Chapter 2 The Beginnings

Who ever knew that trying to open a door would lead to so much chaos? That was one of the only things running through Alfred's head as he stumbled backwards from the handle his hand touched. Alfred glanced to the sides of the building to check for guards, or any kind of authority really, given that he hadn't come across any yet. Sure enough, a man and woman in blue uniforms rounded the corner of the brick building, spotting him from his position in front of the doors.

"Hey! You can't be here!" The man called to Alfred, who felt his lips pout in response. He wasn't doing anything wrong here, really! There wasn't anything wrong with exploration, besides he didn't see any signs or anything. Besides, he couldn't go back to the police station on the charge of trespassing,or they wouldn't leave him with just another warning. He just couldn't do that.

The officer's quickly made their way to Alfred, out of breath and startled by the loud ringing of the alarm. People walking on the nearby streets were looking for the source of disturbance now.

"Kid, you can't be here." The female officer addressed Alfred professionally, obviously somewhere in her mid-twenties.

Alfred felt his eyebrows furrowed in disruptance, to which he responded to the officer

"Why not? I'm not doing anything wrong here."

"Sir, this is an official building of international affairs."


"So, they don't want any kids running around messing everything up." The male cop stated sternly, with a gaze of ice into Alfred's own blue eyes.

Kid. That's all he was called nowadays. Of course, he wasn't called it as much as he was when he actually looked like a human kid, back during his colonial days. But now he looked at least nineteen, they had no right to call him a kid anymore. Hell, they wouldn't be calling him a kid if they knew how old he really was. Alfred himself didn't even know that information.

Alfred had remained silent and still during his glaring session at the male police officer, something that had escalated into more of a staring contest rather than simply a glance. Next to them, the female officer rolled her eyes and reported into her walkie talkie that was situated on her shoulder.

"Tell the office to turn off the alarm. No, no emergency. Just some kid messing around."

"I'm not a kid!" Alfred suddenly turned his head to snap at the female. He really was getting irritated with all of this. He really couldn't walk down the sidewalk without getting into some kind of trouble, could he?

"Alright sir. Please vacate the premises, or we'll have to bring you down to the station" the male chipped in.

Alfred glanced back and forth between the two officers, stubborn. He really wanted to stay, just to spite them. However, the reasonable part of his mind won over. He couldn't get into any more trouble today. Even if the trouble he had gotten into was for a good cause.

He turned on his heel, and stalked away, back onto the sidewalk, dejected with his hands in his pockets.

What was so important about some fancy international building anyways? What could be so serious about the stuff in there that someone can't even put their hand on the door? Alfred frowned as he walked, something uncharacteristic for the pseudo teenager. What were those officials hiding? He, as a citizen, had the right to know, right? Alfred shook his head to try and clear his thoughts. No, it was none of his business. Why was he getting so hung up about a little building, it's not like it's something too important to him, right?

Despite his reasoning thoughts about the building, something was calling him to it. Something was weird about that building.

Whatever, Alfred reasoned. His eyes darted up from the grey tiles of the sidewalk to spot a McDonalds across the street from where he stood.

Food. It fixed everything.

Spirits lifted at the prospect of being fed, Alfred made his way over to the fast food chain, entering to order. As he waited his turn in line to order, he glanced about the cafe, simply watching the people that happened to be there. There was a mother and her child, a few college kids, and a few older men sitting at a table. Simply looking at them, Alfred felt a connection. It was something that had always been there, something that he felt connecting him to everyone else; well, at least the people in the United States. It had been there as long as he could remember. He had no idea what it was, but he could just tell it was there. Protectiveness. Caring. Empathy. He felt what they felt. It boggled him to think about it, so he really tried not to.

Boy, this day had gotten a little too dark for his tastes. He liked to keep things light.

As Alfred sat down with his food, he noticed a few new faces enter the establishment. He set himself in the corner, so he was able to see everyone in the restaurant. The newcomers made their way to the counter, seemingly bickering about something or other. Both of them adorned business suits, briefcases settled at their sides. Businessmen. What businessmen went to McDonalds?

According to what Alfred overheard them saying, they weren't too accustomed to McDonalds either.

"What rubbish, I don't suppose the States could have finer cuisine nearby when we arrive? I never like fast food."

"Arthur please, the food in your country is even worse than this."

"You take that back, you bloody frog! At least my famous cuisine isn't full of snails!"

"It is escargot!"

"It's disgusting, wanker!"

Geez. What kind of business men fought like an old married couple?

Alfred silently witnessed the two men bicker from his corner of the eating establishment. That wasn't weird, right? They were calling attention to themselves, right? He wasn't staring, right?

