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Oh, right. Hey there Dude! Happy Birthday! I wrote this for you to celebrate the occasion. Hope you'll like it ^^

For dude4anime1

"Morning Memory"

I can still remember our Academy days
With guys perking up just as the teacher calls
And the girls whispering about me through the halls
And the sun over you as you talk with its rays

Greeting them at daybreak with the morning sunshine
Just as all rise lazily from their bed
The earliest up, thus the one who led
Our forms to the training grounds in a line

Earliest up, then comes a cough - first to be gone!
Then you'd come back with a smile on your face
Just as before. You'd tie the lace
Of your sheath to your hip, with a little "Hang on!"

We'd throw a few quick blows around to make sure
That the teachers did not see us sneaking away
Besides, it's not like we had some use to stay
We knew by heart Their names and Their powers obscure

I'd tug at your sleeve and drag you to a bar
With Mine sighing in mature aversion
And Yours giggling in childish rebellion
And the amused glances as we started to spar

It's easy to recall and so hard to forget
The light in your eyes and the twinkle in mine
And a shadow, a shroud, will always underline
My heart's pulsing as I wake up in sweat

Even though in this life there's no place for regret

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And just in case it gets confusing: the words with the capital letters refer to their Zanpakutou