possessing the user, but this was also what made them so dangerous as if the Spirit manifested through possession or the construction of a body they would always rampage.

Rin thinks of the reasons this would be but decides to investigate it later. Looking at Saber she cannot see her rampaging at all no matter the version. Though for some reason she can't help but think of her running around in a lion costume waving an oversized piece of meat.

In Zeltretch's opinion this also decreased the amount of power one could get from a Card so he skipped that part and instead simply made sure the spirits used were ones that Jaune Arc could connect with or wouldn't cause him to many problems.

"That makes sense." Rin starts catching the others attention. "Many people used relics in the past to summon who they thought would be ideal Servants, but this usually does not work out for the records shown of prior Grail Wars. The best way to get a good match for a Servant is to summon without a Catalysis." Thinking of how Shirou ended up summoning King Arthur while she summoned EMIYA.

Mordred the Knight of Betrayal; the saber class servant. The child of King Arthur that craved her father's love and acceptance yet was denied it. Filled with self-hatred and loathing that she soon turned on the king; in her rage the Knight led a rebellion against her father and was struck down by the king but not before dealing a lethal blow herself.

Saber looks at her child not sure what to feel having though over events of the past. She looks down feeling both Rin and Shirou gripping her hands sending her comfort making her smile at her lovers.

"Sounds like a poor family dynamic." Weiss comments only to shiver at Saber's look in her eyes at that comment a glare that felt far effective than any her father could have aimed at her.

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne; the lancer class servant. The twin spearman that was cursed with a magical love spot that made any woman that gazed upon it fall for him instantly. This led to a series of events that started with his king's fiancée falling for him and using a spell to make him run away with her to his tale ending with his king letting him die in a fit of hatred and betrayal. Despite all the suffering their actions caused him till the end the knight refused to feel any hatred for them.

"I meet him before during the 4th grail war." Saber comments

"What was he like?" Ruby asks curious.

"He was loyal to a fault and ended up dying because of my master's actions without honor." Saber scowls.

At the other's looks Shirou comments, "The 4th grail war was the one before my own and due to events Saber remembers it well."

Atalanta; the archer class servant. Abandoned by her father for being born a girl rather than a male heir to his throne, rescued by the Moon Goddess, making a name as one of the greatest hunters in all the lands, forced to marry by her father, tricked into marriage by a suitor and a cruel goddess of love despite her vow of Chasity to the Moon Goddess that saved her. Her distrust of men might be a problem at first but Zeltretch knew she would work with Jaune soon enough.

"It is nice to a see a Faunus made it to the Throne." Comments Blake figuring multiple animal features was unusual but with different dimensions it makes sense.

"What's a faunus?" Shirou asks

"They are people with animal traits in Remnant usually one at that and are unique to that dimension." Dusk comments to the shock of the Remnant group while the fate one shrugs it off.

"Though people with animal-like traits is rather common in the multiverse." Rider comments showing images of a purple haired cat girl flying around on a pumpkin, a dragon maid walking in the market talking to people, a girl with Tanuki ears wearing a dress fighting monsters.

"Are they discriminated against as well." Blake wonders if this is a universal story.

"Depends on the world some are more progressive than others and there are worlds far worse in it's treatment of people than your own. Trust me to wonder the paths of what ifs is the path of madness." Rider than shows other scenes with the purple haired girl talking with a blond twin tailed girl and white-haired guy at the table, the dragon maid holding hands with a red head with glasses smiling and blushing, and the girl with Tanuki ears traveling with a giant bird and grumpy looking guy with a shield. "Then again in this life it matters little what you are and more whom you are with."

"Though Atalanta is one of those that got one of the worst hands in life." Dusk comments really hating how most Greek heroes were either screwed over or jerks of the highest order. "After being tricked into marrying thanks in part to a plot by her father and a goddess because she was considered good wife material and nothing more her story lead to a deep distrust of me. Heck I'm not even sure that Jaune could get her to willingly work with him."

Medusa; the rider class servant. Cursed by a goddess that was jealous of her and her sisters' beauty Medusa and her sisters sought isolation. Yet despite that the gods sent 'heroes' to slay them and so Medusa killed those that came for her life, using her now-cursed eyes to turn them to stone. Eventually she was consumed by hatred and became a true monster that even killed her sisters. She was eventually killed by a hero. As a servant she was in the state she was right before madness consumed her. She would cause Jaune no problems however, Medusa was a Spirit that showed loyalty to her Master whenever summoned.

