I wasn't sure about whether or not I should start another story when I've already got another one. Go check it out if you're a RWBY or Mass Effect fan. But, I keep getting hooked on different topics, which leads me to finding fanfiction about it and when I run out, I want to make my own.

Now, if you've read the summary, you'll see that this is a Pokemon and RWBY crossover and it concerns the genetically engineered Pokemon, MewTwo. Now, I got hooked on the sinnoh Pokemon series when I was a kid and while I forgot about it as I got older, I decided to keep track of the franchise and I decided to go back. That's when I eventually decided to watch Pokemon MewTwo Strikes Back and … I loved MewTwo, more than likely due to the fact he looks absolutely awesome and has amazing powers. Also, I'm a sucker for sad backstories.

So, yeah, this story will be about RWBY's version of MewTwo and I'll clarify some things before I go right in to this. MewTwo will be created in his Pokemon form but he will be given a human form (technically Faunus form), he'll spend more time as a test subject and also, he's paired with Yang. I know that Yang's human and MewTwo is originally Pokemon but his default form is Faunus and I think that Yang will be good for him because of her bright nature while he's more morose. Opposites attract, am I right? I just can't not put romance into my stories because I just love romance … but I would never tell anyone that to their face.

As for his personality, he's mostly the same as he is in the franchise. He'll be quite misanthropic and anti social because of his past. He'll be stoic and serious but also have a deep anger inside because of what he's been through. Also, like in the movies, he'll have a massive existential crisis, questioning what his purpose is. Despite all this, he's a marshmallow inside and he'll warm up to the other characters and show more positive traits but of course, he'll be awkward about it, never having had to speak to someone like that.

As for his power, I'll try not to make him too op and that will be a challenge, considering how strong he is in the franchise but I'll manage.

Anyway, I'm done boring you with all those details. First of all:

Disclaimer: I don't own RWBY or Pokemon. They are owned by Rooster Teeth (and Month Oum. RIP) and The Pokemon Company.

Edited as of 10/3/19: just a few minor changes, nothing major. Just what colour MewTwo's eyes glow when he uses his powers.


Location: Unknown, Time: January

'Where am I?'

'What am I?'

'Who am I?'

These were the thoughts running through the mind of the creature, suspended in a tank of orange liquid, as it woke up.

The male creature was a strange one. It looked feline in appearance but it was bipedal like a human and looked the size of a twelve year old child. It had a small snout for a nose and a small mouth while it has two fingers and a thumb on each hand which have large, spherical tips. It's feet had three toes on each and it had a large, muscular, purple tail. As for its eyes, which were slightly open, they were purple themselves.

The creature tried to process where it was. It looked out beyond the liquid and glass of the container and saw the shapes of people. The creature could hear them talking about something, but due to the glass and liquid, he could only hear muffled sounds.

'Who are they? What are they talking about? Why am I here?'

The creature then remembered what it saw before it opened its eyes. It was flying over forests and fields in a deep blue sky with clouds, free as a bird, feeling the wind in its face. But, then, the creature had to awaken from the dream and confront reality.

'Was … that just all a dream?', the creature thought incredulously.

'I … want to feel that again. I want to get out .. I want to get out. I want to get out, I want to get out, I want to get out', the creature thought endlessly and almost obsessively, wanting to feel that experience again.

Unbeknownst to him, power was flowing through his body and his violet eyes started to burn with a bright violet light while his form was outlined by a blue glow.

The glass started to shake and cracks started to appear on its surface as it was under attack by the mysterious power being emitted by the creature.

And eventually, the glass shattered.

At that moment, the creature's senses were assaulted from all angles as now he could see, hear, feel as well as smell clearly.

The room he was in was a laboratory which was dark with the only lights coming from the computers nearby. The cold air assaulted the creature's nerves and it shivered slightly despite the fur on his body. The silence he once had in the tank was destroyed when the glass was gone as the people could be heard more clearly and an alarm was piercing the air.

He simply sat there while all the people in lab coats fussed and fussed. All he cared about was wanting was to get back his silence as well as leave this dank lab.

Eventually, the alarm was cut off, bringing great joy to the creature who was aggravated by the incessant noise. The people started to hush each other while one particular person stood out.

"Quiet, all of you! Let us hear it's psychic powers", the man said with poorly contained glee.

This statement caused confusion for the creature.

'Psychic powers?', the creature asked in its thoughts.

"Yes", the man responded, "you are telepathic, meaning you can communicate with your mind'.

This amazed the creature but the man continued to speak.

"For years, we had hoped to create a living, viable clone to prove our theories and you, you're the only one to survive", the scientist confessed.

'Wait … c-clone?', the creature telepathically communicated, feeling dread.

The scientist proceeded to gesture towards a mural, depicting a small, cat like creature.

