Jake Long III (Season Three)

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Chapter/Episode One: First Day of Training Part 1

"Welcome!" In his dragon form, Agent McClellan stood before Jake III. "Your first day as my pupil. I must ask: are you excited, or nervous?"

"Um, excited?"

"Good answer!" McClellan smiled. "You are going to learn a lot."

"I-" Jake III started, but before he could finish, he was cut off by the sound of Haley's voice:

"We're not too late, are we?"

"No, you're not too late at all!" Jake said as he quickly turned around, seeing Haley and Cherri, both in their human forms, walking up to them.

"Um, who are they?" McClellan asked.

"Master, this is my Aunt Haley and my former teacher, Cherri." Jake said as he turned around.

"Aw." McClellan said. "And...what are they doing here?"

"I asked them if they wanted to come and watch me train today." Jake told his new master. "They said yes."

"Oh, okay." McClellan smiled. "So, which one of you is Cherri?"

"That would be me." Cherri raised a hand up into the air.

"How did you go about training with him?" McClellan asked.

"Well..." Cherri replied. "...I worked on his fighting skills with him. That's primarily what we worked on. The Council was happy with how well he can fight. Of course, there's always room for improvement."

"Fighting is...all that you did?" McClellan asked, cocking his head to the side.

"Um, primarily." Cherri said in a small voice.

"Are you saying that she failed as a teacher, Agent?" Haley asked sharply, almost as if she was being critical of the dragon that had been appointed to train her brother's grandson.

"Not at all." McClellan said. "You have your way of teaching, I have mine."

"Wait, we're not going to fight?" Jake asked.

"I didn't say that." McClellan told him. "But for now, no we're not." Jake III then watched as McClellan reverted to his human form. "Please, Jake." McClellan smiled. "Join me by taking a seat right her on the grass."

McClellan then sat down, crossing his legs, and waited for Jake to do the same. Finally, with a sigh, Jake did what McClellan told him to do, crossing his legs as well.

"We will begin with a meditation." McClellan said.

"Okay..." Jake said. "...This is not what I was expecting."



Jake III and McClellan continued to sit on the grass, Haley and Cherri watching. "Breathe in..." McClellan said softly, his hands on his legs, his eyes closed. "...Now breathe out..."

As they watched Jake from behind, they could both Cherri and Haley see Jake fidget.

"I don't think he's liking this." Cherri whispered to Haley.

"This is going to be good for him." Haley whispered back as she crossed her arms. "Sun did this with me when I first started training. We kept doing it all throughout my training. It was really relaxing and I really think that it helped."

"I don't think Jake's all that relaxed." Cherri said.

"Just give hi-" Haley started, turning her head to the side to look at Cherri, but before she could finish, she heard McClellan clearing his throat. Knowing that it was directed at her, Haley turned her head back to normal, both Jake III and McClellan opening their eyes.

"I'd appreciate if you two could keep yourselves silent while we're meditating." McClellan said. "Do you think you could do that?"

"Sorry." Haley said. "Wou...Would you just prefer it if we left? Because...we can."

"No." Jake III turned his head to the side. "You can stay. I'd like it if you'd stay."

"We'll...We'll just keep quiet." Haley decided.

"Thank you." McClellan replied before he closed his eyes again. "Now...let's start again, shall we?"


It was only two days after the fiasco in the Hong Kong Huntslair. In her dragon form, Rose emerged from a building, stepping into the dark night. Feeling the grass in-between her toes, Rose looked in both directions, trying to decide what to do, until...

"Agent Long?" Came the sound of Agent Magness' voice, making Rose turn her head back to normal, seeing Magness, in her dragon form, walking up to her. "You're out of the hospital?" Magness seemed surprised.

"Why do you sound so surprised?" Rose asked with a smile. "I wasn't seriously hurt." Then, she added with a whisper: "Don't tell anyone, but it was nice to be able to just rest for a day."

"So, what are you going to do now?" Magness asked, smiling.