"Wait so monsters can also be summoned?" Yang asks

"Rider is not a monster!" Shouts Sakura remembering the kind Servant she summoned who stood by her side and did horrific deeds under her brother's orders. All to keep her safe.

"Whoa easy no need to take it personally!" Yang shouts.

"Can't blame her since Sakura summoned Medusa during the war and bonded with her." Dusk comments to the others surprise that the quiet and timid looking girl would summon this person.

"It's not that I can blame her either." Shirou starts, "It clearly says she was pushed to the edge. Imagine petty gods forcing you to repeat the same action repeatedly no matter how much you hated it." Having a low opinion on Gods after seeing the history of some of his weapons that had contact with said beings and the legends are usually not flattering either.

"Indeed." Ozpin comments remembering some of his lower points during the reincarnation cycle where he was driven insane or into isolation having given up. Glynda looks at him in worry having an idea of what he has gone through.

Kiritsugu Emiya;

"Dad!?" Shirou exclaims in shock.

"Your dad's a heroic spirit!?" Ruby shouts wondering if her mom is one too.

"That guy ended up as a heroic spirit?" Saber questions bitter about the war.

the assassin class servant. A man that wanted to save the world no matter the cost he steeled his heart and killed anyone that threatened the world no matter the cost. In his eyes ten innocent casualties were a worthwhile cost if a hundred more were saved. In the end his ideals betrayed him and he died cold alongside having accomplished nothing. His existence was an odd one; he was a Counter Guardian and yet he name had been etched into the Throne of Heroes after events that occurred in one dimension. His ideals would clash with Jaune but he would work alongside the boy if it saved lives.

The students shiver at this attitude and the cold look in his eyes.

'Dad?' Shirou wonders at the thought that his father was a Counter Guardian form what little he knows of that life he feels a spark of pity for his father.

"What is a Counter Guardian?" Ozpin questions having remembered the term from earlier.

"They are people who made a contract with Alaya, the collective unconscious will of humanity having split form Gaia the will of the world many years ago." Rin starts remembering the memories of Archer's time as a Counter Guardian and how he damned himself. "After you die having made the contract with Alaya they use you as part of the Counter Force and eliminate any threats to humanity. This usually is in the form of mass murder and destruction of various places. A famous example of this was an island where a magus tried to reach forbidden knowledge and the Counter Guardians buried the island in enough ash that even after thousands of years it is still preserved." This makes Ozpin shiver wondering if perhaps it is for the best that they could not act in Remnant no matter how much he wants to end this conflict with Salem.

"You talk about the world as if it is alive." Pyrrha notes wondering what that is.

"It is because it is alive. And Gaia does not like humanity as seen when she sends out Primitive Murder." Dusk comments with the image of the giant wolf killing any that come near it in mas plays making many shiver and Ruby speed out to the nearest trash can and throws up at how grizzly some of the kills are.

Medea the Witch of Betrayal; the caster-class servant. Born a princess she was made to blindly love a traveling hero named Jason by the same goddess that later tricked Atalanta who at the time was a crew-member of Jason. Under the goddesses spell she not only helped Jason steal one of her countries greatest treasures but also killed her brother. Her magic was then used to secure Jason's spot on the throne, but his crew betrayed both him and Medea unknowing of her lack of choice. Jason eventually wed another woman and in a fit of rage at his betrayal despite all she had done for him she appeared at his wedding and killed everyone but him before disappearing. Jaune's likeness to Jason would cause problems but as long as he was sincere with her he shouldn't have many problems with her. Maybe, honestly Zeltretch was hoping he did so that there would be some more entertainment.

"No wonder she is so bitter." Shirou comments remembering the Caster of his war as the others form there nod while Saber shivers remembering her time as a captive of Caster.

Frankenstein; the berserker class servant. Created by a scientist that aimed to create life, tossed aside when she failed to meet his expectations, denied a mate by him, she chased her creator down after he fled when she killed those close to him before he died to deny his creation her wish. Frankenstein ended her life by burning herself on the pyre. Zeltretch smirked at the thought of this servant, if Jaune didn't watch himself he might find himself as Frankenstein's bridegroom.

