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"I have summoned you, infused into the spark of the irredeemable. Bring forth your light within them to bring peace to as many as you can. Redeem them, through yourselves."

Megatron roused from an interrupted recharge, confused at the voice that had whispered straight into his processors. Shaking his helm, Megatron cleared out whatever fog that had unusually settled itself at the forefront of his drives. His memories were temporarily blurred but it was gone near instantaneously.

"Argh… What was that?" His optics took some oddly slow time to focus itself before he stood up, striding over to the Energon cube that was prepared and timely on schedule. He turned towards his berth, staring at it feeling confused, before promptly ignoring it and taking the cube from the table.

Following his every mega-cycle routine, he emptied out the cube of its contents before slamming it back onto the table. Time to return and command the Nemesis, endure Starscream's antics and oversee Project Predacon.

Walking out of his private quarters with a confused and weary spark, Megatron instantly beheld the vehicon troopers milling about, seemingly slow. The ones that did notice him immediately stood at guard, probably not expecting their Lord to end his rare recharge cycle a joor earlier. Megatron growled at their impudence and almost unbidden, a change to his usual routine, a feeling of disrespect welled within his spark. It was expected of him after all, he is a commander.

"Move it!" Megatron barked out so suddenly that some vehicons stumbled but the effect was immediate. All vehicons that was within range scrambled, running to appease their Lord's temperamental anger. Pleased, Megatron sneered. "Good…"

On his way to the bridge, he walked with an air of superiority, placing his servos behind his back and looking down on his soldiers. They were cannon fodder, but they are useful. He let out an inaudible scoff, sneering at the incompetent vehicons. And that particularly useless one, the one designated ST-3V3...

He could see him stumbling out of the room on the far side of the hallway, pushed out by his fellow vehicons to also stand at attention and serve their Lord. He managed, but barely.

As he walked past the vehicon, he glared, hard.

And he almost laughed at the vehicon's shuddering frame. Leaving the vehicons behind, Megatron felt a compulsion towards a particular room. Particularly, Knockout's med-bay.

The moment he walked in, Knockout almost grumbled at the interruption. However, upon seeing who it is, he quickly scrambled to greet his one Lord and Master.

"L.. Lord Megatron!" He stood at attention, glancing at C.Y.L.A.S. "You're early!"

"Yes... my recharge cycle was interrupted." Knockout quickly schooled his emotions, shifting the conversation to a more professional setting.

"Do you require a medical check-up if you had come here then?" Megatron ignored Knockout's offer, staring at the struggling form of Breakdown, now puppeteered by none other than Silas.

"I was in the process of more experimentation. My Lord," he tried to curb any temperament that Megatron would have if his recharge had been interrupted. "I am still infusing him with Synthetic Energon."

"I know." Megatron walked nearer to the abomination, looking on with disgust. But something is indeed calling him to this abomination. It took a few moments, but his spark wanted this as much as he didn't believe he wanted.

"Open him up and reveal me this… human… inside Breakdown's chassis." Knockout stood still as if the order was unheard, but one look from him forced Knockout to scram for his tools.

"O…, Of course, my Lord." Megatron stepped back to let Knockout do his work, and within moments the compartment to Breakdown's spark opened up, revealing the disheveled human implanted within.

Megatron came forward and gazed in. The human within the chassis. The abomination.

His spark flipped at witnessing this human in so much pain. His grin plastered itself onto his faceplate, jagged dentas bared at the human. Oh, how he found so much pleasure at seeing Leland Bishop tortured like this.

The man that kidnapped his mother, June. He found out about this rogue government agent with help from that Agent Fowler when he had asked for clarification.

The human that caught that pest, Bumblebee. Stole his T-Cog and caused so much grief within the Autobot ranks. A grief that would have destroyed Raf's friend...


Megatron looked down at his claws. Flashes of human hands briefly replaced them.

Why am I… Megatron?...

He gritted his denta, his spark raging at the thought.

I am Megatron!... Right?

Confusion warred inside his spark. Something was wrong, he knew he is Megatron. There's no doubt that this feeling of power, the claws and the voice!

But why can't he accept that? His very being rages at the notion of being anything else than himself. Of... who?

Aren't I… Jack?

Memories came flooding in, memories of himself. Of Jackson Darby.

His life growing alongside Miko Nakadai and Rafael 'Gonzalez' Esquivel. His achievements through University and willingly joining Agent Fowler's special military.

Rising through the ranks from a newbie recruit to becoming the corporal of his very own squad. Meeting his wife. Marrying her. Getting children. Getting grandchildren.

His children's and grandchildren's own tears as he lay on the deathbed.

And finally. Blissful darkness.

Jack looked down again, towards the claws that he now has fully under his control. He looked to Knockout, an expression of worry evident on his faceplate. He checked his chronometer, and the date surprised him.

Jack schooled his face, hiding the hurricane his feelings are. "Knockout, if you will excuse me…"

"Yes my Lord." He gave a bow and Jack nodded. Calm and collected, Jack walked out of the med-bay. The moment the doors closed, he checked his surroundings for any vehicons.

Seeing none, he bolted.

In his mind, he knew this was definitely wrong. He's in the past, in a different body, and is on the completely wrong faction...


Soundwave came back online, aware that something had occurred.

