Anakin and Luke Skywalker existed the ship they had taken to Alderaan as he walked up he was immediately embraced in a hug by his wife, spinning her around in his arms he gave a small laugh I've missed you Padme, said women placed her hand on his cheek I missed you too Ani,

Anakin looked behind her to see a Very Old looking man and a woman around Luke's age standing there turning to the woman he smiled Leia it's a pleasure to finally meet you a sad smile formed on his face my name Is Anakin Skywalker your father he was immediately embraced in a hug by his daughter which he recipetated and this is your brother Luke, Leia immediately shot off towards him Leaving Anakin alone with the old man, a grin spread across his face, Time has certainly caught up to you my old Friend

Obi-Wan gave a small laugh I have missed you Anakin how was Tatooine, it was more pleasant then I expected but the time for Hiding has come to an end it is time to join the Rebellion, Obi-Wan nodded indeed but first we need to pick up Master Yoda.

Anakin laughed oh I can't wait to see him if you've aged this bad imagine what Yoda would look like, Aged you have my old Padawan but matured you have not, oh come on Master surely you can see it, a smile spread on the old man's face I can indeed but now is not the time, if we wish to find Master Yoda before nightful we must leave now, Anakin nodded yes did you keep the Venator or did Yoda, because unfortunately the Cruiser I arrived in will not fit us all Obi-Wan nodded

it has been hidden so the Empire doesn't notice it, Smart Anakin Said turning around he called out to the others Luke Leia Padme it's time all three of them nodded, Captain Solo the smuggler that had brought them turned to the Jedi Master take your ship and head for Dagobah we will meet you there Solo nodded and took off in his ship alright guys let's go and see if the old girl works

Stepping inside the cockpit of the Venator Anakin started the Engines well he smiled it's a miracle let's go Luke your flying the younger Knight grinned and jumped in the pilots seat taking off they were in space with in minutes Hurry Luke The stormtroopers would have surely noticed a Venator Class Star Destroyer still bearing the Republic colours take off, Luke nodded Prepare for lightspeed, Anakin turned and walked to the command centre activating the transmission he set it for Dagobah hoping Yoda would receive he waited for a second before a hologram of Yoda appeared, Master Yoda we are heading for Dagobah we should arrive shortly, see you soon i shall Master Skywalker wait patiently for you I will, Anakin nodded and cut off the transmission.

Two hours later Yoda was onboard the ship as was the Millennium Falcon and her Pilots Captain Han Solo and the Wookie Chewbacca, Master Yoda a pleasure it is to see you once more, indeed it is young Skywalker though rest I must old I have become, Anakin shook his head of course I will see if I can find any Rebel outposts in this area from the little Rumors I have gathered Shaak Ti has already joined them along with another Jedi Knight who was still a Padawan during Order 66.

Yoda nodded done well you have now rest I must, of course Leia show Master Yoda to his chambers, his daughter nodded and walked off with the old man, activating long range transmission he called out for any Rebels that could hear him This is Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker can any members of The Rebel Alliance hear me a small wait before this is Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus of The Ghost we hear you its good to hear your alive Master Skywalker,

a frown crossed Anakin's Face, Kanan Jarrus I don't think I've heard of that name, my real name is Caleb Dume the voice replied I was a Padawan when order 66 was issued, ah of course your the Jedi I've been hearing about, where is your crew we wish to join your Rebellion,

of course Master are there any others with you, There are Anakin replied we have the Former Senator for Naboo Padme Amidala, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Grandmaster Yoda along with my two kids Jedi Knights Luke and Leia Skywalker, you broke the code Came a shocked voice, Anakin sighed yes but that is of no importance the code no longer exists, yes of course I was just shocked is all my crew are currently near the Planet Kashyyyk how big is your ship, Anakin gave a laugh too big your going to have to enter ours we have a Venator Class star destroyer,

yes that's too big to attach to our ship very well we can't actually leave the system were mid battle but our Rebel base is currently on KANAN a sharp voice interrupted how do we know its really a Jedi and not the Empire don't worry Hera I recognise his voice, yes but you know that Darth Vader is a Clone of Anakin it could be him, no I don't think so remember Vader was injured on Mustafar and he has to wear that mechanical suit, wait a sec Vader was injured, yeah I'm surprised you didn't hear he was sent to Mustafar and a Jedi Knight followed him a huge battle took place,

Vader eventually killed the Jedi but he was severely injured and has to wear a suit that keeps him alive, it hinders his movements but his still a good fighter,

even so Anakin said, that's good for us now where is the base we have Younglings with us of course it's on Yavin IV, did you get that Luke yes father plotting a course now very well thank you Jarrus good luck with your mission and may the force be with you.