"Bridegroom!" Pyrrha shouts

"Yep I ship them." Rider says holding up a flag with both Jaune's and Frankenstein's Monster's Faces on them with hearts around them. To the irritation of Pyrrha and Ruby.

"You ship Jaune with almost every female character in his world and a bunch in others." Dusk comments.

"Wrong." Rider than pulls out one with Shirou's and Jaune's faces, "I ship him with some males as well." Making Shirou blush and duck his head as Sakura glares at the flag till Rider turns it to the other side showing her and her Sempai's faces making her blush. Before turning it again so that it includes Rin and Saber as well this time making the three girls blush and causing Blake to gain a nosebleed wondering how that would even work.

"Wasn't that a gender bent Jaune though?" Dusk asks trying to remember what story that would be.

Rider shrugs hiding his shipping flag. "Hey love is love."

And finally Edmond Dantes; the avenger class servant. Betrayed and unjustly imprisoned for fourteen years this man broke out and brought vengeance upon his betrayers, catching countless innocents in the crossfire. Zeltretch looked forward to seeing how the Avenger interacted with Jaune. Would he inflict his hatred of reality upon Jaune or would he be content to just support the boy?

Ruby shivers afraid for her friend and how this Avenger would influence him.

While Sakura shakes a little remembering her contact with the Avenger of her war.

"So that is what Avenger's class would look like." Rin comments.

"Wait you know what Avenger is?" Weiss asks

Rin assumes lecture pose number 2 with a slight irritated glare remembering how this class caused so many problems, "One of the three families decided to alter the ritual to bring about a Extra Class Servant during the 3rd Grail War. It was the first eliminated and thought of as a failure. But it in truth infected the grail itself allowing for the summoning of Anti-Heroes and flat out Villains in the next two Grail Wars."

"Infected? Like a virus?" Weiss wonders if this a trait for this class and if so needs to prevent Jaune from using it at all.

"This Avenger was not just any Servant but a God of Evil." Rin continues, "Angra Mainyu, a being known as All the World's Evil infected the grail and would try to use it to be reborn as a god in our world. He is the reason why we disabled the grail in our world and destoried it."

"God of Evil…" Ozpin comments wondering if this being was related to the Brothers of his own world.

"That is only part of the story." Dusk comments catching their attention, "The truth of the matter is they did not summon the real Evil God of Zoroastrianism they did summon a servant who was tormented every day for all the Sins of Humanity picked at random by his home village as the Source of all the evil in the world thanks to some foolish people who did not understand good and evil. They didn't even allow him a quick death forcing him to live to old age before his body finally gave out." Everyone turns a little green and pales at this inhumane treatment. "You can see why I care very little for humanity as a whole form this story alone, eh?"

Yes those eight servants would do just nicely for Jaune. He already had Mordred's interest if she was letting him use her power.

#$% #$

The creature that attacked Jaune swung once more but this time its blade was stopped by another. Jaune was now clad in the thick silver armor decorated with red highlights that had clad Mordred in his visions. His face was obscured by a thick helm with two gigantic horns sticking out of it; in his hands was Mordred's large two-handed silver blade that radiated power.

"Sooo cool!" Nora and Ruby exclaim.

Pyrrha looks amazed though intimidated by the armor that screams out for blood.

"Now then…" Jaune's voice was now overlapped with the one from the card "… payback time!" Right as he made this proclamation Jaune released one hand from his sword and used it to punch his attacker. The creature was sent flying from the blow and Jaune on it; tearing into it with his sword and making it screech in agony. Jaune snatched it by its head and slammed his armored knee into his opponent's gut.

"Not so fun when it's you, is it bastard?!" Jaune punctuated each word with another knee to the gut before throwing the creature away almost contemptuously. Red lightning began to dance across his blade as he pointed it towards his foe.

Team RWBY and NPR wince with every hit while Rider comments, "Jaune Arc in many time lines has the potential for great rage." Remembering the Red Lantern Jaune timelines.

Dusk counters, "Has also has potential for great love and kindness as well." Not wanting to fully taint their image of Jaune. After all where is the fun of seeing them be disconnected to the guy thanks to his deeds he has not even done (yet.)