He had zoned out, something he would never think he could have done. Running diagnostics came back with a negative, but he was adamant something odd did occur. He replayed the room's surveillance cameras and witnessed that he had completely gone still for a complete joor.

Unmoving like a statue, staring at the interface without performing any movement.

And no vehicon came in as well. Most likely from the fear they had to him.

With a weary spark, Soundwave continued with his never-ending duty of overseeing the security of the Nemesis, and of course, his secret hobby of collecting blackmail material from the ranks of the Decepticon troops.

He couldn't help but remember. Megatron's fortress, Darkmount's destruction. All because it had little to no surveillance cameras. An oversight by Lord Megatron himself.

Oh, he had tried to secure the entire fortress. But even he had limits. The vehicon troops were slow enough that a prisoner escaped and the Forge of Solus Prime was stolen.

A brief spike of anger surged within him, but he repressed it back down. Now is not the time to dwell on the past.

Many believed he had no emotions. This is untrue. He does have it, his modules are working fine. But he does not reveal it in any way, by action or speech. Monotone and collected, never to show weakness.

For weakness is guaranteed to end in the spark snuffed out.

Laserbeak had been damaged by the explosion, now having to mostly stay in his compartment to recover fully. The repairs he did alone, for only he knows how his children are made.

Soundwave looked down at Laserbeak, staring long at his child. His visor hid any emotion on his faceplate, but his spark couldn't help but feel it deep within.

He knows, no one would ever live should they hurt his child.

Already had lost Rumble and Ravage to the war. Laserbeak was the only one left.

His spark beat erratically at the thought of losing this one.

He remembered crying, holding his very first baby with his wife.

Seeing them grow and develop with his guidance.

Them following his footsteps in becoming an inventor renowned by the entire world.

Soundwave paused.

For a long while, he stayed still, unable to believe his very memory drives.

Him? Having children with humans?

Soundwave considered deleting those memories, but something halted his servos.

Instead, he remembered.

Memories that weren't there before flooded his drives, almost crashing him down with its intensity. But Soundwave endured it.

He had to see this through. Because it showed the future.

As more memories were experienced and stored, the more unaware that he was being washed away.

Soundwave let the wave of foreign memories surge around him, in awe at the sight.

He was swept with the currents, pooling to form someone.

Rafael 'Gonzalez' Esquivel woke up, staring at Nemesis's dark ceilings. Laserbeak was struggling in his compartment aware of the turmoil and the crash that its creator was undergoing.

He didn't eject Laserbeak, but Raf did let his helm rest on the cold floor of the room he was in.

Calm and collected.

He doesn't need to panic to work this problem through.

Waking up with a shudder that passed through his form, Shockwave became aware of his predicament. He brought himself to his pedes, lifting his helm from being laid over his research.

That was illogical.

Shockwave stared at his impromptu recharge table with disbelief, unable to accept that he had overworked himself into forced recharge.

Not only that, but his chronometer had also skipped two entire joors. An amount of time wasted that was completely unforgivable.

"This is unacceptable. A forced recharge to occur? Illogical." Shockwave curled his servo into a fist, unable to believe.

But he sighed, finding no point in mulling over this odd anomaly. He was perfectly aware that he was still able to go on for another deca-cycle, and he adamantly believes that all that time was supposed to be spent advancing his research.

But something odd had occurred and two entire joors had been wasted to recharge of all things!

Shockwave filed the anomaly for investigation later, for now, he had to speed up progress to Project Predacon.

Cybernucleic Acid graphs and research notes were quickly and briefly given attention, fixing irregularities and any problems that would occur should a miscalculation were to be made.

He, however, grew increasingly bored.

Illogical. I should not get bored with my project.

Ignoring the feeling in his spark, Shockwave continued ironing out any problems that might arise before they would have a chance to.

But as time went on, the feeling grew stronger.

The repetition of his actions made this feeling stronger, and he couldn't help but attend to it.

With a reluctant sigh, Shockwave let go of his project.

And somehow, a feeling of excitement welled within.


But he pressed on, following this feeling in his spark. He had to do something.

Something that he knew wasn't what he would do.

The lab was too quiet.

He went to the console that had a connection tapped into the human's wireless network and opened a website called this Youtube.

He knew he shouldn't waste time on this human junk, but the feeling was strong.

Slash Monkey?

He hesitantly clicked on the first recommendation that had been presented.

The buffering was short and the logo of Slash Monkey appeared before it faded to black.

The music started up slow, but it picked its pace until the lab was deafened by its incessant screeching.

His servos moved to close the tab, but he stopped. He witnessed as his servos twitched, itching to follow the beat.

Scratch that, he was moving to the screaming and screeching.


Shockwave had to cover his audio receptors to block out the music. But it reverberated inside his helm!


It was coming from within!

Memories surged with the music, flowing over Shockwave as it blitzed past and struck his being.

Her music that she had crafted with her own hands.

Music that came together with her husband!

The ones from her children!

In sync with the music playing on the unclosed tab, Shockwave fell to his knees screaming with the screaming of the music video, before it all went into silence.

Miko stared at the floor, Nemesis' warship's floor and to her servo and cannon.

No, not her own.


"Great, I'm one-eyed now." She let out a short sigh, Shockwave's deep voice echoing in his quiet lab.

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