"That is Mew, a rare and powerful psychic creature that existed in the distant past, some say before humanity or even the Grimm were created. We created you from a fossil of Mew that we found. You are the result of our efforts to create a clone of Mew. You're name is MewTwo", the scientist revealed with a proud grin on his face.

MewTwo wasn't particularly concerned about how he knew that the Grimm were creatures of hated and destruction that plagued the planet. He was more horrified and disturbed by his origins as his eyes widened slightly.

He stated at the mural, before speaking physically for the first time.

"Then .. I'm just … a copy, … a shadow", MewTwo croakily said, not used to using his voice. Mewtwo then looked down at himself in horror. He wasn't a real creature. Just a cheap imitation of the genuine article.

"You're even stronger than Mew. Improved by human science and ingenuity. We used the most advanced techniques we could to improve your powers", the head scientist said while stroking his moustache.

MewTwo was still horrified, possibly even more so now.

'So, I'm just the end result of your experiment', MewTwo thought to the scientists in slight anger at how indifferent they were to his distress.

He then decided to ask, "what will happen to me now?"


MewTwo felt something cold and heavy clamp around his neck suddenly and he jerked in surprise.

The scientist then responded, "on the contrary, our experiment has just begun."

Then the human developed a vicious smile on his face before saying, "Now we move on to the rest of the testing".

At that, MewTwo's anger spiked.

Thinking solely to himself, MewTwo thought angrily, 'these humans … they don't care about me. Is .. this all I am to them? Is this my purpose? To be a lab rat? A guinea pig? No!'

In his rage, MewTwo tried to summon his psychic powers to punish these humans for their cold heartedness … but felt he couldn't. They were being blocked. How?!

"Come now, you didn't think that we would stupidly believe you'd be compliant?", the scientist asked condescendingly.

"What have .. you done to me?", MewTwo spoke with his voice, being unable to use telepathy.

"That collar around your neck is acting as an inhibitor to your powers. It will prevent you from acting out against your .. masters", the scientist said to MewTwo, with an arrogant smirk behind his moustache.

"You are not my masters and you never will b-"

MewTwo was interrupted by the sensation known as pain. It was felt throughout his body and it was agonising. On top of that, this was the first time he'd experienced pain. So .. it was unpleasant as he squirmed on the floor of the tank, screaming in pain before the agony mercifully stopped.

"It's also equipped with a punishment device. It doesn't cause damage but tricks your body into thinking that it's in pain", the scientist said causally while holding a device with a big red button.

MewTwo gasped exhaustedly after that little episode.

"Now, hold still", the doctor said as he took a syringe filled with an electric blue liquid from a nearby table and approached the still recovering clone.

He pushed the needle into the tube that connects the back of MewTwo's head to his back, causing the clone to flinch in pain.

But that was mercy to what came next. It felt like his veins and arteries were being flooded with molten lava as his body felt like it was burning from the inside. The clone couldn't help but let out screams of pain and he could feel a strange sensation as his body began to undergo a metamorphosis. He felt his feet and hands change with both growing extra digits and changing shape. His head was also changing in shape as the muzzle disappeared and the horn like protrusion on his head disappeared.

Soon, the pain stopped and MewTwo was left exhausted after the ordeal. Lifting his head, he looked into the reflective surface of a small mirror and was befuddled by what he saw.

In place of MewTwo's face was the face of a human. The skin tone went from light purple to pale white, his eyes were the same shade of purple, he'd sprouted a bed of messy hair, the same colour that his skin was before, he'd gained ears and his mouth and nose were small. He looked like a normal twelve year old. Then, he looked down and saw his skinny and pale frame and saw that his tail had survived the process as it jutted out of his back.

"What .. what have you done to me? Why am I human?", MewTwo asked in a panicked voice.

The scientist replied, "technically, you're a Faunus with that tail. But, this was done to ensure that you behave. As a Faunus, your aura levels are lower than your previous form and aura is the source of your psychic abilities as they are your semblance, your unique power. By doing this, we have made you weaker so that you won't ever be able to rebel against us … at least, until we've found a way to control you."

MewTwo wanted desperately to hurl verbal abuse at the accursed scientist for treating him like an animal. He wanted to use his psychic powers to hurt him, to make him stop. But he knew that he couldn't do either. One was impossible while the other was not advisable, considering what happened when he let his anger take control of his mouth. So, he settled for a defiant glare.

Noticing the look he was receiving, the scientist simply smirked in amusement and said, "Go ahead and look at me that way. It changes nothing. It doesn't change the fact that this is what you were created for, to serve us, to serve my leader and you will help her realise her ambitions. You'll be her weapon. Her perfect killing machine. But first, we must continue the experiments to increase your power in this form and as well as train you how to use them. They will not be as natural to you as they were in your original form so it'll be more difficult but I'm sure that we have .. the right motivation to encourage success".