"CRIMSON LIGHTNING!" the lightning struck his opponent, sending it to the ground screeching. Once the lightning ended Jaune walked up and flipped his sword into a one-handed reverse grip. "Shut up." Driving the blade down into its chest the creature's screams ceased. Jaune then watched in interest as rather than dissolve like a Grimm its body was absorbed into a card just like the one, he used, it even had a knight on it. His armor disappeared right after his foe did.

"Heh, not bad. Then again with my power there was no way you could fail. All right its settled; I, Mordred; Knight of Betrayal, accept you as my Master. Let's show this whole world our greatness!"

"Huh!?" Weiss asks wondering what is going on!

"Knight of Betrayal…" Ozpin mutters thinking that title is fitting for this Jaune for different but at the same time similar reasons. Both having been Betrayed by their friends and family they seek approval in and moved on their own path afterwards. He can only hope it does not end in the destruction of Beacon for this one.

"Seems like he has not changed a bit." Saber commenting about Mordred thinking of how they behaved in the past.

"He?" Yang cannot help but ask, "That is clearly a girl." Than red lightning strikes next to her. "What the fuck!"

"Language!" Ruby shouts

"Yeah don't bring up female terms with Mordred." Dusk states, "He doesn't like it and that force is strong enough that in a world like this one in the sea of dimensions a little bit of it can cross over with the Throne and lead to malfunctions like that." Freaking people out a little that Mordred could react along with other spirits if they piss them off too much.

"Huh!?" Jaune looked at the card in his hand to see that one side had been replaced to show a picture of the armor he had just worn only the helmet was missing. This revealed that the one wearing it was a young woman with blond hair and green eyes.

"Wait she looks like Saber." Ren comments looking at the Saber in this room making the others look at her.

"That is because Mordred was my child after having been forced to give seed to my sister Morgan." Saber states to the surprise of those form Remnant.

"She is King Arthur or Artoria Pendragon the Once and Future King." Dusk states.

"King shouldn't she be a Queen?" Nora asks.

"It was not the custom of my time for women to be on the throne. Thus, I had to hide my gender." Artoria states.

"Perhaps I can explain everything young man." Jaune turned to find an old man in a black suit with silver trimmings. In one hand he grasped a cane and in the other he held out both Jaune's rucksack and his sword. Jaune's eyes widened as he saw the sheath/shield was fully repaired. "I think you'll like what I have to offer."

"That poor guy will never survive." Rin states feeling pity as she was apprentice of Zeltretch and knows this will not end well.

#$% #%

Jaune's head spun as he tried to take in everything the old man named Zeltretch had said.

"Right so just so I'm clear you are a mage, which are people that use magic that science can replicate, that possesses a form of True Magic that allows you to travel between dimensions along with seeing into future timelines and you lost a bunch of these Class Cards that are now scattered across Remnant. And your brilliant idea to recover them is to give me some Cards and have me trek all across the world for them."

"That is the gist of it young man, glad to see you understand. Of course, from what I can tell Atlas has only three luckily; nothing good comes from them poking around with things they don't understand like the Cards."

"True." Blake states.

"And you can't get them yourself why?" Jaune watched as the man shrugged dismissively.

The people form RWBY verse lean forward to see why this powerful being would not want to do it.

"Don't feel like it."

"WHAT?!" They shout.


"Oh, look an echo." Dusk comments.

This makes the students blush a bit.

"Don't bother Master, mages at his and that flower freak's level are all flighty bastards that take delight in watching others struggle." Jaune felt his eye twitch at Mordred's words. This day had gone from bad to worse and then to ridiculous.

Saber nods in agreement remembering Merlin well.

"Right, so young man I figured I'd drop you off where the largest concentration of Cards is and let you work your way from there."

"He never agreed to help you!" Weiss shouts

"I never agreed to help you!"

"Echo." Dusk deadpans.

Weiss blushes at saying the same thing as the dunce.

