Rated M to be safe. AU based on Attack of the 50ft Mandy (Totally Spies). Tiny villain named Scott Lang causes Tommy Terror to grow taller and stronger when Tommy and his rival, Conner, get a full-body makeover to win a gay pageant. When Conner, Dick, & Wally investigate the disappearances of other contestants, they discover a giant Tommy is abducting his competition.

A/N: I've re-imagined Scott as a villain. Spyral is a UN covert operations agency in DC comics, but I re-imagined it as a DC comics equivalent of WOOHP (Totally Spies).

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Young Justice and DC Comics.

Happy Harbor Groove Mall

Tommy Terror and Conner Kent are physically the same except for hair color. Tommy has blonde hair and Conner has black hair. The 2 super star athletes at Belle Reve High have always been rivals, but their rivalry had once literally reached new heights and was almost deadly. It happened when Conner dragged his best friends, Wally and Dick, to the mall so that they could wait in line with him while he signed up for the gay pageant, Mr. Belle Reve High. Conner was so distracted by the thought of his victory that he didn't notice Tommy was behind him.

"Don't bother entering the pageant all, Conner. It'll save you the humiliation," said Tommy in his southern drawl.

"Oh hi Tommy. I thought I smelled something funny," said Conner.

Tommy scoffed at that remark. "I don't know why you're even wasting your time, Conner, when it's obvious that I'm going to win," said Tommy who was eyelevel with Conner.

"Tell you what Tommy. If I win, I'll be nice by letting you hold my flowers while I put on my crown," Conner said excitedly in Tommy's face.

"You wish! Get ready to eat my pageant because I've got an edge over everyone else!"

"Oh yeah?! Well, my edge will edge out your edge anytime!"

"We'll see about that. Now if you'll excuse, victory is calling me." Tommy pushes the other men out of the way and signs his name.

"So what's this edge you were talking about, Conner?" asks Wally.

"Please tell me it's better than your trash talking or whatever you have planned for the talent portion," said an exasperated Dick.

"It's this new expensive spa treatment called the beautimizer machine. It's a special full-body makeover that promises to make my hair, smiles, eyes, and even my attitudes bigger."

Unbeknownst to them, a doll sized figure, Scott Lang, was spying on them from inside a trash can. Scott was a former Spyral scientist who was wanted to increase strength while reducing physical size. During a freak accident, he was shrunk, but gained incredible strength. He was jailed after his previous plan to shrink major cities was foiled by Conner, Dick, and Wally. Now that he escaped, he wanted revenge against the trio.

Tommy's POV

As I walked away, I thought about how this world isn't big enough to handle 2 sports legends. Conner and I have the same stats like age, height, shoe size, and physique. I want to be bigger, much much bigger. I like imagining myself growing into a massive giant, towering above Conner. When I was younger, I liked to keep a little cop figurine in my sneaker, feeling him press against my sole while his head slid between my toes with each step. I love thinking about the littles down at my massive feet when I'm walking though the city. I would casually walk down the streets between the buildings. For me, it was just a walk. But for those puny runts, it was something to fear. They would be running around like ants, trying to avoid my feet. Of course, at my immense size, my feet would be too big and my legs so long, that the bugs wouldn't be able to estimate where my feet would land next. Each footfall would land with a thud, causing the ground to shake. Littles and cars would be crushed underfoot, not even standing a chance. And many more would disappear underneath my powerful sweaty soles. Little guys being bugs around my feet or exploring my body. Or maybe getting big enough to stomp through a city, having a deep laugh at the tanks right and playing water polo with an aircraft carrier. Some streets would be too narrow for my feet or even my big toe while others would be wide enough for me to straddle. My cum would make great dairy for them and I could produce more milk in a few minutes than all of the cows in Connecticut make in a day. Like that would ever happen.

Happy Harbor Men's Spa the next day

Conner had finished getting pampered in preparation for the treatment in the city's gay friendly Korean spa. The pampering includes waxing, a manicure, a pedicure, and a full body massage. Just as Conner was about to punching in the settings on the machine, he hears Tommy's voice and peeks out of his room.