"I don't know." Was Rose's response. "I really can't decide. I was thinking about going to my husband tonight. He's been worried about me."

"Speaking of being worried..." Magness said. "...What about your memories? Any luck with recalling more of what happened?"

"No." Rose said. "Nothing. I've tried to think back. I've pushed myself so hard. I just can't, though. It's so frustrating." Then, she sighed and lowered her head. "I think I need to spend tonight with Jake." She decided as she slowly lifted her head up. "It'd be good for both of us."

"I like that decision." Magness said with yet another smile.

"What are you doing?" Rose asked. "Tonight, that is. Family?"

"Oh, Agent Long..." Magness' smile widened. "...That just goes to show how little you know about me. I moved out a few years ago. That was when I first became an Agent. I live alone, although I'd be happy to meet a special someone."

"You going to do that tonight?"

"Can't." Magness said. "Councilor Jennings gave me an assignment that doesn't appear to have any end date in sight. That's what I'll be doing tonight, and every night from now on, for that matter."

"What's that?" Rose asked.

"I'm guarding her mother." Magness said. "Councilor Jennings' orders."

"Big task for one Agent." Holly said.

"It's not just me." Magness said. "There are four of us. Agent Wittrock and Agent Bell guard her during the day. Agent Icenhour and I guard her during the night."

"What are you doing away from your post?"


"Well, then I should let you do your business so that you can get back to your other business." Rose dismissed herself before she started to walk around the other Dragon Council Agent.

"Um, if you don't mind me suggesting this, ma'am..." Magness said as she turned around, making Rose stop in her tracks.

"Suggest what?" Rose asked before she turned around.

"You can't remember what happened on that mission." Magness began. "But we have someone who might be able to help you in our custody."

"Holly hasn't already tried that?" Rose asked.

"I'm not sure." Magness said. "I can't know what the Council does if they don't tell me. I just serve you and the Council, ma'am."

"Well, I suppose Holly would tell me if she had gotten information out of her mother..." Rose thought out loud. "...So...maybe she didn't get a chance to yet."

"So, does that mean that you'll give it a shot?" Magness asked.

"Sure." Rose smiled. "Why not?"


Together, Rose and Agent Magness walked down the halls of the prison, finding Agent Icenhour at the cell bars to Mrs. Jennings' cell. "I'm back." Magness said, making Icenhour turn his head to the side.

"Took you long en-" He started, but his eyes widened when he saw Rose. As Rose and Magness reached him and stood in front of him, Icenhour turned his head back to normal. "Agent Long, what are you doing here?"

"I asked her if she wanted to come." Agent Magness smiled.

"Why would she?"

"I told her that perhaps the prisoner could tell her what she can't remember about that night." Magness said.

"You still can't remember?" Icenhour asked.

"I don't think I'd be here if I did." Rose rubbed the back of her neck. "Do you mind letting me into that cell, Agent Icenhour?"

"Absolutely not, ma'am." Icenhour said. "You don't even have to ask." He finished as he reached down to his belt and pulled off the key. Turning, around, he stuck the key into the lock and turned it, pulling open the cell door, making Mrs. Jennings lift her head up, smiling evilly as she watched Rose walk inside.

"Agent Long, do you want me to be in there with you?" Icenhour offered.

"No, thank you." Rose said, turning her head to the side. "She's chained. She can't get me."

"That's where you're mistaken, Agent." Mrs. Jennings grinned.

"You know, you're all talk." Rose said, snapping her head back to normal. "That's all you are. Why don't you actually do something?"

"I did." Mrs. Jennings mocked, her smile widening. "I killed two of your Agents, four if you count my shade demons killing two more."

Sneering, Rose walked over to the prisoner and knelt down beside her. "Let's talk." Rose said. "Tell me about that night. I want to know everything."

"You already know, Agent."

"Something happened." Agent Icenhour said. "She doesn't remember anything."