Alfred turned away when the man with green eyes, and surprisingly enormous eyebrows caught his gaze. Something in those eyes was familiar. Alfred swore he had seen them somewhere before, but that's crazy. He had seen a lot of people with green eyes during his extended lifetime.

Alfred tried to shake off the weird feeling he was getting. That calling sensation. What was going on with him, honestly? First the building, now he's attracted to two random businessmen? Get it together, dude. Alfred tried to reason with his brain, which was not cooperating.

As the two men went to sit down with their food, Alfred stood, a sigh escaping him as he went to throw his trash away. It was a bit too late to stop his momentum when his shoulder collided with anothers.

"Oh, hey sorry about that-" Alfred began, turning to face the person he had bumped into, to be met with the same green eyes that he had locked with earlier.

'It's no problem, lad." The man didn't seem at all as shaken as Alfred felt, and even offered him a pleasant smile in return.

Alfred quicly turned away to leave. He could feel a blush creeping up his face. That was so stupid! How could he just make such a little mistake like that? Wait a minute, they're just normal people, why was he getting so worked up over it? Despite them just being normal people, he somehow felt that they were familiar. He probably just ate some bad hamburger earlier, and that's why he's been feeling so weird today. Yeah, that's it.

As Alfred left the building, mister Arthur Kirkland made his way over to sit across a booth from his old time rival, Francis Bonnefoy. As he sat, placing his food on the table, his green eyes glanced out the window, where he spotted the blonde boy he had crashed paths with just moments before.

"Oh ho, something on your mind Arthur?" A voice called out to him, causing his blocky, thick eyebrows to ruffle together in annoyance.

"Shut it Francis. Everything is fine." Arthur turned back to the long haired man across from him.

"You're acting strange Arthur, did something happen with that boy? Tramp caught your tongue, has he?" Francis began to smirk as he added that last part to his sentence.

"I said shut it! There is nothing the matter with me, frog" Arthur took a pause in order to take an experimental sip from the American iced tea he had purchased. Upon drinking the cool liquid, his face screwed itself in disgust, and he swallowed with agony.

"What kind of rubbish drink are they selling here, this is a disgrace to my legacy!" Arthur glared down at the cup in front of him, filled with liquid too cool for his liking.

"You know-" Francis cut into the Brit's whines of discontempt "-I feel as if I have seen that boy somewhere before. He is a bit like my little Mathew."

"Just a bit?" Arthur frowned, "They're practically identical! I almost thought the lad had followed us here from the meeting. But I knew he couldn't have."

"It is probably a simple coincidence." Francis offered with a shrug.

"Indeed. Nothing to worry about," Arthur sighed, "just a coincidence." His green eyes wandered out the window, to view the Boston streets he was uncommon with.

Even if the boy he had accidentally run into was akin to the personification of Canada that he knew so well, the teen reminded him of someone he thought he lost long ago.

It was during the era that England prided over, his days as the Great British Empire. He moved from land to land, claiming it as his own, and with the wealth he found in the Americas, as well as the other lands he pillaged, he became wealthy and well known worldwide. However it was one fatal trip to the harbors of Boston in the Massachusetts Bay Colony of the thirteen colonies in the Northern Americas that really came to the front of his mind at the moment.

The year had been 1765, he had been just arriving on the ports of Boston that day. That day, oh so long ago. His eyes, much more hardened than they were in the present day, caught sight of a boy. He was a small boy, no taller than five feet two, and no older than the age of fourteen. The child was silent as he moved, just tailing a wealthy looking English woman who had just arrived to the new lands. He walked casually, just by the woman, before turning into an alleyway, where he took off in a run. Arthur just caught the slightest smirk on the boy's face before he disappeared. Not moments later, a shrill screech tore through the air, leading to the woman the boy had passed just seconds earlier shouting-

"My necklace! My rings! My beautiful purse! Where could they have gone?"

Needless to say, Arthur had an idea about where her belongings could have ended up. He was a former pirate after all, he knew a thief when he saw one.

Arthur went about his usual business in the colonies, and later the same day found himself heading to a local pub with a few other English gentlemen. Walking along a cobbled street in the night, Arthur once again spotted the blonde boy from earlier that day, simply walking along and minding his own business. Arthur regarded the boy with a skeptical eye, but did nothing to call him out, before the boy was just behind the group of men.

With a quick mind, Arthur made a quick check in the pocket where he kept his wallet, and again on his fingers for his precious rings.