"It better do what it's advertised to do because bigger is always better when it comes to winning pageants," he says to the 29 year old 4'9 male Korean spa employee who was honored to personally pamper one of Belle Reve High's heartthrobs. Conner quickly hides in Tommy's machine after turning it on.

"Someone is in my machine! This is outrageous! I made reservations like hours ago!" yells a spoiled and infuriated Tommy.

The scared Korean was a huge fan of Tommy and didn't want to anger him. "I'm so sorry, sir. Why don't you take the other spot?" He points to the machine on the other side. "It's empty."

Conner peeks from his machine. Tommy's excellent gaydar went off. He could see how nervous, vulnerable, short, handsome, and cute the Korean dude was. He immediately softens his expression, puts his big hands on the Korean's shoulders, and closes the personal space between them. The Korean notices this and blushes. He also tries to hide his erection by putting his hands in his pockets but Tommy already notices it. He smiles and gently forces the Korean to take his hand out of his pockets.

"No need to be ashamed and please forgive me. I didn't mean to frighten my own fan, especially such a handsome man," said Tommy in a sexy and soft tone before taking out a $20 bill. "Here. Keep it as a token of my appreciation." Conner rolls eyes and quietly scoffs. Tommy puts the money in the Korean's pocket, slowly caresses his erection, and slowly gives him a passionate kiss while he effortlessly lifts him off the ground. Conner quietly gags. Tommy says something in Korean to him before going into his machine, winking and closing the the door.

With the red faced and smiling Korean gone, Tommy puts his black bag, which had his name on it, next to the occupied machine and went inside the unreserved machine. Conner didn't want to be in the same room as Tommy so he waited a few more minutes until he could leave. During that time, Scott Lang enters the room.

"Which one is Conner in?" he asked himself before seeing Tommy's bag next to a machine. Thinking that Conner was in the other machine, Scott inserts a special computer chip into the wrong machine. "Revenge is sweet, my little Conner I may be small, but let's see how you like being really, really tall!"

Once Scott left, Conner moves to another room across the hall where, luckily for him, the machines weren't reserved. Meanwhile, Tommy's machine begins to spark. Tommy begins to feel funny all over but ignores it. He also begins to feel aroused all of the sudden so he starts to masturbate. Unbeknownst to him, the console on the outside shows his entire body becomes taller and more toned but more was yet to come...

Belle Reve High gym in the afternoon

The next day, Conner was showing off the results of his full body makeover to his best friends before a volleyball game.

"Wow Conner. We'll have to wear sunglasses in order to admire your new look because you're like literally glowing. You're definitely gonna win," said Wally. Conner was about to tell him about Tommy before being interrupted by other people. The trio walks over to see that Tommy was being praised for having even better results than Conner.

"Move over, boys. Your next new Mr. Happy Harbor just entered the building," said Tommy pompously while he he shows off his results and basks in the praise. He waves to his admirers and walks slowly to the volleyball hammock like he's the British queen.

"Tommy showed up at the spa for the same treatment. Can you believe it?" complained Conner with his fists clenched as Tommy takes a volleyball from the hammock.

"What I can't believe is how much taller Tommy is," said Wally.

"Since when did Tommy become a male equivalent of an amazon?" asked Dick.

Tommy WAS 6'2 with size 13US feet but when he finished his treatment yesterday, he had become 6'8 with size 16US feet. At first, he seems oblivious to his genetic enhancements. He initially denies what's happening, insisting to the same Korean guy that he always has been this tall. Tommy took no notice to the fact that he had grown to 6'11 with size 18US feet on the way to the gym but he does notice that his big left toe is poking out of his shoe when he tries to scratch his well endowed crotch. Before the second growth spurt, Tommy had to take and wear his dad's size 16 sneakers. His 6'8 dad had bought them for himself and left them behind when he left for a business trip in Russia.

"Uggh. I'm telling Dad to take his defective shoes back to the store when he comes home," complains Tommy who then turns his attention to Conner. "Well? Don't just stand there! Are we gonna play or are you too chicken that I'll you at volleyball too, Conner?

During the volleyball game, Tommy completely defeats the entire opposing team like a machine without much help from his teammates.