"Aw..." Mrs. Jennings mocked. "...Isn't that precious?"

"Enough." Rose narrowed her eyes. "Just tell me what happened."

"Why don't you ask the Agents who came with you and saw everything?" Mrs. Jennings continued to mock her. "Oh, right. You can't. They all died."

"Alright." Rose reacted angrily, standing up and turning around, starting to walk away. "I'm done. I'm not going to play games with you."

"Afraid you'll lose my game, Agent?"

"No." Rose replied angrily. "I'm afraid you'll bring out the slayer in me and I'll murder you."

"Well..." Mrs. Jennings replied. "...I guess you just don't care that much about what happened."

Mrs. Jennings had done it. She had convinced Rose to stay and play her game. Stopping in her tracks, Rose slowly turned around, a serious and no-nonsense look on her face. "Tell me what happened." She said.


Meanwhile, a dark red dragon with long black hair and black spikes coming out the sides of her arms flew through the air, about a dozen shade demons following her. Diving down, the dragon landed in the edge of the island, the shade demons landing a few seconds later.

"Follow me." The dragon said as she started to walk forward, the shade demons starting to follow her. "I know the prison like the back of my hand."


"What...happened?" Rose asked dangerously as she knelt down so she could look Mrs. Jennings in the eyes. "Tell me what happened."

"Okay." Mrs. Jennings continued to smile. "You-"

"Stop." Rose cut her off, holding up a clawed hand. "Wipe that smile off your face first."

"As you command, Agent." Mrs. Jennings said. She stopped smiling just as Rose had told her to, but her eyes were still shining with amusement. "Can I continue now?"

"Yes." Rose narrowed her eyes.

"As I was saying..." Mrs. Jennings continued. "...You and several Agents came to the lair."

"I know that." Rose growled. "I had eleven Agents with me. Your daughter sent us to the Fa's home with Vixen and Cimberleigh. We found Kiew Fa's body and then Vixen and Cimberleigh betrayed us. They killed two of my Agents."

"So, why do you need me to tell you what happened that night, then?" Mrs. Jennings smiled again.

"Because I can't remember anything after that."

"Aw, now I understand." Mrs. Jennings' smile widened. "You-"

However, before she could continue, a loud slamming sound came from down the jail hall, making both Magness and Icenhour turn their heads to the side, both expecting to see someone coming.

Rose, having heard the slamming noise as well, turned her head to the side, watching as Magness and Icenhour turned their heads, looking back into the cell. "Sorry, ma'am." Icenhour said as he grabbed the cell door and started to slide it shut. "If we're caught with the door open, we'll be chewed out for being irresponsible."

"Understood." Rose said. "Although I could always tell the Council that I had it under control."

"It might be just another Agent." Magness suggested, turning her head to the side to look at Icenhour. However, when she heard footsteps, she turned and watched as the dark red dragon, accompanied by the shade demons, turning around the corner.

"What the-?" Magness could only make out before the dark red dragon pointed at her.

"Tell me, Agent." She said. "Guarding a special prisoner?"

"Wh...Who are you?" Agent Magness asked. "And what are you doing with those shade demons?"

"My name..." The dark red dragon started, but briefly stalled. "...Is Ravauvial Iriekhan Neriscaryn, and I'm assuming that you're guarding the dragon that I'm here for."

Once again, she pointed at Magness and declared: "Shade demons, kill her!"

On Neriscaryn's orders, all of the shade demons lunged forward and were on the shocked Magness, scratching and clawing at her chest, arms, back, legs and face. As Magness went down, whimpering, Neriscaryn flapped her wings and flew forward, landing right in front of the startled Icenhour.

Quickly recovering from his shock, Agent Icenhour tried to swipe at her head, but the dark red dragon quickly ducked; as she rose back up, Neriscaryn reached out and grabbed Icenhour by his shoulders.

