The Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker was meditating in the Jedi Council room waiting for the return Of Master Windu who had gone to arrest Chancellor Palpatine when a vision from the force showed him the battle that had taken place in the Sith Lords office Windu was the only Jedi left standing and Had Palpatine backed in a corner but was unprepared for the Sith lightning that blasted him out the window, coming out of the vision Anakin jumped up no this couldn't be happening running to the Garage were the all the Jedi ships were he jumped inside his starfighter and took off towards the Senate building.

landing his ship he jumped out and headed inside bursting into the office he activated his Lightsaber stepping over the body of the deceased Jedi he continued on to see Palpatine talking to a hologram of Commander Cody he heard the Sith Lord say to execute Order 66 and Cody's reply of it will be done my lord he got the Chancellor's attention Chancellor Palpatine for the your Betrayal of the Rupublic and the Murder of 4 Jedi Masters i am placing you under Arrest, the Lord of the Sith glanced up Anakin is this really necessary remember i am the only one that can save your beloved Padme

join me Anakin and together we can save her the Jedi were certainly not going to help they betrayed me and they would have done the same to you if i didn't stop them, Cease your lies Sidious Said Anakin i am now and will forever be a Jedi i have made peace with the fact that Padme might die and while i will be upset, joining you would not be what she would want i will stop you Sith and bring balance to the force, a flicker of sadness passed over Palpatine's face before anger took hold, very well Jedi he spat face your death, with a snap the Sith Lord activated his own Lightsaber and the battle began.

With a over head strike Sideous brought his blade down only for it to be Parried aside by Anakin's blade they were locked in a stalemate neither side gaining an advantage over the other until the older man jumped over his desk and pressed a button a hidden door opened with a hiss as a figure stepped out a red lightsaber in hand

Anakin new he wouldn't be able to fight both Sith so using the force he made a large force push knocking both Sith Lords to the ground dashing out side he jumped inside the fighter and took off for the temple he called Padme on the way, she picked up Anakin what's wrong the Jedi Knight immediately spoke Padme i need you to pack your things and head for the Temple fast we need to leave Palpatine has betrayed us all, seeing the serious look on her Husbands face she nodded i can be there in 15 minutes Anakin nodded and shut off the transmission

as the Young Knight flew he saw the 501st legion marching in the direction of the temple a dark figure leading it eyes wide he upped his speed arriving at the Temple 10 minutes later Padme was waiting out front jumping out of the cockpit he yelled out for to get inside and find the largest Crusior she could she nodded and headed inside

pressing the intercom he called out to everyone in the Temple This Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker Chancellor Palpatine has Betrayed us Master Windu is dead All Jedi report to the front of the Temple for defence Younglings go to the Council chambers and wait for me there turning it off he turned around and headed for the Council chamber he heard the sound of the of the Temple being breached

All the Jedi rose up to defend the Temple heading inside one of the Young Padawans stood up, Master Skywalker what do we do looking at the kids scared faces he gave them a solemn look form a line and follow me turning around he saw Master Shaak Ti standing there Skywalker what's happening giving I'm about to escort the Younglings to the Garage Senator Amidala should be waiting there with a ship.

The Woman just nodded alright let's go I'll help defend them Anakin smiled grateful for the help alright young ones let's go heading down to the Garage they met Minimal resistance it was only after they got the last Youngling on board did the challenge present itself SKYWALKER my Master wants those younglings, the Jedi spun around his Saber activated his eyes widening at what he saw, that son of a bitch cloned me an evil chuckle escaped the Clone Anakin indeed but i am not Just your clone i am not you my Name is Not Anakin Skywalker, oh said Anakin eyebrows raised than what shall i call you oh mighty Sith, an evil smirk crossed the other Anakin's face, you may call me Darth Vader.