He ended his little speech with a tone of sick amusement. MewTwo already knew what the scientist meant by 'motivation' but before he could do anything else, he was seized by two guards and they roughly dragged him along, out the door. MewTwo, being physically weak at the moment, was unable to resist and the last thing he heard from the scientist before he left was "By the way, my name is Watts. Doctor Arthur Watts. But, you may call me master".

Timeskip: 5 years

It had been a long time since that day when MewTwo had left the tank and began his cursed life.

At the moment, he was lying down in a cell on the metal slab that was his bed. He was in his human form, having been stuck this way since Watts had changed him. He was wearing a white jumpsuit with the words 'Project M2', emblazoned on the right breast part of the jumpsuit. The clone was simply lying there, staring emptily at the ceiling while his tail hung lazily over the edge of the slab.

'To think that it's been five years since that day', he thought morosely, incapable of being in any positive mood.

A lot of pain and anguish had been inflicted on MewTwo over the years. When they first took him away from his tank, they branded him. Taking a scalding hot brand to his chest, they permanently marked him with 'Project M2', indicating his status as the scientists' … property. This would have healed and left no scar if he had access to his aura which was suppressed by his collar. MewTwo hated the title as well as the brand. It was proof that he was nothing more than a science project to the scientists and not a living being. The pain from the hot metal had been excruciating but it wasn't the end of the pain.

After that, they performed their inhumane experiments on him, injecting him with several drugs that enhanced his powers that had been reduced from his transformation. The scientist clearly had no ethics or morality as they looked unfazed by the pain that was evident on MewTwo's face. Sometimes, one of the scientists could be seen relishing in MewTwo's pain.

The experiments he went through were extremely painful but there was more to come. Training was the only other time that he was out of his cell and it was just as fun as the experiments. Unlike everywhere else, the training room was the only place where he wouldn't wear his power inhibiting collar as he needed access to his powers to train. When he first began, he couldn't use his powers, not even telepathy which was as easy as breathing in his original form. So, the guards and trainers were given permission to do what ever was needed to access his powers and their solution; to push him and hurt him until he could use the powers. In fact, the scientist had concluded that pain would break down mental barriers and allow MewTwo to access his semblance, his psychic abilities more easily. And the men were happy to put the hurt on the clone, being sadistic and seeing the clone as nothing more than a freak. They beat him, used their knives, anything they could think of to break his aura and make MewTwo hurt. And luckily for MewTwo, it worked. The pain pushed him to gain control of his powers and eventually, he could use his telepathy, he had telekinesis as well as flight but despite all of his powers, he couldn't leave due to the inhibitors lining the walls which would suppress his powers on activation in place of his collar.

But, psychic training wasn't the only training in store for him; there was physical training. That didn't need psychic powers and therefore, MewTwo didn't need his aura. The guards loved this even more as MewTwo had to wear his collar and so, any injury he sustained had to heal naturally and any scar was left and not healed.

The result of all this? He's become increasingly more powerful with both psychic and physical abilities. In his Faunus form, he could now use his telepathy, telekinesis and other psychic abilities and they were quite powerful. Physically, his once skinny frame had matured into a lean and muscled body thanks to the 'training' he was subjected to as well as his natural growth. When he left the tank, he had the body and mind of a twelve year old despite chronologically having just been born and so, his body was now physically 17 years old as well as his mind while he's technically only 4 years old. Speaking of his body, due to his ordeals, it was littered with scars from training as well as surgical scars on his arms and legs from the experiments but the most notable scar was on his throat. It looked like it was from a sharp blade as if someone tried to slit his throat. It was faint unlike the other scars but it was pretty significant. One day, when he was feeling particularly rebellious, he'd insulted a particularly short tempered doctor. Eventually, he couldn't take MewTwo taking anymore and decided to shut him up .. permanently. He made MewTwo mute. The only way that the genetically engineered clone can communicate is with his telepathy which he hardly had access to thanks to his collar.

All of this hardship influenced MewTwo's personality. Obviously, the clone became more and more bitter and serious as well as becoming a slight misanthrope, considering that every interaction with people that he has had has been with people who've caused him noting but pain. It didn't help that with access to information that was given to him while in the tank had told him about the outside war. He knew all about the Grimm, humans and Faunus and all it did was cause him to feel nothing but more distaste for these creatures. Humans and Faunus both had a common enemy, the Grimm and yet there were still examples of people fighting amongst each other like the Great War and bigotry towards Faunus. On top of that, the White Fang, the once peaceful organisation that was created to bring about equality for all Faunus had become a terrorist organisation which was only making Faunus and Human relations deteriorate further. MewTwo could only feel distaste for these races that seemed intent on this circle of hatred and are intent on each other's destruction despite the real threat being the Grimm. It didn't help that humanity had been causing MewTwo nothing but pain. Finally, the clone refused to accept that his purpose was to serve humans like a slave, especially this leader of Watt's that he's talked about to him but that left him with a feeling of uselessness at having no purpose. So, not a very cheery demeanour overall.