Grunting, Icenhour was spun around to the side, being thrown into the bars of Mrs. Jennings' cell. The bars thrown off of their hinges from the impact, Agent Icenhour flew into the cell and landed on top of the bars on his back.

Quickly, Rose shot up and spun around to see Neriscaryn fly into the room, landing at Icenhour's feet. "Don't hur-" Rose started, but before she could finish, Mrs. Jennings slammed her tail into Rose's side. Grunting, Rose hit the side wall of the cell, the side of her head striking the wall. Quickly, she slid down to the floor with a thud.

"Check to see if he has the keys." Mrs. Jennings said.

Nodding once, Neriscaryn walked over to Icenhour's side and knelt down, reaching to the side of his belt, where she found and took hold of a key.

"Hopefully, this is it." Neriscaryn said as she held the key up.

"Why don't you find out?" Mrs. Jennings asked impatiently, jingling the chains that held her to the wall.

"You want me to kill this one first?" She asked, turning her head to the side.

"I'll do it." Mrs. Jennings said impatiently, moving her tail over to Icenhour's left ear. Wrapping her tail around his ear, she quickly and easily twisted it to the point of a cracking sound being heard.

Getting to her feet, Neriscaryn turned to face Mrs. Jennings, who smiled in anticipation. However, Rose's tail suddenly wrapped around the Neriscaryn's wrist to the hand that held the key. Grunting, Neriscaryn turned and pulled her hand away, managing to yank her hand free after only one tug. Rose then cried out in pain as Neriscaryn retaliated, slamming her tail down on the side of her head.

Breathing heavily, Neriscaryn then turned her attention back to Mrs. Jennings and quickly walked over to her, kneeling down and putting the key into the lock on the shackles. "I took care of her." Neriscaryn said as she turned the key, unlocking the shackle.

"But you didn't finish her off." Mrs. Jennings said as she dropped her arm from the wall.

"I will." Neriscaryn said before she put the key into the other shackle, turning it and freeing Mrs. Jennings.

Moaning, Rose slowly opened her eyes, watching as Neriscaryn helped Mrs. Jennings to her feet. "Where is Affendi?" Neriscaryn asked.

"In some other cell." Mrs. Jennings said. "I don't know where."

"I bet she does." Neriscaryn said with an evil smile on her face, turning her head to the side to look at Rose.

Her eyes widening, Rose could do nothing as Neriscaryn walked up to her. Within moments, she grunted as she was slammed against the wall after being picked up. Now, she was being held in place by the dark red dragon.

"Where is he?"

"I...I don't know." Rose answered. "I...I really don't."

"Then kill her." Mrs. Jennings said.

"Gladly." Neriscaryn narrowed her eyes. She quickly brought her claws up to slice into Rose's body, but before she could, Rose opened her mouth and blew out a torrent of fire. Yelping in surprise and pain, the dark red dragon was thrown back, slamming into Mrs. Jennings, the two of them being thrown back.

As Rose saw them land on the floor, she turned and ran, leaving the cell and the fallen Magness on the floor, the shade demons that had attacked her staring into the jail cell.

Growling, both Neriscaryn and Mrs. Jennings pushed themselves up, seeing Rose vanish from view. "Oh great." Neriscaryn rolled her eyes. "Now she's going to go straight to the Council."

"Affendi can wait." Mrs. Jennings agreed. "Right now, we just need to get out of here."


Panting, Rose pushed the doors to the Main Hall open, continuing to run in as Holly, the only Councilor in the hall, looked up.

"Rose." She stated as Rose stopped once she reached the table. "What happened? You look like you've been in a fight."

"Your mother..." Rose tried to explain as she caught her breath. "...Is...Is free. Some dragon w...with sh...shade de...demons bro...broke her out."

"What?!" Holly quickly stood up from the table.

"I'm...I'm sorry." Rose said. "Agent Magness and Agent Icenhour were attacked and probably killed. They almost killed me, too. I barely got aw-"

"It's okay." Holly said. "Where did you last see them?"