"This was just a warm up for the pageant. See you wannabees tomorrow,'' Tommy gloated. Conner, Wally, and Dick decide to go back home to shower in order to avoid Tommy.

the lockers

Meanwhile, Tommy is changing fast. His physical size, strength, and arrogant attitude are growing at an alarming rate. He was forced to walk around barefoot when his dad's shoes and socks completely rip after his feet grows again, this time to a size 22. He's now 7'7 tall. When his locker wouldn't open, he effortlessly pulls his locker door off its hinges, crumples it, and throws it in the trash. During his shower,Tommy fingers himself and uses his dirty sweaty smelly socks, jockstrap, and ripped shoes to help him jerk off. His moaning of "oh, fuck" echoed throughout the locker room as unusually thick seed clogs the shower drain. He then tries to make it less thick by relieving half of the contents of his bladder after drinking a gallon of water. He then pisses the rest at a urinal but it overflows. As he tries to dry himself, he nonchalantly released a huge noxious fart and called the others weaklings and crybabies when they complained. His loud laughter echoed before he crashes his head through the top of the 6'8 door frame without injury. Tommy leaves the gym to buy a new tracksuit and shoes for a night out.

late at night

Although Tommy was gay, he decided to go watch Attack of the 50ft Mandy and Attack of the 50ft Veronica as a way to relax although he had to deal with a customer complainer that Tommy should sit down even though he was. Tommy had left the theater and walked a block before a guy bumped into Tommy's chest.

"Watch where you're going, runt," said Tommy with an attitude.

The man got up and was about to put up a fight until he saw that the man was his idol and one of the local heartthrobs, Tommy Terror.

"Tommy Terror? Is that you?" asks the Korean man. "You look much taller in real life than you do in the magazine."

Tommy Terror just just smiled and rolled his eyes. "I'm not that tall. Besides, you're just a manlet."

"I'm 6'5."

"Liar," said Tommy as he towers above Choi and tries to compare shoe size. He also stretches up to grab a thick branch and snap it in half which shuts the Korean manlet up but Choi was still fuming. "Well anyway, it was nice talking to you but I've get home. Pageant is in 2 days. Bye."

"Wait! Maybe I could drive you home since I was heading back to my car anyway."


"The name's Ryan Choi by the way."

Choi holds out his hand for a handshake. Tommy's hand engulfs his hand and gives a tight handshake. Choi leads Tommy to his sports car and opens to door for him like a limo driver because he's eager to please his idol. Tommy barely fits in even though there's lots of headroom and the seat is pushed all the way back. The car leans slightly towards Tommy's side as Tommy squeezes in.

As Choi is driving, Tommy asks him, "Can I let my dogs breathe?"

"No," answered Choi.

"Too late," said Tommy who puts his bare feet on the dashboard which makes Choi gag and roll down a window.

When they arrive in front of Tommy's garage, Choi opens the car door but Tommy doesn't get out. Instead, he was staring at Choi's erection. Choi tries to hide it but Tommy grabs Choi's wrists. Choi tries to resist but Tommy is too strong. Choi couldn't resist the urge anymore. He tries to kiss Tommy but Tommy puts a finger on Choi's lips, asking him, "What's the magic word?


"Please what?"

"May I please worship you like the god you are?"

When Choi and Tommy strip down naked, Choi was shocked by how hung Tommy was but was desperate. Tommy carefully and inserted his 'little friend' deep inside Choi and joked that Choi must be a virgin because of how tight he was. Choi was crying but he didn't care because Tommy was like 12 inches inside of him. Tommy's thrusts got stronger until Choi felt a huge creamy and warm load enter inside of him. But Choi wanted more so Tommy deepthroated him and cummed again. The load was bigger this time and some got on Choi's face when he couldn't swallow it.

"You taste wonderful," commented Choi before Tommy grew up to 8'3. Tommy's head pops through the metal roof and all 4 tires pop.

"Why does this keep happening to me?" whined Tommy. "What are you staring at, Choi? Stop staring! I'm the same as always."

"B-B-But you're not, Tommy. Can't you see that you've changed? You're different now."

"I'm not different. You're different because you're puny and weak!"