The Englishman paused his walking, comrades stopping their motions to gaze at their coworker in confusion. Without turning around, Arthur called-

"Lad. I'm sure you know we are not to be trifled with."

The child paused, in position to begin dashing away, and glanced over his shoulder to respond.

"I don't know what you're talking about, sir. I'm just going home to my mother and father."

"Bullshit," Arthur turned around, "You are a citizen of the Queen. And under her, we do not tolerate thieves of any age."

"Thief?" The child feigned innocence, "Please sir, let me go. I just want to go home!"

"I saw you earlier today. You can drop the act, boy."

The boy's face suddenly changed, to something a little more bashful in being caught in his act.

"Oh, you saw that? Dammit...well, I gotta go. It's been fun." With that final statement the boy turned, and took off, dashing into the night.

"Hey! Get back here!" Arthur took off after the child, just on his heels, but the kid was fast. The boy swerved expertly through the city, over boxes and fences, under carts, and around corners expertly, as if he had seen the city built himself.

It wasn't too long after they had begun running that Arthur lost the boy in the maze of urban life. Swearing to himself, Arthur turned back to his original pathway, back to his coworkers. That little brat wouldn't get away with this. As he backtracked, Arthur noticed a particular ring on his finger was missing. A ring that he had from birth…

Arthur's heart dropped. It was gone. The emerald gem, the silver outline, the beutiful carvings, all snatched up by some stupid colonist boy. His stomach began bubbling, the familiar feeling of rage lifting to his throat. He knew only one thought in that moment.

That boy was going to pay, whether he had to punish the boy directly, or the entire colony, so be it.

And that was not the last time he saw the boy, either.




It was the French accented voice of his fellow personification that snapped Arthur out of his stupor.

Arthur's eyes darted up to meet the sight of Francis, who was standing in front of the booth, his trash in hand.

"Are you ready to go, Arthur?" The French man inquired

Arthur glanced down at the tray in front of him, noticing it to be empty, and his stomach to be filled. Had he been eating while lost in his thoughts? It seemed as such, so Arthur stood, gathering his trash.

"Let's go, frog. We shouldn't be late for the second half of the meeting."

"As you wish Arthur~"

"And don't try to bloody kiss me!"

Meanwhile, as the two men finished their meal at McDonalds, Alfred on the other hand was down the street, casually strolling through the crowd, and observing the scenery. He really didn't know what to do with himself today. He had already gotten in trouble, he accidentally trespassed on his own land, and he ate a big Mac. Honestly, what was he to do? A sudden voice cut into his thoughts and musings.

"Alfred? Alfred F. Jones? Is that really you?"

Alfred's blue eyed gaze turned to notice an elderly man in a wheelchair, one leg made entirely of metal, painted and covered in flowers. This fact was unsurprising, given that the man was sitting behind an outside booth of a flower shop.

Alfred finally felt a smile grace his lips, and his feet took him to see the elderly man, who was almost in shock at the mere sight of the personification. Alfred knew who he was almost immediately.

"Hey! Long time no see, Claude." Alfred greeted him with a friendly and familiar smile.

"Alfred? You look the same as you did back during the war!"

"I know dude, I think it's the water here in Boston. Stuff is radical." He added a chuckle to the end of his sentence.

"Radical...I haven't heard that slang in so long."

"Well, it's coming back. Ironically, but it's still coming back." Alfred smiled.

"So," the man began "I'm guessing I will not receive an explanation for how you're exactly the same as you were years ago."

"Nah, sorry dude."

"You always were a peculiar one." The man's lips were graced with a wistful smile.

"Haha, thanks," Alfred paused, taking a glance around.

"The world has changed, hasn't it?" Claude almost guessed what the personification was thinking.

"'re telling me." As Alfred spoke, his mind flew back to the period that he and Claude spent together. It felt like yesterday. The violence, fear, and the international people he met. Of course, he met other international people before that. Like…

His mind paused. His fingers had subconsciously began to rub the smooth emerald gem that rested on the ring on his finger.

"Alfred," Claude spoke once again "go home and get some rest. Heaven knows you need it."

Alfred turned back to the old man with a gentle smile.

"It's that obvious, isn't it?" Alfred offered him a smile.

"Get some rest. We're all tired after all these years. You live a strange life, Alfred F. Jones"

After giving Claude a handshake after even the smallest encounter, Alfred began back down the street, towards the apartment building he was currently residing in.

A pair of men stood just around the corner of the coffee shop, having just arrived. However for the French and British men that were hiding behind the corner, the snippets of the conversation that Alfred was having was all they needed to hear. Something was wrong about this boy. Alfred. Something was absolutely wrong.

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