'I still don't know what my purpose is. I know it's not to serve whoever Watt's master is. Would I find it out in the world? The same world that's full of hatred? When I had that dream four years ago, I thought the world was beautiful .. but it's full of nothing but hatred and destruction. Now, I don't even know if I want to leave or not. If I stay, I'll be a slave but if I leave, I'll truly be left with no purpose. What do I do?", MewTwo debated mentally, pondering his existence once again.

Sighing, MewTwo thought, 'At least Watts isn't here. The last thing I need is to deal with him'.

The head scientist wasn't always at this laboratory, often leaving to deal with other business but whenever he was present, he liked to pay the clone a visit to be condescending towards him as well as use punish him with the collar. Thankfully, tonight was a night which granted him temporary freedom from the terror of Watts.

While lying down, MewTwo heard a thud as well as the sound of staggering footsteps and laughter. Drunken laughter.

The clone sighed in frustration.

'The guards are drunk again', MewTwo thought to himself in annoyance.

This would happen from time to time and he would get to see the guards as they would come to his cell to just insult him as well as act like drunken fools. While it had been funny to the clone at first, it became more and more aggravating and the sight of a human male puking his guts out near his cell was both disturbing to smell as well as witness. Deciding not to aggravate the guards or cause any issues, not having the patience to deal with several intoxicated guards, MewTwo just lay there, not making any sound, hoping that they'll just walk by.

Seems luck wasn't on his side today as a banging from the door got his attention.

"Hey, freak. You awake? We got something to show you", one of the guards slurred after knocking on the door.

Huffing in annoyance, he got up from the bed, knowing that they wouldn't leave him be until he acknowledged them. Mentally preparing himself for whatever they were planning, he peered out the barred hole to see 4 guards who were staggering about slightly but were sober enough to stand. They were all looking at the clone with their usual sadistic smiles.

One of them started waving something around in the air while saying condescendingly, "look at what we have here".

MewTwo peered at the object in the guard's hand. It was small and thin and for some reason it seemed familiar. It looked like an eyelash that has been … fossilised. MewTwo's usually stoic façade was broken as his eyes widened in disbelief, knowing exactly what it was and wondering how exactly the guards got it.

"I can see that *hic* you can tell what this is. Yep. This is *hic* the fossil that the eggheads used to create you. That Mew thing, right? It could be *hic* used to make another one of you", the drunk guard said to the shocked MewTwo.

MewTwo just looked at the fossil with wide eyes. He wanted it. He wanted the scientists to use it to make another clone. Another MewTwo. He knew it was selfish as the clone would be condemned to a date similar to his own. But .. if there's one thing that MewTwo wanted above all else, it was companionship from someone like him. To him, it wasn't possible to be close to a human or even a faunus due to him being truly neither despite his appearance. That fossil was possibly the one thing that he desired most in the world.

The same fossil that the guard dropped on the floor and stamped on.

Just like that, it felt like MewTwo's body was flooded with ice cold water as he stared in horror at the remains of the fossil after the guard lifted his foot.

"Oops … sorry, freak. Guess you're now truly alone in the world", the guard said in a false apologetic tone and his mouth curled into a sadistic grin.

Then all of the guards erupted into hysterical laughter as if someone had just pulled the world's funniest practical joke as they all looked at the shell shocked face of MewTwo.

MewTwo was barely registering the laughter as he stared in horror at what was left of the means of his creation. The means of creating another clone. From what the scientists had said all those years ago, all they could find of Mew was a fossilised eyelash, nothing else. And they'd struggled to create a living clone with some of the best technology and resources that Remnant had to offer. He was only the one of several to survive. Now, that eyelash was pretty much just powder. It was already borderline impossible to create him from one intact eyelash. Creating a clone from this? That was impossible.

'This … I … I'm alone. There isn't anything like me. And there never will be', the clone thought, depressed.

Slowly, he lifted his gaze from the powdered fossil to the perpetrators of its destruction. The guards who were still laughing and falling on to the floor in their intoxication.

'They … they did this', MewTwo thought.

Never in his short life had MewTwo felt as much rage as he did now. He'd had physical pain inflicted on him throughout the four years of his existence and while it made him mad, he'd gotten used t the feeling of pain. But … this pain he was feeling now … it seemed to hurt more than any physical pain he'd taken. The feeling and realisation that he was alone. There'd most likely be no other clone of Mew. He was truly neither human nor faunus but something else. He was not born like they were, he was grown in a test tube. He was … alone. And it hurt. It hurt so damn much that he couldn't help but feel nothing but rage.

'These humans', MewTwo thought with pure venom, 'they've done nothing but cause me pain. Now, they've even denied me a companion.'

His fists curled so tightly that his fingernails pierced his skin, drawing blood, his teeth gritted so hard they felt like they'd crack and his breathing was becoming ragged. The fury inside him was reaching a fever pitch. He felt the feeling of power flood through his system but he didn't care. Neither did he care that the collar around his neck was starting to malfunction.