Father, Anakin turned to his son, what is it Luke were approaching Yavin, Anakin nodded alright once we've arrived maintain position so I can contact the Rebels now let everyone know, Luke gave a grin and was about to speak into the intercom when a scream of rage could be heard HAN SOLO I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, Anakin dashed outside to see the poor bloke desperately trying to avoid Leia's Lightsaber, Leia calm down remember your teachings, Leia instantly calmed and walked away, Anakin sighed turning back into the cockpit he motioned for Padme to go after her and activated the transmission Rebel base of Yavin IV this is Master Anakin Skywalker of the Jedi Order requesting permission to land, Permission granted Master Jedi welcome to the Rebel Alliance.

Within fifteen minutes Anakin and friends stood outside there ship to greet the alliance Mon Mothma stepped forward Master Jedi it is good to see you, the Jedi gave a respectful bow hows the alliance going, not good we're losing ground and fast but with your help we should hopefully gain some ground, Anakin nodded and what is the ranking system here I assume you have one,

Mothma nodded we do she said all Jedi that will be in the front lines will have high ranking positions as you fought in the Clone wars you'll have your Rank of General back Luke and Leia will have the rank of Captain as they are still Inexperienced Master Kenobi will have the Rank of General as well And so will Master Yoda, Too Old to fight in the front lines I am a general I shall not be lead from here I shall, Montma nodded very well then you will have the Rank of Commander if you aren't fighting now we are about to have a pre battle meeting, Anakin waved his hand lead the way walking into the Briefing room Anakin Luke Leia and Obi-Wan stood at the back and listened to what the Rebels were saying,

The battle for Kashyyyk isn't going well I received word from the ghost that they are losing and fast they need reinforcements, Anakin stepped up, give me a Crew of your best people and one of your best ships and I'll go to Kashyyyk, Obi-Wan nodded his approval I shall go as well, Montma stood up very well General Skywalker you have command of the Mon Calamari Star Crusior, General Kenobi shall have command of the Nebulon a Squad of X-Wings and Y-Wings will accompany you, May the force be with you all, Anakin nodded and headed for the Loading dock where his ship awaited alright crew let's go we have a battle to win, within minutes they were in Hyperspace and Anakin was speaking with Kanan once more,

This is General Skywalker reinforcements are on the way What should we expect when we get there, well a heck ton of Imperial II class Star Destroyers for starters and the Executor is here as well so there is a chance that Darth Vader is leading this attack though I don't sense him, Hmm that spells trouble okay well let's hope that my Clone isn't there, Focus as much fire as you can on the Star Destroyers but try not to render them useless they could come in handy to the Rebellion, Obi-Wan and my self will focus fire on the Executor, Kanan looked at him it will be done General, though I must warn you the chances of Capturing the Destroyers are Slim to none, just do your best Kanan, They were interrupted by someone walking in General we're approaching Kashyyyk, Anakin looked at the man very well Captain get everyone to their battle stations and disengage the Hyperdrive, Yes Sir, Disengage from Hyperspace all units to their battle stations, Anakin turned back to Kanan we shall see you soon and may the force be with you,

cutting the transmission Anakin headed into the command centre, alright Captain Rogers focus all Primary Fire on the Executor, Yes Sir, Cannons are prepped and ready to fire General, Anakin Smiled good you may fire when ready Captain, the Captain turned and issued the command immediately the ion cannons fired at the Executor but the shields kept them from doing any damage pressing the intercom button Luke Take your Squad of X-Wings and take down that ship, yes father immediately all 30 X-Wings under Luke's command flew at Vaders command ship which immediately dispatched Tie Fighters to intercept, during the space battle Flashs of Anakin's Time in the Clone Wars came back to him,

taking in the way Luke flew it was pretty much identical to his own flying pattern, Turning his head he spoke, Captain Keep firing on the Executor but be careful not to hit our own fighters, Yes General, turning to the Hologram beside him Obi-Wan get to your cannons and fire manually, I have an idea, And what is that I don't think I should like any plans that come from your mind Anakin, Just trust me Master, if we use a charged up force push we could propel the cannon fire faster and hopefully penetrate that ship.