Together, Rose and Holly, both in their dragon forms, arrived at the cell that Mrs. Jennings had been imprisoned in. When she saw Magness on the floor, Holly's eyes widened. "Where's Agent Icenhour?" She asked.

"In the cell"

"Do you think it's possible that my mother and the dragon that broke her out are still in there?" Holly asked.

"We can only hope." Was Rose's answer.

Together, both Rose and Holly turned and stepped into the cell, where they found Mrs. Jennings and Neriscaryn to be gone. Only Agent Icenhour was in the cell, and he hadn't been moved.

As quickly as she could with her walking stick and bad limp, Holly hurried over to Icenhour's side, leaving Rose behind. As soon as she reached Icenhour's side, Holly dropped her walking stick and collapsed on her knees.

Rose watched nervously as she watched Holly put two clawed fingers to Icenhour's neck to feel for a pulse. After about three seconds, Holly took a deep breath as she pulled her hand away from the Agent's neck.

"Holly, is he dead?" Rose asked.

"Yeah." Holly replied sadly as she turned her head to the side.

"That...That probably means that Magness is d-" Rose started, but before she could finish, she could hear Magness moaning. Quickly, Rose turned to see Agent Magness slowly rolling over onto her back. "Scratch that! She's alive!" Rose said before she rushed over to Magness, Magness, with deep scratches all over her body, including her left eye, which had blood coming from it, watching, her teeth gritted as she tried to block out the severe pain she was in, as Rose knelt down beside her.

"Ag...Agent Lo...Long..." Magness managed.

"Shh." Rose said softly, reaching down and putting her clawed hands down on Magness' chest.

"...A...Am I gon...gonna d...die?" Magness asked.

"No." Rose said softly. "You're going to be okay. I'm here and Councilor Jennings is here. We're going to get you the help you need. You're going to be okay."


The next morning, Holly and Rose, both in their human forms, were sitting in the cafeteria. "I'm sorry, Holly." Rose said. "It's my fault that you're mother and that other dragon got away. I should have stayed and arrested them instead of running to get you."

"No." Holly said softly, giving Rose a small smile. "It's not your fault. I'm glad that you came to get me."

"How's Magness?" Rose asked.

"She'll live." Holly said, her smile vanishing. "We stopped the bleeding, but she lost sight in one of her eyes. She's also going to have serious scars."

"Loss of sight?" Rose asked. "Does that mean that you're going to kick her-?"

"No." Holly cut Rose off. "She still has sight in one eye. That's good enough."

"Oh." Rose replied. "Well, that's good."

"Yeah." Holly said before she sighed. "But now we have a huge problem on our hands."

"Re-capturing your mother." Rose said. "I think we can do that, Holly."

"Not what I was referring to, actually." Holly said.

"Then what?"

"She's going to come back." Holly said. "She's going to come back and cause trouble."

"That's why we need to re-capture her." Rose said.

"She's going to come back and get Affendi." Holly said, as if she wasn't paying attention to Rose. "And I'm willing to bet that even more Agents will lose their lives."

"No, they won't." Rose promised. "They'll be prepared this time. We weren't prepared for this, we weren't prepared to be betrayed in Hong Kong."

"You know what, Rose?" Holly decided, narrowing her eyes. "You're right."

"Of course I am." Rose smiled. "I've already told them about the escape. The Agents are even angrier now that they know that your mother has killed ag-"

"She's not going to kill anymore Agents." Holly cut her off.

"I'll prepare them for another attack." Rose said. "They'll-"

"And my mother won't be coming back here." Holly continued.

"Are you part oracle or something?" Rose raised an eyebrow. "She will. You just said that she's going to come back! That's why I'm trying to tell you that I'm going to make sure these Agents are prepared for her return."

"She won't be coming back." Holly smirked.

"Why, are we going on a manhunt?"

"No." Holly's smile widened. "She won't be coming back because she'll have no reason to."

"I'm not following."