'Damn you … damn you all. I hate you all!', MewTwo screamed in his mind while his eyes were wide and filled with nothing but pure rage.


Just like that, the power inhibiting collar, which couldn't handle the power that was being enhanced by the clone's pure hatred, broke. MewTwo felt his entire body flood with his aura and psychic power. There was so much that his body was outlined with a glow that was brighter than usual while his eyes burned like the sun with purple light.

Using his telepathy, MewTwo thought, 'you humans have done nothing but torment me'.

The guards felt the voice in their minds and it took them a while to realise what it was. They sobered up and then looked at the clone, noticing the broken collar. They all then looked at MewTwo with emotion that he'd never seen on their accursed faces. It was fear.

'Are you scared? You should be', the clone said menacingly in their minds.

Then he quickly gestured towards the door with his hand and just like that, the door came off its hinges in a blast, taking most of the wall with it. It hit the guards violently and they all collapsed to the floor, not even their aura was able to protect them and they all fell to the floor unconscious. As soon as the door came off it's hinges, an alarm sounded off in response to the breach.

The clone walked out of the cell, emitting hatred with every fibre of his being. His eyes were drawn to the knocked out guards. He wanted more than anything to kill them, to make them pay and he almost did.

But he lowered his hand and thought, 'they're not worth it. And I can't waste time on them. I can finally leave!'

The clone started to run through the corridors, navigating the facility as best as he could. He encountered some resistance along the way in the forms of scientists and more guards but they were all feeble in the face of his might.

Eventually, the clone could see a door and could taste the freedom. Pushing the door open, the clone almost fell through and was greeted by the outside world for the first time. It was nighttime with the stars twinkling in the sky and the fractured moon of Remnant hanging above the world. The facility was a large stone complex in the middle of a large forest that was silent, with only the sound of crickets, a few animals and the faint sound of the alarm breaking the sacred silence. For a moment, the clone was captivated by the scene before him until he shook his head to free himself of his reverie.

He still had one more thing to do. Destroy the base. Using his ability to fly, he started to hover above the structure looking down on it as if it was something disgusting and insignificant. Focusing on his power, he felt himself undergo a transformation as a surge of blue light surrounded him and when it dissipated, MewTwo was in his original form. He'd only been allowed to use it on rare occasions and with it, he could access his whole power. Holding out his paws/hands, power began to accumulate in his palms, forming black spheres of psychic energy in them and he launched them towards the facility.

When they impacted the building, several explosions could be seen. He continued his assault, not caring about what he hit, just unleashing all the fury he had felt over the years. He did this until all that was left were flames and ruins and he was left panting in exertion. Satisfied with his work, he took one last contemptuous glare at the ruins before turning his back, shifting to his Faunus form and flying off.

Flying in the night sky, while taking in the beauty of the world that he hadn't seen since the dream 5 years ago, MewTwo couldn't help but think, 'what now?'

7 months passed

In the middle of another forest, MewTwo was now lying down on the branch of a huge tree in his Faunus form, feasting on an apple he had picked. His old jumpsuit was replaced with a cloak or robe with a hood that covered his body except for his bare feet. On the outside, it was the same colour as his hair with the inside being the same purple as his tail. He also wore a pair of black pants underneath to help cover his modesty. He'd stolen these as he no longer wished to wear that jumpsuit.

'Another day of not knowing what my purpose is', MewTwo thought with an almost empty look in his eyes.

The clone, when he escaped the facility, had flown off and he didn't look back. He even left the continent itself, heading west. From his knowledge of Remnant, he was able to tell that he was currently on the largest continent, Sanus and in the Kingdom of Vale. As for where the facility was, it was on the eastern continent of Anima, in the kingdom of Mistral and it was situated in one of the more … obscure areas of the kingdom. There are a lot of places to hide in Mistral where you can hide many things. Even a top secret facility.

When he left Mistral behind, he stopped in Vale. He was free. For the first time in his life, he could do whatever he wanted. But that was the problem. He didn't know what to do. The purpose that Watts had given him was the only one he'd ever known but it was also one he refused to accept and when he escaped that hellish place, he'd left that purpose behind. Now, he had no idea why he was here. Every creature has a purpose. But, MewTwo's options were limited. He was the only one of his kind, he was a clone, he had bad experiences with humans and his current form was that of a Faunus, a race that suffers from human bigotry. For several months, the clone tried to figure out a purpose but had been unsuccessful.

When he left Mistral, he knew he couldn't return there so he left for Vale and after that, he decided to explore the rest of the world. Vacuo was a barren desert with hardy any laws in place. It was a rough place, only welcome to those who could survive there. Atlas was bitterly cold, both in weather and most of the people's demeanours. Atlesians weren't known for being particularly humble or accepting of those that are different. Eventually, he settled in the Kingdom of Vale for many reasons like how it had a supply of fruit that MewTwo could access in the forests as well as water. The only problem was the Grimm but even they were a insignificant problem as most weren't any trouble like Beowolves and the odd Ursa. Thankfully, there were hardly any huge threats like Nevermores and Deathstalkers as while he was powerful, he would still be heavily winded after a fight with one of them on his own.