Choi knew that Tommy had a legendary temper so he gets on his knees and begs to Tommy. "Tommy. You're my idol. Please don't hurt me. i didn't mean to upset you."

Tommy's anger evaporates instantly. "Choi, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get angry. I just want to win the pageant. That's all."

"It's ok, Tommy. I'll support you and I know you'll win."

Tommy thanks Choi by giving a suffocating hug before releasing him. Choi was still worried about Tommy's size but decides not to pursue it any further. Tommy and Choi go into the house to clean themselves up. Tommy enters first by turning sideways and ducking through the top of the doorway. He barely fits through and calls for a flatbed pickup truck.

With Choi gone, Tommy goes to sleep with his feet hanging off the end of his king size bed but worst was yet to come...

The mall the next day in the afternoon

Conner, Dick, and Wally decide to hang out at the mall to help figure out what Conner's talent should be. Suddenly, a well tanned 12ft tall giant wreaks havoc in the mall and crushes the trio's favorite juice joint. Police have arrived and try to shoot at the giant whom the trio quickly recognize as Tommy Terror. The trio quickly hides as an enraged Tommy grows up to 15 ft tall before swatting the cops and throwing a police car. Dick peeks out of the hiding spot and sees Tommy kidnap a man whom he recognizes as one of the people in line to sign up for the pageant earlier in the week. Tommy doesn't see the trio and smashes his head through a mall walkway as he walks away with the victim being carried under his left arm.

"How can Tommy be a 15ft tall monster?" asks Conner. "He's only 6'2!"

"Didn't it seem strange how tall and strong Tommy was today?" Dick.

"I guess...Maybe it has something to do with that spa treatment she had," said Conner.

"And I bet that Tommy is probably doing this in order to win the pageant," said Wally.

"We'll have to go back to the spa to investigate," said Dick.

Korean spa

"I was so pleased with my treatment that I had to get my best friends to experience it for themselves," said Conner to the male employee.

"I'm pleased to hear that. If you need anything else, let me know," said the employee who leaves the guys to themselves.

"This was Tommy's machine. Stupid copycat," said Conner as Dick takes out a circuit board with an unusual looking chip. He calls Jerry to scan it, which makes Jerry holographic head to grow bigger.

"Woah, fathead," said Wally.

"Thanks, Wally,"said Jerry sarcastically. "This chip you found is a maximizer which can make anything bigger, including my hologram."

"OK, so the chip made Tommy bigger, but why did it make him meaner?" asked Conner.

"Well, Tommy isn't the nicest person in the world. Maybe it enlarged her bad attitude as well," answered Jerry.

"But who would want a gigantic terror?" asked Wally.

"That doesn't matter right. We have to help those contestants," said Dick.

As the trio left, Scott was in the air vent and heard the entire conversation. "I got the wrong machine? Guess I'll have to do it the old fashion way with my Alpha X-10 Maximizer."


After Tommy deposits his first kidnapping victim in his secure dollhouse, Tommy's frame and ego are about to get even bigger than ever before. The 15ft tall giant heads for the city pool where people have already evacuated. He makes a cannonball that empties the pool in a nearby abandoned pool party.

"They need to put more water here," he complains before experiencing another explosion of growth which makes him 50ft tall. He then gets up and goes for a long walk through downtown where he walks over to a glass office building. He looked like he was wearing short shorts. All he had left on was the top half of a T-shirt and a pair of Aussiebum underwear with a pocket in front. The giant hunk treats the empty office building like a mirror, staring at his gorgeous self and doing poses. When he quickly becomes bored, he plants a kiss on the glass before he shoves his meat into the building and begins to bang it before he blasted it into bits with his man juice. Tommy's spa treatment has turned him into a heavy cummer who can shoot long thick ropes of hot warm spunk far distances. The treatment also gives his gigantic balls the ability to quickly refill themselves. His man juice is now thicker, creamier, tastier, and heavier than before. Some of it clogs the storm drains. Tommy was shocked by all of this and could feel it sloshing around in his nuts as he struts his stuff as if he was in a fashion show. The people down below took pictures of his tight buns. He then takes off his shredded clothes

He then picks up a beer truck and drinks it dry before eating the truck like a candy bar. After sneezing and covering a building with his green slimy boogers, Tommy suddenly he felt the need to relieve himself. In an effort to assert dominance and fear over the population, he walks over to the entrance that goes down to a subway station and unleashes a torrent of golden hot piss that he claimed was rich in vitamins and minerals. The subway station is flooded and some of the pee overflowed and flooded the streets.