"We're going to give her Affendi." Holly leaned forward.

"What?!" Rose's eyes widened. "Are...Are you for real?"

"As real as the sky is blue and the grass is green."

"Well, then I guess the sky must be pink!" Rose exclaimed. "Holly, you can't do this! Forgive me for saying this, but your plan is awful! That won't stop more innocent lives from being taken! That will only resort in more lives being taken."

"You're forgiven because I know my plan is not awful." Holly continued to smile.

"It won't work!"

"It will." Holly said.


"It's going to be a hostage situation, Rose." Holly said. "It's the exact same thing that she was going to do with me after she supposedly captured you in Hong Kong."

Rose blinked in surprise. "Wait. What? She did?"

"You know how hostage situations work, Rose." Holly said, starting to trace a circle on the surface of the table with her index finger.

"Of course I do."

"Then you should understand how my plan will work!"

"Explain it to me, because I honestly don't."

"I'm going to give her Affendi."

"I think that's a horrible idea." Rose said. "That won't stop her."

"It will." Holly said. "Do you want to know how I know that it will?"

"Please enlighten me, Holly." Rose said with a touch of sarcasm in her tone.

"I'll only hand him over to her if she promises to leave me alone, as long as she promises to never kill another Agent."

"That's absolutely idiotic, Holly." Rose narrowed her eyes. "Come on! I know you're smarter than that!"

"Rose." Holly said dangerously, narrowing her eyes. "You're pushing it."

"Holly, the plan is flawed." Rose said. "The foolishness of trusting the dragon that murdered your brother and tried to murder you as well aside, how are you even going to find her?"

"That's where you come in."

"I want no part in this." Rose declared.

"I'm not giving you a choice." Holly said, narrowing her eyes.

"How in the world do you expect me to even help you find her, Holly?" Rose demanded passionately, slamming her fist down on the table.

"Your knowledge of the Dream Realm." Holly said. "Everyone has a Dream Door, right?"

"Oh, no." Was all Rose said.

"Right?" Holly narrowed her eyes again.

Sighing, Rose relented. "Right."

"I'm not giving you a choice in the matter, Rose." Holly told her. "You're going to take me to her Dream Door and we're going to talk with her."

"I don't like this, Holly."

"That's nice." Holly said as she started to stand up. Reaching to the bench that she had been sitting on, she grabbed her walking stick and used it to balance herself. "Meet me in my dream tonight."


Jake III was now standing in front of Agent McClellan, having finished their meditation. "Now..." McClellan said. "...I do believe that I've decided what we shall do next."

"Does it include a break?" Jake III cocked his head to the side.

"We only just started training." McClellan seemed perplexed.

"Well..." Jake said. "...Meditating makes me hungry. Y'know?"

Agent McClellan crossed his scaly arms, as if he was trying to think about what to say to his new pupil. Fortunately for Jake, Gussie, in her human form, arrived, in her human form, behind her father.

"Dad?" She asked, making her father turn around.

"Gussie, I'm kind of busy..." He tried.

"I know, and I'm sorry." The young Dragon Council Agent-In-Training said. "It's just..."

"What do you need, honey?" McClellan asked, swiftly giving into his daughter.

"The Council wants to talk to me about my new master." Gussie said. "They'd...They'd like you to be there."

"That doesn't make much sense." McClellan said. "They should know that I'm training the new pupil that they assigned me."

Gussie shrugged in response.

"Can't your mother accompany you instead?"

"I don't know." Gussie said in a small voice.

Sighing, McClellan slowly turned back around to face Jake III. "Alright, Jake. Go take a break. I need to see the Council."

"How long are you going to be?" Jake asked.

"I don't know." McClellan replied. "How about you come back here in thirty minutes? If my meeting with the Council is shorter than that, I will wait for you. If it's longer, you can wait for me."

"Okay." Jake said.

"Alright." McClellan gave him a small smile. "Go get something to eat...and I'll see you in about thirty minutes."


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