He spent his time training his skills as best he can but he'd be lying if he said that help would be appreciated. But he knew that he wouldn't get any. The clone avoided contact with humans and Faunus alike as much as possible, as if they had the plague. His capacity for trusting people was minimal after everything that he's experienced and although he'd admit that not all people were like the staff of the facility, there were many who were despicable.

Despite wanting to keep away from people, MewTwo sometimes would enter the cities to look at the people, including the city of Vale and when he entered, he found plenty of evidence that people could be cruel to those that were different.

One such venture occurred a couple of days ago.

Flashback time!

MewTwo was stood on top of the Cross Continental Transmit System, looking down on the city of Vale and it's inhabitants who were milling about, minding their own business, unaware of the hooded psychic looking down upon them.

Despite his distrust for people, MewTwo couldn't help but feel envious of them. While closing his eyes and using his psychic power, he was able to hear the voices and thoughts of the people below.

'I'm gonna he late! I'm gonna be late!'

"Joey, I told you. You can't have –"

'Why did I agree to go on a date with this guy?'

Tuning out the rabble, MewTwo opened his eyes and sighed forlornly.

'Humans and Faunus. They don't seem to understand how lucky they are. They go through their trivial problems every day but they will always have a purpose'.

Each person was given a purpose to fulfil when they were born just like he was given one when he was created. But he rejected it and now was left with no meaning. He tried to figure out a new one but couldn't. The only thing he knew was how to be a weapon.

MewTwo's depressing reverie was broken by the sounds of pained cries. MewTwo turned to look at an alleyway from where the cries were coming from. Peering down in curiosity, the clone saw what was happening. A Faunus, who looked physically just a bit older than him, was being harassed by three humans who were tugging on her animal trait, her rabbit ears.

MewTwo's eyes narrowed and he scoffed in disgust at the victimisation.

'As if I didn't have enough reasons to not trust humans', he thought, referring to how his main form was faunus.

The clone turned his eyes away from the pathetic sight but it seemed at that moment the cries became even more audible and more panicked. He dared to look back. They were tugging harder on her ears and their hands were starting to curl up in fists.

Watching, MewTwo sighed in frustration before starting to move to intervene before the situation escalated. Although he didn't understand why he was doing so.

Jumping gracefully into the alley, he used his psychic abilities to slow his descent as he landed behind them in a crouch, as silent as a ninja. He slowly stood up while keeping his hood up to hide his face.

'Let her go and maybe I won't break you arms', he telepathically communicated.

The men stopped their bullying after hearing the voice in their heads and the rabbit girl was equally confused at hearing a voice in her head. They all turned behind to see MewTwo.

"Who the hell are you, freak? How are you inside my head? Wanting to protect your fellow animal?", one of the men questioned while noticing the tail poking out of the robe.

"You heard it too, man?", the second man questioned his friend.

"So did I", the last man stated.

'How I'm able to talk inside your tiny heads is irrelevant. Now did you hear what I said? Let. Her. Go', the clone continued in a grave tone.

"Hah. As if we're afraid of a pathetic animal. You're nothing more than a freak of nature", the leader said condescendingly.

'You've no idea', MewTwo thought to himself.

Sighing, MewTwo spoke telepathically once again, 'very well'.

With that, the clone dashed forwards before the men could react and used a right cross on the leader, knocking him into the wall and he collapsed. This led to the other two to yelp in surprise before they both charged MewTwo but the clone ducked under the second man's jab and hit him with a headbutt, followed by a vicious sidekick that knocked him far down the alley. Trying to take advantage of MewTwo's position, the final man tried to bearhug the clone from behind but he jumped over the man with a backflip and when he landed, he used his tail to grasp the leg of the man and slammed him in to the wall twice. All three men were groaning in pain. But, he didn't kill them. The clone had made a vow after he escaped that he would only kill if necessary as killing was what Watts had created him to do and the clone refused to be his killing machine, even when he isn't in his possession.

'Get up. Get out of here and if I see you harassing someone again, you'll be sent to the hospital', said MewTwo menacingly in the men's minds.

All three men may have been punks but they didn't have their aura unlocked and they knew that they didn't want to piss off the Faunus that just kicked their asses and left them feeling like they'd been run over by a car. They were pretty sure that they had a few fractured ribs or other damaged bones.

The men started to scramble away with the leader saying, "I won't forget this, freak".

Though he didn't seem that intimidating while cradling a swollen cheek with his hand.

As soon as the three punks left, MewTwo got ready to leave but a certain someone wasn't going to let him go that easily.