Obi-Wan stroked his beard yes that might actually work alright let's do this, Captain cease fire and prep the cannon wait on my signal, Rogers snapped a salute, Yes sir, using the force Anakin propelled him self over to the Cannon, Cannon is armed and Ready to fire sir, Placing his hands at his side Anakin charged up a massive force push, You ready Obi-Wan, Ready Anakin, FIRE, releasing his hold on the force he shoved it at the Cannon at the same time it fired, the Energy blast was shot forward a hundred times faster and just as much power as it had speed watching as the Bolt of Energy slammed into the Executor there was a flash of light and a Huge Explosion rocked out through space as they witnessed the Executor split in half at the same time two of the Imperial Class Star Destroyers went offline while the others fled the system, a massive cheer went through out the ship, jumping back to the command centre he pressed the intercom

Luke head towards the Destroyers and take them back to base before pressing another button and speaking into it, Rebel Base this Is General Skywalker the Empire has fled the system the Executor has been destroyed I've sent Captain Luke Skywalker to retrieve the two Star Destroyers and return them to base, Yoda's voice came through the intercom, Done well you have young Skywalker return now you will, not just yet Master Yoda I'm taking a small team and bringing back the second Star Destroyer we can add them to our Arsenal of ships this is a massive victory to the Alliance, Montma spoke up yes but Skywalker we don't have the men to arm those Star Destroyers, we will Senator don't worry about that once word spreads of our Victory here people will flock to the Alliance.

Silence, before it's just one victory out of many General, not enough to get a whole ton of people into the Alliance, under normal circumstances you would be right Madam Mothma but when word spreads that 4 active Jedi were behind the Destruction of the Executor and the reason for this victory and that two out of the said Jedi were Respected Generals in the Clone Wars people will come.

let's hope your right Skywalker, after all when people heard that a Jedi had started the Rebellion and another one was helping out we had people flocking left right and centre but after Galen Marek and General Kota were killed we lost a lot of support so just being members of the Jedi may not be enough.

Anakin sighed, trust me Madam it will when they hear exactly who the Jedi are not to mention there is a whole lot of Jedi Padawans being trained as well so we can't lose hope.

Very well get those Star Destroyers to Base now, and we shall talk later,

Of course Madam, Skywalker out, Anakin turned around, Captain lower the bay door shields, yes general, Anakin jumped into his starfighter once I've left get back to base

Anakin flew off towards the other Star Destroyer landing in the Docking bay he jumped out and was immediately accosted by what seemed to be all the Stormtroopers left on the ship activating his Lightsaber he blocked all their shots and started cutting through them like a hot knife through butter, clipping his weapon back on his belt he made his way to the control centre and punched in the coordinates for Yavin IV and flew into Hyperspace, having no idea the surprise that awaited him when he got back.

A/N for those that don't recognise the Force Charged Cannon attack and the Names Galen Marek (Starkiller) and General Kota they are from the Game Star Wars The Force Unleashed II,

Force Unleashed I summery

Starkiller was at one point in time Darth Vaders Apprentice before Vader betrayed him and he started the Rebellion unfortunately just as the Rebellion was being created Vader attacked and captured Senator Bail Organa Jedi General Kota Mon Mothma and one other person, in response Galen flew to the Death Star (Still under Construction) and engaged in a Battle with his former Master Darth Vader and defeated him, moving on to Palpatine he defeated him as well but before he could kill the Emperor General Kota convinces him not to as doing so would just make Galen go full Sith Lord but as they were leaving Palpatine in a last ditch effort shot Lightning at Kota which Galen intercepted urging Kota and the Rebels to leave Galen forced himself in a deadlock Sith lightning against sith lightning the resulting Explosion ended up Killing The Former Sith Apprentice turned Jedi, In memory of Galen, Leia Organa (Secret Member) Bail Organa Mon Mothma Juno Eclipse Kota and the one person whose name i can't seem to remember officially started the Rebel Alliance.

Force Unleashed II Summery

Galen Marek (Now Cloned) once more under the name Starkiller and forced to again be Vader's Secret Apprentice was On Kamino, Vader was trying to get him to hate everything that the Original Starkiller had ever loved including the love of his life Captain Juno Eclipse but he couldn't do it just before Vader killed yet another ''Failed Clone" Starkiller escaped and then rescued Geneal Kota who had been captured not long before hand, after doing this Galen went to Dagobah where the force showed him a vision, immediately heading to the Rebel Fleet with Kota they were soon under attack and Juno was captured now with the entire Rebel Fleet behind him they went to Kamino and launched a fall scale attack where Galen Marek once again Fought Darth Vader and won with Vader captured they took off to the Rebel Base (apprantely on Dantooine) to Interrogate him but they were followed by Legendery Bounty Hunter Boba Fett.

and thats were it finishes i don't actually know what happenes from there.