"Then by all means go back to returning to your home in disgrace." Jaune froze at that. Zeltretch was right, the only other option he had was going home. "Don't try and fool me or yourself boy." Jaune watched as a serious look came on the old man's face for the first time. "You are not the kind of man that can stand by while people are in danger. Allow me to paint you a picture of an incredibly likely scenario, one of these cards possesses a Grimm leading to a strong enough being to tear the kingdoms' defenses apart like wet paper. Another would be these cards possessing someone or materializing a body like the one that just attacked you and in a search for the fuel they need to survive the corrupted Spirits devour every soul they get their hands on." Jaune paled at that.

Those form the RWBY verse are paling as Shirou grits his teeth at the thought of people not being saved only calming down due to Rin, Saber, and Sakura being by his side.

"That's not fair though!" Ruby exclaims, "Jaune shouldn't be the one forced to fix this mistake"

"Ms. Rose," Ozpin adjusts his glasses, "You will find often that the world is not a place of right and wrong but rather choices and those willing to take the steps fix them. No matter the cause." He thinks of the various people he led over the years in the war against Salem and just how many he led to their deaths. He has no place to speak about unfair deals as he has done far too much in the past.

"Oh yes that is what your fate would have been if you died; your soul would have been the Spirit's first meal." Zeltretch stepped forward and Jaune felt an oppressive weight emanate from the man and settle on his shoulders. "Your world can't handle this. Huntsman and Huntresses won't stand a chance against most of these spirits if they're given a chance to grow; perhaps a team of the best could handle a newly formed one but otherwise they are just sheep to the slaughterhouse."

"B… but…"

"BUT NOTHING BOY! A Heroic Spirit is something beyond anything someone of the living can handle, only specific circumstances could lead to a human standing a chance against them." Jaune gulped at that; to hear how the greatest fighters in Remnant would be useless was jarring. Zeltretch held out his hand, a stern look on his face. "Now then, will you accept the cards and defend your world?"

"No pressure?" Yang says sarcastically.

Jaune looked at the hand stretched out in front of him as he clutched the Saber card in his hand. He was terrified to admit it but the power flowing through him when he used it was intoxicating. After being the weakling for so long, to have such vast amounts of power, even borrowed as it was, was a rush. To have Mordred accept him was thrill, once they were connected he realized that if she desired to take his body the knight could have done so in a second yet she let him be in control. This deal, it was a risk. He could die or even worse be devoured by a rampaging spirit.

"If he picks this path he will never be allowed to rest." Shirou comments seeing some similarities between Archer's and Jaune's paths. "He would be traveling around the world and possibly die in a forest some where never to be heard form again."

"Professor isn't there someone else that could do this?" Pyrrha asks having heard of this, "I don't want Jaune to die." Seeing a very real possibility in her never seeing Jaune again in this future.

"Sometimes we must have faith in a simple soul." Ozpin states firmly believing that if Jaune choses not to do this than he will die chasing after these spirits.

"And sometimes we need to do more than just letting the cards fall where they will." Rider comments not a huge fan of Ozpin's lack of action form the first few seasons and how little he has been active recently in the story.

Yet he could be a hero, he could be a defender of those that couldn't defend himself. His dream was in reach, all he had to do was reach out and shake Zeltretch's hand. He didn't even realize it that his hand did so without him thinking of it, before he even registered it he was shaking the vampire's hand. Zeltretch's teeth gleamed as he smiled down at Jaune.

"JAUNE!" Shouts Pyrrha and Ruby knowing that this will not end well.

"Simple soul, huh." Rider says to Ozpin seeing how it was the thought of being a hero that made him jump like this.

"He is like you isn't he." Rin stats looking at Shirou.

"It is never wrong to help others." He remarks seeing some similarities between them both choosing the path of Magicraft to achieve the goal of saving people.

With this action Jaune Arc had chosen to walk with death.

"Walk with death?" Weiss questions the phrase feeling like it is a quote.

"It is a common phrase for Magus in our world for a Magus to walk along side death." Shirou states remembering one of his father's first lessons and his own failed attempts at Magi craft almost killing him time and again. "This is because if we do not use our power correctly and even if we do, there is a high chance that our power will kill ourselves. I cannot think of a single Magus who died of natural causes." Shirou thinks of the various experiments fall out he has seen failed and hunts for rouge magus as he remembers his possible future spent as Archer.

"Till next time viewers." Duskrider says walking in, "Rooms are down the hall to the right, bath houses to the left and kitchens are in each living quarters. Have fun."