"HEHE. THAT SHOULD MAKE FOR GREAT BEER,'' Tommy sneered as he relieved himself before the world at his feet was subjected to a noxious minute long fart.


A news helicopter captures the moment when he puts each leg on both sides of the elevated highway, recreating the famous 1958 Attack of the 50 ft. Woman movie poster. He blows a kiss at the helicopter. Along the way, he spots a massive fire in the housing projects and walked towards it, not giving a fuck about the traffic below. Those stuck in traffic managed to get just in time before their cars were crushed as flat as paper beneath his mighty, humongous, and horrendously masculine smelling soles.

"FEE FI FO FUM. OUT OF THE WAY, FUCKING RUNTS. I'M ABOUT TO CUM," he boomed after hocking a huge slimy loogie at 2 firetrucks. "YOUR HOSES ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO MY HOSE."

He proceeded to fuck one loogie covered firetruck with his throbbing dick. The other firetruck gets shoved deep into his ass and gets crushed by his luscious butt cheeks. He begins to masturbate until he has a violent earth shaking orgasm in which the resulting heavy cumshots were long, huge, and far reaching. When he reached the climax, his jizz blasted through the firetruck and smothered the fire. Another cumshot even crushed a car. He pisses on the remaining fires. The force of the torrent created deep cracks in the ground and floor of the building.

He wades through a nearby river with his dick swinging side to side like a compass needle before he stops at a vertical-lift bridge. The bridge's span was down but Tommy wanted it to go up so he walked towards the bridge and make his beast point rise straight up at the sky. The bridge span falls into the river. Tommy then lets his huge slab of meat fall and smash through the remaining parts of the bridge. After getting out of the water, drying off, and relaxing for a bit, Tommy puts his shredded clothes back on and notices that his beautiful and powerful soles were covered in flattened metal. Some were even stuck between his toes with his toejam. They looked like crushed soda cans to him. He carefully peels off each piece one by one and eats it, savoring each bite.

An ice cream truck then races past him. The driver sees Tommy is catching up. He hits the accelerator but Tommy's strides were too long. He slams his foot in front of the truck, forcing the driver the slam on the brakes. The driver then feels his truck being lifted up. Tommy unintentionally gives the driver a wedgie with his fingers before setting him down at the ground. Tommy then shakes the truck to deposit all the ice cream into his wide mouth and licks the insides of the truck to see if any ice cream is still there. Tommy then swallows the truck whole without chewing before seeing 2 more pageant contestants run away. He quickly scoops them up and brings them close to his eyes so he can briefly study them as up close as possible. Tommy licks them before enclosing his fist but the victims were screaming for help and kicking.

Tommy tries to squeeze the air out of them, but quickly loosens his death grip when they beg for mercy.

"Was that so hard?" Tommy asked in a condescending tone. "I think that deserves an award: making sure my 'friend' doesn't feel lonely."

Tommy drop them into the pocket in front of his underwear. The victims were overwhelmed by the musk and fall unconscious as the monster becomes aroused. Tommy jumps high into the sky and lands on a foreclosed property, creating a crater and an earthquake.

Tommy's place

Meanwhile the trio try to save the kidnapped contestants from Tommy's house by scaling the side up to the window. They can see 3 victims are tied up with Tommy's thick pubic hairs.

"Well this was easy," said Conner.

"Except that mega Tommy is still on the lose," said Dick as Wally tried to unlock the window.

Suddenly they feel deep heavy footsteps that get louder and there's an increasingly nasty odor that's in the air. It's a fully nude Tommy Terror who's now 20 times as tall as his original 6'2. He had thrown away his clothes when he became too big.

"OK. he was bad enough at 15ft tall but this is ridiculous," Conner said frighteningly.