"Um, e-excuse me", a timid voice said.

Reluctantly, the clone stopped and turned around slowly to get a better look at the girl he saved. She was obviously a Faunus with brown rabbit ears that matched her long, straight, brown hair. She was wearing a short, brown jacket above a black undershirt, and brown shorts over black leggings.

"I wanted to thank you for what you did", the rabbit Faunus said gratefully.

Hesitantly, the clone of Mew responded, 'that's unnecessary. I was simply dealing with some bigots.'

Although the girl was still shocked by the voice in her head, she replied with a smile, "but you helped me and that required thanks. So, thank you."

In response to that, MewTwo could only lamely say, 'you're welcome', unused to being spoken to in a way that didn't involve insults or some form of condescension. Clearly, she was evidence that there was some good in the world.

"By the way, if you don't mind me asking, how were you able to talk to us like that? It's like your voice is inside my head", the girl questioned inquisitively.

Realising that the girl was starting to ask questions, the clone decided to leave and with that, psychic aura surrounded him and he took off into the sky like a rocket, leaving behind the Faunus girl who was shocked but also calling after him.

Flashback over!

Ever since that day, the genetically engineered clone thought about why he did what he did. He had no business interfering in the affairs of humans and Faunus and yet he was compelled to act against the injustice. Yet he thought it was pointless to do it. Even if he prevented that one incident, there would just be another and another.

'It doesn't matter if someone helps someone else. There'll always be someone else who is being victimised. It's inevitable', the clone thought pessimistically.

'So why did I help her?', MewTwo asked himself.

"Hello, my friend", a voice said, out of nowhere.

MewTwo jolted slightly as he was broken out of his inner debate about his actions the other day. Acting quickly, the clone looked in the direction of the sudden voice and was greeted by the sight of two humans. One was a man, the evident owner of the voice, who had grey hair, brown eyes and a pair of spectacles. He was wearing a green suit and was carrying a peculiar looking cane. His companion was a woman with blonde hair in a bun, green eyes and a pair of glasses as well. She was dressed in a white top, a black skirt, high heeled shoes and a frayed black and purple cape.

'Who're you, humans?', the clone asked threateningly, ready to prepare an attack at the slightest provocation.

In response to the clone's threatening stance, the man had a gentle smile and unlike the woman, didn't appear phased by the telepathy and he said, "don't worry. We mean you no harm. My name is Professor Ozpin and my associate here is Professor Glynda Goodwitch".

Ozpin. Goodwitch. MewTwo knew these names. They were names that were part of the information given to him by the scientists when he was in the tank. The man was the headmaster of Beacon Academy, one of the schools designed to teach teenagers to become huntsmen and huntresses and Goodwitch was one of the teachers there. With this information, there was more; according to Watts, they were the enemy.

'Why're you here, Professor?', the clone asked warily.

"Well, you are MewTwo, I assume?", the man asked though it seemed he already knew.

'How?! How do you my name?!', MewTwo asked, slightly panicked.

"Well …, the truth is we've known about you for a couple of months now and it was only just recently that we discovered that you were here. An associate of mine had found a facility in the far reaches of Mistral, or at least, the ruins of one. He searched it and found some interesting information about what the scientists were doing there. We were quite surprised by what we found out. It's not everyday that you learn that someone succeeded in creating life from a fossil", Ozpin bluntly stated.

MewTwo winced at the reminder if his birth before thinking to the Professor in a fake grandiose tone, 'well, you found me. MewTwo.'

Then Ozpin continued, "we had managed to recover tapes and videos of you. We know about your other form and what they did to you. They were … very detailed".

Ozpin's and Goodwitch's faces had twisted into grimaces as they remembered what they saw and then looked at the clone with sympathy.

MewTwo shifted uncomfortably under the sympathetic stares before saying, 'listen, what happened to me is in the past. It … doesn't matter. What does matter to me is why you sought me out. Do you wish to destroy me? Or something else?'

Ozpin could tell that the clone was clearly still bothered by what he went through but he decided to drop it and instead answer his question.

"Well, we were obviously interested in you when we learnt of your existence. But after the discovery of the facility, we couldn't find any evidence as to where you had gone. So we waited. And then one day, I'm approached by one of my students, a young rabbit Faunus called Velvet Scarlatina, who tells me that she was saved by a man with a strange tail and telepathic abilities."

MewTwo was reminded of the bunny girl he'd saved. He knew that there was going to be consequences for his actions but now, he wasn't sure whether they were positive or negative.

Ozpin then continued, "Despite your abilities and appearance, what I found most interesting was your decision to intervene and save her from her harassers. So, tell me, MewTwo. Why did you help Velvet?"

'I .. merely helped her on a whim. Also, those idiots were annoying me', the clone said slightly uncomfortable from the question.

"I believe that it was something else. I think you truly wanted to help her, not just because you felt like intervening", Ozpin said seriously.

