Chapter 1 The Prologue

Alfred F. Jones didn't know who he was. Well, that's a bit of an overstatement, he knew who he was, but the real question is, what he was. But all he knew was this: he really didn't want to be in this situation right now.

He sat on a hard plastic chair in the station of the Boston Massachusetts local police department. He promised himself, (and the officers working there) that last time would be the last time, but here he was proving himself wrong. And he was a hero, he wasn't supposed to be wrong! He frowned at the tiled floor under the his blue converse covered feet, lost in his own thoughts of how he actually managed to end up in this situation.

Finally, his thoughts were interrupted by an officer in uniform, calling his name. "Excuse me, Mr. Jones, the boss wants to see you."

Alfred forced a dazzling smile on his bright face, in an almost natural instinct. "Hey, Henry. You know you can just call me Alfred, right?" His tone was light as his blonde, straw colored hair. He rose to his feet as he spoke, a warm distance away from the officer, Henry.

"Alfred, this is the tenth time this month,' Henry sighed. "It's like you're in here every other week."

"Well, not every other week," Alfred smiled sheepishly "I like to stop by for the brownies you guys always serve!" He wasn't lying, but he wasn't exactly telling the truth. They did have delicious brownies every Friday.

"You and your food." Henry shook his head, a reluctant smile playing on his lips. "Go on, you don't want to keep the boss waiting."

"Thanks Hen! You're the best, see you next Friday!" Alfred shot the man a dazzling Hollywood smile, as well as a pat on the shoulder. Henry just smiled and continued his day. No matter what was happening, Alfred always tended to make everything better and lift everyone's moods when he came into the station. Nobody was sure why, but it seemed the boy had an effect on everyone.

Alfred strode carelessly over to the brown door he knew to belong to the head of staff in this particular department. Opening the door, he was met with the face of a man in his late forties, white haired and dressed according to the station's uniform. "Yo old man!" Alfred cheerfully greeted "it's been a while!" He leaned on the doorframe as he talked, hands in the front pockets of his Captain America hoodie like a teenager. His smile was bright towards the man he found himself to know well, but he braced himself for what he knew was coming.

"Alfred. Sit." The man sighed down at his paperwork. Seeing the nineteen year old was common at this point. He could almost feel the boy walk into the department, they were so commonly associated with him.

Alfred obeyed the command, sitting in front of the desk where the man sat. "How are you bro? It's been so long!" Alfred was almost akin to a puppy, yapping whatever came to mind, almost to try and distract himself from what was coming.

"You saw me last week. Alfred, I know I shouldn't ask, but what were you thinking?" The man finally looked up at the nation, piercing blue eyes meeting Alfred's. "A ten car pile up in the middle of Boston, are you kidding me? The bank robber last week wasn't good enough for you?" his tone was serious and reprimanding as he spoke.

Alfred's bright smile faded into one of sheepishness and a bit of shame, he was still trying to keep his smile on. "It wasn't my fault this time, I swear! See there was this little girl crossing the street and I-"

"You what Alfred? Found it suitable to punch the car coming at her, causing thousands of dollars in property damage, and causing about ten traffic collisions in the process?"

Alfred winced at the man's words. "Hey, I saved her life, I'm a hero! Why are you treating me like a villain?" He began to lose his smile, the corners of his mouth dropping into a pout. He had too, the car wasn't stopping for her, it was going to hit her. Being a hero, he knew he couldn't just sit by and do nothing.

"Alfred. We tell you this every time you wind up in here. Leave it to the police to handle crime in the city."

"But I can't just-" Alfred began in protest, before being cut off once more.

"Yes you can. You always cause more harm than good when to interfere! You may have caught the burglar last week, but you smashed up a shop! Just keep to yourself!" The chief finally snapped at him, making Alfred frown. "This is going to be your final warning. The next time this happens, we're going to send you to the capital, and let the government officials handle you."

Alfred's jaw almost dropped open. "You can't do that! I'm a hero! I'm not going back there!"

"Alfred! They released you because they finally felt you had matured enough to not be under their watch anymore! If anything, it's turned you more defiant than ever!" The chief stood. "One more problem, and you're being sent back to the white house, and you will stay there. You have to lay low. This is your final warning." The chief declared.

Alfred's eyebrows furrowed. "I'm the United States of America! You can't keep me from my own country forever!"

"Your government is doing what is necessary to keep you safe! I repeat, this is your final warning! Now leave, before I change my mind." The chief glared at the nineteen year old from where he stood behind the desk.

Alfred darted to his feet with a glare behind his glasses, turned on his heel, and stormed out. Nobody can tell the hero not to do his own job! He was the United States, he had to help his people, regardless of what his stupid government thinks! He stomped out of the police headquarters, and into the street outside, his eyes meeting the sky.

It was a clear blue day. Usually he would be happy enough on days like this to take a walk and admire Boston, but now, he honestly wasn't feeling up to it. They had no right to treat him like a prisoner, he was the United States for god's sake, he lived for freedom! They protested he needed to be kept safe from the other nations of the world. Pft, what did they know.

Alfred didn't hate his government. He loved his people, and he loved his nation and everything they stood for. But even when surrounded by his own people, people he could feel connected to his very existence, no matter where they came from, he was lonely.

Alfred sighed at the sky, beginning to walk along the street. He would usually be smiling at everyone he passed, and try to lift their spirits, but at this point, he had given up making actual friends. Too many funerals. He had stopped attending funerals ages ago.

There was only one thought that Alfred could match with what he was feeling. A bird in a cage was no more free than one who constantly returned to it.

His thoughts echoed in his head as he walked, perfectly blending in with the crowd of his fellow Americans touring Boston in a hurry. People in the north east were always in a hurry, to do this, that, or another thing. That's why Alfred loved staying in that area so much, the people were curious and hardworking, as well as fast. He lived for action and learning, so of course when he was released from what he considered to be house arrest, he headed north to the city of Boston Massachusetts.

Not only was the city a fast moving place to live, which already called to him, it was the business atmosphere. Not that he was much of a business person, but it called to many international workers and tourists, something he loved about his country. He had such a curiosity, who were they? How did they live? Why hadn't he ever met another nation? That was a question that he had been asking for centuries, who were they? He knew he had to have come into contact with the Europeans in his childhood, he remembered running. Running running running far away from the scary men with the light skin, like his own.

If he could go back in time, he would have run the other way. Then maybe, they would know that he actually existed.

Alfred halted his footsteps to glance up at a large building made of glass, shiny material, that reached towards the heavens. It was obviously a government building, and he had seen it house many international guests, but what it was for he had yet to know. Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't hurt to find out. Just one peek into the international building, right? Nothing could go wrong, he was just curious, that's all.

He slowly made his way towards the doors, but it was his one hand on the handle that suddenly sent alarms blaring.

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