"WE'LL SEE WHO'S RIDICULOUS WHEN I WIN THE PAGEANT!" Tommy retorted before snatching the trio who struggled to breath even though Tommy wasn't even trying to crush them. "SINCE I'M SUCH A BENEVOLENT GIANT, YOU CAN CLEAN MY TROPHY AND MY BODY, ESPECIALLY MY FEET. IT'S NOT EASY MAINTAINING A BODY LIKE MINE ESPECIALLY WITH THESE GORGEOUS FEET," sneered Tommy as he breathes in his armpits. He brought his rank foot to the trio and made them breathe in the horrendous odor between his toes before tangling them against his rank and humid pubic forest which was covered in dried pieces of his man juice for a few minutes. "OH YEAH. OH FUCK YEAH. YOU GUYS LIKE THIS, DON'T YOU?" he moaned as he strokes his schlong before oozing precum and licks it off from his fingers. He then gently removes the trio from his pubes, gives them a tongue bath, drops them into his bedroom, and slams the roof shut.

"We're trapped like dolls in a dollhouse," said Dick when Tommy peeks through the window. Wally grabs the curtains to cover up Tommy's deep brown eye.

"How we're gonna get out?" asked Wally, pointing out the stench of cum stained socks and jockstraps that littered the decides to insult Tommy so much that he punches a hole in his mansion which successfully worked, allowing the trio and the other contestants to escape. The other contestants quickly ran away.

Scott suddenly shows up in a toy helicopter. "Hello, spies. Remember me?" He aims his maximizer at Conner. "You grow, man!"

Scott fires the gun at Conner who slowly grows up to be 20 times as tall as his original height. He becomes aroused by the sensation of the process and naked. Dick and Wally are down at the giants' hot, sweaty, stinky, and humongous feet. They're excited and horrified by the sight of their best friend and his rival as hot horse hung giants in their birthday suits.


Conner pokes Tommy in the nose and retorted, "HELLO! IT'S NOT LIKE I ASKED TO BE TURNED INTO A MONSTER LIKE YOU!"



"IT'S ALREADY MINE," interrupted Tommy angrily. This was the last straw for Conner who throws the first punch. The 2 heartthrobs were now engaged in a wrestling match with each other, destroying the neighborhood in the process.

"Watch out Conner!" yelled Dick when Tommy picked up a mansion and dropped it on Conner.

"Yeah. Don't crush our house!" Wally said, much to Dick's embarrassment.

Tommy grabs Conner by his wrists and whirled him around before letting go. Dick and Wally chase after the 2 giants but almost fall into the deep giant footprints. Despite the earthquakes and foot odor being distracting, Dick chase after Scott who tries to fire his maximizer at them, but keeps missing. Scott flies his helicopter out of the way of an oncoming pair of giant legs. Wally quickly grabs Dick out of the way just in time before their best friend's giant heel could crush Dick into a pancake.

The giants try to put their feet against each other's face as well as fart in each other's faces for a few long seconds and force one another to smell each other's armpits. Tommy has Conner between his legs but Conner escapes before Tommy body-slams Conner. Tommy then puts his stinky feet against Conner's face and pinches Conner's nose with his long sweaty, stinky, and powerful toes before commenting that this was what a real man smells like. At one point, Tommy pushes Conner into a pool which floods the streets and send Wally and Dick into a tree.

Dick fires some foam at the helicopter causing it to crash. Wally finally manages to successfully shrink Tommy and Conner back to normal before everyone was escorted by Spyral agents and had the entire thing wiped from their memories.

"Couldn't you at least make me a 7 footer or at least a several inches taller than Tommy?" complained Conner to Jerry who was putting Scott back into his cage.

The pageant at the Groove, a day later

All the contestants were lined up waiting for the winner to be announced. Tommy and Conner were standing next to each other, barefoot and in their underwear like the other contestants.

"Get ready to eat my dust," Conner said to Tommy though a fake smile.

"Same to you," replied Tommy.

The winner was neither of them which again lead to a fight between Tommy and Conner in the background. Thankfully, the fight was on a much smaller and manageable scale.