In response to this, MewTwo's anger spiked slightly as his mouth curled into a deep frown as he said with his mind, 'what do you know about me?! I don't concern myself with people. Neither humans or Faunus have done me any favours. Humans already treat Faunus with disdain but I'm not even Faunus. I'm something different and that means that I'll be hated. So, it's like I said, it was solely a whim, nothing more".

Ozpin's expression softened as he asked, "are you sure about that?"

MewTwo couldn't respond properly when the professor had such an expression so all he could say, in a defeated tone, was 'I.. I .. don't know'.

"Listen, I know that you don't trust humans or Faunus. Not at all surprising given your life so far. But, you saved one of my students which means I owe you a debt. I am willing to help you."

'Help me?', the clone asked confused.

"I've been a teacher for a very long time. I can tell when someone is lost and in need of guidance and I admit that you are the one who needs it the most", Ozpin said compassionately.

MewTwo still didn't know how to react to this man and the way he was treating him. It was like the rabbit girl, Velvet Scarlatina, all over again. But, hearing about help, MewTwo told Ozpin, '… I want a purpose'.

Ozpin looked slightly confused as he asked in response, "a purpose?"

'The scientists in Mistral had created me to be a weapon, a killing machine for their leader. They hurt me every day, all to make me nothing more than a living weapon. I knew from the first moment that I was informed of my reason for being that I wouldn't accept it. I'm not going to be someone's slave. I was going to find my true purpose. But after I escaped, I didn't know what my purpose was and I still don't. Everyone else in the world has a reason to exist. So that's what I want. A reason to live", the clone finished his determined speech.

Ozpin's look of sympathy went to one of understanding as he replied, "well, I believe that we can help you with that."

'What are you talking about?', the clone said, confused as to what the headmaster was saying.

Goodwitch, who'd been silent throughout the interaction, stepped forward and announced, "we want to offer you a place in Beacon Academy".

'What?', the confused clone asked with a befuddled expression on his face.

"We wish to offer you the opportunity to become a huntsman", Ozpin repeated.

In response to this, the clone grumbled in indignation at such an offer.

Sensing MewTwo's discomfort, Ozpin continued to say, "I know that you don't trust people. You obviously don't completely trust us. But, people have the capacity to be good."

'It's not just people. It's me. Ozpin, I'm a clone, I was grown in a tank, not a womb. I'm not even my own person, just a copy of a creature that existed centuries ago. I simply don't … belong', the clone admitted, declaring his insecurities.

Ozpin, back to being sympathetic, said in return, "MewTwo, just because you are not naturally born does not mean you can't have the chances that others do and being a clone means nothing. You are your own person, not just a clone of Mew. And although you may deny it, you saved Miss Scarlatina and that is one of the qualities of a huntsman. Please, come with us. We'll do everything we can to help you; help you with your powers and, who knows, you may just find your purpose. You may very well be destined to be a huntsman."

With a look of debating on his face under the hood, MewTwo thought about what the headmaster had just said. Although he wasn't convinced completely by what the man was saying, he had to admit that coming with him had its advantages such as the possibility of finding a purpose. And while he wasn't thrilled with the prospect of attending a school, it was much better than waiting around in a forest, doing nothing.

So, with great reluctance, the clone decided, 'although I'm not convinced by everything you've said, I'll come with you. It's a far better plan than just waiting around for nothing to happen.'

Hearing the confirmation, Opzin started to smile and said happily, "I'm glad. So, for what will happen, in a months time, the new students will arrive by bullhead which will pick them up at the docks in Vale. Then, on the next day, there'll be an initiation that you will have to participate in but I've no doubt that you will pass. After that, when you pass, you'll be a student".

Sighing, MewTwo responded, 'I'd better not regret this, Ozpin'.

"You won't. Thank you for your time"

With that, both Ozpin and Goodwitch said their goodbyes and left the clone to his own thoughts.

'What am I doing ?', the clone questioned himself incredulously.

MewTwo honestly didn't know what he was thinking when he accepted the offer. His paranoid side wanted him to rebuke the offer and never see the two humans again or even worse, attack them. But his rational side won. MewTwo was able to tell that both humans were incredibly skilled and even with his power, he wouldn't be able to win. Especially against Ozpin. The man had a certain wisdom in his eyes, as if they were too old even for him while his body seemed to ooze power and confidence while holding his cane, almost innocently. He was not an enemy you wanted to have. Also, his offer was a better plan than just milling about in the forest despite the prospect of being surrounded by people. Finally, he remembered the information that had been downloaded into his brain in the tank. Watts and his friends saw the two humans as enemies … and any enemy of Watts is someone that the clone wanted on his side.

So, with that, the clone started to think more and more about the future and what he was to expect. What the genetically engineered creature didn't know then that going to Beacon was going to be the best decision of his life as he would find the one thing he wanted more than anything. A purpose; and even more.


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